Friday, January 2, 2009

Zoe's weekend forecast Jan. 3-4

The holidays are behind us, we are back on whole foods and healthy drinks, our resolutions are made and we are here, ready to begin at the beginning.
This weekend is going to give you lots of encouragement as the Moon slips into the warrior energy of Aries and your feelings are going to be self-oriented and courageously raring to go! Venus is going to then move into Pisces and the energy of love and money is going to find voice through psychic impression, spiritual wisdom, romance and arts, dreams and escapism. Let’s face it, when the goddesses move in concert, it is time to feel something from a different perspective.

There is going to be plenty of open energy around communications even though the frictional energy is somewhat challenging as you are called upon to push forward in some transformational way. You KNOW what this is, so no side-tracking, forward you go.

Sunday the angles speak of opportunity. I want you to think about an area involving love or money and I want you to do something today to transform this. Do one thing. Reach out and share your feelings about it, follow your intuition, listen to last night’s dreams, just do it. You are what matters right now in this moment, you can take care of you in a way that is not at the expense of others and the rest of the world will benefit from your strength of character up ahead.


Moon into your sign, Venus into the hidden part of your chart. So love or money has been back doored a bit, it is about you. You. Do the work on yourself, the rest will take care of itself. Projects that involve fantasy, film, expression that is artistic are best worked on behind the scenes today. A talk with a friend is positive so reach out. Mars is challenging you to go after goals or take a stab at a career issue, a bit challenging but doable.

Sunday whatever you are working on in secret with a woman, or behind closed doors relating to film, fantasy, research, art, spirituality, dreamscape or something of beauty could transform your career today. Push for goals now. Friendships are still favoring spiritual or artistic connections and advancement.


Saturday is going to be a day you may feel like just shutting the doors and hiding out in bed. Time alone will be good for you as you work something out that is important. However, Venus is moving into your friendship zone and you can expect invitations to pop up. If invited out by a pal today or tonight, you should go, it looks positive. Mars is pushing you to travel, take care of legal or educational issues or promote or work with something media related, tough but necessary. Don’t get in a fight over religion or politics today.

Sunday brings wonderful energy between Venus and Pluto. Love and transformation or money in a big opportunity will play out with a friend. Look to those areas of travel, education, law or publishing to express it. Career and goals are in for a nice boost as well with artistic or romantic inspiration. Share your secret feelings with someone.


Friendships and goals are getting a boost from the goddess energy of the Moon and Venus today. This is a nice combination and you should put yourself out there with those you care for now. Mercury is saying travel, education, legal or media related avenues are filled with opportunity for you and your friend. Mars is pushing you to connect sexually or tackle something involving other people’s money today and this as well involves friendship, challenging but stimulating.

Sunday Venus and Pluto are connecting in a very powerful combination. Venus is love or money and Pluto is power, shared resources, sex and transformation. Look for an opportunity to transform something in a big way, either career or a cherished goal will benefit. Your spiritual or artistic touch on a media, travel, education or legal matter is going to help a friend today.


Your ruler enters your career Midheaven while Venus enters the zone of travel, media, education, and legal matters. This brings a great deal of intuitive and attractive energy to what you are ambitious about. Love or money is going to be hanging out in these realms of higher mind so open up to what the world wants to share with you. Mercury is having a talk about outside money sources or intimacy and there is positive opportunity to reach goals today through these communications. Taking charge of a partnership issue is challenging but necessary and Mars is pushing you to tackle it now.

Sunday Venus and Pluto are going to dance around money or love through travel, education, media or legal matters and the positive way you can transform these through a partnership. This is positive energy here so work with it. There is an energy of romance with intimacy or artistic expression with outside money sources available to aid you if you share your feelings about your goals.


The Moon moves your feelings into travel, education, legal and media related agendas while Venus enters the deep house of sex, intimacy, shared resources and transformation. Love is going to mean sharing now and money is going to be dependent on another. Mercury is opening up positive talks with partners about your feelings over media, law, education or travel. Mars is pushing you to tackle a work or health issue and this is challenging but important to your desire to expand your world in one of those ways.

Sunday Venus and Pluto are seriously moving between money coming in through others and some big transformation in work or health. Loans or credit are an opportunity to make the changes you want to see, just use your best judgement in how far you go. Neptune is bringing wonderful spiritual, artistic or romantic support from a partner or someone who represents you as you tackle the day.


Your feelings are going to go deeper this weekend and you can assume you will be emoting over intimacy or some big money matter. Venus is entering your partnership zone and this is sweet indeed. It means you should find a better flow here involving romantic and business partners as well as with those who represent you. Money and love come through these people now. Mercury is opening up an opportunity to talk or meet about work or health. This is positive so go for it, outside money is involved. Mars is pushing you to tackle an issue involving children, lovers, or creative projects, not an easy challenge but you need to go there if you want to share in the better things up ahead.

Sunday Venus and Pluto are in a wonderful embrace between love or money with partners and major change and transformation in areas of creativity, love or children. This is accompanied by the Moon and Neptune energy that is bringing good feelings about intimacy or shared resources and it’s connection to artistic expression in the work you do. Spiritual or holistic ways of caring for your health should be positive today as well.


