Sunday, January 11, 2009


Most of you will have an idea as the week begins which ghosts have returned for this Mercury Retrograde, which past relationship or situation, project or idea has resurfaced for one last look. If not, then in the weeks ahead expect to run into your past. Ghosts are walking and that can be rather shocking or scary but here’s the thing, in truth, once you get past the initial jolt and subsequent memory, they are nothing but overblown air. I’m just saying.

So we begin the week from this space and we have choices, we look at the past resurfacing and we pick this back up in some way to turn it about and see if it has any worth going forward, or we look at it and say, ‘good lord, what was I thinking back then?’ Hey, it was your reflection, so own it.

Perhaps you were in chaos and attracted chaos or you were particularly comedic and attracted the absurd, or perhaps you were anal and attracted, well, who knows, right? The thing is you are now looking at either tweaking the old to work going forward or you are free to say good-bye to it again, you have grown. No worries, you have three whole weeks to deal starting now.

The other side to this Retrograde energy is saying goodbye to someone or something that is in your life now but just isn’t going to fit in with where you are going up ahead. Seek Grace but don’t be afraid to stand in your own Truth if necessary.

What about our week ahead? Well I wish I could tell you there was some spectacular energy moving you through but instead, it is rather draining/challenging and writing about it has left me feeling a bit like I just went through the ringer- it can’t always be Pluto and comets ;) Here is this week’s theme: It is ALL about adjusting emotionally to where you find yourself (told you; boring but challenging nevertheless).

Things have changed. The Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde combo have seen to that. You are standing in a place this week where you are just going to have to suck it up and adjust to where you are and what has happened. Listen, it is as it needs to be and you can get your heart around this. Not your mind, not yet, your heart. So, in a word that is the week ahead…Adjust.

Adjust to the new place you are going and the past that you are oh so ready to leave behind you. Adjust to not fully knowing where you are exactly in it all. Adjust what needs to change within the group, associations or friendships of your life. Adjust anything and everything that has any affect at all on your true aspirations in life. If you are in a good place with the shifts, then embrace the ghosts and departures and adjust to wanting to take a new version of you into the future.

Oh, and here is another big one, (I know, I know, this is it and then I will lay out your forecasts): Stop holding on. I don’t care what it is, if you are putting too much effort into maintaining status quo, digging in for dear life, or beating your head against the wall until you see the little stars and exclamation marks circling your brow, LET IT GO. Any time you get stuck this week, close your eyes, click your heals together and repeat the Aquarian Retrograde mantra: I AM FREE. You are. Promise.


Monday brings a multitude of emotional adjustments over your idea of love or creativity. Talks with friends or associates, actions taken towards goals or career, and any crazy out of character maneuvering going on in private, behind closed doors, all lead back to this today: you need to make some serious emotional adjustments regarding how you express love or creativity, what it means in your life, what you are willing to do to have it, and who is providing it for you.

Tuesday lets you take adjustments into the realm of the work you are willing to do to manifest your ideal. Big changes and power issues in career, you have to adjust what you will work for and what that is. Health is playing a big part, your emotions need to adjust so that your health can adjust. Friends and associates are the way to expansion but first you have to adjust to reach them on the level you need.

Wednesday …well, isn’t it funny that even when we KNOW what we need to do, our self-sabotaging side still wants its day. Today both sides of you battle it out. Emotionally you are ready to tackle the new way of working or the health issue while that negative loop or self-sabotaging tendency is acting out, pushing for secrets or hidden agendas or hospitals or retreat. Your ruler is aimed right at your career zone and is the beacon today so pinpoint your goal and head right for it. This is the only strategy you need in this battle. Do it.

Thursday brings the chance to get work done or deal with the health in the first part of the day. Aspects are good and you can shine in what you do. You are involved in one more adjustment, this one over a friendship and feelings about what is going on with them artistically or romantically. Once the Moon enters Libra, focus shifts to partnerships. An obstacle needs surmounting with them to reach your goal. Jupiter brings luck if you tie friendship to partnership.

