Tuesday, June 14, 2022



Hmmm...what to think of a night where my sleep takes forever to come and then I wake at 4am and can't go back to sleep? Could it be a FULL MOON? Why yes, yes it is. The Moon was at its building peak last night and perfects/climaxes this morning at 7:52am Eastern, so, if you had weird sleep, interrupted sleep, no sleep at all, or you slept but your dreams were cray-cray, well now you know, Full Moon madness. This is a Sagittarius Full Moon and it comes with a positive and a negative attached. Sagittarius means we are at the point in our year when we should be at an apex with our educational pursuits, media ventures, legal needs, travel plans, distant situations, foreign interests, ceremonies, religious experience, or political agendas. It can also be the height of how we are expanding or going big with something in our lives, or assessing where we are with our happiness, prosperity or need for adventure. We might be celebrating or achieving in these areas or we might be wrapping up or ending things in one of them. The negative tied to this Moon involves Neptune under duress so it may test us, demand more from us or be elusive and hard to bring into play. It rules artistic, romantic and spiritual matters, hidden things, secrets and deceptions, institutions, addictions, bad habits, investigations, and research, and oh yeah, note to self, it rules sleep and dreams. So somewhere in there you'll be tested or have to put in added effort (yesterday in the build-up or today). The positive is the opportunity to get real, get serious, make commitments, tackle responsibilities, structure support, put in time, or get ambitious. This involves personal aspirations, original projects, social connections, online pursuits, astrology, charities, or gatherings, doors are open. Capricorn Moon takes over at 6:14pm Eastern so we can the get more serious about personal goals, career or authority figures like parents, bosses, mentors, and the like. We'll have a chance to adapt a bit here via talks, meetings, news coming in, or decisions at some point after this moves into play. Happy Full Moon :)
 PRAYER today is around 'May the world reach an apex in wisdom and may we do our part in making this so'. Today's peak time for this prayer is really early so if you miss it just jump in when you see this! Peak time is 7:50-7:55am Eastern, 6:50-6:55am Central, 5:50-5:55am Mountain, 4:50-4:55am Pacific, see you there! 

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