Friday, January 30, 2009


How would you like a get out of jail card free?! Seriously, hop right past the ‘do not pass go, do not collect $200 bucks’… I have one for you…. Hehe

Saturday is going to be the day. The Moon and Sun, our ‘Lights’ and ruling feminine/masculine drives, are coming together to dance, dance, dance, past Park Place where you have mortgaged some part of your soul for the external rewards and into one of those bright purple low rent districts where the joy is in the moment. Or take your thimble and sports car to the railroads and hop a ride to the other side…it’s all good.

Here’s the thing, cosmically we have been on quite the journey of late, the huge potential of all this Aquarian energy has been revving deep interior drives and pushing us to express our unique vision in some way. At the same time, Mercury has taken our minds into the past to take a last look around just in case we need to redefine or rework something before jettisoning off the Monopoly board.

If you doubt the Aquarian power, ask yourself just how many synchronicities have manifested around you of late!

So, your free pass is for Saturday, the last and critical day in the retracing process, under the positive uplifting energy of the Lights. How has your way of thinking about yourself and the world around you kept you in a certain holding pattern? How has your thought process tied you to specific shores? How does this affect personal authority and your real dreams in life? No judgement, just ask yourself the tough questions today and then smile that big human smile of yours as you realize that you have been the only thing EVER holding you back.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct and begins his move towards Aquarius, a sign he will reenter on Valentine’s Day. This means you have two weeks to methodically move your agenda forward, to build it on solid ground, to take what you have learned and progress your ambitions towards your dreams.

Feelings on Sunday will be all over the place, not only because Mercury is shifting (ie the mind is making itself up and that may mean a change), but the Moon is squaring both Mercury and Mars. So you will have to allow your feelings room to adjust to the talks and actions of the day. You are ready for this. You came here for this.


Your free pass is with your friends, your social group, your associates and networking, and most importantly with your highest aspirations for yourself. Your identity is vital in this connection, you are central, embrace your personal power and don’t be afraid to step into this in even the smallest way today. And find a reason to laugh with them.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct in your career Midheaven. Feelings about who you are going to be in career or with goals are frustrating or anxious today but that is perfectly ok. You need to trust the Universe to step up to meet you and begin to put your brilliant ideas into play as of now.


Your free pass is with your connection between career and goals and the part of you that is connected to the land of dreams and spirituality. This is about listening to your psychic impressions, utilizing your fantasy world towards some form of expression and trusting that there is some deeper meaning to what you are striving towards.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct in your house of higher mind, so what you have been thinking about or writing, communicating or worrying over, is now ready. If you have been focusing on media, publishing, promoting, travel, education, or legal matters, then you know what you want to do. Feelings are still immersed in the deep retreative waters so don’t self-sabotage or slumber any longer, even if that is how you feel, you ARE ready.


Your free pass is tied to friendships and a legal matter, travel plans, education issue, or media/publishing venture. There is a place you wish to expand, a place that is higher than you have dared to soar before, it requires you believe that you can attain something greater that yourself alone. Your tribe has gathered.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct in the deepest part of your chart. There it is, the last look at how you share yourself in one-on-one relationships in life, and in the deep connections of sex, intimacy, death, divorce, and any money tied to outside resources. If you don’t know your mind today, find a place of quiet retreat and meditate on it. Feelings about your friendships or aspirations are going to be somewhat challenging today as you deal with this shift.


Your free pass is tied to the spotlight or career front and your ability to connect on the deepest level. Sharing, connecting on an intimate level, and finding the outside resources to move our life forward are what is key in manifesting the truth of who you are now. Cancer notoriously retreats to their shell of protection, don’t hide your light at this juncture, the world has your back.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct in your house of partners. So what did you decide? It has been a long process of determining who you can trust and how you can empower each other, today you begin the process of putting it on a forward track. Your feelings about your goals or career are frustrating today as you make your decisions so go easy on yourself. Friends are where it’s at.


Your free pass is in partnering in a legal matter, a media venture, educational pursuit, or travel plans. You have the ability now to expand your horizons in ways you have only hoped for up until now, take their hand and the leap of faith. If you are a Leo who has experienced this energy as a separation or loss of a partnership, then take this moment to embrace what you want to attract into your future now that you understand yourself better, this year holds much hope for you.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct in your work assignments, health, pets and service to others. How is your thinking affecting these areas? What have you decided? You need to bring the thought into being before you can manifest it in the world. Your feelings about the legal, media, travel, or education matter will be challenged today as you begin your journey with this new mind set.


