Friday, January 30, 2009


How would you like a get out of jail card free?! Seriously, hop right past the ‘do not pass go, do not collect $200 bucks’… I have one for you…. Hehe

Saturday is going to be the day. The Moon and Sun, our ‘Lights’ and ruling feminine/masculine drives, are coming together to dance, dance, dance, past Park Place where you have mortgaged some part of your soul for the external rewards and into one of those bright purple low rent districts where the joy is in the moment. Or take your thimble and sports car to the railroads and hop a ride to the other side…it’s all good.

Here’s the thing, cosmically we have been on quite the journey of late, the huge potential of all this Aquarian energy has been revving deep interior drives and pushing us to express our unique vision in some way. At the same time, Mercury has taken our minds into the past to take a last look around just in case we need to redefine or rework something before jettisoning off the Monopoly board.

If you doubt the Aquarian power, ask yourself just how many synchronicities have manifested around you of late!

So, your free pass is for Saturday, the last and critical day in the retracing process, under the positive uplifting energy of the Lights. How has your way of thinking about yourself and the world around you kept you in a certain holding pattern? How has your thought process tied you to specific shores? How does this affect personal authority and your real dreams in life? No judgement, just ask yourself the tough questions today and then smile that big human smile of yours as you realize that you have been the only thing EVER holding you back.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct and begins his move towards Aquarius, a sign he will reenter on Valentine’s Day. This means you have two weeks to methodically move your agenda forward, to build it on solid ground, to take what you have learned and progress your ambitions towards your dreams.

Feelings on Sunday will be all over the place, not only because Mercury is shifting (ie the mind is making itself up and that may mean a change), but the Moon is squaring both Mercury and Mars. So you will have to allow your feelings room to adjust to the talks and actions of the day. You are ready for this. You came here for this.


Your free pass is with your friends, your social group, your associates and networking, and most importantly with your highest aspirations for yourself. Your identity is vital in this connection, you are central, embrace your personal power and don’t be afraid to step into this in even the smallest way today. And find a reason to laugh with them.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct in your career Midheaven. Feelings about who you are going to be in career or with goals are frustrating or anxious today but that is perfectly ok. You need to trust the Universe to step up to meet you and begin to put your brilliant ideas into play as of now.


Your free pass is with your connection between career and goals and the part of you that is connected to the land of dreams and spirituality. This is about listening to your psychic impressions, utilizing your fantasy world towards some form of expression and trusting that there is some deeper meaning to what you are striving towards.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct in your house of higher mind, so what you have been thinking about or writing, communicating or worrying over, is now ready. If you have been focusing on media, publishing, promoting, travel, education, or legal matters, then you know what you want to do. Feelings are still immersed in the deep retreative waters so don’t self-sabotage or slumber any longer, even if that is how you feel, you ARE ready.


Your free pass is tied to friendships and a legal matter, travel plans, education issue, or media/publishing venture. There is a place you wish to expand, a place that is higher than you have dared to soar before, it requires you believe that you can attain something greater that yourself alone. Your tribe has gathered.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct in the deepest part of your chart. There it is, the last look at how you share yourself in one-on-one relationships in life, and in the deep connections of sex, intimacy, death, divorce, and any money tied to outside resources. If you don’t know your mind today, find a place of quiet retreat and meditate on it. Feelings about your friendships or aspirations are going to be somewhat challenging today as you deal with this shift.


Your free pass is tied to the spotlight or career front and your ability to connect on the deepest level. Sharing, connecting on an intimate level, and finding the outside resources to move our life forward are what is key in manifesting the truth of who you are now. Cancer notoriously retreats to their shell of protection, don’t hide your light at this juncture, the world has your back.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct in your house of partners. So what did you decide? It has been a long process of determining who you can trust and how you can empower each other, today you begin the process of putting it on a forward track. Your feelings about your goals or career are frustrating today as you make your decisions so go easy on yourself. Friends are where it’s at.


Your free pass is in partnering in a legal matter, a media venture, educational pursuit, or travel plans. You have the ability now to expand your horizons in ways you have only hoped for up until now, take their hand and the leap of faith. If you are a Leo who has experienced this energy as a separation or loss of a partnership, then take this moment to embrace what you want to attract into your future now that you understand yourself better, this year holds much hope for you.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct in your work assignments, health, pets and service to others. How is your thinking affecting these areas? What have you decided? You need to bring the thought into being before you can manifest it in the world. Your feelings about the legal, media, travel, or education matter will be challenged today as you begin your journey with this new mind set.


Your free pass is tied to outside money sources and the work you do or a health issue. Sharing what is going on in these areas is vital now as you find you are able to step into your personal power here or manifest a soul goal of yours through the opportunity to connect. In other words, put your spirit into what you are working on or in dealing with your health today, there is great potential to transform.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct in your house of creative projects, love affairs and children. What have you decided? How has your thinking shifted in these areas? There is a necessity to take the lead here and to allow what only you can express to shine forth. Your feelings about intimacy, death, divorce, or outside money sources are the only thing frustrating this new mind set of yours today.


Your free pass is tied to partnerships and love, creativity or children. This is a nice pass to have in your hands. This means that you can allow your feelings to manifest and to enjoy the moment in the sunshine of expression. You have cart blanche in matters of the heart and creative expression, so embrace what you have or dance yourself on down the road, what you set in motion today has your name written all over it, your call.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct in matters concerning home, property, family, the foundations you are building in life, your security needs, and mom. Your thinking on some of these subjects has undergone quite the shift and you should be ready to take new approaches moving forward. Your feelings about a partnership or lack thereof are going to be challenging in this today. It is your ability to connect to the deepest part of life that wins the day.


Your free pass is tied to the work you do, your health or pets and the home or foundations you are building in life. There is strength here and the ability to find your calling. The way you feel about your roots and grounding, affect the way you perform your tasks and the way your body performs. Today it clicks in for you and you can achieve a great deal by way of the smallest steps here.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct in your communications, siblings and neighborhood zone. So you have thought about the words you use, the things you write, the way you express yourself, how your early childhood connections in sibling rivalry have affected your ideas about yourself and where you want to hang out locally. It’s time to move forward with a strong new outlook here. Feelings about work or health are somewhat challenging in this today but that is because you are ready for a change.


Your free pass lies in the way you express yourself on your most creative level, through the arts, in true love, or with children. The spoken or written word is profoundly important in this so make sure to tell those you love today how much they mean to you and if you are an artist, this is a stellar day to probe your mind for nuggets of inspiration.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct in your income house and the slowdowns here will finally be a thing of the past. You have looked at what money you are making and how you are making your living as well as what you are spending your money on and are ready with a new mind set to shift this in some way. Your feelings about creativity or loved ones is challenging in this on some level so go easy as you adjust.


Your free pass is tied to home, property and income. Sweet. This is a very solid pass my friend so use it wisely. You can make great strides in building foundations in life, making or spending money on home or other properties, and connecting your value system to your family life and early childhood issues in a way that exceeds your roots.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct in your sign. Who you gonna be when you grow up? Well, something like that. It’s a big question and any changes in thinking on your image, identity in the world, physical body, or ego needs is right on target. Your feelings about where you live or who you are living with may challenge you a bit as you make the new approach with who you are.


Your free pass is all about you and your personal freedom, your ability to express what your true needs really are in life and to connect to your fresh new image or one that is about to emerge. You are a butterfly my friend at this gentle stage of evolution, ready yourself to spread your wings.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct in your hidden part of the chart. You have had time to get in touch with your spiritual or artistic side, to escape reality for a bit be it through meditation or substances, to fantasize or research what you want for yourself and now it is time to move forward with this new mindset. Feelings about your local environment or over the things that are said may be challenging today but that is ok, you are ready to find your way.


Your free pass is tied to your way of making money and your fantasy world. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well this is about valuing your inner voice, trusting the expression of your fantasy world through acting or filmmaking (as examples) or your ability to research or find hidden truths. Your connection is to spirit world and psychic impulses as well as time taken to retreat or visit hospitals or other institutions. These all tie into money made or spent. It is all positive right now.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct in your house of friendships, networking, social functions, and aspirations. Some of you may find a friend returning at this juncture or you have made up your mind about a friend or aspiration in life. The new mindset is your direction forward today, just know that feelings about income are somewhat frustrating in all of this, don’t let it slow you down.


