Tuesday, June 21, 2022



Three things: 
ONE: Venus and Pluto are working together today harmonically; they perfected this morning, so we are jamming on their groove the rest of the day as it winds down. This is about love, income, beauty, or pleasure in transformative mode, going deep, sharing, working through third-party matters, getting intimate, or going financial. This is Venus's last day in Taurus as she flows with Pluto, so we are seeing our value, looking at purchases, possessions or money in the story, and where our goals have led us or are leading us. 
TWO: The Sun entered Cancer at 5:14am. This marks the Summer Solstice, (Happy Summer Solstice!), and kicks off 30 days of spotlight on home, family, real estate deals, moves, renovations, parents, roommates, history, security, land, country, or emotional needs. It's the cue from the universe to step up and get more involved on a personal or physical level. We could be spending more time here, putting our name to something in the mix, making it about our needs in the story, physically doing it, and shining all the while. THREE: Aries Moon is now in charge of our emotional drive and focusing us on our own interests. We can make this about our body, name, brand, image, title, involvement, or needs today. This is dynamic energy, ready to get active, passionate or fight the good fight. We should feel ready to get busy and pursue our interests. This energy meets with Jupiter and then with Mercury today. With Jupiter the Moon comes to sit on the same degree and helps us feel more optimistic, expand our horizons, feel happy, be more adventurous, or focus on his topics such as travel plans, distant situations, legal needs, educational pursuits, media ventures, marketing ideas, ceremonies, religion, or politics. With Mercury the Moon forms an opportunity alignment, opening doors when it comes to short trips, local activities, siblings, neighbors, moves, vehicles, or electronics, or bringing opportunities to talk, meet, write, focus on sales, interviews, offers, or decisions that help us further things along. So, make the most of this trifecta, it's looking positive!
  PRAYER today is around 'May we rise to the occasion with vigor and honor.'  Today's peak time for this prayer 2:30-2:35pm Eastern, 1:30-1:35pm Central, 12:30-12:35pm Mountain, 11:30-11:35pm Pacific, see you there! 

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