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Zoe's weekly forecast Jan. 5-9

Jupiter changes signs on Monday after a year long run through Capricorn. Since Jupiter is the planet that brings luck, prosperity, happiness and expansion, we can now see how more uplifting a time we are in for with that occurring through the doors of Aquarius. This is going to spur a desire to expand through travel and far away places, to open our minds to a broader view of the world, to embrace groups and find ways to express our joy with like-minded people. Where Aquarius falls in your chart is where the year ahead is going to show the most growth and adventure, make sure to read for your sign and your Rising sign.

The rest of the week is going to be about adjusting to this new open door and working through several emotional turning points as the energy builds to Saturday’s Full Moon in Cancer and Sunday’s Mercury Retrograde. Let me advise you that since Full Moon’s bring things to peaks or closures (endings) and this particular moon is in the sign she rules, Cancer, that emotions will be more sensitive and easy to set off, that coupled with the miscommunications and changes of mind inherent right before Mercury Retrogrades and you may really want to take your time and make sure you are understanding all that is intended.


Monday opens your new year on friendships, associations, social functions, and your most cherished aspirations. I know you have already made your resolutions but it would not be a bad idea to write down what it is you really deeply want in your life that is missing now, just one thing, if you could have that one thing, what would it be? Write it down today and then look to your friends and networking group and expect that over the next year, you can find this thing through someone here.

Tuesday income and goals are lined up in your favor so connect with bosses or show what you are capable of by the way you shine in a position of authority. There is something going on behind the scenes that either you are working on or someone else is working on on your behalf, it is paying off today. Keep turning over every stone and applying your work ethic to the tasks before you, it is being noticed.

Wednesday you may feel uncertain about a friend over money you are owed for services rendered or over money you lent, wait until the Moon enters Gemini after 1:11pm eastern time to bring it up, talks are more in your favor after this time. It seems money is being hidden or kept in the dark over something regardless at least for now.

Thursday talks with a friend progress and are under positive energy. Your ruler is involved in a major emotional adjustment energy with the Sun and Moon. This means that you are going to feel like having emotional conversations about career and goals and all the activity here but you are going to need to find a way to do it that doesn’t blow something out of proportion. Don’t act irratically under the Uranus square, it could undo all the good work you have done to date.

Friday Sun/Uranus are in a much more harmonious angle and career goals and nice changes going on through work done behind the scenes, research or fantasy work are benefiting you. Don’t be afraid to take roads less traveled, the imagination is important now, take time for yourself to dream what needs dreaming. Home should be the place tonight.


Hold onto your hat dear Taurus, the planet of luck and prosperity is entering your career Midheaven today and is going to be spending a year here, helping you broaden your horizons, expand your business, make a name for yourself, find fortune and fame if all else lines up, but most of all, this is the best moment in a 12 year period for you to shine in the goals and ambitions you have set for yourself, don’t hold back, just make sure you balance what you spend with what you are making.

Tuesday the theme is either travel, education, legal matters or media and how you promote yourself. The energy is very good and so if you want to hop a plane or plan your trip, do it today, connecting with people at a distance is favored as well. Signing up for classes or teaching one, sending in legal documents (although waiting until after Feb. 3 is best if you can due to the impending Mercury Retrograde) but if you have to sign, do it today. Also a great day to launch a website, buy an ad or begin any other form of promotion.

Wednesday Neptune is going to make you rethink something artistic or romantic, take a look at your goals and how you want them to reflect on who you are. Earnings are the focus once the Moon enters Gemini and aligns with Jupiter, bringing a moment of luck with income and career mid afternoon. A female friend is out of sorts later on and this seems to involve a money matter as well.

Thursday talks or meetings about career or goals continue under bright lights. You need to make an emotional adjustment regarding income if you are to take the action with travel, education, legal or media goals, it seems you are being asked to put your money where your mouth is. A friend is going to change the rules on you at the last minute, hang in there.

Friday brings a nice configuration between Sun and Uranus which can bring sudden changes or surprises that are positive. This is occurring between you traveling, educating, in legal or media matters and your friend’s change or surprise. It is good to go with the flow, you are in a positive position here. Talks are important and you need to come from the heart.


The world is opening up and that is alright for Gemini! Jupiter is moving into our house of travel, people at a distance, foreign ideas, religion and politics, law and education, and media such as publishing and promotion. This is where the luck and prosperity is going to be over the next year, grab it by both horns and don’t allow yourself to stay in the box a day longer.

Tuesday brings either a sunny intimate liason or good energy around outside money sources your way. Surprises on the career front are positive as well. Any goal you are striving towards should be aligned with your money house today so if you need a loan or backing to begin, ask for it today. Home is supportive and you may find that something is coming your way from a property or parent.