Sunday, January 25, 2009


I am sharing this poem with you as my way of introducing my hopes for this Eclipse energy today:


hawthorne mary
holds my hand
speaks to me in Corazon
light of horus
eye of man
it’s hermes moon i gaze upon
that sits me in her tranquil sea
and rocks me in her perfect left
where she’s creating universes
centered in divinity
i’ve walked upon percius’ land
and cried a tear for fools and gold
there never was another day
just choices that laid bare your soul
and i, an angel witnessing
forty passing pesos stained
held mine eyes upon your cause
when i could not dare look away
your cloak of many colors sewn
is auric shades of karmic play
telling your life in the stars
as temple windows of your name
this is the end of dominance
as god the fathers face of fear
there shall be no more hatred bred
or bleeding of religions tears
if you kill for holy land
you shall not be admitted there
for truly you would soil the ground
that you murder to prepare
if you shun a human being
for praying in a different way
or claim you are the only group
that knows the right word for gods name
truly you have failed to see
that god is you
and god is me
and the keys were never far
don’t you see the true ’i am’?
following the word afield
where mary had a little lamb
and good kings laid down sword and shield
tolled upon the reapers bell
’thou shalt not...’ here any more
slaughter is a tool of hell
oh my dilated eyes
return from their sweet ecstasy
and my vision readjusts
upon god’s perfect symmetry
shining from a strangers eyes
these are signs i can embrace
there is hope upon your smile
and blessings for our human race
~ ZOE MOON copyright 2009

Monday brings the Eclipse in Aquarius and for more on that energy, read my previous report. It is important to note that this energy is in strong effect today and 5 days from today, (Saturday), as well as a month to the date, (Feb. 23). The Energy is trying to redirect your identity in some way tied to the area of flow and create a space for new beginnings here.

Monday also marks the Chinese New Year of the Ox. So we begin a year of hard working, methodical, patient, dependable, ambition. Think back to 1997 for the last time you experienced this energy. It seems to align with the lessons of Saturn in Virgo to me.
Talks about love or money are under the aspect of opportunity on Monday so open up.

Tuesday Mercury meets with Mars in conjunction, this can be positive or negative. Overall it just means the two energies are merging with one another and it marks an ending/beginning. So talks will be passionate or angry and driven by action.

Wednesday the Moon enters Pisces and connects with Pluto in a positive aspect so feelings are deep and dreamy. Artists and spiritualists find breakthroughs under this influence.

Thursday is a bag of tricks as the Moon embraces shocking Uranus for feelings that could go any which way, then opposes Saturn with, “I feel this way, don’t say no to me”, and finally moving on to wrap up the day in a dance with Mercury for heartfelt talks.

Friday is jittery as well. The Moon meets Mars and feelings will be either passionate or angry, she then moves onto embrace Venus for some love. Once she slips into Aries and squares Pluto, holy mother of god, this is amped up emotions and powerful challenges. Don’t lose hope, she makes nice with Jupiter soon after, for happy over the top feelings. Oy!


SOLAR ECLIPSE: Your image and identity is taking off in a new direction tied to aspirations and your social circle. Follow your truth. Mercury and Venus are helping you to talk or meet about goals and career with a woman privately, or about money for a fantasy or research project. All good.

Tuesday the Mercury/Mars conjunction is on your Midheaven. Your ruler is talking and it is passion or anger or action big time all about career, your goals and ambitions, reputation or fame. Set it in motion.

Wednesday the meeting of Moon and Pluto is happening in private, in work done behind the scenes, fantasy, research, or dealing with hospitals or other institutions. This is positive energy there to help you make changes and reach goals in career.

Thursday that wild Moon/Uranus energy is happening in secret, behind closed doors, from a hidden enemy, or in work you are doing in fantasy, research, or dealing with institutions. Go with the flow of any changes or surprises. Saturn is making you toe the line about a work or health issue today and it seems to interfere with all this background work you are doing, so don’t stress your body. Talks are good later about career.

Friday brings opportunity to take action on a career, goal or reputation issue, Venus is on your side behind the scenes. Oh, then out of left field, your feelings about yourself and your needs come up against the Pluto obstacle on the career front so a person in authority or change to status needs dealing with, carefully. Once you do, you are in the clear for serious good times with friends or doing something socially tonight.


SOLAR ECLIPSE: your identity or image is getting a brand new place in the sunshine due to this Eclipse as you can now be seen in some kind of authority in career or ambitions. Make your moves in the next two weeks. The dance between Mercury and Venus plays well over talks with partners about money for aspirations or social functions.

Tuesday the Mercury/Mars meeting is over legal matters, publishing or media, travel or people at a distance, or education. Light a fire under these meetings or talks.

Wednesday brings powerful connection and feelings to friendships and aspirations tied to changes you are seeing through legal channels, publishing, education or travel. A trip with a friend or one from a friend is under positive transformative stars.

Thursday once again is about your friendship, social obligation or aspiration. There is a surprise or change here you need to role will, then Saturn opposing by demanding duty to loved ones or creative projects, and finally positive talks or meetings with friends over travel, education, legal or media matters.

Friday starts off with more action regarding travel, law, education or media and positive new beginnings or endings with friends or aspirations in these areas. Then your desire to retreat may take over or a secret or hidden agenda is going to try to interfere in what feels like a power struggle or manipulation. Finally, goals can be expanded and luck comes through someone who is older or in authority.


SOLAR ECLIPSE: your identity in the world is going to shift as of today due to legal matters, media, travel or education. The next two weeks give you all the energy you need to begin this new version of you. The Mercury/Venus sextile is an opportunity for you to talk about issues over joint finances or sex, death or divorce in a constructive manner regarding your financial or love goals.

Tuesday Mercury and Mars meet to push something through forcefully via words or the written word about joint finances, loans, divorce, death, sex or intimacy. Opt for action and passion over anger here.

Wednesday your feelings about goals and career, ambitions and reputation are going to be transforming in a positive way due to the connection between Moon and Pluto as the big change continues involving the things you share.

Thursday brings a surprise feeling of independence or change around goals along with some opposition to these from Saturn’s demands regarding home, property or where you are living. The foundations you are building or your security needs may feel under attack as well, don’t let fear take over. More talks about joint finances, sex, death, or divorce round out the day, these under more favorable stars.

Friday a friend helps you take action legally, or with travel, media or education plans. This will likely be a woman and the issue about love or money. The big obstacle between Moon and Pluto are playing out as challenging self-sabotaging feelings or escapist tendencies or the desire to retreat and not deal with the deconstruction occurring with joint finances, sex, death or divorce. Once you face it, Jupiter promises potential for happiness or expansion where goals are concerned.


SOLAR ECLIPSE: your identity is being reworked on a deep level today regarding your ability to connect at the most intense level, share, and find intimacy. Your money tied to other people is due to shift as well. Some cancers will experience the change in identity due to death or divorce, others will come into outside money sources or meet someone significant to share themselves with. The Mercury/Venus connection speaks of positive opportunity to talk to a partner at a distance or involved in media, travel, education or legal matters today.

Tuesday Mercury meets Mars and talks with partners will be passionate or angry, involve action and what you want to do together. Some may meet a potential partner today.

Wednesday feelings about legal matters, travel, people at a distance, education, and media will be undergoing positive transformation through this partnership.

Thursday is all about focusing on legal matters, media or publishing, travel or people at a distance, or education. Expect a surprise or change in feelings here as well as responsibilities to your daily grind to oppose. Don’t let your worst opponent be yourself in self-limiting views. Talks with partners take on a great upward turn later in the day over these same themes.

Friday you are taking some action or sharing passionate feelings about the media, legal, travel or education issue with your partner. Venus gets in the picture to incite love or money. Some of you may meet someone new today while traveling or involved in ways of expanding your mind, all very positive. The Moon/Pluto square is intense and is playing out over your feelings about your career or reputation and the big changes to partnerships. Jupiter is promising to help you reach more outside money sources through career choices later in the day.


SOLAR ECLIPSE: your identity is about to shift in a big way due to your partnership. For some Leo’s this will mean a commitment and for some a separation. Look at the next two weeks as the time to take the steps you desire for this partnership. The Mercury/Venus dance is positive and shows ways to talk about work or health issues to reach some sort of financial understanding or to get back on track intimately with the one you love.

Tuesday Mercury and Mars meet to put some action or passion into talks about work, health or pets. Ask for what you want and be courageous. It’s a good day to take meetings about any of these things.

Wednesday feelings will be rather profound as you see how things are transforming in your health or work. Follow your hunches about money related to these themes.

Thursday expect the day to be deep and focused on either jointly held finances or outside money sources, death, divorce, or sex and intimacy. Surprise or change is possible to the way you feel about one of these things along with some sense of fear or responsibility regarding your income. Talks will be positive later on about the work you are doing or your health needs.

Friday take action on the health or work issue first thing, money or love is there to support you. If you are in doubt, reach out to the closest female in your life for advice. The deep challenge between Moon and Pluto brings up feelings about legal matters, media, education or travel and the transformations occurring with work or health. A partner has your back and can open your mind later in the evening.