Friday is a mixed bag but it is still looking at who you are partnering with and why. Talk about aspirations with this person and let your words forge your friendship. Venus behind the scenes means that a hidden agenda regarding love or money is going on with you. Look at it as clearly as possible, your past is involved here, whoever or whatever is showing up is requiring you make another emotional adjustment to the idea of partnership in this. If that’s not enough, it seems this person (partner) is frustrating you on some level as you are thwarted in going after goals or reaching ambitions just now. Clue: think carefully before reigniting a sexual partnership from the past.


Are your foundations secure? Are you building on solid ground? How is the house or other property? What feelings come up about home? Here is the core of your emotional adjustments today. Regardless of what goals are discussed, or what friend owes you money or tosses in some random surprise, or what actions are taken regarding travel or education, publishing or legal maneuvering, you are going to have to make a core emotional adjustment if you wish to be grounded.

Tuesday may allow you to shine as the teacher or through some other form of expansion of the mind but once again, shifting how you feel about home and foundations is necessary. Once you move through this, there is a positive flow between your creativity and getting it out there. Love or children may play a big part of the day as the big changes are amping up the volume in your life. Jupiter wants to expand on your goals, but you guessed it, you need to adjust how you feel about love or creativity if you wish to see it happen.

Wednesday keep the creativity coming, open your heart to love and joy. There are talks to have about your goals and you may need to oppose a female friend’s desire so that you can remain true to your expression now. You don’t have to agree with the friends suggested changes. Mars is giving you the drive to go after the degree or travel, to promote yourself or to make it legal, the energy is positive so don’t be afraid to do it.

Thursday starts out dead serious about how you want to express your creativity but once again, you need to make some emotional adjustments to this if you wish to reach your artistic goals. If love is in the air, realize that emotional adjustments come up here as well if you wish to meet romantic goals. Work or health take on importance the rest of the day. You have to apply yourself if you want to see change and power through education, travel, legal or media channels. Jupiter is favoring your goals and career, helping you expand.

Friday brings good news about career or goals, a good day to schedule meetings about what you want out of your pursuits. A female friend is requiring you to make an adjustment in the work you are doing for her or a money issue comes up with this friend. Mars is frustrating travel or education plans so stick to the work at hand. Take care of your health.


Well, well, Gemi’s, that emotional thinking is going to be the end of you today. You need to make some serious adjustments to the way you are looking at the situation. Talks about legal matters or travel, goals of love or money, actions taken involving sex, and changes on the career front, all go back to the core for you and that is, your emotions are getting the best of you and clouding your thinking today, adjust! Look at it from a different angle.

Tuesday may have you feeling a bit disillusioned over the legal matter or it may be over education, travel or media related efforts, whatever the expansive topic, romance or artistic expression is not going to manifest until you get a handle on your thinking. Sun is in the house of sex and money, asking for more emotional adjustments to the spotlight here. Clue: make up your mind. Home comes into focus in the latter part of the day and you are making some positive changes regarding intimacy or money so that home feels like home. Jupiter is helping you legally here, once again the emotions are the area of challenge.

Wednesday brings talks or meetings about legal matters, media, travel or education. The question to ask yourself, ‘where is home?’ Mars is helping you go after the money you need or instigating more passion with someone at home. Venus is asking you right up front and in your face, what is your goal, love or money? Uranus is following that up with, ‘let me change that for you.’

Thursday you can get serious about the home issue even as you make more emotional adjustments here against the backdrop of Neptune’s foggy legal, travel, educational or media related issue. Sun has you shining as the sex object or by way of dealing with outside money sources today. Love and creativity stream in midpoint in the day and any sexual rendezvous is destined to be pretty mighty. Pluto is going to either break up the affair or bring the world down around the great sex. Jupiter says you won’t care too much as you are going to be so happy about the feeling in the moment.

Friday talks or meetings with lovers go well, plan a trip or share ideals. Creativity is working in line with promoting and teaching. Venus is asking you to choose which goal is more important, love or money, once you decide, you need to adjust your feelings about a lover or creative project. Mars is bringing the passion and fireworks ensue.


Money, money, money, money….money. Yep, you better get clear about income, what you want to do to earn it and how much you need to make, what you are spending on and why. Or better yet, what do you REALLY value, Cancer? Emotions are rested here today and you need to adjust your feelings about this. Talks about outside money sources, travel, teaching, media or legal matters, the actions of partners, and the way the world as a whole is changing around you, all go back to this question today, how are you going to make a living? Adjust those big feelings.

