Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Zoe Moon's YEAR AHEAD 2009


First, let’s take into account the significance of the number 11. This is a mystical number associated with power that is beyond our personal sphere. It is one of two master numbers and one that denotes spiritual manifestation and harkening to your calling in life. We are also entering this year with Jupiter sliding into Aquarius and a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius.

What does this mean for us? It is here folks, the times we have been awaiting, the big changes and social reforms are going to find us this year. Luck is going to come into each sign through the doors of Aquarius, a once in 12 year event. The Eclipse is going to give this a send off that is going to push us past outer bounds like never before. If you can imagine it, if it will revolutionize, innovate or change the status quo, bring it on. Involve the group. Unite to tear down the old paradigm and help the dam rush forward.

Saturn is Retrograding on New Year’s Eve and will remain in this form until May 16th. This means that the work and discipline, responsibility and foundations you are building are going to slow and the energy is going within as you redefine your work ethic in relationship to this arena the first part of the year. Once Saturn stations Direct you will be building foundations from what you have dared to dream now.

Venus is going to retrograde from March 6-April 17th in Aries. This is going to slow down the flow of money and love in at least one area of life. You will be revisiting themes here and deciding if you have attracted the thing you truly want for your life.

Mercury is Retrograding in the air signs this year, beginning with Aquarius, then Gemini, and finally Libra. We will be taking a close look at how our thinking affects our ability to become a part of a group, form friendships and finally form close relationships.

Mars will Retrograde the last ten days of 2009 on Dec. 20 in Leo. This is going to make passions run backwards and cause slow downs in work done on creative projects. Events planned for children should be worked out before this date.

Saturn and Uranus are going to continue their tug of war across the zodiac as they make two more of their five oppositions, destined to tear down an old structure in our world and free us up to move forward in new ways. The first occurs on Feb. 5 and the second on Sept. 15th.

Eclipses are :

Jan. 26 Solar Aquarius 6.30 degrees

Feb. 9 Lunar Leo 20.52

July 7 Lunar Capricorn 15.32

July 21 Solar Cancer 29.26

Aug. 5 Lunar Aquarius 13.35

Dec. 31 Lunar Cancer 10.20

On November 15th, Saturn is going to make the first of 3 squares to Pluto, the second two happening in January and August 2010. This is not so fun, it could well be challenging. If the negative energy out there wants to rear its ugly head this will be the time, so just be aware that you may hear of war or pestilence, oil or money shortages, we are going to be called upon to rise to our highest level and come together as one to surmount what comes.

So, let’s break this down for an overview for each sign:


Luck~ Jupiter is going to bring luck through group activity, friendships, social functions, and networking. Aspirations come true in 2009. Link with like-minded individuals and join with others to open your world in a huge new way.

Responsibility~ Saturn is requiring you focus on the work you do and become a master in whatever you do, even if what you do daily is simple, you must master it. Saturn is also asking you to shore up your health issues, change your habits, become aware and participate in your own well-being. Pets may be more work now.

Power~ Pluto is helping you transform your career. It is going to blow up anything that stands in your way to the most powerful person you can be where your goals and ambitions are concerned. You are at the beginning of this process so allow yourself to evolve.

Venus Retrograde~ March 6-April 17th in your sign. You may look someone up from the past during this time or feel like leaving a romantic situation at this time, use the energy to help determine what you need to fulfill your owns desires. Do not make changes to your appearance or body during this period. Do not spend money on your appearance or body during this period. Money may be tight or you may return to an old income.

Mars Retrograde~ Dec. 20 You may have a lover from the past return during this time or run into one when out and about. A creative project you set aside might be right to pick back up now as well. Fights with lovers and children may increase.

Saturn/Uranus Opposition~ This is occurring between maintaining work and health responsibilities and changing your world through becoming more trusting of your psychic spiritual connections and fantasy world.

Eclipses~ New friends or network Jan. 26, Emotional peak with love or creative issue Feb. 9, Emotional peak in career July 7, new home or living situation or new beginning with mom July 21, emotional peak with friend or social function Aug. 5, emotional peak with home or mom Dec. 31.


Luck~ Jupiter is flooding career and goals with luck, prosperity, expansion and open-minded, friendly situations due to help you achieve your goals in 2009. Launch your own business, promote yourself or your product, ask for a raise.

Responsibility~ Saturn is requiring you work harder for loved ones, with children, in the act of love, and in your creative projects. Not a good year to gamble or speculate. You must master the art of fun and understand how important the things you love are to your overall happiness in life and be willing to work on these areas.