Your free pass is tied to outside money sources and the work you do or a health issue. Sharing what is going on in these areas is vital now as you find you are able to step into your personal power here or manifest a soul goal of yours through the opportunity to connect. In other words, put your spirit into what you are working on or in dealing with your health today, there is great potential to transform.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct in your house of creative projects, love affairs and children. What have you decided? How has your thinking shifted in these areas? There is a necessity to take the lead here and to allow what only you can express to shine forth. Your feelings about intimacy, death, divorce, or outside money sources are the only thing frustrating this new mind set of yours today.


Your free pass is tied to partnerships and love, creativity or children. This is a nice pass to have in your hands. This means that you can allow your feelings to manifest and to enjoy the moment in the sunshine of expression. You have cart blanche in matters of the heart and creative expression, so embrace what you have or dance yourself on down the road, what you set in motion today has your name written all over it, your call.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct in matters concerning home, property, family, the foundations you are building in life, your security needs, and mom. Your thinking on some of these subjects has undergone quite the shift and you should be ready to take new approaches moving forward. Your feelings about a partnership or lack thereof are going to be challenging in this today. It is your ability to connect to the deepest part of life that wins the day.


Your free pass is tied to the work you do, your health or pets and the home or foundations you are building in life. There is strength here and the ability to find your calling. The way you feel about your roots and grounding, affect the way you perform your tasks and the way your body performs. Today it clicks in for you and you can achieve a great deal by way of the smallest steps here.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct in your communications, siblings and neighborhood zone. So you have thought about the words you use, the things you write, the way you express yourself, how your early childhood connections in sibling rivalry have affected your ideas about yourself and where you want to hang out locally. It’s time to move forward with a strong new outlook here. Feelings about work or health are somewhat challenging in this today but that is because you are ready for a change.


Your free pass lies in the way you express yourself on your most creative level, through the arts, in true love, or with children. The spoken or written word is profoundly important in this so make sure to tell those you love today how much they mean to you and if you are an artist, this is a stellar day to probe your mind for nuggets of inspiration.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct in your income house and the slowdowns here will finally be a thing of the past. You have looked at what money you are making and how you are making your living as well as what you are spending your money on and are ready with a new mind set to shift this in some way. Your feelings about creativity or loved ones is challenging in this on some level so go easy as you adjust.


Your free pass is tied to home, property and income. Sweet. This is a very solid pass my friend so use it wisely. You can make great strides in building foundations in life, making or spending money on home or other properties, and connecting your value system to your family life and early childhood issues in a way that exceeds your roots.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct in your sign. Who you gonna be when you grow up? Well, something like that. It’s a big question and any changes in thinking on your image, identity in the world, physical body, or ego needs is right on target. Your feelings about where you live or who you are living with may challenge you a bit as you make the new approach with who you are.


Your free pass is all about you and your personal freedom, your ability to express what your true needs really are in life and to connect to your fresh new image or one that is about to emerge. You are a butterfly my friend at this gentle stage of evolution, ready yourself to spread your wings.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct in your hidden part of the chart. You have had time to get in touch with your spiritual or artistic side, to escape reality for a bit be it through meditation or substances, to fantasize or research what you want for yourself and now it is time to move forward with this new mindset. Feelings about your local environment or over the things that are said may be challenging today but that is ok, you are ready to find your way.


Your free pass is tied to your way of making money and your fantasy world. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well this is about valuing your inner voice, trusting the expression of your fantasy world through acting or filmmaking (as examples) or your ability to research or find hidden truths. Your connection is to spirit world and psychic impulses as well as time taken to retreat or visit hospitals or other institutions. These all tie into money made or spent. It is all positive right now.

Sunday Mercury stations Direct in your house of friendships, networking, social functions, and aspirations. Some of you may find a friend returning at this juncture or you have made up your mind about a friend or aspiration in life. The new mindset is your direction forward today, just know that feelings about income are somewhat frustrating in all of this, don’t let it slow you down.


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