SOLAR ECLIPSE: your identity or body is going to be shifted by this Eclipse due to something new in the work you do or a health issue. You have two very strong weeks to make changes to your body, tackle health, and rework your assignments to your fresh way of being in life. The meeting of your ruler, Mercury, with Venus denotes positive opportunity to talk about love, creative projects or children today.

Tuesday Mercury and Mars meet and the action begins in one of these areas with talks being passionate or angry.

Wednesday your feelings are going to be deep regarding a partnership, be it romantic or business. The transformations are powerful here through changes in love, creative expression or through children.

Thursday expect the day to be fully on a partnership. Change or surprising feelings arise, Saturn opposes from a stand point of your own needs being restricted in some way or your personal authority or ability to commit. Talks will become positively focused towards resolution regarding love, kids or creative output later in the day.

Friday you see more action, passion or anger involving lovers, children or creative projects. Feelings for a partner are under the new seed of Venus so beginnings or endings. The Moon/Pluto square is very challenging emotionally and goes deep over sharing, sex, death, or joint finances and the big changes you are seeing in love, with children or creative outlets. Jupiter is offering you positive ways to expand in health or work later on in the day.


SOLAR ECLIPSE: your identity is about to shift relating to children, true love or your creative projects. Begin now in these areas to be the change you wish to see. The moves you make over the next two weeks redefine you in these areas. The Meeting between Mercury and Venus today suggests that talks about home or your security needs will lead to opportunity through the work you do or in finding money for health issues.

Tuesday Mercury meets with Mars and the talks or meetings are about taking action, getting things moving regarding home, property, foundations you are building or security needs. Mom may be a subject in the mix as well.

Wednesday work and health are focal as you see some powerful transformations through the home or property opening up the opportunity for change. Key core issues in your life are undergoing a profound shift so that you can rise to meet this new shift in work and health.

Thursday it’s about work, pets or health again. Emotional changes or surprises are slated regarding one or more of these issues as well as some form of opposition coming from feeling restricted over the work you are doing behind the scenes or something going on in secret. Do not let Saturn’s energy push your depression buttons today, this too shall pass. The connection with Mercury once again is positive meaning talks will open up later in the day.

Friday Mars helps you tackle much at home and feelings should be on the up and up over either work or health due to this push. Venus is backing you in work and health so love or money should flow. The big bad square between Moon and Pluto is going to play out between feelings about a partner or representative and the big changes going on at the root of your chart or involving home, property, and security needs. This feels emotionally destructive as it occurs. Once past, the Moon meets Jupiter for great feelings about love, kids or the expansion of your creative projects.


SOLAR ECLIPSE: your identity is changing with new beginnings in home, property, the foundations you are building in life, your security needs, and evolving from moving past childhood issues that may have held you in place until now. Make your changes over the next two weeks. The meeting between Mercury and Venus denotes positive energy to talk or meet today over creative projects or love interests, recreational activities or children.

Tuesday Mercury meets with Mars and you are a dynamo in all things mental. Take your meetings today, tackle issues with siblings or in the neighborhood. Apply passion to communications, just watch for anger working it’s way around your words.

Wednesday brings a great depth of feeling and positive alignment to feel where you are in areas of love, creativity and with children. The changes occurring on a mental level with you, the way you are thinking about these things, is transforming. Talks should be powerful.

Thursday it will again be the creative projects, lovers or kids who are central but today there are some surprising changes or unexpected turns in emotions as well as a need to deal with some older friend or duty to a group or social function. Talks are helping you reach a comfort level better than you have felt in a while so open up.

Friday Mars gets into the action and triggers more passion or forcefulness in talks about creative projects, lovers or children. Venus is involved with new beginnings in love or money here. The challenging square today comes via your ruler, and this will involve feelings about work or health and a communication that is intense or powerful. Your spoken word or writing may come under fire at work. Jupiter is going to ease the day with luck at home and with property.


SOLAR ECLIPSE: your identity is shifting due to your way of communicating, your spoken or written word, your interaction with siblings, and your neighborhood involvement. This is a time of new beginnings in a big way. Be proactive in the next two weeks here. Mercury and Venus are dancing for you in your income and home arenas today so use the opportunity to ask for a raise, more money for the home, or to find new ways of earning money there.

Tuesday Mercury meets Mars and this is an active day around income. You can be quite dynamic today in meetings about money or possessions. New beginnings indicated.

Wednesday brings your feelings around home, property, security needs or mom. With Pluto’s connection today you can go deep and make some changes that are profound on an emotional level.

Thursday some changes or surprises around how you feel about a home or property matter are on the agenda along with some opposition occurring from limitations or responsibilities in career. Talks about money are still favored if you wish to feel more solidly grounded.

Friday Mars gets into the action, setting you on a mission for more money or pushing you to spend more money. Venus is triggering your desire for something lovely at home and making money from home or property as well as spending it here is favored today. The Moon/Pluto square is challenging as it finds an obsessive or dark hold over feelings about creativity, love or children and spending or being valued. Once past this, Jupiter is going to step in and help you to find a way to express your thoughts in a happy way.


SOLAR ECLIPSE: your identity is shifting tied to new beginnings in your earnings and spending habits, your possessions and values. You have two amazing weeks to make changes in how you are making your living and who you are in this picture. The contact between Mercury and Venus today brings the opportunity for you to talk about your needs regarding money in a positive way so open up.

Tuesday Mercury meets with Mars and you will take action on the words spoken about you, your body, image, identity or ego needs. In conveying your needs you will find you are quite passionate or even angry today, this is new beginnings, so once again, be true to yourself.

Wednesday the talks go deep and will be connected to profound transformations you are experiencing within yourself. Once again, your body, image, identity or ego needs are central. Share how you feel.

Thursday some surprises or changes are coming through communications or locally. Saturn is retricting or demanding more work or time on a legal, travel, media or educational matter. An authority figure in one of these areas may need to be treated with kid gloves today. Talks about you are still on a great upswing as the day winds down.

Friday mars is active so do something physical, go meet with someone at a local haunt or do something with a sibling. Venus is bringing love or money into the mix and it should be a good time. There is a dark square today between Moon and Pluto so dealing with feelings about home, property or security may be tough as you seek to establish your own power. Jupiter is going to bring favor to money matters later in the day so making or spending on home/at home will feel good.


SOLAR ECLIPSE: this is about you instigating a new identity for yourself, coming out as an individual, reframing your image, redefining your body, or giving yourself a big new start regarding your personal ego needs in life. Mercury and Venus are conferring about income and something going on behind the scenes so do your research today or go out and involve yourself in some fantasy work. Visits to hospitals are under positive stars as well.

Tuesday Mercury meets with Mars and action is taken on what you have decided at a hospital, in research, fantasy, retreat, or working behind the scenes. Utilize your passion in talks and watch for anger rising.

Wednesday brings the opportunity to connect deeply within yourself over issues about value, possessions and income. Look for shifts going on internally, powerful breakthroughs, secrets, research, fantasy or institutions to bring the change.

Thursday a new surprise or change is in the mix where income is concerned so you may receive money you weren’t expecting or have a bill for something you weren’t aware of. Saturn is opposing from your partners income, joint finances, divorce, death and sexual intimacy house. So a restriction here may be the cause of you having to come up with money today or a need to find a new source of income.

Friday Mars pushes you to do something secret or behind the scenes, to take action at a hospital or other institution, to tackle research or fantasy work. The mix should leave you feeling better about money you are making or spending. Moon and Pluto are squaring and this is volatile over secrets, power struggles or any self-undoing or escapist activities. Talking about it may be important today but intense. Jupiter is protecting you and talks will get more positive as the day progresses so share your feelings with those close.


SOLAR ECLIPSE: your body or identity is changing tied to a time of retreat and recuperation, dealings with hospitals or other institutions, research or fantasy work. Take action now to be the change you wish to see. Mercury and Venus connect to bring positive talks and meetings with friends, colleagues, and groups about your needs. Some of you may receive great news today!

Tuesday Mercury and Mars meet up via a friend or an aspiration. Talk and meet, take action and apply passion with this person or dream today. New beginnings are here.

Wednesday feelings will be profound regarding your own needs or body and image. There is a chance to make some major transformations through a friend or group connection with this or to make a change in how you feel about your aspirations and their relationship to your image or body.

Thursday is rather wild on an emotional level as Uranus stirs the pot within your own personal rebellion mode. You will be feeling the need to break free or express yourself in some different manner. Partners are opposing this by way of limitations or responsibilities. Talks with friends are under golden stars so open up or go meet up with them.

Friday Mars has you active with a friend, doing and making. Venus is shining lovely light onto you with love or money from this. The square between Moon and Pluto is challenging you over feelings about income and the friendship. Perhaps you are trying to keep up with a social activity that is too costly now or a friend owes you money, whatever it is, once you get past it, Jupiter is offering you a lovely time in retreat or doing something in fantasy.


