Sunday, January 25, 2009


I am sharing this poem with you as my way of introducing my hopes for this Eclipse energy today:


hawthorne mary
holds my hand
speaks to me in Corazon
light of horus
eye of man
it’s hermes moon i gaze upon
that sits me in her tranquil sea
and rocks me in her perfect left
where she’s creating universes
centered in divinity
i’ve walked upon percius’ land
and cried a tear for fools and gold
there never was another day
just choices that laid bare your soul
and i, an angel witnessing
forty passing pesos stained
held mine eyes upon your cause
when i could not dare look away
your cloak of many colors sewn
is auric shades of karmic play
telling your life in the stars
as temple windows of your name
this is the end of dominance
as god the fathers face of fear
there shall be no more hatred bred
or bleeding of religions tears
if you kill for holy land
you shall not be admitted there
for truly you would soil the ground
that you murder to prepare
if you shun a human being
for praying in a different way
or claim you are the only group
that knows the right word for gods name
truly you have failed to see
that god is you
and god is me
and the keys were never far
don’t you see the true ’i am’?
following the word afield
where mary had a little lamb
and good kings laid down sword and shield
tolled upon the reapers bell
’thou shalt not...’ here any more
slaughter is a tool of hell
oh my dilated eyes
return from their sweet ecstasy
and my vision readjusts
upon god’s perfect symmetry
shining from a strangers eyes
these are signs i can embrace
there is hope upon your smile
and blessings for our human race
~ ZOE MOON copyright 2009

Monday brings the Eclipse in Aquarius and for more on that energy, read my previous report. It is important to note that this energy is in strong effect today and 5 days from today, (Saturday), as well as a month to the date, (Feb. 23). The Energy is trying to redirect your identity in some way tied to the area of flow and create a space for new beginnings here.

Monday also marks the Chinese New Year of the Ox. So we begin a year of hard working, methodical, patient, dependable, ambition. Think back to 1997 for the last time you experienced this energy. It seems to align with the lessons of Saturn in Virgo to me.
Talks about love or money are under the aspect of opportunity on Monday so open up.

Tuesday Mercury meets with Mars in conjunction, this can be positive or negative. Overall it just means the two energies are merging with one another and it marks an ending/beginning. So talks will be passionate or angry and driven by action.

Wednesday the Moon enters Pisces and connects with Pluto in a positive aspect so feelings are deep and dreamy. Artists and spiritualists find breakthroughs under this influence.

Thursday is a bag of tricks as the Moon embraces shocking Uranus for feelings that could go any which way, then opposes Saturn with, “I feel this way, don’t say no to me”, and finally moving on to wrap up the day in a dance with Mercury for heartfelt talks.

Friday is jittery as well. The Moon meets Mars and feelings will be either passionate or angry, she then moves onto embrace Venus for some love. Once she slips into Aries and squares Pluto, holy mother of god, this is amped up emotions and powerful challenges. Don’t lose hope, she makes nice with Jupiter soon after, for happy over the top feelings. Oy!


SOLAR ECLIPSE: Your image and identity is taking off in a new direction tied to aspirations and your social circle. Follow your truth. Mercury and Venus are helping you to talk or meet about goals and career with a woman privately, or about money for a fantasy or research project. All good.

Tuesday the Mercury/Mars conjunction is on your Midheaven. Your ruler is talking and it is passion or anger or action big time all about career, your goals and ambitions, reputation or fame. Set it in motion.

Wednesday the meeting of Moon and Pluto is happening in private, in work done behind the scenes, fantasy, research, or dealing with hospitals or other institutions. This is positive energy there to help you make changes and reach goals in career.

Thursday that wild Moon/Uranus energy is happening in secret, behind closed doors, from a hidden enemy, or in work you are doing in fantasy, research, or dealing with institutions. Go with the flow of any changes or surprises. Saturn is making you toe the line about a work or health issue today and it seems to interfere with all this background work you are doing, so don’t stress your body. Talks are good later about career.

Friday brings opportunity to take action on a career, goal or reputation issue, Venus is on your side behind the scenes. Oh, then out of left field, your feelings about yourself and your needs come up against the Pluto obstacle on the career front so a person in authority or change to status needs dealing with, carefully. Once you do, you are in the clear for serious good times with friends or doing something socially tonight.


SOLAR ECLIPSE: your identity or image is getting a brand new place in the sunshine due to this Eclipse as you can now be seen in some kind of authority in career or ambitions. Make your moves in the next two weeks. The dance between Mercury and Venus plays well over talks with partners about money for aspirations or social functions.