Power~ Pluto is helping you transform your world through higher education, getting a degree or teaching, studying or learning new things, travel, people at a distance, foreign ideas and languages, law and all legal matters, media, promoting and publishing, politics and religion.

Venus Retrograde~ March 6-April 17th is going to take love behind closed doors, secrets may come out to haunt or be discovered, someone working against your love interests may be discovered, clandestine love affairs or fantasy love may come along. Guard your money during this time from identity theft or con scams.

Mars Retrograde~ Dec. 20 may mean a male leaves or returns home or some kind of major activity around the house or with property that is challenging. Not a time to begin something new with home or property.

Saturn/Uranus Opposition~ This is occurring between maintaining the status quo in love relationships, with children and creative projects while finding freedom to socialize and experience friendships.

Eclipses~ New career opportunity Jan. 26, Emotional peak around home or mom Feb. 9, Emotional culmination with trip, legal matter, education or media July 7, New beginning in writing, communication, neighborhood or with siblings July 21, Emotional peak career Aug. 5, Emotional peak with neighborhood, communications or with siblings Dec. 31.


Luck~ Jupiter is bringing luck through travel, people at a distance, dealing with foreign people, situations or ideas, language, education, getting a degree, teaching, studying, legal matters, media, publishing, promoting, politics and religion in 2009.

Responsibility~ Saturn is requiring you to work harder for home or property or taking care of older parents. Some restrictions or loss could be associated here this year, it is important that you are setting everything up in a solid manner.

Power~ Pluto is transforming you through loans, credit, debt consolidation, taxes, inheritance, settlements, insurance, joint finances, the money of your partner, and any other outside form of money, sex, intimacy, divorce, death, and transformation.

Venus Retrograde~ March 6-April 17th bringing a female friend back into the picture from the past or seeing a current female friend leave. This is not the time to lend or borrow money from friends or pay to join a group.

Mars Retrograde~ communications may be heated or passionate Dec. 20 to the end of the year, more anger in the neighborhood or in short trips or with siblings.

Saturn/Uranus Opposition~ Saturn is trying to hold onto the home or property or way you are living while Uranus is making your goals and ambitions more unusual and independent driving you to make a name for yourself as an individual.

Eclipses~ New beginnings with contracts, legal matters, trips, people at a distance, in teaching or study, media, promoting or publishing on Jan.26, Emotional peaks around writing, communicating, around the neighborhood or with siblings on Feb. 9, Emotional peak around money or sex on July 7, New beginnings in income on July 21, emotional peaks around contracts, legal matters, trips, people at a distance, in teaching or study, media, promoting or publishing on Aug. 5, emotional peaks with income on Dec. 31


Luck~ Jupiter is bringing luck and expansion through other people’s money, loans, credit, joint finances, settlements, inheritance, intimacy and sex. Although death may bring the inheritance or the expansion Jupiter brings could put too much on your credit cards so take care. All shared money issues, including divorce, should be settled in your favor.

Responsibility~ Saturn is requiring you work harder writing, speaking, communicating, becoming masterful in the words you use and serious in your thoughts. There is more effort locally and with siblings as well.

Power~ Pluto is transforming your world through partnerships and people who represent you.

Venus Retrograde~ whether your goals are money or love related, they are going to slow down between March 6-April 17th. Career may pay less now. This is NOT a time to have an affair with the boss or anyone in a position of authority over you. A female boss may take her leave now or one from the past return.

Mars Retrograde~ Dec. 20 anger over income or activity associated with making money suffers slow downs.

Saturn/Uranus Opposition~ work and effort locally is opposing the need to be free and travel and explore, the serious effort in writing, speaking and communicating is being opposed by the need to be free to learn new things, teach, travel, and publish.

Eclipses~ New beginnings in joint finances or outside money sources, intimacy, sex, death or transformation on Jan. 26, emotional peaks around income on Feb. 9, Emotional peak with a partner on July 7, New beginnings in image, body, with ego needs or identity on July 21, emotional peaks with outside money sources, sex, death or intimacy on Aug. 5, Emotional peak with yourself, identity, ego needs, image, or body Dec. 31.


Luck~ Jupiter is bringing luck in through partners and people who represent you this year.

Responsibility~ Saturn is making you work harder for the money you make and take what you do to make a living more seriously. Possessions may be limited this year and what you value is being called into consideration.

Power~ Pluto is transforming you through the work you take on and how your perform it, the service you provide to others, your health and how you care for your body, and your relationship with pets.