Friday, January 23, 2009


You are either experiencing the Saturn or the Uranus side of the war in Heaven at this moment in time. That means loss, restriction, fear, responsibility=Saturn, or innovation, freedom, independence, idealism=Uranus. Your life is being reworked by the orchestrated chaos that is the one mind, with your best path forward ever at the forefront. It doesn’t really matter which side of this you find yourself currently, we all will be tossed back and forth between these extremes over the course of the year. It just matters that you see it and understand it. The weekend will likely feel as if you must break free or can’t handle the tension. And in the middle is your free will to react or not react according to your own inner voice.

Trust it. That voice. If you can’t hear it, get still and listen.

We are in Eclipse energy now, big solar Aquarian energy that wants to bottle rocket you into outer space, man! Sorry, had a George Carlin moment, but still, it is true. Look for the Cosmic writing on everything in your life at this time and allow for all that is possible on Saturday.

The Sun is meeting Jupiter for a melding of ego needs and lucky expansion. Mars is meeting Saturn to make sure actions are taken that are real and long lasting. Venus is the only deity in a stormy mood as she faces off with Saturn and you need to draw a line in the sand over love or money. Remember, oppositions don’t have to turn ugly, you can strive for balance and mutual acceptance of where you are. After this gets clear, Venus dances with Mars and this is always fun, grab a body, hold it tight, or go buy something. The goddess Moon is happy and meeting up with lots of good energy so open up and go with the flow.

Sunday is not quite so active although feelings should be good as the Moon connects in a positive manner to both Mercury and Jupiter. She then enters Aquarius and you will feel the Eclipse energy looming all day. Big changes, positive forward motion, first steps, life is short, be fearless.


You are the center of attention today, either with your friends or solidly planted at the top of your aspirations. Your ruler is working to make it happen, right now, in your career. Whatever your goals, go after them today. If work you do or a health issue has been the place of loss or restriction, today’s energy helps you see the blessing as it has brought you towards your true ambitions. Watch for any female working behind the scenes at odds with your work or health, hidden enemy possible.

Sunday career, ambitions, goals, reputation, fame: golden. Do not let up this weekend, go for it, talk, meet, connect, luck is on your side. The Moon enters Aquarius and begins to resonate with the big aspiration or new social circle or friendships that are going to send you out into the world with a Solar Eclipse bang.


The Sun/Jupiter embrace brings the spotlight onto you in career or as a boss, before the public or as an authority in your field. This is a golden day for you, use it well. People will look up to you and see what you are trying to do. Mars is favoring publishing, travel, people at a distance, legal matters, and education. Take action in any of these arenas today to put solid legs beneath a creative or love interest. A female friend is opposing this so seek balance. Your belief system is integral.

Sunday the good vibes are flowing in the same realm of travel, media, law or education. This is where meetings or talks are lucky and happy. The Moon enters your career Midheaven and begins building towards the Eclipse that will happen late tonight/early morning tomorrow. This means that your career or ambitions are about to take you to a new level and how you are seen by the rest of us will shift as well.


Your ego needs are merging with the lucky planet Jupiter today in legal matters, media, travel, people at a distance, or education. This is where you shine and expand. Mars is helping you take action on a shared money issue or settlement, a sex or intimacy issue, or a divorce or death. Real results will show in the home situation from this. Your ambitions, be they love or money are opposing the home issue, or Venus may be showing up as a female authority figure you have to deal with concerning the home. Balance. Once that is found, the dance with Mars is opportunity with the shared resources or passionate intimacy.

Sunday feelings should be centered over the talks and meetings occurring over loans, credit, debt, joint finances, alimony, child support, settlements, insurance, taxes, or any other outside money source, as well as talks or meetings about sex or intimacy. If you are dealing with death or divorce now, today’s energy should help you feel better about where you are in it. The Moon enters Aquarius and the building Eclipse energy is felt as you look at travel, media, legal matters or education as the platform to launch.


The Sun and Jupiter are having their lucky meeting in your house of sex, intimacy, death, divorce, and other people’s money. It is a deep place in the chart! Your ego needs or image can be expanded through one of these realms. Any Cancer who passes away today is in the arms of the most beautiful spiritual energy. Mars is taking action with a partner and real talks about how to make it work are open to you. A female involved with legal, travel, education, or media issues, is opposing in this talk or if you are one of the lucky few, finding great balance. Once this occurs, Mars kicks in to take action regarding this partner, or they take action, lots of positive opportunity here.

Sunday feelings should be positive about talks and meetings with partners. Luck and happiness can be found through expanding here, either letting go or making it real. The Moon enters Aquarius and the Eclipse build up is felt as the house of intimacy, deep connections, power, obsession, sex, death, and all forms of outside money sources is preparing to launch you into another level of being.


Your partnership is where the Sun and Jupiter are embracing today so think luck, happiness and your needs under expansive energy. Mars is helping you tackle a health or work issue, you can make real progress and either make solid money or spend on something serious with real results here. Venus opposes from joint resources or outside money such as credit or loans, it is a ours verses mine kind of money day. Once you figure it out, Venus romps with Mars by way of putting that outside money source to good use in work or health needs. Intimacy makes for good health today as well so hug someone sweet.

Sunday talks and meetings are positive around work, pets and health. Expand, share your thoughts, come up with a plan, luck is on your side. The Moon enters Aquarius and moves towards the partnership Eclipse. Big shifts here, this one can get you married or in business together, or send you on your separate ways.


The Sun is blessed with Jupiter’s rays today so your body is under great lucky health energy, tackle whatever ails you. Work assignments are under this same energy so you may be expanding your image in the work you do. Mars is helping you accomplish some fun or work on a creative project. Passion is there for you if you find a way to balance your serious side with the spontaneity of a partner. Both romantic and business partnerships move in rhythm today.

Feelings should be in harmony over the creative endeavor or love affair, child or recreational venture on Sunday. Talks and meetings are available to expand here, so diving in or letting go are both under favored stars, follow your inner voice. The Moon enters Aquarius and begins it’s buildup towards the Eclipse energy in your work, health and pets zone. This is where you are going to be seeing a big shift that will affect your body or image.


You are in a nice spot in the cosmos today as the Sun and Jupiter embrace in your house of true love, children or creative outlets. You shine here as well as have luck and happiness on your side. If this energy has pushed someone on, this energy is protecting you and opening you to something good. Mars is helping you to do something with a home or property that will help you to build solid behind the scenes support in your life. A female at work or a female health issue is opposing this in some way today, make sure to listen to your body right now and take steps to care for you. The Venus/Mars dance is between work/health and home/property. So go after money here, there is opportunity, or spend it here. Love and passion are in the foundations you are building.

Sunday talks and meetings about the home, property or security needs and foundations, are lucky and have expansion written all over them. The Moon enters Aquarius and begins it’s buildup towards the Eclipse energy later tonight that will shift how you see yourself in love, creative projects and with children.


The home or property matter is where you are shining and finding some form of expansion or luck is on your side today. Mars is pushing you to talk it out with a friend about something serious and this should flow for you. If it is not a friend in question, then it is your aspirations that need sharing with someone. Venus is out of sorts over being loved or creative and is in some way affecting restriction or loss in a friendship. A female may be involved in this. Once you find your balance point, she meets with Mars for an opportunity to talk or meet about the love and passion, creativity and fun.

Sunday feelings should be good about talks and local interests. Share your beliefs with others today, talk, get together with friends, it is all good. The Moon enters your home and property arena in Aquarius and begins to build towards the Solar Eclipse here. This is where your shift is coming in how you identify yourself to home and foundations.


A talk or meeting is very fortuitous today so don’t hold your light back. Mars is helping you go after the income and build in a solid way towards your career or other important goals. A female at home is opposing this or money targeted towards home is the issue. Once you find balance, the Venus/Mars dance brings nice income making ability or the desire to spend on the love at home or love of home.

Sunday talks and meetings continue to be a positive vibe for you about income and how you want to spend your money. You may decide to lay out a big amount over this weekend and it looks blessed. The Moon enters Aquarius and begins to resonate with the Eclipse energy building towards a big change in home, property or the foundations you are building in life and the security needs you have.


You may decide to spend a big chunk of income on your image or body today or you may find that the Sun/Jupiter embrace helps you to shine in the earnings department, either way it is lucky. Mars is helping you do something physically or with your image that will have solid results in travel, legal, media or educational areas. Venus is opposing you as a female trying to talk you out of it, most likely a sister or someone in your neighborhood. Once you find your balance here the talks about love or money work for you and you are doing something with body or identity.

Sunday you should be feeling pretty good about yourself, your body, your image or new identity in the world. Talks and meetings are lucky and you should share what you need. The Moon enters Aquarius and the Solar Eclipse is felt as the day builds towards it in your income house. The money you make or spend is going to be where the big shift is coming.