Tuesday the Mercury/Mars meeting is over legal matters, publishing or media, travel or people at a distance, or education. Light a fire under these meetings or talks.

Wednesday brings powerful connection and feelings to friendships and aspirations tied to changes you are seeing through legal channels, publishing, education or travel. A trip with a friend or one from a friend is under positive transformative stars.

Thursday once again is about your friendship, social obligation or aspiration. There is a surprise or change here you need to role will, then Saturn opposing by demanding duty to loved ones or creative projects, and finally positive talks or meetings with friends over travel, education, legal or media matters.

Friday starts off with more action regarding travel, law, education or media and positive new beginnings or endings with friends or aspirations in these areas. Then your desire to retreat may take over or a secret or hidden agenda is going to try to interfere in what feels like a power struggle or manipulation. Finally, goals can be expanded and luck comes through someone who is older or in authority.


SOLAR ECLIPSE: your identity in the world is going to shift as of today due to legal matters, media, travel or education. The next two weeks give you all the energy you need to begin this new version of you. The Mercury/Venus sextile is an opportunity for you to talk about issues over joint finances or sex, death or divorce in a constructive manner regarding your financial or love goals.

Tuesday Mercury and Mars meet to push something through forcefully via words or the written word about joint finances, loans, divorce, death, sex or intimacy. Opt for action and passion over anger here.

Wednesday your feelings about goals and career, ambitions and reputation are going to be transforming in a positive way due to the connection between Moon and Pluto as the big change continues involving the things you share.

Thursday brings a surprise feeling of independence or change around goals along with some opposition to these from Saturn’s demands regarding home, property or where you are living. The foundations you are building or your security needs may feel under attack as well, don’t let fear take over. More talks about joint finances, sex, death, or divorce round out the day, these under more favorable stars.

Friday a friend helps you take action legally, or with travel, media or education plans. This will likely be a woman and the issue about love or money. The big obstacle between Moon and Pluto are playing out as challenging self-sabotaging feelings or escapist tendencies or the desire to retreat and not deal with the deconstruction occurring with joint finances, sex, death or divorce. Once you face it, Jupiter promises potential for happiness or expansion where goals are concerned.


SOLAR ECLIPSE: your identity is being reworked on a deep level today regarding your ability to connect at the most intense level, share, and find intimacy. Your money tied to other people is due to shift as well. Some cancers will experience the change in identity due to death or divorce, others will come into outside money sources or meet someone significant to share themselves with. The Mercury/Venus connection speaks of positive opportunity to talk to a partner at a distance or involved in media, travel, education or legal matters today.

Tuesday Mercury meets Mars and talks with partners will be passionate or angry, involve action and what you want to do together. Some may meet a potential partner today.

Wednesday feelings about legal matters, travel, people at a distance, education, and media will be undergoing positive transformation through this partnership.

Thursday is all about focusing on legal matters, media or publishing, travel or people at a distance, or education. Expect a surprise or change in feelings here as well as responsibilities to your daily grind to oppose. Don’t let your worst opponent be yourself in self-limiting views. Talks with partners take on a great upward turn later in the day over these same themes.

Friday you are taking some action or sharing passionate feelings about the media, legal, travel or education issue with your partner. Venus gets in the picture to incite love or money. Some of you may meet someone new today while traveling or involved in ways of expanding your mind, all very positive. The Moon/Pluto square is intense and is playing out over your feelings about your career or reputation and the big changes to partnerships. Jupiter is promising to help you reach more outside money sources through career choices later in the day.


SOLAR ECLIPSE: your identity is about to shift in a big way due to your partnership. For some Leo’s this will mean a commitment and for some a separation. Look at the next two weeks as the time to take the steps you desire for this partnership. The Mercury/Venus dance is positive and shows ways to talk about work or health issues to reach some sort of financial understanding or to get back on track intimately with the one you love.

Tuesday Mercury and Mars meet to put some action or passion into talks about work, health or pets. Ask for what you want and be courageous. It’s a good day to take meetings about any of these things.

Wednesday feelings will be rather profound as you see how things are transforming in your health or work. Follow your hunches about money related to these themes.

Thursday expect the day to be deep and focused on either jointly held finances or outside money sources, death, divorce, or sex and intimacy. Surprise or change is possible to the way you feel about one of these things along with some sense of fear or responsibility regarding your income. Talks will be positive later on about the work you are doing or your health needs.

Friday take action on the health or work issue first thing, money or love is there to support you. If you are in doubt, reach out to the closest female in your life for advice. The deep challenge between Moon and Pluto brings up feelings about legal matters, media, education or travel and the transformations occurring with work or health. A partner has your back and can open your mind later in the evening.