Venus Retrograde~ March 6-April 17 could bring a lover from afar or a foreign love, a trip to a past place where love was important. Watch your money if traveling, this is not the time to enter into a legal matter over money or love. Classes started now may cost more than you think and if you want your promotion to bring you money or attention, wait until this retrograde is past to launch it.

Mars Retrograde~ Dec. 20 is in your sign so you may be doing something physical that you used to do or going back to deal with something involving your body now that stems from the past.

Saturn/Uranus Opposition~ Holding onto a way of making money or working hard to maintain your possessions or income level is opposed by the freedom that comes from leaning on outside money sources or through intimacy or reproduction.

Eclipses~ New beginnings in partnerships on Jan. 26, emotional peaks involving your body or image Feb. 9, Emotional peaks around a work or health issue July 7, New beginnings with fantasy or research work or dealing with hospitals or other institutions July 21, Emotional peaks with partners Aug. 5, Emotional peaks with work done behind the scenes, fantasy or research work, or dealing with institutions Dec. 31.


Luck~ Jupiter is expanding the work you do, bringing your services to a wider audience, helping you find happiness in your work. It is also helping you find the right help for any health issues. If you start the year with health issues, it may make them bigger but you have every reason to believe you can find solutions but you must go find them. Pets bring special joy this year as well as any dealing with small animals.

Responsibility~ Saturn continues to make you more of an authority in whatever it is you relate the most closely to in life, you are streamlining your look and body, getting serious about health or physical fitness or in some way being restricted in body.

Power~ Pluto is helping you transform the way you love and have fun, this is going to transform your love life, connection with children, and your own creative output.

Venus Retrograde~ March 6-April 17 may bring some credit or tax issues back to you as the goddess of money is messing with your outside money sources. Do not file during this time if you can possibly do it earlier. A past sexual partner may return during this time or someone you are currently involved with in this manner may leave now.

Mars Retrograde~ Dec. 20 takes action going on behind the scenes, research and fantasy work and dealing with hospitals or prisons into backwards gears, slow downs or anger could come through these doors.

Saturn/Uranus Opposition~ the push/pull between putting all your effort into working on yourself, your ego needs and self mastery is being opposed by independent needs of partners and surprising changes here. It’s you or ‘us’.

Eclipses~ New beginnings in the work you do or your health, possibly a new pet on Jan. 26, Emotional peaks around research, fantasy or hospitals on Feb. 9, Emotional peaks around lovers, children or creative projects July 7, New beginnings with friends or groups July 21, Emotional peaks with work or health or pets Aug. 5, Emotional peaks with friends or involving social function Dec. 31.


Luck~ Jupiter is bringing a year of lucky expansive love affairs or broadening of the heart in the love you have, with children and creative projects, gambling and speculation. You may have luck here but could also go over the top so pace yourself.

Responsibility~ Saturn is requiring you spend time alone or in private working on your inner world, researching, working in fantasy or involved in some place of confinement such as a hospital or prison.

Power~ Pluto is transforming your home, property and relationship with mom. This is where things may blow up to allow you to build a power base on the new paradigm.

Venus Retrograde~ Partnership and people who represent you are bearing the energy here March 6-April 17 so you may have a partner from the past reappear or a current one leave, money will be tight here and this is not the time to enter into a financial agreement with a new partner or representative.

Mars Retrograde~ Dec. 20 a friend from the past may show up now or a current one may leave. Fights with friends are possible.

Saturn/Uranus Opposition~ effort and work behind the scenes, with research and fantasy or being restricted in hospitals or prisons is being opposed by the need to be independent in the work you do or with your health.

Eclipses~ New beginnings with lovers, children or creative projects on Jan. 26, Emotional peaks with friends or social functions Feb. 9, Emotional peaks with home or mom July 7, New beginnings with career or goals July 21, Emotional peaks with lovers, children or creative projects Aug. 5, Emotional peaks with career or goals Dec. 31.


Luck~ Jupiter is bringing expansion and luck to home, property and issues with mom this year. Buy, sell, redecorate, invest, take in a roommate or see one leave giving you more room. Mom will be a source of happiness or prosperity.

Responsibility~ Saturn is requiring more effort with friends, social functions, organizations, groups, networking, and with your own aspirations. This is where time and work is demanded, you may feel like you have less friends now.

Power~ Pluto is transforming you through your communications skills, writing, speaking and daily routine, short trips, neighborhood and dealings with siblings, all bring you to your peak.