Sun and Jupiter are meeting in your sign, lucky you. This is about your identity expanding in a lucky way, opening you up for happiness. This is a good day to do something with your body or image as well. Mars is working behind the scenes to do something through research or fantasy, possibly in a hospital or other institutions as well. Serious results come through a shared resource here. Some Aquarians will see this energy playing out as a secret rendezvous with an older partner. Spending money you make on a female is challenging you today, balance the my verses our money scenario. Once you do, there is great Mars action going on in private.

Sunday the time alone, retreat, rest, fantasy or work done behind the scenes is going well for you. Meetings and talks about research, institutions, escapist problems or fantasy are all helping you expand your world and under positive stars. The Moon enters your sign and begins the big buildup towards the Solar Eclipse there in the wee hours. This is about your identity or image, name or body, ego needs and sense of self undergoing a big change and strong new beginning.


The Sun and Jupiter are embracing behind the scenes for you today to help you be seen in a lucky way through your fantasy work, research, work done behind the scenes, involvement with hospitals or other institutions. Mars is helping you go after your aspirations or do something with a friend or group that is in harmony with your need for solid support from a partner. Your ideas about love or money are opposing this partnership. Once you find balance in this, Mars is pushing you to do something with a friend or aspiration that is an opportunity for positive expression.

Sunday feelings about friends, associates, networking and aspirations are under very positive stars. You want to meet or talk to others about your dreams and shared ideals. This is where luck and expansion are. The Moon enters your behind the scenes house and begins to build towards the Eclipse in the wee hours. This means that your image or body is going to be shifting due to time in hospitals or other institutions, in retreat and rest, in fantasy work or work done behind the scenes, or through hidden means.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

SOLAR ECLIPSE 6.30 Aquarius, Jan. 25/26 2009

The Solar Eclipse 6.30 Aquarius Jan. 25/26 2009

“Steeped in the mystic cloaks of martyrdom

Knee deep in the bloody rivers of nations

We’ve walked asleep in the waking world of our ancestors memory

Today we open our eyes” ~ Zoe Moon

Do you see? The arduous journey of a thousand sighs has thread it’s way to you, here, in this life, at this moment, and I expect to see you stirring. Allow the past to breathe within you as it now turns to sleep and you move into uncharted territory, armed with your vision and your courage. You ARE ready. It is important that at this particular moment you understand your Truth and remember why you came.

So, I want you to note the approaching Aquarius Eclipse. It is filled with clues that are just for you. The days that build towards it are very significant. The Eclipse on 1/26 at 2:59am East Coast, 1/25 at 11:59pm West Coast occurs on the number 7 on both shores…Spirit borders.

What do you will for your life and this reality in the Aquarian Age? Who are you and what do you bring? Jupiter is protecting your calling here (luck and not least of all, happiness, are with those who set their own course and follow it), Mercury Retrograde has allowed you to take one last look backwards, (if you didn’t turn to salt, onward you go).

This is a call to find your place in the fabric that aligns with your higher purpose. Where is this for you? Remain vigilant in the next days as you seek to make your stand in the name of freedom, independence, friendship, the group or association, the humanitarian ideal or cause, the innovation or invention, the new idea or revolutionary thought, the aspiration or dream.

THERE IS NO LIMIT TO WHAT YOU CAN MANIFEST AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME. This is the seeding. Write it down and look at it every day between now and Monday. Speak it out loud.

In the days ahead the energy will build and people and situations will approach or depart. Your true calling will announce itself loudly in your screaming mind as you run through the woods of dreamscape trying desperately to unwind your psyche that is having migraines over daylight acknowledgement of this unparalleled shift! Hehe Sorry, but meltdowns are everywhere. It is going to be fine. This is a year where staid and solid structures will come down, things will fall away that have sustained your way of being in the world or made you feel connected, and all along the way, this optimistic, hopeful, brand new way of Light is streaming. Let it shine, it’s coming from you.

This is why you signed up, to be incarnate and vibrant on Earth in the last couple years before the end of a world age, in the last couple years before the beginning of a new one. Yep, it’s all up to you. And whatever you are caught up in on the microcosmic level, is reflection trying desperately to get your attention, shouting, “See where your energy rages?!!! Is this where your energy stays?”

Is it? Clue: Stop focusing out there. Who are you?

I love you guys. The sky’s not falling, the world is not ending, Time is ending, as we understand it, more on that at a later date, the end of Time is a different animal than the end of the world. So put some time in over the next few days, ask yourself, Who you gonna be, in 2013?


Sunday, January 18, 2009


The Heavens smile. Monday brings opportunity to get things done with little or no hassle, good vibes and nice surprises, all as the Sun glides into Aquarius to illuminate our independent nature and originality for the month ahead.

Tuesday that independent Sun (ego) meets up with Mercury for their first chat in this unconventional visionary territory. Talks will reflect your new understanding of your own needs for personal expression. The Moon enters the sign of the Sage and desires are to expand. The Heavens smile, offering several opportunities for you to embark on your journey.

Wednesday Mercury changes signs, leaving Aquarius where communications were about friendships and aspirations tied to the past and retrograding into Capricorn. This means that talks are now about ambitions and career, goals and reputation, fame and father.

Thursday Mars and Uranus do a happy dance. Just think about action or passions dancing with originality, independence, visionary thinking and ideas, and change. The energy supports positive interaction between these energies. Venus then gets into the mix by meeting up with Uranus and the change is sudden, impulsive, electric, exciting, independent, and focused on love or money.

Friday the Moon enters Capricorn and meets up with Pluto, helping you to go deep with your feelings about what you wish to achieve. Expect ambitions and goals to be on overdrive and for some to use any means necessary to achieve their destination. Play nice.


The energy is on your side in some heavy duty arenas today so utilize the moment. Settlements, divorce, insurance, taxes, debt, alimony, credit, joint finances, inheritance, and any other source of outside money is available for positive action today. Mars says ‘charge!’ into issues with career or goals, Venus says money is in research or secrets, Uranus backs her up with some nice surprises here, Saturn says be serious about health or work issues…all go back to help you with one of those money sources. Sex and intimacy could be in the mix as well today, all good. The Sun enters Aquarius and will illuminate your friendships and social life more over the next month.

Tuesday talks with friends about the new independence or original idea seed new beginnings with your identity. The motion today is between friends and legal issues, media related or promotional issues, travel or people at a distance, and education. It is unbelievably positive so connect.

Wednesday Mercury enters Capricorn. The news or contracts, meetings or ambitious way of thinking arrives about your career, goals or reputation. Expect the past to play a big part so you may be meeting or hearing from an old employer. Retracing in this arena continues through Feb. 1 at which time a shift will occur as Mercury stations Direct.

Thursday the surprise you didn’t see coming or the change involving a secret or hidden agenda is going to send you into action regarding your reputation or ambitions, career or goals. Venus/Uranus may bring a hidden love affair that is outside the norm for you or something interesting regarding your money that involved fantasy work, research or work you have been doing behind the scenes.

Friday career, goals, reputation, ambitions, fame or father will take center stage. Emotions run deep, empowerment or feeling unempowered is likely key in what you are brooding over. There is potential for you to be thrust before the public in some way today if that is something you have been aiming at. Keep in mind that Pluto intends to completely overhaul your career over the years ahead and you will be reaching new heights, so whatever you are feeling today is just a moment in the bigger picture.


Partnerships and more partnerships. Whether this is romantic or business, the energy today is superb! Love and money flow through aspirations and social activity with the partner, friends are supportive, action or passion is associated with travel, legal matters, media or education in a great way so dive in. Saturn is even positive with solid legs under firming up love or creative projects or lovingly releasing them. The Sun enters your career Midheaven and opens up the month ahead with your goals and reputation in the limelight.

Tuesday talks or meetings about career, goals, ambitions, reputation, or father begin in earnest with your needs considered. You may be in the spotlight, talking or meeting today about career or goals. Whatever the goals, it seems that either intimacy or other peoples money is part of the mix and there is opportunity to connect deeply about your needs. Luck is with those who try.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades into Capricorn and people or situations from the past that involve legal matters or ceremonies, travel or a person you connect with from a distance, teachers or students, colleges or media related situations, will be what you are talking or meeting about through Feb. 1. This is a time to retrace or reconsider.

Thursday the sudden change or surprise from a friend or social function is highlighted. Mars is helping you take action legally, or to travel, deal with education or media, all to connect with this friend or social activity. Venus is conjuncting Uranus here so this is where sudden love or money arises. The energy is proactive so dive in today.

Friday the Moon meets up with Pluto in Capricorn and brings deep emotions to the surface regarding the legal, educational, media or travel issue. Powerful change is in the air, just guard against manipulations or shows of unrestrained power here.