SOLAR ECLIPSE: your identity or body is going to be shifted by this Eclipse due to something new in the work you do or a health issue. You have two very strong weeks to make changes to your body, tackle health, and rework your assignments to your fresh way of being in life. The meeting of your ruler, Mercury, with Venus denotes positive opportunity to talk about love, creative projects or children today.

Tuesday Mercury and Mars meet and the action begins in one of these areas with talks being passionate or angry.

Wednesday your feelings are going to be deep regarding a partnership, be it romantic or business. The transformations are powerful here through changes in love, creative expression or through children.

Thursday expect the day to be fully on a partnership. Change or surprising feelings arise, Saturn opposes from a stand point of your own needs being restricted in some way or your personal authority or ability to commit. Talks will become positively focused towards resolution regarding love, kids or creative output later in the day.

Friday you see more action, passion or anger involving lovers, children or creative projects. Feelings for a partner are under the new seed of Venus so beginnings or endings. The Moon/Pluto square is very challenging emotionally and goes deep over sharing, sex, death, or joint finances and the big changes you are seeing in love, with children or creative outlets. Jupiter is offering you positive ways to expand in health or work later on in the day.


SOLAR ECLIPSE: your identity is about to shift relating to children, true love or your creative projects. Begin now in these areas to be the change you wish to see. The moves you make over the next two weeks redefine you in these areas. The Meeting between Mercury and Venus today suggests that talks about home or your security needs will lead to opportunity through the work you do or in finding money for health issues.

Tuesday Mercury meets with Mars and the talks or meetings are about taking action, getting things moving regarding home, property, foundations you are building or security needs. Mom may be a subject in the mix as well.

Wednesday work and health are focal as you see some powerful transformations through the home or property opening up the opportunity for change. Key core issues in your life are undergoing a profound shift so that you can rise to meet this new shift in work and health.

Thursday it’s about work, pets or health again. Emotional changes or surprises are slated regarding one or more of these issues as well as some form of opposition coming from feeling restricted over the work you are doing behind the scenes or something going on in secret. Do not let Saturn’s energy push your depression buttons today, this too shall pass. The connection with Mercury once again is positive meaning talks will open up later in the day.

Friday Mars helps you tackle much at home and feelings should be on the up and up over either work or health due to this push. Venus is backing you in work and health so love or money should flow. The big bad square between Moon and Pluto is going to play out between feelings about a partner or representative and the big changes going on at the root of your chart or involving home, property, and security needs. This feels emotionally destructive as it occurs. Once past, the Moon meets Jupiter for great feelings about love, kids or the expansion of your creative projects.


SOLAR ECLIPSE: your identity is changing with new beginnings in home, property, the foundations you are building in life, your security needs, and evolving from moving past childhood issues that may have held you in place until now. Make your changes over the next two weeks. The meeting between Mercury and Venus denotes positive energy to talk or meet today over creative projects or love interests, recreational activities or children.

Tuesday Mercury meets with Mars and you are a dynamo in all things mental. Take your meetings today, tackle issues with siblings or in the neighborhood. Apply passion to communications, just watch for anger working it’s way around your words.

Wednesday brings a great depth of feeling and positive alignment to feel where you are in areas of love, creativity and with children. The changes occurring on a mental level with you, the way you are thinking about these things, is transforming. Talks should be powerful.

Thursday it will again be the creative projects, lovers or kids who are central but today there are some surprising changes or unexpected turns in emotions as well as a need to deal with some older friend or duty to a group or social function. Talks are helping you reach a comfort level better than you have felt in a while so open up.

Friday Mars gets into the action and triggers more passion or forcefulness in talks about creative projects, lovers or children. Venus is involved with new beginnings in love or money here. The challenging square today comes via your ruler, and this will involve feelings about work or health and a communication that is intense or powerful. Your spoken word or writing may come under fire at work. Jupiter is going to ease the day with luck at home and with property.


SOLAR ECLIPSE: your identity is shifting due to your way of communicating, your spoken or written word, your interaction with siblings, and your neighborhood involvement. This is a time of new beginnings in a big way. Be proactive in the next two weeks here. Mercury and Venus are dancing for you in your income and home arenas today so use the opportunity to ask for a raise, more money for the home, or to find new ways of earning money there.

Tuesday Mercury meets Mars and this is an active day around income. You can be quite dynamic today in meetings about money or possessions. New beginnings indicated.

Wednesday brings your feelings around home, property, security needs or mom. With Pluto’s connection today you can go deep and make some changes that are profound on an emotional level.

