Friday, January 9, 2009

Zoe's weekend forecast Jan. 10-11

Thank you to everyone who sent your positive energy my way on behalf of my mom this week. I was overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity of spirit. You worked miracles on her behalf and she is out of the woods, (hearing is returning, internal bleeding stopped, fever broke, getting stronger), and I am telling you, you just have no idea what your words and deeds have meant to me this week. Thank you.

This is a BIG weekend. Big.

Saturday is the Cancer Full Moon. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and here is the area in your life associated with nurture and security, mother and food, loyalty and family, home and property. You will be seeing one or more things coming to a peak now in these areas for your life. This can be a time of celebration or a time of endings. When our Full Moon is in Cancer we can become a bit nostalgic or sentimental so if you feel yourself tearing up at the monster movie or feeling weepy over the last licorice stick, you really aren’t crazy, it is going to be ok, you are safe even if your emotions swear that it is otherwise in the moment.

Mars is getting into the action of this Full Moon, taking up with the Sun in opposition, so you can expect action here, not just emotion, something will happen or you will make it happen. Venus and Uranus are going to join the climax at the last minute and they are bringing gifts or support. Look at it this way, the emotional actions of the day will be met by surprising shows of love or money when and where you least expect it. I have seen evidence of this already personally as I have been dealing with the build-up of this Full Moon with my mom. Feel free to represent Venus or Uranus with spontaneous acts of love to others when you see the moment present itself, we are all angels here after all, this weekend is a wonderful time to remember that.

Sunday doesn’t let down because Mercury Retrogrades. What do Mercury Retrogrades mean and what can we expect? Mercury will Retrograde from January 11- February 1 and remain in his shadow until the 8th of February. I will talk about how this affects you individually below so read for both your Sun and your Rising sign.

In general, Mercury is the mind and communications, so in apparent backwards motion it means changes of mind or new ways of thinking about something, returning to something in the past and rethinking the situation from this new vantage point, people or situations from the past popping back into your life to see if you really remember it the way it was, and alternatively, because our material world is affected by the backwards motion, Mercury Retrograde means that there are miscommunications, missed calls, emails gone awry, ‘you said what?!!!’, when you never in a million years intended it that way, mechanical breakdowns, technical glitches, and just a general headache for the lot of us as we check and double check our world.

This Retrograde is in the sign of Aquarius so expect friends to play a major role, for social functions or groups you were once affiliated with to come back around, for it to play out through the internet and computers, charities and airlines. A friend may leave your circle now or an old friend may return. DO NOT sign contracts until this passes if you can at all wait it out. You will just have to renegotiate or someone will walk away or there will be a bunny suit clause you never saw and you just hate wearing pink, you get the idea.

Mercury Retrograde IS a good time to take those three weeks and reevaluate your thinking over the area that this is playing out in your chart. It is a cosmic chance to make adjustments or changes and if you don’t believe me, the entire week coming up is filled with the aspect of adjustment on a daily basis, you need this brief time to look at it from a different angle and fine tune what you are about in the situation.

The biggest clue I can give you is this: AQUARIUS. In other words, what did you come here to do that only you, yes you, could possibly envision or innovate? What is your unique gift and how is the way you are thinking, (processing it through the mechanics of your brain), affecting your ability to deliver on the promise of you? And just as important, where is the group of friends or associates that will best help you be true to this vision, where you can help and be helped?

And lastly, don’t shy away from the past stepping up to meet you, embrace it if only briefly, who knows, maybe this time things will be different, or maybe now you will see just how far you have come and that you really are ready for new horizons.


Saturday’s Full Moon is bringing something in the home to a head. Look at your living situation, your house, your property, the foundations in your life, and how secure you feel. Are your security needs being met? How is mom? This foundation in life is where you are celebrating or ending one version of home now, where something is climaxing or emotions are running high over activity playing out. Mars is making you act on goals, and career may play into what is occurring at the base of your chart today. Venus and Uranus come to you through surprise arenas, people who were hidden or private, fantasy work or research paying off, or love that finds you secretly. Perhaps someone from the past returns to the home and love finds you there, surprise!