Wednesday brings some disillusioning or foggy energy from afar, or if you are involved in school, law or media, there is a hurdle you don’t quite see clearly that needs surmounting. Once the Moon enters your sign, you should find your way. The link to Jupiter brings luck in finding the answers you need. Venus is messing with you a bit over goals or career and the money, or by way of a female in authority, you can work through it.

Thursday more talks or meetings over legal issues, education, media or travel, the energy is favorable. You need to make an emotional adjustment to either your body or the way you see your image or identity in the world if you want to take advantage of sexy encounters or going after the money or divorce. Uranus is stirring up change on the career front or with goals, once again, go with the flow.

Friday Sun/Uranus meet in a positive dance, good for you and changes happening with career or goals today. You are shining in an intimate connection or concerning other people’s money, outside money sources or dealing with divorce. Change favors you today so don’t be afraid to ring it in.


Welcome to the year where money is going to expand your world. Jupiter is entering your eighth house and this is the place of loans, inheritance, taxes, credit, debt, settlements, insurance, joint finances, and on the other side of big money, there are the other themes of this house, sex, intimacy, divorce, death, and transformation. These things should bring expansion in your world over the next year and luck is here. Take care not to let Jupiter’s expansion charge your cards up too high! Make plans on how to get the money you need and be prepared to find ways to achieve these goals over the year. Expect close encounters of the intimate nature to bring joy.

Tuesday aligns friendship and partnership, see where this can take you. Surprises from afar, or involving legal matter, media or education are going to have a positive affect on you, reach out and remain open to change. At least one serious talk is important today with a partner or someone who reperesents you, once again, the energy is positive.

Wednesday feelings for a friend are foggy over an issue regarding sex or money, don’t sign anything until Mercury is Direct in February if you can possibly wait. Once the Moon enters Gemini you are going to find that working alone for the next couple days or developing something behind the scenes is going to be important financially, if you aren’t involved in this, then the energy favors clandestine intimacy or sexy moments in private. Venus is either a money issue that you need to deal with over media, travel, legal or educational matters or with a female at a distance.

Thursday talks about money are good as are meetings with lovers in secret. You need to make an emotional adjustment to work done behind the scenes, fantasy work or research or something involving hospitals or other institutions to take action regarding money, divorce, death, sex or something heavily transformational. A surprise trip or legal matter, educational or media obstacle must be overcome.

Friday the Sun/Uranus energy is very positive as partnership shines from changes going on regarding travel, media, law or education themes. Going with the flow will benefit you today, be open to change. Something about your identity or body is peaking now.


Jupiter is entering your partnership zone for the year ahead, lucky you! This brings all kinds of positive people into your sphere of life, there to help you and open doors for you, shine light and joy upon your connection. This is the year many of you will take the next step in marriage or legal partnerships in business. Say yes to what life is bringing you now. If a partner leaves you during this year, the luckiest of a 12 year cycle, know that it is to make way for the person who is meant to be involved with you up ahead.

Tuesday is about work, health or pets and the energy is just wonderful. You can tackle the tasks at hand, go after more work and find ways to change the work you do through outside money sources. Health issues can find unique solutions today so be open to alternative or innovative answers that your doctor suggests now. Saturn is helping you make money or spend it on serious work, health or pet issues and this is under positive stars as well.

Wednesday your goals are a bit out of whack with your partners so don’t let confusion or disillusionment get between you since you are likely not seeing everything clearly just now. Once the Moon enters Gemini and connects with Jupiter the luck is with you to combine social activities or friendships with partnership. A money or sexual issue may raise it’s head later on and need dealing with, a friend or something occurring at a social event triggers this.

Thursday more positive talks or meetings with friends about partnership. You need to make an emotional adjustment to your friendship if you wish to get the work or take care of the health or pet issue. Sex or money is once again popping up as an obstacle to be overcome later in the day, this time something unusual or unexpected is in the mix.

Friday the Sun and Uranus dance and this is positive for you. It is bringing work and health into alignment with positive changes going on with sex and money issues. If you are open to unique solutions you will find the answers today, go with the flow.


Jupiter is entering the arena of work, health and pets today and bringing all of his luck and expansive abilities to bear here over the next year. You have the magic touch now in any task you set your mind to, go after the work you desire, open up your services to the world at large, dream big in everything you apply yourself to. Your health issues can be solved now if you get yourself into see a physician, although health issues left unattended may expand under this influence. You may adopt a pet or find yourself around small animals more now, all positive.

Tuesday is a wonderful day and it revolves around creative projects, love or children. Partners are going to surprise, as spontaneity rules and brings fun or expressive energy to creative endeavors, love or kids. Allow yourself to go with the flow and see change as positive. Saturn is giving you more authority in what you create and the time to build what you are dreaming of today.