Venus Retrograde~ March 6-April 17 money slows down in the arena of the work you do, this is NOT the time to get romantically involved with a co-worker or anyone you hire to work for you. A pet may need more attention now. Health may cost you more money.

Mars Retrograde~ Dec. 20 activity on the career front will slow, do not try to launch anything new now, anger may rise with bosses, a boss may leave or an old one may return.

Saturn/Uranus Opposition~ duty to groups, friends, networking and aspirations is being opposed by the need to be free to fall in love, have fun, be creative or have children.

Eclipses~ New beginnings in home, property, where you live, or with mom on Jan. 26, Emotional peaks with career on Feb. 9, Emotional peaks through communication, with writing, neighborhood or siblings July 7, New beginnings in legal matters, media, travel or education July 21, Emotional peaks with home or mom Aug. 5, Emotional peaks with trips, law, media or education Dec. 31.


Luck~ Jupiter is bringing happiness and luck into your neighborhood, in talks and communications, writing and speaking, and with siblings this year.
Responsibility~ Saturn is bringing more work and time to career and goals.

Power~ Pluto is transforming your income by making you lay out some bigger sums of money or giving you more money to deal with. Possessions will become a huge change in the way you live as well.

Venus Retrograde~ March 6-April 17 a current lover leaves or an old love returns, a child has issues involving love or money is tight around creative projects or recreational needs. DO NOT speculate with money during this time.

Mars Retrograde~ Dec. 20 activity slows down around travel, legal or educational matters or involving media. A male from the past may jet off now or come from afar to see you.

Saturn/Uranus Opposition~ Duty and effort in career or towards goals is being opposed by the need to be freer at home, with property or regarding your security needs.

Eclipses~ New beginnings with communications, neighborhood or siblings on Jan. 26, Emotional peaks with travel, education, media or law Feb. 9, Emotional peaks with income July 7, New beginnings with intimacy, sex, death, divorce, joint resources, loans, taxes, inheritance, insurance or any other form of outside money July 21, Emotional peaks in communications, with writing, short trips, neighborhood activity, or with siblings Aug. 5, Emotional peak with other peoples money, outside money sources or sexually Dec. 31.


Luck~ Jupiter is bringing luck and prosperity to your income and through your possessions this year. You may get a big raise or do something new that brings in more money. You may spend more of your income as well but there is luck in your investments.

Responsibility~ time and effort is required in all legal matters, media or educational related efforts and travel. You may feel restricted in these areas or that it takes more work than normal here.

Power~ Pluto is transforming your income and possessions. You may find yourself seeing these be blown up as the transformation begins but you are coming into true power here and need to be on the right path.

Venus Retrograde~ March 6-April 17 may have more financial pull on home or property or you may need to spend more on mom. Do not buy or sell you home during this time if you can help it, it will cost you. A home from the past may come back on the market and that would be ok, this is not the best time to marry.

Mars Retrograde~ Dec. 20 anger over debt, loans, credit cards, alimony or any other jointly held money may arise, activity will slow down. Sexual unions from the past may resurface or a current lover may depart.

Saturn/Uranus Opposition~ work and restriction around legal matters, education, travel and media is being opposed by need for more independence locally, in what you say and write, and with siblings.

Eclipses~ New beginnings in income or with possessions Jan. 26, Emotional peaks with credit, debt, all other forms of outside money sources, divorce, death, intimacy, or with sexual partners Feb. 9, Emotional peaks with your body or image July 7, New Beginnings with partners July 21, Emotional peaks with income or possessions Aug. 5, Emotional peaks with partners Dec. 31.


Luck~ Jupiter is favoring you this year, anything dear to you, your image, body, ego needs, identity are being expanded and blessed with luck. This is an important year to say, “hey world, here I am!” Don’t let it pass you by. Just watch your waist line!

Responsibility~ Saturn is requiring more work or restriction around joint finances or outside money sources, intimacy and sex.

Power~ Pluto is transforming what happens in secret, behind closed doors, work done behind the scenes, fantasy and research and dealing with institutions such as hospitals and prisons.

Venus Retrograde~ March 6-April 17 money slows down in the mail, locally, and this is not the time to loan money to a brother or sister. You may run into an old love in the local haunts now or at a siblings house.

Mars Retrograde~ Dec. 20 a partner from the past may return or a current partner may depart, anger or passion may arise between you. This is not the time to launch anything new with a partner.

Saturn/Uranus Opposition~ restriction or work involving other people’s money or outside money sources, intimacy or sex, is being opposed by the need to be free or independent where income is concerned or regarding possessions.