Sunday Mercury Retrogrades in your house of friends, social groups, associations and aspirations. Expect a friend or colleague from the past to play a significant role over the next 3 weeks or the departure of a friend. Transportation breakdowns or missed communications occur involving friends or on your way to social functions. You may pick up an old aspiration now as well. The Sun/Saturn trine is supporting your career and work today with solid results and a way for you to shine so say yes to whatever comes along. The Moon’s entry into Leo means there is some fun or love to be found as the day progresses.


Saturday’s Full Moon is bringing something in your local scene to a climax. This is the house of communications and siblings as well so you may be seeing your security needs peaking around something that is said or over a writing project, or perhaps something involving mom or family. Short trips and events in the neighborhood are bringing the emotions to a peak as well. Mars is stimulating action involving a trip or someone from a distance and this is going to play into the big feeling of the day as well. Look to a friend (most likely female but some will experience this through a male) to bring love or money your way in support of the day’s events. Express your feelings with this person.

Sunday Mercury Retrogrades in your career Midheaven. This means that the person or group from the past involves a career you did or something in the past that can affect your career now. You may see an old boss return or a current boss leave, people in positions of authority are big for you during this Retrograde. Keep in mind the lesson could well be to rethink your own personal authority and how your way of thinking in the group dynamic is evolving. Internet connections are playing into these goals. The Midheaven also rules your reputation, fame, father, goals and ambitions. These playgrounds are where the past resurfaces and where any missed communications, mechanical or technical breakdowns or malfunctions raise their heads. The Sun/Saturn trine indicates positive support for creative projects and media or legal connections (just wait to sign) or serious efforts towards love with someone at a distance.


The Cancer Full Moon is bringing an income matter to a head. This could be about a raise or bonus or celebration of money you have earned that is peaking in some way or in a more challenging way, this could be about an income source ending now. Feelings about your security, home and family are going to play into this money matter and you may feel more emotional than normal over what you are earning or spending, or over some of your possessions, most notably a home or other property under this moon. Mars is taking action in the field of your partners money, joint finances, outside money sources such as insurance, taxes, loans, settlements, divorce and alimony, child support, inheritance, or a myriad of resources that come to you without actually going and punching a time card to receive them. So money and home are big today, all tied to your feelings of security. Venus and Uranus are bringing the love/money to you via your ambitions so it seems that a goal is being met here, you may see money come in that you have been aiming at but it still takes you by surprise or you may see that love catches you up in it’s arms.

Sunday Mercury Retrogrades in your house of travel, people at a distance, media, promotion, publishing, higher education-teaching or learning, and legal matters. Here is a return to a place far away, something from the past finding you via travel or media, going back and redoing or revisiting a media or legal matter (don’t sign yet), or returning to a teaching position from the past or taking a class back up you didn’t finish before. You may get a visit from someone who lives far away that you haven’t seen in a long while or hear from them via the internet or you may hop a plane yourself. Be extra careful when flying, this will likely be a time of crossed wires for you, not the time to launch a website or to send out your flyers introducing your new business. The Sun/Saturn trine indicates that you can build solid foundations today through sharing your inner light in a deep and connected way with others.


Saturday’s Full Moon is occurring in your sign, dear Cancer. This means that something tied to your identity, image, ego needs, or body is peaking or ending now. Tie in how your home or where you live affects your sense of self or feelings of security within yourself, or tie in your relationship with mom or family to see how your identity in the world is climaxing or ending here. This is an especially emotional time of the year for you when the Sun and Mars are opposing you from the other side of the zodiac. A partner is going to be the placement of action today so expect to see this person act or for you to act towards them under the influence of the day. Venus and Uranus are sending support via travel, media, education or legal avenues so look for love or money here.

