Thursday, June 16, 2022



The Sun is shining, astrologically anyway. :) The Sun is active today in Gemini, which is our cue to show up and get more personally or physically involved in our talks and meetings, sales, writing or interviews, our short trips or with local activities, with siblings, neighbors, or moves, or with our vehicles or electronics. This is harmonizing with Saturn which means we can see some easier flow with our support, responsibilities, time, or ambitions and how this may play out online, with friends or groups, or what we're doing with authority types, career or personal goals in the story. The Sun is square to Neptune today, so we have frictional energy around feeling a bit foggy about things at some point or our sleep patterns or with dealings with institutions, research, artistic, romantic, or spiritual interests in the mix. The last part of the day is about the Moon moving into Aquarius at 5:44pm eastern and aligning with Mercury in a harmonic alignment by 10:30pm, making these hours in between about the news, talk, offer, or decision that bring our aspirations, causes, social interests, online pursuits, or original projects into flow, lifting the more serious side of the day. We may even then begin to pick up on the positive Jupiter alignment that peaks in the wee hours tonight/tomorrow morning, bringing a feeling of optimism and buoyancy, more on this tomorrow. 
   PRAYER today is around 'May we pierce the veil of secrecy that has kept us blinded to the truth'. I know some of you will think this does not apply to you, but you might be surprised what this prayer brings out into the open for the world! Today's peak time for this prayer 10:20-10:25am Eastern, 9:20-9:25am Central, 8:20-8:25am Mountain, 7:20-7:25am Pacific, if you read this after the peak time then choose the mirrored time in the pm, see you there! 

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