Today’s energy is very positive and proactive in areas of getting work done or dealing with health issues. A female tied to goals or career can help you. Mars is driving you to tackle the deep things such as intimacy or sex, settlements or divorce, other peoples money and what you share, Saturn is helping you do something serious about home, property or the foundations you are building in life. All of this energy is positive and can push you ahead if you take initiative. The Sun enters your ninth house to travel over the next month, meaning areas of legal matters, media, education or travel will be illuminated in your world, expect your identity to be tied to these realms.

Tuesday talks begin about legal matters, media, education or travel with your needs in mind. This will involve the past as Mercury is in his last day Retrograding in Sagittarius before backing into Capricorn tomorrow. Dealing with a partnership is key in what you are doing with luck on your side in legal, education, media or travel issues.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades into Capricorn and from now until Feb. 1 you will be back tracking in talks about sex, intimacy, and the way the money is shared, loans, debt, settlements, insurance, taxes, alimony, child support, divorce or death. Once again, the past is where you are focusing in all of this, once Mercury stations Direct you will know what you are doing relating to all of this and begin to move forward in talks.

Thursday brings an emotional T-square between partnership, home and reputation or goals. Do you best to get a handle on these emotions because the day offers positive opportunity to act on the sex or money issue. Venus and Uranus combine on the Midheaven so love or money goals come together in a surprising or unusual way, sudden insights or revelations appear, new ways of approaching it open up…if you act.

Friday the Moon enters Capricorn and meets Pluto for some heavy emotional release or deep changes in feelings about sex, death, divorce, debt, loans, credit, insurance, settlements, or anything shared. Do not allow for manipulations or power struggles here, they could get ugly.


The energy on Monday is so good for you it is scary but you must be proactive. The area associated with creative projects, true love, recreation, and children is flooding with connections to a female at a distance, or a love or money interest tied to travel, media, legal avenues or education. Mars is helping you take action with a partner that brings opportunity here, Uranus is making it surprising or unique, Saturn is aiding in serious conversations or meetings. The Sun enters Aquarius and the focus is now on how you shine in the arenas of other people’s money, in your sexual or intimate connections, and in all areas associated with outside resources. This is a month long trend.

Tuesday talks are about one of these shared zones such as intimacy or loans, joint finances or sex, and it will focus on your needs and tie into the past. Your health or the work you do or service your provide is intimately related to these themes today. The energy is about opportunity again to talk, express your needs, shine and expand in some way, so open up.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades into Capricorn and officially opens up talks about past partnerships and partnership issues. You may hear from a past partner now or a current one may take leave. You have from now through Feb. 1 to retrace your steps here and figure things out before Mercury will station Direct and forward you will go. Besides romantic or business partners, this also includes people you hire to represent you such as agents, managers or attorneys.

Thursday Uranus is going to open your eyes to something surprising or an unexpected change through a person at a distance, a trip, education, a media or promotional idea, or a legal matter. This is going to involve the action of a partner, theirs, or yours towards them, and the aspect is there to help you positively accomplish something here if you are proactive. Venus is involved so love or money is part of the mix.

Friday the Moon/Pluto embrace will bring up deep emotions for you over a partnership. Change is part of life, you are looking at the potential for a significant shift here if you allow the feelings to be without taking you under. Guard against manipulations or power struggles with this person.


Home is the positive focus on Monday as Venus and Uranus both work to help you get in touch with your intimate nature there or help you in surprising ways with the funds to do something positive with the home or property. Mars is pushing you to tackle work here or take care of health and pets, while Saturn is doing something serious with the income, think investment. The overall energy will flow with you as long as you take action. The Sun enters your partnership house and lights up this arena for a full month ahead. How do you see yourself in this relationship?

Tuesday talks about the partnership are important, you may come to an agreement, looking over the past, some of you may become engaged now, love is definitely in the air and some of you may find a way to lovingly break apart if the agreement is that you don’t think it is meant to be. If you are not focused on love then the partnership may be about creative output and this is favored as well. Take action today, the past is involved but the energy is amazing and lucky.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades into Capricorn and the back tracking begins over health issues, the work you do, the service you provide, or your pets needs. This trend will last until Mercury stations Direct on Feb. 1 so use this time to retrace your steps and see what needs revision or reworking. People from your past associated with any of these themes may pop back into the picture now to help you figure it out.

Thursday Uranus is going to stir up something original, surprising or change oriented in the area of sex or money. A sudden attraction is very possible today and although incredibly dynamic may only last a brief time. You may rekindle something with a current lover or find out you are pregnant or have something regarding reproductive functions and health that comes up. The other side of this house is money, the money that comes through others, banks, partners, investors, etc. Mars will help you take action towards the money or find passion with the sexual encounter, over all the energy is very positive and about acting on the moment.

Friday the Moon meets Pluto and feelings are going to go deep over health issues, work assignments or pets. Take the time to work through feelings and don’t allow any dark side of Pluto to enter through manipulation or power trips. You can make changes now through focusing your emotional center in a powerful way towards your highest goals here.


Communications are key on Monday. Meeting or talks, the way you are thinking about the world, as well as the strength of the written word, all are open to you and in opportunity aspects that reach out to partners and the love or money issue there, to changes in partnership, to taking action regarding love, children or creative projects, and coming from your passion here, and in taking yourself seriously and coming from a place of authority regarding your own needs. The day favors those who act and so my advice to you is open up the channels of communication. The Sun enters your health, work assignments and pets zone and will tour here over the next month. This is where you shine and what your ego will be tied to.

Tuesday talks about your needs regarding work, health or pets open in new ways. The past is involved in this. There is positive energy tied to your feelings about home, property or foundations in life and your ability to get what you are after, be it the work assignment, health diagnosis, or issue regarding the pet.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades into Capricorn and talks will now be back tracking over areas regarding true love, lovers and affairs, children, recreation, speculation, and creative projects. You have from now until Feb. 1 when Mercury will station Direct to retrace and rework in these areas, talk or meet now. Some of you will have a past lover reappear during this time period or find yourself knocking on an old door.

Thursday Uranus is doing a surprise move or unexpected change in the partnership house. This means to be prepared to see things shift again today and there is strong opportunity here from Mars and Venus to do something passionately bringing love back into the picture or to take action with a lover that makes things change. The emotional T-square is going to push you to act on your feelings one way or another so monitor yourself in this. Love is radical and sudden attractions or breaks are possible, reheating of present partnerships or sudden bolts of anger. It is volatile so breath and do not be too rash.

Friday the Moon/Pluto combination means feelings are deep and powerful about love, lovers, children, or creative projects. You may be feeling the very depth of feeling with a lover or anger and manipulations beyond words. Do not let the days energy override your common sense and guard against any underhanded moves you would later regret.


Monday is about the money you earn and how you spend it. The energy is amazing if you are proactive. Venus and Uranus are helping you flow with changes in work or health, a female co-worker and changes here, Mars is getting things moving regarding a home or property, and Saturn is bringing some serious legs to research or fantasy work as well as to time at hospitals or other institutions. So whether you are making money in the work you are doing or spending money on some health related issue, it all seems to be working for you today. The Sun enters your house of creativity, true love, and children today and will help you shine in these realms over the next month.

Tuesday talks about love, children, recreation, speculation or creative projects get under way. This is a big talk about you and your needs in one of these areas tied to a person or situation from the past. The energy is supporting positive feelings and expressing your heart, happiness or prosperity is in the mix, so open up.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades into Capricorn and you will now be backtracking into areas regarding home or property, childhood or mom, security needs and foundations. These themes will be what you are revisiting with someone or situation from the past between now and Feb. 1 so take the time to rework what you can and revisit where necessary.

Thursday changes in work or health or with pets is on the agenda. You may be doing something unusual or independent here now. The vibes are positive from Venus and Mars so expect love or money to be a big part of the change or surprise and that the opportunity to get things moving with a home or property will play positively into the scenario. You need to be proactive so leap into areas associated with home, property, foundations, security needs or mom.

Friday the Moon/Pluto combination means very deep powerful feelings about home, property, mom, foundations you are building in your life, or your own security needs being met. Allow the feelings but don’t get pulled under by their intensity.


Monday is SO about you. What do you want? This is a day to go get it. Talk about your needs regarding love, children or creative projects, flow with changes or unique approaches in these areas, speak passionately about your vision for yourself, connect with siblings, do something locally, and commit to something with a friend. All of these will bring the light back around to you and your needs being met if you take the reins. The Sun enters your home and property zone today and you will shine in the foundations you are building over the next month.

Tuesday the talks about home or property or mom will involve your needs and how you are seen in this. The past is involved here and the opportunity to feel good about money you make from this or money you spend on this now is relevant. Follow your heart.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades into Capricorn and this brings the focus of people and situations from the past onto your local neighborhood, your siblings and your communications. So you may hear from or contact the past now through emails or phone calls, run into it by revisiting your old neighborhood or running into an old neighbor or see an issue with a brother or sister come up for reworking. You have until Feb. 1 to deal with it, at that time Mercury will station Direct.

