Thursday, June 2, 2022



Well, guys, it's the last full day of Mercury Retrograde! Mercury will go Direct at 4am Eastern/1am Pacific Friday morning (late tonight if you stay up that long) so when we wake tomorrow, we'll be back into forward motion. Therefore, today could be a bit crazy or at least into tonight as Mercury is at a stop and shifting position. Be aware of what is going on with your money or possessions, you wouldn't want to misplace your purse or wallet, or cash a check made out to the wrong amount, also keep an eye on your purchases or products, as this is occurring in Taurus. It could also revolve around something you are building or want to build, your pleasures, values, or how you are being valued where things get glitchy in this final shift. Today Cancer Moon meets with Uranus in Taurus for an opportunity, so we have some excitement, spontaneity, innovation, or social energy around what is going on with these Mercury Retrograde topics (income, purchases, possessions, or products) and a door that is open to us via our home, real estate deals, family, or roommate interests in the mix. It may also just mean there is something interesting going on today that links our emotional needs with our sense of value and that this is exciting in some way. Either way, sounds good. :)

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