Tuesday wakes dealing with money issues again, yours and ours. Then how you feel partnering in the whole thing comes into play and you guessed it, you get to make more adjustments around what you are going to earn or spend in relation to this relationship. Once the Moon moves into Virgo you will be able to talk with your partner or meet with them and make the profound changes you are wanting, as long as you go deep in the communication. Jupiter is stretching the limits of credit or joint finances, conversations are going to reflect how you are adjusting to this.

Wednesday the theme about money continues in talks about loans, debt, credit, joint finances and any other form of outside resource. It’s possible that instead of money you are talking about emotional adjustments to sex or death as well, regardless the need is to communicate what needs to shift so you can see how your feelings are changing. A female at a distance or involved in travel, education, legal or media matters is going to give you something to explain as well. Mars is helping you do something about your partnership and this is good, take action today or talk about the actions of your partner.

Thursday brings serious communications and you may be saying good-bye. There is some fog or disillusionment around money, sex or death and adjusting to feelings in the things that you share about it again today. A partner is there for you so lean on them. Home and family becomes focal half way into the day and you may be feeling like you need to surmount something here in order to make the changes in your life regarding partnership that you wish to see.

Friday talks are going to flow more smoothly about the money, sex or death issue. Venus is saying look at how love or money ties into people at a distance, travel, media, teaching or education, and legal matters, then adjust your emotions about home and mom to accommodate getting what you desire here. Mars is active in the partnership arena and today your feelings about home and security are going to be frictional in dealing with this.


How do you feel about yourself? Are your needs being met? Who are you when you are standing completely on your own out of the limelight and the accolades of a partner or audience? Talks with partners, money and sex issues and how that makes you feel loved, and actions taking place regarding work and health, are all going to lead you back to answer these questions about yourself. You need to make some emotional adjustments this week to get to the real you, your best self.

Tuesday either balances your romance or artistic output with a partner or brings about some confusion or disillusionment over not being understood, perhaps downright deceived. More emotional adjustments about who you are and what your needs are if you are to shine in the work you do and in your own personal health. Big changes and stepping into power are possible in the work you do today helping you feel better about income issues. Jupiter is stretching the door to partnership and this energy is positive but once again only if you make emotional adjustments to who you are and what you need.

Wednesday how you feel valued and how you feel about the money you are earning is where the adjustments are needed as you talk with a partner. Shared money is an issue as could possibly be needing to feel loved to connect on an intimate level. Mars is pushing you to tackle work and health in a positive manner today, money flows here.

Thursday you will need to be serious about income and this makes for adjustments in romance with a partner or adjustments in artistic expression with a partner. You shine in the work you perform today and health should be on the upswing. You can schedule a talk or meeting about work, health or pets later in the day and expect it to be big, profound and active by way of changing things. A partner has your back so talk with them about what occurs.

Friday talks with partners continue in a positive vein. Emotional talks will be about making adjustments regarding love and intimacy or money and how that is shared. Mars is pushing you to do more work than normal so take it easy or you could stress your health.


The fantasy world of actors and filmmakers, dreamers and spiritualists is where the emotional adjustments are going on as the week begins. You will be finessing this inner world, looking at any self-sabotaging or escapist tendencies, emotionally adjusting to secrets or research, and dealing with institutions. Work or health talks, issues of love or money with partners, actions taken by lovers, children or in creative endeavors, all point back to what you can adjust in your private connection to your inner world.

Tuesday Neptune is fogging up the work or health issue unless you find a way to balance what you are emoting on an inner level. Making emotional adjustments to your fantasy version will help you to shine creatively and in areas of love. Shifting focus to your own needs later in the day will lead to some positive profound changes in love and creative relationships. Jupiter wants to expand and protect you in your work and health but not until you make emotional adjustments to how you feel about yourself and your own needs being met.

Wednesday continue to tweak your own needs and adjust to any physical demands. Talks and meetings about work or health reflect how much of this you do. Love or money flow with a partner is either opposing your needs or in balance, depending on how much you yourself are attending to your own needs in the situation. Mars is on your side today helping you make something happen with creative projects, a lover or with children.