Eclipses~ New beginnings with your image, identity, or body on Jan. 26, Emotional peaks with partners Feb. 9, Emotional peaks with secrets, fantasy, research, work behind the scenes, or hospitals or prisons, July 7, New beginnings with work or health or pets July 21, Emotional peaks with image, body or identity Aug. 5, Emotional peaks with work or health or pets Dec. 31.


Luck~ Jupiter is bringing luck to you via fantasy and fantasy work, research, retreat and rest, dealing with hospitals or prisons, and your psychic ability.

Responsibility~ Saturn is bringing work or restriction with partners and people who represent you.

Power~ Pluto is transforming you through friendships, networking, social functions and your aspirations. Some of these will be blown apart to make way for your new connections.

Venus Retrograde~ March 6-April 17 money may slow down in income, checks get lost in the mail, or you may see income due you from the past find it’s way to you. Love may be tested over earnings or possessions.

Mars Retrograde~ Dec. 20 activity slows down with work and health and pets. An old health issue may pop back up during this time or a job you did in the past may come back around.

Saturn/Uranus Opposition~ work and restriction with partnerships is being opposed by the need for personal independence.

Eclipses~ New beginnings with fantasy work, research, secrets, time at hospitals or prisons Jan. 26, Emotional peaks with work, health or pets Feb. 9, Emotional peaks with friends, associations, social functions or aspirations July 7, New beginnings with true love, children or creative projects July 21, Emotional peaks with secrets, retreat, work behind the scenes, fantasy or research, or dealing with hospitals or prisons Aug. 5, Emotional peaks with lovers, children or creative projects Dec. 31.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Zoe's Weekly Forecast Dec. 29-Jan. 2

Well my dears, I hope you all enjoyed your holiday week and that you are looking forward to wonderful New Year’s Eve plans. I, myself, am trying to decide between flying to see my friends play a concert on the east coast, doing a road trip with a best girlfriend to see the ball drop in Times Square, or attending a house party in Ohio with a small gathering of friends. I have to admit that I am such a recluse at times that the idea of buying a wonderful bottle of champagne and snuggling in with a good movie and a warm blankie appeals to me as well.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you write down your New Year’s Resolutions this year, Jupiter is about to change signs, (this means the area of luck in your life over the next year is shifting), Saturn is going to Retrograde on the 31st (this means the responsibility and restriction is abating and going within in one particular area), and Mercury is going to Retrograde in January,(this means communications and meetings are going to retrace the past in some way and confusion and miscommunication is going to come knocking at your door in some arena of life). So you need to think about what you truly want to manifest and write it down now. Do it. Do it on the 31st before 1pm eastern time, 10 am pacific time.

Take is easy on yourself the first of the week, the universe says you deserve it. Monday brings the Moon and Jupiter together in your career house so you are going to be emotionally bound to expanding yourself along these fronts. There may be some luck on your side over the next two days so if you must push yourself, do it here.

Tuesday is about friends and gathering with like-minded people. You may have indulged in this as early as last nite with this positive energy. Enjoy your connections, it is the real deal and you are soon to see just how powerful that is going to be.

Wednesday brings some communications or information to light that is lucky and positive and fully there for you about career or new goals. Don’t wait around to see if the communications come at you, make them happen! Saturn is retrograding in your work and health sector so you can enter the New Year revisiting your work ethic and doing inner work on how the tie between work load and health is affecting you. The Moon slips into romantic, dreamy Pisces as the festivities kick off and for you this is going to make you somewhat introspective, intuitive, and feeling a bit dreamy. Just watch out for escaping through substances tonight, designate a driver!

Thursday opens 2009 with a positive push from Mars. You are going to wake feeling like doing something about career or goals and there is ample opportunity here to help you do it. A friend enters the picture in an important way today and remains over the next few weeks, think outside the box here.

Friday brings some inspired insights in the work you are doing behind the scenes or in something you discover through researching or fantasy. Saturn is going to bog you down a bit with work or health today so you may feel pushed and pulled between doing this private work and dealing in the real world.


Monday starts off with glorious feelings about something you are dreaming up involving travel, media, education or legal matters. There is good reason to believe you are on the right track today. If you don’t have a specific career ambition before you, look at other long held goals and see which ones you can boost forward with enthusiasm today.

Tuesday the Moon is gearing up career goals and any other important ambition you have set before you. There is truly nothing else in the way of focusing all this positive energy on what you want to draw to you in the New Year. Make your list today.