Thursday changes or surprise or unique or interesting new ways of approaching things enter the picture in the area of love, children or creative projects. With the involvement of Mars and Venus, there could be sudden attraction, a reconnecting with someone from the past that sets your passions brewing, or passionate communications with someone over love, kids or creativity. With Mars the energy can be passion or anger so be prepared to spin on a dime and try not to overreact.

Friday the Moon meets Pluto and talks will go deep. You will find you wish to communicate your powerful feelings. You may find you feel like you need to change something intense between you and a sibling or in your local environment. Make sure you choose your words well, they have weight today, guard against manipulations.


Monday is a great day to either retreat and rest, take time alone, or to work on fantasy work, dream, research, or deal with institutions. The home is the place to do this from and any research you need to do for your home will pan out now. Changes in home or the way you are doing things there are positive, Mars is helping you take action towards making money or spending it here, while Saturn is helping you strive steadily towards your goals. You must be proactive in taking time for you today for all of this to evolve. The Sun enters Your house of communications and short trips and the spotlight will be on you and how you write or communicate, interact with siblings and relate in your neighborhood.

Tuesday the talks are about you and your needs and people or situations from the past and how that is affecting your happiness or ability to expand in your life. The day is very positive with opportunity to talk it out and express yourself.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades into Capricorn and brings up people or situations from the past that involve your income or possessions. You have from now until Feb. 1 to rework anything with the past here until Mercury stations Direct on Feb. 1.

Thursday expect changes or surprises regarding your home or property, security needs or mom. There is an emotional T-square playing out here that pits your feelings about your own needs and goals against this. Venus is involved with the change or surprise so it will regard money or love tied to home, and Mars is pushing you to take action so you will want to make or spend money to take care of the issue. As long as you are proactive the energy is favoring results.

Friday the Moon/Pluto embrace means deep feelings bordering on obsessive about money, either what you are earning or what you have to now spend. Take a deep breath, this is intense but not as intense as it feels today. Watch that you do not allow manipulative energy or power struggles into what you do today.


Your friends, social connections or events, or your aspirations are what will drive the day on Monday. The energy is great! There are open channels to communications with friends about love or money, you may hear some surprising things today but they should point you in the right direction, remain open to new ideas and suggestions. Mars is helping you take action or do something with a friend that is positive, while Saturn is helping you deal with a trip, publishing, legal or educational matter with them. The Sun enters your income sector and will illuminate this arena over the next month for you, this is where you shine and will be putting yourself the most.
Tuesday talks about income or possessions and a past person or situation associated with this come into view. Your feelings about fantasy work or research, institutions or time for yourself, are playing favorably into the expansion you wish for with the money you earn. Express this openly.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades into your sign and you will be revisiting issues having to do with your body and image and how your past affects this from now to Feb. 1. This is the time to revisit what you want for yourself and to revisit issues with the way you present yourself to the world.

Thursday is going to push you to take action physically about a love or money issue in a surprising way. The avenue seems to be through talks or short trips, shocking sentiments or changes in perception. You may have an instant attraction to someone you run into at a local haunt or doing errands in your neighborhood, or a sibling may introduce you to someone interesting.

Friday the Moon/Pluto meeting is about very deep feelings that can go either intense and powerful or manipulative and dark. You will be the sign that hosts this combo so the feelings will be about your ego and can either help you to go deep to figure out what you need or take over like a monster on steroids as you demand your due! Tread lightly.


Monday is a day to pursue your goals with a passion. There is every indication that the universe intends to support you. Be it career or ambition, reputation or fame, Venus and Uranus are helping you make or spend money in interesting and original ways today that will aid you in this, Mars is helping you take action under cover or express your passions in secret. Fantasy work may play a big part today and Saturn is helping you take care of shared resources or intimate connections in a serious way. All of this should help you reach your goals as long as you are proactive today. The Sun enters your sign and will throw it’s spotlight on you over the next month so use this time to shine your own personal light, get your needs met, and your body in it’s best shape ever.

Tuesday talks about your needs open up regarding a past person or situation. A friend or reconnecting to your aspirations plays a big part in the positive energy of the day. Connect with like minded people.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades into Capricorn and people and situations tied to past fantasy work, research, hospitals or prisons, and places you spent time in retreat will resurface so you can revisit anything here. You have until Feb. 1 to walk through these quiet places and see what you want to change and what you want to let go.

Thursday Uranus and Venus are going to throw you a wild card regarding income. This means you may see something unusual you must suddenly have so you spend earnings on it or you find a way to make money in an interesting way. Mars suggests that fantasy, research, work behind the scenes, hospitals or other institutions are where to take action today towards this. If you have someone who needs help with a self-destructive pattern, including yourself, this is the day to seek help.

Friday the Moon/Pluto combination is going to dig up some deeply hidden emotions within you so be prepared. If you have entered therapy, this will aid you in getting to the core issues. If you are on your own today, take care not to let intense feelings pull you under, and if you feel that begin to happen, reach out for help. If you are an actor or filmmaker or work in any other form of fantasy, today will help you create powerful images.


Focus on legal matters, media or promoting, studies or teaching, or travel and people at a distance on Monday. The energy is great today to help you achieve in any of these arenas as long as you are independent, original, focus on your needs, put your money into yourself, love yourself, connect with a friend and do something today, take action towards your real aspirations, and get serious about dealing with partners. The Sun enters your twelfth house and will tour here for the month ahead. This means that you shine in and take care of your body or ego needs through retreat, dealing with hospitals or other institutions, diving into fantasy work or research.

Tuesday you will likely be talking about your needs regarding one of these areas and this is going to mean reaching out to a person or revisiting a situation from the past. This is big so open up. There is great energy today to get that fantasy work, research or hospitalization on the right track to take care of the past issue or person.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades into Capricorn and from now until Feb. 1 you will be revisiting things from the past with friends or groups. You may have a past issue that comes up and needs revisiting or a friend may leave now. You may also have a friend from the past show back up during this time period, a great time to cover any unfinished business. If you have put down an aspiration of yours and it tweaks your interest again during this time, pick it back up and see what is there.

Thursday Uranus is very active in your sign. This means that all kinds of unusual things going on with you. This is going to involve a friend and since we are retrograde in that area, most likely a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Surprise! Enjoy the day, do something with this person. There is an emotional T-square playing out over goals and independence versus partnership. Don’t let this background energy keep you from enjoying the social function or friendship.

Friday the Moon/Pluto connection is going to mean intense feelings coming up over a friendship, social function or regarding an aspiration. Your feelings are likely to bowl you over and this energy can be deep and transforming or dark and manipulative so try your best to balance how moved you are by this person or situation.


Friday, January 16, 2009


Hi everybody. Well, I wrote that it would be quite the week of emotional adjustments and it has, so how are you holding up? Did you all fare well? It helps knowing that this is what is supposed to be going on doesn’t it? Emotions have been soaring and diving, the world has been rushing in around this and you are still standing, hopefully just that much more sure about what you really want.

Saturday brings that last adjustment, aren’t you GLAD?!! It is an emotional adjustment to something that is changing that you didn’t quite expect to happen the way it is happening. You know what? You are going to be just fine, messes are part of life. The Moon and Neptune are meeting in the heavens for one of those dreamt of energy flows that inspire musicians and poets, lovers and dreamers. I encourage you to go with this energy as the Sun/Moon square is going to make you want to sulk about identity issues or ego battles. Think Peace.

Sunday the Moon slips into Scorpio and meets up with Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, in an awesome combination of power and feeling. There is opportunity here to transform something on a deeply connected level or break apart positively. The Moon’s square to Jupiter and Mercury means that emotional conversations are par for the course. Meetings with attorneys, talks about travel or contracts, are challenging emotionally.

Here’s the thing…Mercury is meeting Jupiter on his degree in the heavens on Sunday and this is fortuitous. It is. So think of the day’s talks or meetings as the opening gambit on new beginnings. Mercury and Jupiter together are at ‘0’ so to speak. Mercury is talking about the legal matters, education, things tied to internet or media, promotions or publishing, travel or beliefs. It’s likely a circle of friends are tied into it. It is big. It is a new beginning even though at this moment in time you are likely to be looking more at what is ending here for this new beginning to have its day. Your world is going to expand in new ways due to this moment. Use it wisely.


Adjust your feelings about partnership regarding the changes or surprises that have come up over something secret or that was going on behind closed doors. Research or fantasy may play a part. If you have been dealing with a hospital or other institution over this partnership issue, that is shifting as well. The flow that is golden plays out between partners and friendships so find something social to involve yourself with tonight, a party or going out with friends. Partnering with a friend is under positive stars as is finding a partner ‘potential’ through friends. Watch your ego with authority figures today.