Thursday Saturn asks you to be serious about yourself and your needs, he may restrict your movements today by sitting on your health if you haven’t taken enough time to look at how your emotions are affecting you physically this week. Work and health are tied together here, Neptune is washing this area clean with a spiritual cleanse so don’t expect to see it all clearly just yet, have faith that you are being aligned for something important and focus on yourself. Shine your light in areas of love and creativity today. Income takes on more importance later in the day with big changes to creativity or love.

Friday talks about work or health are in positive flow with what you value and the money you are either earning or spending here. Take a moment with the money you make and look at how a partnership is reflecting love or money needs back to you, then make more emotional adjustments around how and why you spend on the things you spend it on and how that ties back to your value system. Mars is pushing you to do something creatively or with a loved one and money can be the emotional trigger.


Emotional adjustments are required around your true aspirations in life, your friendships, how you are treated in them and who you run with, the social scene you are involved with and networking. Where do you belong, Libra? Talks today about love, kids and creativity, issues brought up around work or health and how money is playing into these things, actions occurring at home or with someone leaving home, all are there to point out how you are connected to your own tribe, and any adjustments you need to make so that your aspirations are being looked after.

Tuesday Neptune is clouding up the waters of love and creativity so tread gently here. Your desire to shine in a home environment with a feeling of safety and security can be met but not until you adjust some more today regarding your feelings about your connections to your friends and your aspirations in life. Mid-day you will feel like retreating and resting at home and this is a powerful regenerator for you. You will at some point need to tackle that emotional inner voice that runs the negative loop inside about bad outcomes if you wish to see the luck and happiness in the home situation that Jupiter is promising you through faith.

Wednesday talks about love and creativity are once again asking you to adjust your inner emotional turmoil so you do not self-sabotage. Venus is asking you to look at working for the money as a way to get out of your head and away from the feelings for a bit today, if you don’t you may find that your unresolved feelings about being loved are going to affect your health. Mars is helping you tackle things at home in a positive manner, bringing passion or action here.

Thursday starts out tough as Saturn could try to send you into depression over perceived lack of love or creative expression and how that is playing out in your life. The very best way to fight giving into the negative loop is to be disciplined in something outside the thought and for you today that would be investing your energy into the home or with family where you can get a sense of pride. Feelings turn to your own needs mid-day as the powerful influence of family or home helps you meet some personal challenges here. From this understanding, love flows again and Jupiter brings happiness.

Friday emotions are aligned between you and lovers, children and your own creative endeavors. Talks and meetings are favored here. Venus is pushing buttons about love or money and she is playing out in the work you do or with your health, so keep on looking into your heart and what you want for your own life as you deal with it. Mars is active at home so you will have to take on this energy as well.


Scorpio is going to have to make some emotional adjustments regarding career or goals and ambitions this week. What are you trying to achieve and why? What is it costing you? Who are you really and how is the world perceiving you? Talks about home, issues about love and children, creativity and money, overload of activity in the daily routine, neighborhood or with siblings, angry conversations, all of these things point back to emotional adjustments you need to make about what you are going after and why.

Tuesday Neptune is poking you about home or childhood memories or security issues as you deal with your goals so don’t get lost in that fog. Talking about yourself and your needs is important today, it will help you get clear about any adjustments you need to make as you see your words reflected back to you from the eyes of others. Friendship takes on a very important role later in the day as one particular conversation or meeting involves talks that are powerful and transformational. Jupiter is trying to expand your base in life and your feeling of happiness at home but today you only get there through the adjustments you are willing to make in the way you show and share friendship and direct your aspirations.

Wednesday talks about home or meetings at home are important as you adjust some more to your feelings about socializing there or how you express your friendship. Venus is kicking up energy around love or the money that goes into it, how much are you willing to do in the name of friendship? Clue: don’t extend past anything that compromises yourself just to be loved. Loving yourself will attract the right friends up ahead. Mars is helping you express yourself passionately with a friend about something in a positive manner.

Thursday Saturn gets you serious about your connections with others and your social obligations while Neptune obscures the lines around security and home. Adjust your feelings again about friendship to access your spiritual base and ground yourself there. Talking about your own needs with a friend will help you to be seen in a positive light and strength and should go well. Take some time to retreat or work alone later in the day and if you need to talk to someone about the fantasy or research project, this is the time to do so. Jupiter is helping you expand your base but you need to have the big talk first.

