Friday, January 23, 2009


You are either experiencing the Saturn or the Uranus side of the war in Heaven at this moment in time. That means loss, restriction, fear, responsibility=Saturn, or innovation, freedom, independence, idealism=Uranus. Your life is being reworked by the orchestrated chaos that is the one mind, with your best path forward ever at the forefront. It doesn’t really matter which side of this you find yourself currently, we all will be tossed back and forth between these extremes over the course of the year. It just matters that you see it and understand it. The weekend will likely feel as if you must break free or can’t handle the tension. And in the middle is your free will to react or not react according to your own inner voice.

Trust it. That voice. If you can’t hear it, get still and listen.

We are in Eclipse energy now, big solar Aquarian energy that wants to bottle rocket you into outer space, man! Sorry, had a George Carlin moment, but still, it is true. Look for the Cosmic writing on everything in your life at this time and allow for all that is possible on Saturday.

The Sun is meeting Jupiter for a melding of ego needs and lucky expansion. Mars is meeting Saturn to make sure actions are taken that are real and long lasting. Venus is the only deity in a stormy mood as she faces off with Saturn and you need to draw a line in the sand over love or money. Remember, oppositions don’t have to turn ugly, you can strive for balance and mutual acceptance of where you are. After this gets clear, Venus dances with Mars and this is always fun, grab a body, hold it tight, or go buy something. The goddess Moon is happy and meeting up with lots of good energy so open up and go with the flow.

Sunday is not quite so active although feelings should be good as the Moon connects in a positive manner to both Mercury and Jupiter. She then enters Aquarius and you will feel the Eclipse energy looming all day. Big changes, positive forward motion, first steps, life is short, be fearless.


You are the center of attention today, either with your friends or solidly planted at the top of your aspirations. Your ruler is working to make it happen, right now, in your career. Whatever your goals, go after them today. If work you do or a health issue has been the place of loss or restriction, today’s energy helps you see the blessing as it has brought you towards your true ambitions. Watch for any female working behind the scenes at odds with your work or health, hidden enemy possible.

Sunday career, ambitions, goals, reputation, fame: golden. Do not let up this weekend, go for it, talk, meet, connect, luck is on your side. The Moon enters Aquarius and begins to resonate with the big aspiration or new social circle or friendships that are going to send you out into the world with a Solar Eclipse bang.


The Sun/Jupiter embrace brings the spotlight onto you in career or as a boss, before the public or as an authority in your field. This is a golden day for you, use it well. People will look up to you and see what you are trying to do. Mars is favoring publishing, travel, people at a distance, legal matters, and education. Take action in any of these arenas today to put solid legs beneath a creative or love interest. A female friend is opposing this so seek balance. Your belief system is integral.

Sunday the good vibes are flowing in the same realm of travel, media, law or education. This is where meetings or talks are lucky and happy. The Moon enters your career Midheaven and begins building towards the Eclipse that will happen late tonight/early morning tomorrow. This means that your career or ambitions are about to take you to a new level and how you are seen by the rest of us will shift as well.


Your ego needs are merging with the lucky planet Jupiter today in legal matters, media, travel, people at a distance, or education. This is where you shine and expand. Mars is helping you take action on a shared money issue or settlement, a sex or intimacy issue, or a divorce or death. Real results will show in the home situation from this. Your ambitions, be they love or money are opposing the home issue, or Venus may be showing up as a female authority figure you have to deal with concerning the home. Balance. Once that is found, the dance with Mars is opportunity with the shared resources or passionate intimacy.

Sunday feelings should be centered over the talks and meetings occurring over loans, credit, debt, joint finances, alimony, child support, settlements, insurance, taxes, or any other outside money source, as well as talks or meetings about sex or intimacy. If you are dealing with death or divorce now, today’s energy should help you feel better about where you are in it. The Moon enters Aquarius and the building Eclipse energy is felt as you look at travel, media, legal matters or education as the platform to launch.


The Sun and Jupiter are having their lucky meeting in your house of sex, intimacy, death, divorce, and other people’s money. It is a deep place in the chart! Your ego needs or image can be expanded through one of these realms. Any Cancer who passes away today is in the arms of the most beautiful spiritual energy. Mars is taking action with a partner and real talks about how to make it work are open to you. A female involved with legal, travel, education, or media issues, is opposing in this talk or if you are one of the lucky few, finding great balance. Once this occurs, Mars kicks in to take action regarding this partner, or they take action, lots of positive opportunity here.

Sunday feelings should be positive about talks and meetings with partners. Luck and happiness can be found through expanding here, either letting go or making it real. The Moon enters Aquarius and the Eclipse build up is felt as the house of intimacy, deep connections, power, obsession, sex, death, and all forms of outside money sources is preparing to launch you into another level of being.


Your partnership is where the Sun and Jupiter are embracing today so think luck, happiness and your needs under expansive energy. Mars is helping you tackle a health or work issue, you can make real progress and either make solid money or spend on something serious with real results here. Venus opposes from joint resources or outside money such as credit or loans, it is a ours verses mine kind of money day. Once you figure it out, Venus romps with Mars by way of putting that outside money source to good use in work or health needs. Intimacy makes for good health today as well so hug someone sweet.