Sunday Mercury Retrogrades in your house of sex, money and death. Yes, it sounds intense and that is because it is. A past lover or something to do with your intimate connections may return now or a current sexual intimate may depart. All money shared through another resource such as a partner or a bank may be the source of technical glitches or miscommunications so double check your bank statements and protect yourself from identity theft by shredding documents. A past investor or money person may come back into your life now. You may find you are revisiting issues tied to the passing away of someone or I am sad to say, you may see someone pass during this Retrograde. All in all, remember you are involved in a deep part of your chart during these three weeks during a time notorious for changes of the mind, so even if you find yourself deep in the embrace of another, keep in mind that it may last as long as the Retrograde and no longer. That way you are able to deal with how deep this one is going to feel for you if it doesn’t progress past the shift.


The Full Moon on Saturday is happening with something you have been keeping under wraps. This is the part of your chart that is secret or private, so a secret could peak now or be discovered, work you have been doing behind the scenes could wrap up, a fantasy or research project could climax, or any dealings with hospitals or prisons, escapist activities or substance abuse, all could be coming to a head now. Your need for security and home play into whatever is going on in this private part of your life. Mars is acting out through work, health or pets so this is where something will happen to bring the emotions to a peak. Venus and Uranus are bringing nice surprises or new ways of approach through intimacy and joint finances so it looks like you will be steamy together or finding the money to do what you need to accomplish.

Sunday Mercury Retrogrades in your partnership zone. This can be uber tricky so go easy on yourself and go overly easy on anyone you consider significant in your life. This is the time when a partner from the past may reappear or a current partner could take their leave. This zone relates to romantic as well as business partners and to anyone who represents you such as agents, managers or attorneys. These people who are so important in your life are where the miscommunications, transportation and mechanical breakdowns are most likely to occur, so repeat after me, “I Leo, will understand if I temporarily feel as though I am not receiving the major attention I am used to, this is temporary and I can get through it with my mane intact.” The Sun/Saturn trine today speaks well of work and income aligning from your hard efforts and once the Moon enters your sign, you should be feeling your worth.


Today’s Full Moon is occurring in your friendship, social functions, associations, and aspirations part of your chart. You can therefore expect that a party tonight will be about celebrating something that has come to an end or that you will be with a group that has wrapped up it’s reason for being together or is celebrating the reason they came together. This group or friend that is climaxing in your world at the moment is somehow tied to your feelings of security or where you hang your hat in life. Mars is taking action in the area of creativity or love affairs in reaction to this so you are either being given an opportunity to open up creatively in some new way due to this climax or you may decide to turn a friendship into a tryst tonight. If you have been crossing a friendship with a love affair, this culmination may also mean the end of the love affair as you are now moving on to a new group dynamic. Venus and Uranus are bringing surprising energy via a partner or representative, whatever happens here benefits you in the way of money or love.

Sunday Mercury Retrogrades in your house of work assignments, health and pets. This will be a three week period where you will be going back to an old job or work assignment or work you are doing currently will go elsewhere, you may see an old co-worker return or a current one exit. Any health issues from the past that you have brushed aside are likely to demand your attention now and this would be a good time to take care of anything from the past, especially if you involve innovative approaches. A pet who went awol may return under this influence or you may see a pet take their exit. Take extra care to read any labels on prescriptions made for you or your pet during this time and check all combinations. Be extra careful with the circulatory system, ankles, calves and shins. The Sun/Saturn trine speaks of shining in the arena of creativity, love or with children today in a way that seriously affects your identity.


The Cancer Full Moon is bringing a career matter to a head. This is about career, an important goal or ambition, a boss or authority figure, father, reputation or fame. The emotional side of it will be tied to how this plays into your sense of security and foundations in life. You may have a promotion or career peak celebrated or find that your career is ending in some way now. Mars is making the action occur in the arena of home, property, mom, security or foundations, so if your goal was to sell a property you could see that come to fruition now or if your career is in real estate you could see some kind of reward coming your way, there are many ways this could play out. Venus and Uranus are bringing support via changes to work or health. So you can look for love or money coming in surprising ways here. Pets could also be your way in, think about it.