Friday talks about home or family are under positive stars so open up. Venus is pointing out any love issues with lovers or children or money issues. Creative projects and recreational activities can fall into this area as well. Making inner adjustments emotionally is important to help you get to where you want to go in this. Mars is going to try to push your buttons on one conversation, don’t self-sabotage, keep anger or passions to yourself a bit longer.


You really want to expand your world right now and you are going to have to make some emotional adjustments this week regarding whichever way you are choosing to do that. It could be through more travel, education, politics, publishing, promoting, or legal means. Talks about what is going to happen to the ‘routine’, money issues about the house or property, actions taken about income or spending money, all lead back to you adjusting to the wider view you want in your life.

Tuesday your feelings about this may lead to at least one conversation that is disillusioning or deceptive. Try to balance the wide new horizons with romance, spirituality or artistic expression when you talk about it. Making money or feeling valued is a big part of this emotional adjustment so push again today to get your heart around the shifts. Pluto is saying that any deconstruction of income today is leading to good feelings about career as you can see the big picture. Jupiter opens positive lines of communications with a friend.

Wednesday you have to make more emotional adjustments to career and goals through the conversations you need to have. Venus is making you deal with money issues tied to home or your own feeling of security. A female at home may be opposed to the career or goals you have set out upon. Take action on the income matter today as it ties in positively with career.

Thursday Saturn is making goals serious and may show as some loss of career status you are taking on and dealing with the feelings about this requires more adjustments, especially evident in conversations with others. Continue to tie your personal values to why you are going for the income you are going for and career falls in line. Changes in income are going to powerfully affect your social circle or a friendship today. Your ruler is bringing happiness via talks about expansion with a friend.

Friday talks continue with friends and they are flowing well today. A woman at home or an issue involving money or love tied to home brings up the need to adjust emotions again, this time around aspirations or friendships. Mars is pushing you to make or spend money or tackle a money issue with a friend.


The emotional adjustments required of you this week are intense, I won’t sugar coat if for you. You really need to get your heart around your feelings about deeply sharing with others, about sex and intimacy, who you choose and why, what it brings to you and what you give to others, as well as getting your heart around how money with a big ‘M’ plays out in your life: loans, credit, settlements, debt, alimony, child support, taxes, insurance, joint finances, and any other money source other than your income. Talks about income, conversations with women about love, and actions taken today to get fit or change your image, all lead back to these points of how your feelings about sex and money need some emotional tweaking and adjusting.

Tuesday Neptune is blowing his clouds over your earnings house so you are making money on something artistic or spending on something romantic but there is a big opposition to sharing it or to some outside money source involved. Wanting to feel like you are ‘seen’ and understood is powerful today but once again, you need to look at why you are using sex or money as a way to bring that attention into your life and then make the emotional adjustments necessary if you are to truly align with your own needs. Connecting with someone at a distance or with a higher value through beliefs, travel, education, media or law can bring some big transformations to your idea of self and in your own needs, all positive.

Wednesday talks about income require emotional adjustments to legal commitments, media or publishing issues, education or travel, or someone at a distance. A woman you talk to today is going to represent the opposition to this higher plain of education, travel, media or law. You must take action regarding your own body, image or needs today and align them with the person far away, with travel, education, legal or media matters for positive results.

Thursday Saturn is helping you get serious about the person at a distance, the trip or class, the legal or media matter. Wanting to make your money doing something spiritual or artistic is going to require that you make emotional adjustments regarding one of these things, so deciding to get more education or to teach, to link with someone afar or travel, to draw up contracts or file papers, to promote or publish, all places where your emotions need some tweaking. Career takes on more focus mid-day. Pluto could make you feel like you are being destroyed on some level but infact is transforming who you are physically or through your image to rebuild you towards your real goals. Jupiter is working hard to expand your paycheck today and should leave you feeling pretty good.

Friday talks about income flow in a positive direction. Venus is a conversation with a woman that is requiring you to adjust emotions around goals. Mars is pushing you to do something with your body or image to get what you want out of career or goals.


