Monday, June 20, 2022



We are wrapping up the last of the Pisces Moon energy and we have some really sweet alignments in this story today. So, get ready to dive into artistic pursuits, get romantic, pursue spiritual practices, get inspired, do your research, make it private, rest, recharge, or deal with the institutions. This gets an infusion of imaginative ideas, dreamy muse-filled vision, or intuition that can guide you there. It links to Venus opening up opportunities for love, income flow, beauty, or pleasure. This may play out through gifts, purchases, what you're doing with possessions, or straight up income potential today. It links to power, digging into things and making changes or evolving the story or purging in ways that make room for what you want. It links to intimacy, other financial interests or third-party goals. Doors are open in all of this. The only frictional energy arrives at the end of the day when you may either need to push yourself or feel like something is pushing you too much when it comes to a short trip, a move, the sibling, neighbor, vehicles, electronics, writing, sales, talks, or meetings. Venus is still very strongly active at this point so I don't think it will curb your enthusiasm too much or get you off course too far since she is stronger than this hiccup, just keep it in mind. It peaks at the angel hour 11:11pm easstern and then you are right back into the flow. We also have Mercury and Jupiter on good terms today opening up more communications or commerce that can go big, feel optimistic, be generous, or focus on travel, distant, legal, educational, media, ceremonial, religious, or political themes that are impacting us personally or that we are physically showing up for, doors open here as well! 
PRAYER today is around 'May we use our imagination to create a beautiful world.'  Today's peak time for this prayer 3:20-3:25pm Eastern, 2:20-2:25pm Central, 1:20-1:25pm Mountain, 12:20-12:25pm Pacific, see you there! 

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