Sunday brings a wonderful energy around shared energy and your goals. There is power here as you are either joining resources with another or dealing with an intimacy or sex issue. You have what it takes to change the outcome by taking leadership in the situation. Talks with friends are challenging today but this is where the new beginning sans the ending is taking place. Open up the channels, talk or meet, step forward even if it feels challenging.


Saturday you have your final adjustment in feelings about work or health and the changes coming at you via a friend or associate, possibly even a social function. The amazing energy flow between Moon and Neptune is enhancing your work to career houses so use this to dream up what you want and to begin doing something about it. It seems you need to look at travel, legal, media or educational issues and how you feel about yourself in this as part of the mix.

Sunday the Moon moves into your partnership house and makes a very powerful connection with Pluto in your travel, legal, media and education house. This means that you can transform something here, perhaps take legal action regarding a partner or make a partnership legal, take a trip with a partner or take a class, you get the idea. There is opportunity here for deep feelings to emerge in a positive way for you so take a chance. Talks or meetings are about career, goals, ambitions, reputation, fame, or father. This is big stuff today. You are most likely going to feel emotionally challenged by way of partnership over one or more of these themes but remember, this is your fresh beginning so speak up, speak your Truth, no matter how difficult.


This last emotional adjustment is about love or creativity. You need to look at this last shift in your goals or ambitions, how that relates to either your career or reputation, and then do the work to shift your emotions around how you are feeling love or creative expression in this situation. It is key to reaching your goal. The lovely Moon/Neptune energy is flowing between love or creativity to travel, legal matters, media or education. Find romance or artistic expression coming through the highest ideals today for the best use of this energy, focus on the dream. Sun/Moon square is trying to get you down over shared resources, divorce, death, or sexual issues. What is love for you?

Sunday the Moon moves into Scorpio and there is great flow between any work you put into dealing with the balance of power over shared or joint resources, sex or intimacy, death or divorce. There is opportunity to move towards the powerful change you wish to initiate. Talks are going to be challenging over legal matters, media, travel, or education. This is the kind of energy that may seem so big to you that you let the emotions affect your health, so breathe, breathe through it. The talks about debt, loans, credit, settlements, insurance, taxes, alimony, child support, divorce, death, sex, or intimacy are where you have the chance to make your fresh start, even though this will undoubtedly be challenging.


Saturday’s emotional adjustment is over home, property, security issues, foundations you are building or your mom. This ties in with the changes occurring with legal matters, travel, teaching or education, media, promotions, or publishing. You need to adjust to the changes here to feel grounded it seems. The beautiful energy today flows between home and shared resources, intimacy, sex, divorce or death. There is a good vibe in feeling grounded through your spiritual connection to the deepest parts of life now. Your feelings about the base you are building is being challenged by how you see yourself in partnership, take your time.

Sunday the Moon enters your house of true love and creativity. There she meets up with Pluto about partnership. This is very powerful energy and is an opportunity for you to deal with an emotional issue here and make a change. Talks about shared resources, loans, debt, credit, joint finances, sex, intimacy, power, manipulation, death, or divorce are going to be challenging for you today but this is where the new beginning is happening. Ask yourself, ‘what do I love and what do I need to create?’


It seems that Saturday is going to be filled with talks or meetings that will either challenge you over how you see yourself in the work you do or in your personal health, or require that you make some adjustments over the changes happening in joint finances, outside money sources, divorce, death, or sexual intimacy. There is a wonderful energy you can align yourself with that flows between communicating and partnership so open up with your significant other today and engulf yourself in romantic or artistic expression.

Sunday the Moon enters your home zone and meets up with Pluto in your work and health arena. This is great energy to make some powerful changes in the work you do around the home or with property. Perhaps you will be helping mom or working towards security today, it is all good. Any health issues can be shifted at home now in powerful ways as well. Talks about partnership challenge the feelings you have about home or security today but this is where the fresh new beginning is opening up for you so you must express yourself with your romantic or business partner. This also includes anyone who represents you such as an agent or manager or attorney.


The money you earn or what you wish to spend it on is where your emotions are going to be charged on Saturday and this is intimately tied into the changes or surprises coming from a partner. Your ego may feel at stake in all of this and that will be over a lover, children or creative projects. The question today is, ‘What do I value?’ The positive flow will be happening between income and artistically expressing yourself in the work you do or doing work that is tied to artistic expression. Let this energy bring you joy today.

Sunday the Moon moves into Scorpio and meets Pluto there so there is potential for a very powerful conversation or meeting about the status of love, children or creative projects. This is the kind of energy that can change things profoundly so come from your deepest truth and share what is in your heart. Talks about work or health or pets are going to be challenging today but this is where the new start is being offered so push yourself to open up in these arenas as well.


Changes on the work front or in the way you approach the tasks at hand, or changes in health are what you are going to be getting your emotional adjustments around. You have to look at how you feel about your body or your image or your identity. What do you need in this situation? Your sense of who you are tied to your roots or home is on the line here so take it seriously. The Moon/Neptune trine promises wonderful energy flow between yourself and a lover, child or creative endeavor so allow yourself to dream here.

Sunday the Moon slips into Scorpio and connects with Pluto to help you align your deepest values with what you are building up in your life. Buying or spending on home or property is good now, as well as making money from this. Talks about love, children or creative outlets may feel challenging to you as you come from this center but this is where the expansion and fresh start is being offered so express yourself.


Changes occurring with a creative endeavor or with lovers or children are where you are going to be focused today. You are likely hiding your real feelings about this and this is where the emotional adjustment needs to come into play. Either the fantasy is not the reality or you are being too secretive. Talking about your needs is on the agenda but challenging it may be. The sweet flow is between dreamy expression at home and your private time you take to go within there.

Sunday is powerful for you as the Moon moves into your sign and connects with your ruler. There is opportunity to talk with powerful people about your needs or make your communications connect in a powerful way. Don’t be afraid to talk about your needs and desires. Topics of home, property or security issues will likely be challenging but this is where the fresh start is offering you an open channel to expand.


Your feelings about aspirations or a friendship are shifting a bit more today as you adjust to changes with home, property or foundations you are building up. What you need to earn is on the line here so getting your feelings aligned to your true dreams for yourself is the point of the day. The Moon/Neptune trine is opening up positive communications with friends and igniting artistic or romantic aspirations on a heart level.

Sunday brings opportunity for you to connect your powerful dream state or fantasy work to an income. This should be big for you so have the strength of your convictions or vision. Once again, talks about this may stretch you but you need to toot your own horn or share your ideal with someone. Your words, writing, or local activity is where the fresh start is, so open up and expand your horizons. Connections with siblings are powerful today.


The goals you have set for yourself or your career or reputation are in the limelight on Saturday for you. Make any emotional adjustments necessary to how you see yourself achieving these goals and then have the talk about a different way to approach it, or discuss the changes you wish to see. Visionary thinking pays off. Ego needs and goals are at a crossroads. The positive energy here is playing out between career and income so utilize Neptune’s ability to dream it up or apply your artistic expression.

Sunday the Moons entry into Scorpio brings up an opportunity to do something powerful for yourself through a friend. This is very positive so embrace your personal power here and connect with this person or group. Talks about the money that is earned are going to challenge you, ‘oh, it’s a friend, how can I talk money?’ Get over it and open up, this is where the chance for luck and expansion is occurring, in your income house!


The trip or class or legal matter or promotion is costing you more than you thought and now there is some unexpected issue around the money you are making or spending or needing to earn. This is where the emotional adjustment is today. The Sun’s position is somewhat vulnerable to escapism today in reaction to this challenge, don’t undo how far you have come. The tie between Moon and Neptune means you can use your imagination and dream up a positive way forward.

Sunday there is opportunity to align goals or career with some powerful changes occurring through research, fantasy work, work done behind the scenes, or in dealing with institutions. Talks about yourself and your personal needs are going to be challenging for you but talk you must, today the energy is about a fresh new start and it is ALL about YOU.


Feelings run deep today as you look at money issues or intimacy issues and how your independence or identity is playing into them. There is a need one last time to make an emotional adjustment to how your desire to connect and share is out of balance with your desire for personal autonomy and space. How you perceive yourself on the timeline of your greatest dreams for yourself is playing heavily into this as well. You may feel a bit cut off from your tribe. Your ruler is helping you to use your imagination and psychic intuition to find creative solutions to intimacy or shared resources needs so take some time alone to dream a bit today.

Sunday brings a wonderful opportunity to make a big change or powerful step forward with an aspiration or through a friendship or group. Talks about fantasy work, research, dreams, retreat, self-undoing or escapism, or dealing with institutions will be challenging today but these are the arenas that are offering you the fresh start to expand your world so share what is inside.