With the Moon in Aries you will likely feel like partnering with others this weekend to do what you want to get done. Venus is entering Pisces bringing her ability to attract love or money to your work zone. She is also bringing this wonderful energy into your health and pets arena as well. Make money or spend it in these ways now. If single, doing something with animals or meeting someone at work or doing something healthy is the way to go. Mercury is bringing the opportunity for an amazing conversation or communication about creativity, love or children with a partner, don’t wait for it, open up the dialogue! Mars is pushing an issue regarding home, property or mom, you need to just dive in and do it.

Sunday Venus and Pluto are there for you in a very supportive way to bring about some big change on the home front or in dealing with property or mom. This is coming through money attached to work you do or your health or pets. Neptune is fueling romance and artistic expression making feelings about partnership ignite.


Saturday may have a bit of a push/pull to it but you probably won’t mind too much since the energy is so nice. On one hand you will feel like getting work done or tending to your healthy regime. On the other, Venus is moving into the area associated with true love, children, fun and creativity. She is going to want you to be active here so look for ways to express love or spend money in one of these ways and enjoy. Mercury is helping you have a positive talk about the house or property and work you want to see getting done here or how it is affecting health. Pets may get pulled into this talk as well, all good. Mars is pushing you to tackle something regarding talks, siblings or neighborhood, a bit of a challenge but time to do it.

Sunday Venus and Pluto come together in a positive dance between creativity, love, children or fun and the way love or money is involved here, and big changes that can be made in these areas now through what is said today. Use this energy to express your desires or share your heart. Neptune is helping bring artistic, spiritual or romantic energy to the home.


This should be a lovely weekend for you Sage. The energy is going to for the most part focus on love, children, fun, or creativity. The Moon moves into these realms and that is what you are going to feel like involving yourself in. Venus moves into your home zone and this is where love can be best expressed and money is best made or spent for the next few weeks. Mercury is going to help you have a talk about love, children or creativity that should be beneficial in the overall scheme. Mars is pushing you to tackle an issue over income or possessions. This is challenging but important to the love, child or creative interest.

Sunday Venus and Pluto are dancing, they are bringing love or money to home and property and big changes through income. So it looks like you will be making or spending money on home in this opportunity to change things. Neptune is bringing a romantic or artistic communication your way that should have you feeling better about love or creativity or kids, instigate this is need be.


The Moon enters your home and property base and will have you feeling a bit like nesting this weekend. Venus changes signs as well, entering Pisces and opening up all kinds of talks about money or love. If single, love is likely to come at you through neighborhood activities or haunts, or through siblings. Mercury is offering some talks or meetings about income that are promising so make the call or take the meeting. It seems to be focused on home, property or security needs, maybe taking place there? Mars is pushing you to do something physical or with your image today, a bit challenging but good for your foundations you are building.

Sunday Venus and Pluto are opening up communications about you and your needs. This may be very powerful and change is in the air. The good news is that it is also very positive and giving you the chance to speak about love or money in all of this. Don’t hold it inside, share what you feel and express what you need. If you have an appointment to alter your image in the local area, it should be great. Neptune is helping you spend or make money on something artistic, spiritual or romantic.


Talking it out and meeting up with others is what is important this weekend. If you don’t want to talk it out, write it down, find a way to express yourself. Venus is entering your income and possessions sector and you are going to find it is easier to make money now and also that you may feel more like spending on some nice things as well. Tokens of affection may find their way to you. Mercury is helping you talk about you, your needs, your image and identity in the world. This is positive and once again, don’t hold back. Writing is a great way to get it all out, pen your needs and how you see yourself as your best self today. Mars is pushing you to tackle a fantasy work or research, or something you are doing behind closed doors. He may even ask you to do something involving institutions. This is challenging but important. Watch your words to the extent that you may let a secret slip or find one out if pushing too hard.

Sunday Venus and Pluto dance and this seems to be indicating that you can attract more income through a big change you make in your own escapist or self-undoing mode, or by delving into fantasy, film, acting, dreamscape, research, or dealing with institutions. If you spend money on a trip to the hospital today is seems to be blessed by the stars. Neptune is helping you bless your image or body with artistic, spiritual or romantic energy, others should notice.


The weekend seems to be focused on making or spending money, or at least this is where your emotions are focused. Venus is moving into our sign and this is a wonderful moment for you as others will be attracted to this glow around you. Spending money on yourself is favored now, your body or image will benefit. Love may find you in the most unusual ways. Mercury is helping you talk or meet in secret or about a fantasy or research project, as well as about any hospitalization you need. If you need help with money here, ask today. Mars is pushing you to do something with a friend that seems challenging but is important concerning your income.

Sunday Venus and Pluto are making nice and this is going to benefit you with big changes in a friendship and the ability for this to attract love or money to you. Anything set out on with a friend today may have amazing consequences regarding the way you are loved or through some lucrative reward. Neptune is saying the romance, artistic or spiritual venture is secret, happening behind closed doors or dealing with some form of fantasy and once again this is good financially for you.


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