Sunday Mercury Retrogrades in your fifth house so you may be revisited or yourself revisiting a past lover during the next three weeks or you could have communication breakdowns with a current lover and see them leave (so take it easy). Children fall under the energy here so you may have to revisit something from the past involving your child or a past pregnancy or go back to some way of conceiving or birth control. Creative projects also fall under this house so a creative endeavor may need rethinking or you may pick one back up that you haven’t had time for up until now. Embracing old ways of having fun may entice you during this time as well, it is all good, just look at how you are finding joy again and how you can move forward with this once the period ends. The Sun/Saturn trine speaks of securing something behind the scenes that relates to your sense of identity in the home.


The Full Moon in Cancer works with you as a fellow water sign so you should be happy about what is culminating in your world on Saturday. The house being illuminated here is the ninth so all things pertaining to travel, people at a distance, foreign places and ideas, higher education, teaching or learning, media and it’s extensions such as publishing or promotions, religion and politics, and all things having to do with legal matters. These areas will be places of celebration or peak experiences as well as some things ending pertaining to them. Mars is activating your local arena so expect things to be hopping in the neighborhood or with siblings, as well as through communications such as emails, phone calls and anything you write. Words will be passionate or heated. Venus and Uranus are working very well indeed for you in the area of love, children and creative projects so look for surprises in love or money here that please.

Sunday Mercury Retrogrades in the area associated with home, property, family, mom, the foundations you are building in life and your security needs. You may be going home for a visit during these 3 weeks or dealing with something from childhood that has been left open until now (or closed). You may see an investment deal with a property return for reconsideration (wait to sign until after Feb. 3) or you may have someone returning to your home out of the blue to visit (most likely an old friend). Since home and property and mom are where miscommunications and malfunctions are more likely, check your smoke alarms and security systems, and make sure your mortgage check is sent in early and received. Saturn’s position is providing solid support from a friendship today if you talk about your needs.


The Cancer Full Moon is going to most likely be an intense one for you dear Sage. This moon is notoriously emotional and for you it is occurring in the deepest part of your chart. There is likely an issue about power or control in the mix here that is peaking and there are many forms this could take. It could be involving a money issue, one that is shared or comes from an outside source, so a loan, settlement, inheritance, credit or debt, tax or insurance, alimony or child support, joint finances or any money your partner earns. The other arenas would involve divorce, death, sex or intimacy. In some area of life where you are sharing on some level outside what you bring to the table, this is where you will see things peaking or ending. Mars is activating your house of earnings so you may throw money at it or feel that making money is a good way to channel your energy away from the power struggle or celebration. Venus and Uranus are bringing nice surprises your way at home or with property, look for love or money to express itself positively here.

Sunday Mercury Retrogrades in your communications zone. This is the area of the things you think, say, write and anything to do with your local arena, short trips and brothers or sisters. Expect to rethink or revisit what you have said or how you thought about it or to have someone from the past showing up in the neighborhood. You could have someone in your daily environment leaving now as well. Since this is occurring in your thought process, and in the sign of friendship, you will be bouncing old ways of thinking off of those closest. Remember that communication breakdowns and malfunctions are most likely with those in your immediate environment or with siblings now, as well as in your communications with friends so take it easy on yourself and others. Saturn is helping you to work towards your goals through the money you are making or spending today, steady as she goes.


The Full Moon on Saturday is occurring in your opposite sign of Cancer so this is going to be bringing a significant relationship, a romantic or business partnership, to a peak moment for you. You may see your relationship reach it’s summit and find you are celebrating your commitment with each other or taking steps to take it to this level now, or alternatively, the peak may be an ending as you see the relationship reach it’s breaking point and end. This energy can also be at play with people who represent you such as agents, managers or attorneys. Mars is going to be working through you so you are going to be either very passionate or angry under this Moon at what is transpiring and act accordingly. Venus and Uranus are supporting loving communications that are a bit surprising with siblings or someone local. If single, get out in your neighborhood to meet someone interesting now.