Wednesday may have you feeling a bit down about someone at a distance or over legal or media affairs as there is some sort of fog or confusion regarding work or health. Once the Moon enters Gemini in the afternoon things should pick up as career and work are aligning in positive flow. You may take on more work now to reach your goals. Venus is giving you a money or love issue to tackle with a partner to reach your objectives.

Thursday talks or meetings about work and career are under positive stars. You need to make an emotional adjustment regarding your goals if you wish to act on creative or love interests today. Uranus is acting out through a partner, change or surprises you need to deal with from them.

Friday the Sun and Uranus dance and this is good. This is aligning true love, children or creativity with partnership and the changes or surprises that are going to allow you to shine today, remain open.


The luck and prosperity of 2009 are going to come to your through the doors of creativity, fun, children, and true love. This should be a wonderful year ahead for you when you are able to truly express your joyous nature and find enjoyment in creating beautiful things in your world. You may have a child this year or see your child go on to something spectacular, you may see your luck come through working with children or something related to them. This could be the year you meet to love of your life or find the love you share with someone growing by leaps and bounds. If a lover leaves you during this year, under the protection and luck of Jupiter you need to know it is to open the doors for the ‘one’ to find you. A creative project can find wings now and your creativity should be at an all time high.

Tuesday the home, property, where you live, and your foundations in life, are the areas of positive energy for you. Changes in work or health or pets are positive and ad to your feelings of security or home. It’s a great day to tackle projects in the house and expect to get lots done. If you are putting in time researching or in fantasy work, or with hospitals or other institutions, today’s energy is supportive of your foundations in this as well.

Wednesday brings a bit of fog around the creative or love issue, this seems to stem from a money or intimacy desire, you aren’t seeing it clearly just yet. Once the Moon enters Gemini and meets up with Jupiter the doors open wide and creativity or love benefit from travel, media, legal, or educational avenues. You probably won’t feel like working after this.

Thursday talks or meetings continue about love or creativity or children and are under positive stars. You need to make some emotional adjustments to the legal, travel, educational, or media issue if you are to act on home or property. Changes in work or health or with pets need to be dealt with.

Friday the Sun and Uranus meet up in a positive dance between home and work or health. Tackle work at home or work from home, take a day to deal with health or pet issues in the house, new ideas or changes are favoring you so go with the flow.


Jupiter is entering your home and property arena today and opening up the year ahead for luck and joy here. This is the year you may buy a bigger home or move into one, sell a property or receive something beneficial from a parent that expands your world. Your foundations in life are under lucky stars. You may decide to travel or make seeing the world your home in a way this year. A roommate or family member may move out giving you more space or you may widen your family circle with the addition of someone new.

Tuesday communications are favored. Talk with partners about what you need to move forward, you are under positive stars. Uranus is bringing a surprise via lovers, children or creative projects and this is nice energy here, favoring positive talks, meetings or regarding something you have written. Talks with friends are serious and positive as well.

Wednesday a home issue is under a bit of a fog, you aren’t seeing it the way a partner is or you are feeling a bit disillusioned by lack of partnership here. Once the Moon enters Gemini it should feel so much better as sexy encounters at home are happy or you decide to involve money and the home to make improvements or ad something nice. A female child or lover is bringing an obstacle your way later on to deal with.

Thursday talks about home or property are still under positive stars, meet about money or sex. You need to make some emotional adjustments to some of the deeper issues on your mind if you are to take that important meeting or have that imperative talk today. Uranus is throwing a wild card into the realm of lovers, children or creative projects at day’s end, do your best to field it.

Friday the Sun and Uranus meet up for wonderfully surprising talks or meetings involving love, children or creativity. This is a great energy connection for having fun and being spontaneous. Changes will benefit your day so go with the flow.


Your ruler changing signs means some big changes for you dear Sage. This is going to open up a year ahead for you of happy communications, luck in writing, expansion through your local environment and neighborhood and luck through siblings. Seek to learn new things in the neighborhood, take on the role of local politics or religion, teach a Sunday school class or join the chamber of commerce. If you write, this is your year so be diligent, if you have finished something, send it out now. You may see a work published before the year is done. Your brothers and sisters are going to be a source of happiness and expansion as well.

Tuesday is about earnings. This is the day to meet or talk about the money you make. There is a positive link between work and income, as well as making changes to your home or foundations, being more free with your security needs to take advantage of an income coming your way. You may want to spend on the home in some interesting or innovative way as well and that is positive. Goals are serious and achievable today.

Wednesday brings a talk about work that is foggy, confusing or disillusioning in some way, perhaps sentimental. If this is not about work then look to health or pet issues coming up, whatever, you aren’t completely clear yet. Once the Moon enters Gemini talks should pick up with partners or people who represent you and these are under lucky stars, so say yes. Venus is costing you money at home today or popping up as a female with issues needing dealt with at home.