Thursday some changes or surprises around how you feel about a home or property matter are on the agenda along with some opposition occurring from limitations or responsibilities in career. Talks about money are still favored if you wish to feel more solidly grounded.

Friday Mars gets into the action, setting you on a mission for more money or pushing you to spend more money. Venus is triggering your desire for something lovely at home and making money from home or property as well as spending it here is favored today. The Moon/Pluto square is challenging as it finds an obsessive or dark hold over feelings about creativity, love or children and spending or being valued. Once past this, Jupiter is going to step in and help you to find a way to express your thoughts in a happy way.


SOLAR ECLIPSE: your identity is shifting tied to new beginnings in your earnings and spending habits, your possessions and values. You have two amazing weeks to make changes in how you are making your living and who you are in this picture. The contact between Mercury and Venus today brings the opportunity for you to talk about your needs regarding money in a positive way so open up.

Tuesday Mercury meets with Mars and you will take action on the words spoken about you, your body, image, identity or ego needs. In conveying your needs you will find you are quite passionate or even angry today, this is new beginnings, so once again, be true to yourself.

Wednesday the talks go deep and will be connected to profound transformations you are experiencing within yourself. Once again, your body, image, identity or ego needs are central. Share how you feel.

Thursday some surprises or changes are coming through communications or locally. Saturn is retricting or demanding more work or time on a legal, travel, media or educational matter. An authority figure in one of these areas may need to be treated with kid gloves today. Talks about you are still on a great upswing as the day winds down.

Friday mars is active so do something physical, go meet with someone at a local haunt or do something with a sibling. Venus is bringing love or money into the mix and it should be a good time. There is a dark square today between Moon and Pluto so dealing with feelings about home, property or security may be tough as you seek to establish your own power. Jupiter is going to bring favor to money matters later in the day so making or spending on home/at home will feel good.


SOLAR ECLIPSE: this is about you instigating a new identity for yourself, coming out as an individual, reframing your image, redefining your body, or giving yourself a big new start regarding your personal ego needs in life. Mercury and Venus are conferring about income and something going on behind the scenes so do your research today or go out and involve yourself in some fantasy work. Visits to hospitals are under positive stars as well.

Tuesday Mercury meets with Mars and action is taken on what you have decided at a hospital, in research, fantasy, retreat, or working behind the scenes. Utilize your passion in talks and watch for anger rising.

Wednesday brings the opportunity to connect deeply within yourself over issues about value, possessions and income. Look for shifts going on internally, powerful breakthroughs, secrets, research, fantasy or institutions to bring the change.

Thursday a new surprise or change is in the mix where income is concerned so you may receive money you weren’t expecting or have a bill for something you weren’t aware of. Saturn is opposing from your partners income, joint finances, divorce, death and sexual intimacy house. So a restriction here may be the cause of you having to come up with money today or a need to find a new source of income.

Friday Mars pushes you to do something secret or behind the scenes, to take action at a hospital or other institution, to tackle research or fantasy work. The mix should leave you feeling better about money you are making or spending. Moon and Pluto are squaring and this is volatile over secrets, power struggles or any self-undoing or escapist activities. Talking about it may be important today but intense. Jupiter is protecting you and talks will get more positive as the day progresses so share your feelings with those close.


SOLAR ECLIPSE: your body or identity is changing tied to a time of retreat and recuperation, dealings with hospitals or other institutions, research or fantasy work. Take action now to be the change you wish to see. Mercury and Venus connect to bring positive talks and meetings with friends, colleagues, and groups about your needs. Some of you may receive great news today!

Tuesday Mercury and Mars meet up via a friend or an aspiration. Talk and meet, take action and apply passion with this person or dream today. New beginnings are here.

Wednesday feelings will be profound regarding your own needs or body and image. There is a chance to make some major transformations through a friend or group connection with this or to make a change in how you feel about your aspirations and their relationship to your image or body.

Thursday is rather wild on an emotional level as Uranus stirs the pot within your own personal rebellion mode. You will be feeling the need to break free or express yourself in some different manner. Partners are opposing this by way of limitations or responsibilities. Talks with friends are under golden stars so open up or go meet up with them.

Friday Mars has you active with a friend, doing and making. Venus is shining lovely light onto you with love or money from this. The square between Moon and Pluto is challenging you over feelings about income and the friendship. Perhaps you are trying to keep up with a social activity that is too costly now or a friend owes you money, whatever it is, once you get past it, Jupiter is offering you a lovely time in retreat or doing something in fantasy.


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