Sunday Mercury Retrogrades in your income and possessions sector. This is about an old way of making money coming back around or you taking a look at some past money making venture, or about something you bought in the past needing attention or dealing with now. Since this is about how you think, taking a look at what you really value in life and how you value yourself should be part of what you are doing now. You will likely run into old friends while shopping or spending money on something, or over a past income making endeavor. Double check amounts on checks from work performed and hold off on making any major purchases until the retrograde has passed. Saturn is helping you work through your belief system now, as well as dealing with any forms that expand your world such as education, travel, legal matters or media. A person at a distance can help you see yourself clearly.


The Cancer Full Moon is peaking in your work assignments, with co-workers, people you hire to do odd jobs for you, in your health arena, and with pets. This means that there is an emotional tie to something being celebrated here or something reaching it’s end. If a job is coming to an end, you may feel your security is somehow being challenged and the same if you feel a health issue peaking. This should be the heighth of the challenge if it hits you in this way. You may conversely be celebrating a job promotion or wrapping up a workout program or diet now. Mars is acting from behind the scenes so the activity is going to be about institutions such as hospitals or prisons, or through some form of fantasy work such as film or acting, or you may be taking action in retreat and rest away from others. It is possible that Mars approaches now as someone taking action against you that you didn’t see coming. If so, Venus and Uranus are on your side where the income is concerned and will help you find original ways to attract what you need today.

Sunday Mercury Retrogrades in your sign. This can be a bit confusing but doesn’t have to be if you are aware of what is happening. This means that on the challenging side, you will not be understood as easily as is normal and you are always a bit ahead of the crowd in your thinking so slow it down and make sure people understand your intention and are receiving your messages. You may return to an old form of identity now, most likely through a past friendship. You could also go back to some way of using your physical body, perhaps an old gym or way of dressing, reverting to how it was when you and your friends did this or that in the day. Your name may revert back to an old name during this time period say for instance if you have gone through a divorce, or an ex may come back around. If you have any physical things that have been bothering you, you will look into them now or they will come back up to be dealt with. You will likely be the instigator with friends, running into old groups or associations, socializing as a reminder of who they are through you as well. Saturn is helping you take serious steps towards outside money sources, divorce, dealing with a death, or your own sexual connections today, handle it low-key.


The Cancer Full Moon is one that works well with your sign since you are both water and based on emotion. Saturday, the Full Moon is going to bring something to a peak in your life regarding a lover, children, the idea of true love and how you have fun, your creativity or a creative project, recreation, or speculation. This is a time when a love affair may reach it’s summit and be celebrated with a weekend away or something festive or a time when you realize this person isn’t the one and the love reaches it’s end. You may be bringing the idea of love or fun in your life up for review now and the emotional context of this moon will help you to come to some decisions about how your feeling of home and security is playing into what you are getting out of life. If you are involved with a creative venture now, you will see it reach new heights or finally be wrapped up. This would be a time of giving birth or celebrating something your child is involved in as well. Mars is acting through a friend now or upon your aspirations so this is where you are going to want to take steps today, possibly attending a party or social function with a friend or group looking to celebrate or find love. Venus and Uranus are working for you to bring a certain unique beauty and interest to your looks and identity so don’t hide your star.

Sunday Mercury Retrogrades in your hidden part of your chart. This is the area associated with secrets, retreat and rest, self-sabotage and escapist activities, fantasy and fantasy work such as acting or filmmaking, and work done behind the scenes, research and dealing with institutions. Your way of thinking is going to undergo some revisiting in these areas now. You may have a friend or group from the past show up now or find you are wanting to reconnect with them dealing with one of these themes. The only danger with this retrograde for you is not falling back into some self-undoing habit such as abusing substances or falling pray to a negative loop in your mind. Think about how your thoughts are working on your internal world and take this time to adjust this so it aligns with the amazing person you are. This is a great time to record your dreams as they will take you into the past, sometimes past lifetimes, and shine a light towards the way forward. Saturn is helping you build towards solid partnership today if you focus on your real aspirations and friendship.


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