Sunday talks and meetings are positive around work, pets and health. Expand, share your thoughts, come up with a plan, luck is on your side. The Moon enters Aquarius and moves towards the partnership Eclipse. Big shifts here, this one can get you married or in business together, or send you on your separate ways.


The Sun is blessed with Jupiter’s rays today so your body is under great lucky health energy, tackle whatever ails you. Work assignments are under this same energy so you may be expanding your image in the work you do. Mars is helping you accomplish some fun or work on a creative project. Passion is there for you if you find a way to balance your serious side with the spontaneity of a partner. Both romantic and business partnerships move in rhythm today.

Feelings should be in harmony over the creative endeavor or love affair, child or recreational venture on Sunday. Talks and meetings are available to expand here, so diving in or letting go are both under favored stars, follow your inner voice. The Moon enters Aquarius and begins it’s buildup towards the Eclipse energy in your work, health and pets zone. This is where you are going to be seeing a big shift that will affect your body or image.


You are in a nice spot in the cosmos today as the Sun and Jupiter embrace in your house of true love, children or creative outlets. You shine here as well as have luck and happiness on your side. If this energy has pushed someone on, this energy is protecting you and opening you to something good. Mars is helping you to do something with a home or property that will help you to build solid behind the scenes support in your life. A female at work or a female health issue is opposing this in some way today, make sure to listen to your body right now and take steps to care for you. The Venus/Mars dance is between work/health and home/property. So go after money here, there is opportunity, or spend it here. Love and passion are in the foundations you are building.

Sunday talks and meetings about the home, property or security needs and foundations, are lucky and have expansion written all over them. The Moon enters Aquarius and begins it’s buildup towards the Eclipse energy later tonight that will shift how you see yourself in love, creative projects and with children.


The home or property matter is where you are shining and finding some form of expansion or luck is on your side today. Mars is pushing you to talk it out with a friend about something serious and this should flow for you. If it is not a friend in question, then it is your aspirations that need sharing with someone. Venus is out of sorts over being loved or creative and is in some way affecting restriction or loss in a friendship. A female may be involved in this. Once you find your balance point, she meets with Mars for an opportunity to talk or meet about the love and passion, creativity and fun.

Sunday feelings should be good about talks and local interests. Share your beliefs with others today, talk, get together with friends, it is all good. The Moon enters your home and property arena in Aquarius and begins to build towards the Solar Eclipse here. This is where your shift is coming in how you identify yourself to home and foundations.


A talk or meeting is very fortuitous today so don’t hold your light back. Mars is helping you go after the income and build in a solid way towards your career or other important goals. A female at home is opposing this or money targeted towards home is the issue. Once you find balance, the Venus/Mars dance brings nice income making ability or the desire to spend on the love at home or love of home.

Sunday talks and meetings continue to be a positive vibe for you about income and how you want to spend your money. You may decide to lay out a big amount over this weekend and it looks blessed. The Moon enters Aquarius and begins to resonate with the Eclipse energy building towards a big change in home, property or the foundations you are building in life and the security needs you have.


You may decide to spend a big chunk of income on your image or body today or you may find that the Sun/Jupiter embrace helps you to shine in the earnings department, either way it is lucky. Mars is helping you do something physically or with your image that will have solid results in travel, legal, media or educational areas. Venus is opposing you as a female trying to talk you out of it, most likely a sister or someone in your neighborhood. Once you find your balance here the talks about love or money work for you and you are doing something with body or identity.

Sunday you should be feeling pretty good about yourself, your body, your image or new identity in the world. Talks and meetings are lucky and you should share what you need. The Moon enters Aquarius and the Solar Eclipse is felt as the day builds towards it in your income house. The money you make or spend is going to be where the big shift is coming.


Sun and Jupiter are meeting in your sign, lucky you. This is about your identity expanding in a lucky way, opening you up for happiness. This is a good day to do something with your body or image as well. Mars is working behind the scenes to do something through research or fantasy, possibly in a hospital or other institutions as well. Serious results come through a shared resource here. Some Aquarians will see this energy playing out as a secret rendezvous with an older partner. Spending money you make on a female is challenging you today, balance the my verses our money scenario. Once you do, there is great Mars action going on in private.

Sunday the time alone, retreat, rest, fantasy or work done behind the scenes is going well for you. Meetings and talks about research, institutions, escapist problems or fantasy are all helping you expand your world and under positive stars. The Moon enters your sign and begins the big buildup towards the Solar Eclipse there in the wee hours. This is about your identity or image, name or body, ego needs and sense of self undergoing a big change and strong new beginning.


The Sun and Jupiter are embracing behind the scenes for you today to help you be seen in a lucky way through your fantasy work, research, work done behind the scenes, involvement with hospitals or other institutions. Mars is helping you go after your aspirations or do something with a friend or group that is in harmony with your need for solid support from a partner. Your ideas about love or money are opposing this partnership. Once you find balance in this, Mars is pushing you to do something with a friend or aspiration that is an opportunity for positive expression.

Sunday feelings about friends, associates, networking and aspirations are under very positive stars. You want to meet or talk to others about your dreams and shared ideals. This is where luck and expansion are. The Moon enters your behind the scenes house and begins to build towards the Eclipse in the wee hours. This means that your image or body is going to be shifting due to time in hospitals or other institutions, in retreat and rest, in fantasy work or work done behind the scenes, or through hidden means.


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