Thursday talks with partners continue to be under positive influences. You need to make an emotional adjustment over your feelings about partnership if you wish to act on the income desire. Uranus is tossing in a wild card over home issues.

Friday the Sun and Uranus are meeting up to bring income and home into alignment over changes and opportunity here. Go with what is happening and be willing to accept change.


After a year of Jupiter helping you to broaden your view of yourself, your body, identity, image and ego needs, he is moving into your income sector today. This is wonderful news for your pocket book. You have a year of luck ahead where your earnings should increase substantially and you may decide to purchase something major as well. Jupiter is going to do his level best to help you align your values with your highest ideals now.

Tuesday is a wonderful day for you. Focus on your needs and what you want to do for your body or image. Feelings of love, creativity and fun are in the air. Uranus is spurring on at least one spontaneous, surprising talk or meeting that should bode well for you. Saturn is helping you reach serious goals with media, legal, travel, or educational realms.

Wednesday brings a bit of fog over income as it relates to a loved one or a creative project. Once the Moon moves into Gemini the atmosphere should improve greatly and work and income align to bring you more of both. Venus is once conversation later in the day with a female that is tricky over love or money.

Thursday the talks about income and work are under positive stars again so ask for what you need. You need to make an emotional adjustment regarding a work or health issue if you wish to act on your image, body or ego needs. Uranus is tossing in a positive change coming through talks or meetings later in the day, regarding work or health.

Friday the Sun/Uranus dance means surprising or unexpected talks or meetings that go well for you. Think local or through siblings. The way you think or what you write may play an important part of the luck here. Be open to what comes your way, it is all good.


Well, what do you say to the sign that is about to host the luckiest planet in the zodiac for a year starting today? How about, “hi, wanna be my best friend?” hehe J Well, dear Aquarius, this is your year. Who you are and what you want for yourself are going to undergo quite the big shift and the luck of the universe is with you in this. Dare to be the most unique, innovative, original version of yourself you can be, your independence and vision is going to be celebrated in the year ahead, don’t let anything hold you back.

Tuesday is a wonderful day for meditation or taking time alone to work on something important to you. You seem to be dealing with money issues in private and how you are going to work your life out around changes that are occurring here, use today’s very supportive energy to research or meet with someone in private over these matters, you are favored under these stars to find solutions.

Wednesday a fog is surrounding your idea of yourself and it is stemming from an idea of home or family or issues involving property, don’t let it get you down, it is just a moment in time. Once the Moon enters Gemini the energy shifts to luck and happiness through lovers, children or creative projects so get out and have fun or create. Venus is giving you an obstacle to overcome regarding income later in the day and the fun you want to have.

Thursday meetings or talks about love, children or creative projects are under positive stars, the flow is sweet to express yourself. You need to make an emotional adjustment to how you are feeling about love, kids or creativity if you wish to take action behind the scenes or wish to find a moment’s rest for yourself. Uranus is tossing in a wild card around income or money you spend on kids, love or creativity that you need to address as well.

Friday the Sun links up with your ruler, Uranus, in a very positive manner to bring some money your way or solutions about money so that you can rest, retreat, take time for yourself, fantasize or research or spend some time at an institution.


The planet of luck and good fortune is heading into the hidden part of your chart today and will spend the next year helping you to find spiritual answers to escapist activities, bring blessings to any self-undoing tendencies that have absorbed you, expand your world through fantasy work such as film or acting, help you find beneficial results through institutions such as hospitals, and open up luck through research and dreamscape.

Tuesday is a great day to connect with friends. The energy is so positive and talks are likely to make you feel great. Any new friend you meet today is bound to be beneficial or important in your life over the next year, likewise, anything agreed to with a friend of old today is lucky. Uranus is bringing an opportunity for you to shine as the individual you are with this friend in something now. Go with any changes that occur. Saturn is helping you build on partnerships in a solid way with friends as well.

Wednesday talks could be weird in the morning as Neptune is clouding something hidden here or something that isn’t quite clear yet, meetings are best saved until after 1:11 in the afternoon when the Moon will move into Gemini and meet up with the lucky planet Jupiter. This favors anything having to do with home or property. Venus is acting as an obstacle to overcome today so look at either how you view yourself in relation to love or money for the answer to the home or property issue.

Thursday talks about home or property are once again under positive stars and research or meetings in private or secret are paying off. You need to make an emotional adjustment to how you feel about home or property if you wish to act on something with a friend or you wish to act on a true aspiration. Uranus is pushing your buttons once again, bringing a surprise challenge to independence.

Friday the Sun and Uranus dance and this is so good for you today! This means you and a friend or you and a very special aspiration are aligning in a surprising manner, anything can happen and it all looks good. Be open to spontaneous invitations, say yes, go out and socialize, there is something out there for you if you do.


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