You have to make some big emotional adjustments about partnership, dear Aquarius. Ask yourself what you want to partner with, what you bring to partnership, and who you are without a partner beside you. Talks about your own needs, money issues and looking at how you value love, actions taken that are either secretive or self-sabotaging or completely steeped in fantasy, all point back to these questions about partners and the emotional adjustments you need to make to have what you want.

Tuesday Neptune is going to toss in a cloud of confusion or disillusionment, perhaps deception, around how you feel about yourself opposed to this partner. The tendency to feel down about yourself is there so don’t get lost in this fog. There is potential to over idealize or see through rose colored glasses as well, remember who you are. Big changes are on tap regarding your inner world and your ability to come from a spiritually connected peace as you face the deepest parts about what you share with others. Look at sex and intimacy and joint finances and how sharing here influences your idea of partnership. Jupiter is going to bring you to your peak in identity this year, today he wants you to adjust those feelings about the heavy stuff to get you one step closer.

Wednesday talks are about you and your needs. You are required to adjust your emotions around what is shared sexually or financially if you wish to be heard. Venus is acting out through your income house so value is important and whether that is playing out for you in the field of love or money is having an oppositional affect on your ability to share. Mars is helping you take action in secret or in your own inner world to help you feel better about what is happening between you.

Thursday getting serious about joint finances or outside money sources is important, as well as dealing with any loss of intimacy or lack sexually. Neptune is saying that if you wish to achieve your spiritual vision of yourself, you need to make emotional adjustments with what is shared first. Legal matters can be dealt with today and will help you feel happy about your place in the world, as well as taking action through travel, media and education. Just take care not to try to manipulate the situation from a hidden vantage point, it will backfire.

Friday talks about your needs go well and teaching or learning new things will be positive ways to channel this energy. Meeting friends on a trip would do you good as well. An income matter needs your attention as would lending money to a friend. Continue to make emotional adjustments, today regarding what you believe in and how you want to expand your world, making sure that you are not taking counter actions that work against your real desires, be clear before you act.


You need to make some emotional adjustments over the work you are doing and your own health today. Talks about research or fantasy work such as film or acting, feelings about yourself and how you are loved and make money, and taking action to join a group or do something with a friend, all of these things are leading back to this emotional adjustment you must make about what you want to be doing on a daily basis and how your choices are affecting your health or your health is affecting that work choice.

Tuesday you may feel a bit like self-sabotaging or getting lost in dreamland. This directly opposes your goals for health or work so don’t lay in bed all day or over indulge in substances. Your vision of yourself, your identity, and how that ties directly to your aspirations and the group you wish to run with require you get your heart around emotional adjustments to health or work today. Profound changes in friendship positively affect partnership feelings. Jupiter is working hard to help you find happiness through your inner fantasy world and spiritual connection to life, dealing with emotional issues with partners is part of you getting there.

Wednesday talks about escapist tendencies, secrets, hidden agendas or fleshing out your fantasy work help you to adjust a bit more about your partnership needs. Venus is going to be acting through you and your needs so look at feeling loved and feeling empowered by money as keys to what is playing out here, don’t accept less than what you are worth, don’t except less than what you give to your partner and don’t define who you are based on money. Take action towards your aspirations and watch how your feelings about a partner come around.

Thursday you will need to get serious about a partnership and any limits or loss here. Your ruler, Neptune, is working to give you psychic insights and gut level intuition about what you need to be doing now, once again, you HAVE to make emotional adjustments about partnership to remain open to these guides. You shine in friendships, social obligations and standing proud in your aspirations and this leads to better feelings with partners. Feelings are going to go deep later in the day and shared resources or intimacy issues may have a dramatic impact on a friendship. Jupiter is trying to expand you through your fantasy world and psychic perceptions as long as you connect to the deepest part of who you are and why you share.

Friday talks about research, fantasy work, work done behind the scenes, secrets, hidden agendas, or institutions are going to be positive and bring good feelings about intimacy or money. Venus is once again working through you so look again at how feeling loved or attracting money is fueling your need to connect sexually with another or to reach out for resources outside of your earnings. Yes, you have to adjust your emotional response to this to step into your own power more. Mars is pushing you to take action towards your aspirations or to do something with a friend even though it is a bit stressful.


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