Wednesday brings lucky news from afar or a happy visitor or trip. If you have been waiting for information regarding a legal matter, today is the day, ditto media or educational issues. Saturn is going to kick of New Years Eve by Retrograding in your house of lovers, children and creative projects. This means that someone from the past may show up now or someone from a past lifetime with karmic ties to you. It also means that you will be doing some inner work now on commitment issues regarding the work that these things represent to your life. The moon enters Pisces and intimates that you will be spending the evening with friends, enjoy!

Thursday Mars is going to gear you into the new year taking action in your travel, education, media or legal house. Friends are involved. Mercury enters your career and ambition zone to help you get mentally focused on your goals, news should flow around these themes now.

Friday may bring a sudden invitation to a social function or something interesting by way of a friend. The only hold up seems to be responsibilities to loved ones or creative endeavors.


Monday is about big feelings regarding intimacy or finances. Jupiter is bringing some happiness here or the possibility of happiness if you take action on what you are feeling. If you have over extended yourself on credit cards or otherwise, use the day to make a plan to bring your world into alignment in the New Year.

Tuesday is about news from afar, travel plans, a visitor, or something regarding education, legal matters or media. There is really nothing to interfere with this expansive energy so put your mind to one of these higher arenas and see what you can do.

Wednesday is going to bring news about credit, debt, taxes, jointly held finances or the money of your partner. If this is not a money issue, it could be about death, transformation, divorce, sex or intimacy. Any way you look at it, it is deep and powerful but the Jupiter energy is helping protect it. Saturn is Retrograding on this New Years Eve in your home, property or mother zone. This begins a period when you will be doing inner work regarding loss or responsibility in one of these areas. The Moon enters Pisces so the energy tonight will be ambitious and either focused on career, goals or father.

Thursday Mars is going to kick off the New Year with action being taken regarding the outside money source, sexual intimacy, or death. There is positive energy here to tackle whatever goal is before you. Mercury enters your ninth house today and opens up communications regarding travel, education, legal matters and all media ventures. Meet and talk about these things now.

Friday any changes or surprises regarding career, goals, reputation, ambition, or father should put you on future oriented roads so go with the flow. The responsibility or loss associated with home or mother is the opposing force here and you will need to find balance.


Your ruling Moon is meeting up with Jupiter today and helping you to share happy or expansive feelings with a partner. This should be positive and is seeding new beginnings in the way you communicate.

Tuesday the energy is focusing on all outside money sources, those shared with partners and through institutions, as well as intimacy, sex, death, and transformation. The day is geared towards finding your independence through these deep waters and dealing with things in your own unique way.

Wednesday brings lucky or happy news from partners. Meetings are lucky as well today. Share your ideas and expound on your greatest dreams together. Saturn is Retrograding in your local environment, in your way of thinking and all communications as well as with your interactions with siblings. This means that responsibilities and loss associated with these themes becomes inner work now as you assess what works for you here. The Moon enters Pisces tonight and indicates that you will be spending New Years Eve with people who are expansive, educated, discussing politics or religion, possibly traveling or including a visitor.

Thursday Mars is going to help you kick off the New Year doing something with or about a partner, there is positive energy here involving your feelings about media, travel, education or legal matters. Mercury enters your arena of outside money sources, death and sex. This is what the talks and meetings are going to be about.

Friday travel, education, legal or media issues, are where you are going to want to be free and spontaneous. The only thing holding you back is duty to your local environment, or serious communications, meetings, or duty to siblings.


Work or health should bring you joy on Monday as the Moon and Jupiter are conspiring to broaden your world here with a touch of luck. Spending time with pets or adopting one is favored as well.

Tuesday the energy is decisively about partnership. This is the area to be spontaneous, open, experimental and excited. You should be able to honor your individuality within the partnership and feel alive with this person today. Surprise them with something out of the ordinary.

Wednesday news comes in about health, work or pets and it is very positive. Jupiter is meeting with Mercury to bring positive, happy meetings and talks about any of these themes. Saturn is Retrograding in your income zone to kick off the New Years Eve festivities. This means that you are going to be doing some inner work now about what you give to make a living and what you value. The Moon’s entry into Pisces could mean a sexy New Year’s Eve for you in the arms of passion or spending money on the cards to enjoy the high life!

Thursday welcomes the year 2009 with Mars helping you do something about any health issue or taking charge of a work situation. The energy is positive and beneficial so act now. Mercury enters your partnership zone and heats up conversations about what the state of your partnership is and if you want to partner with someone if you are single.

Friday brings a change or surprise that seems very exciting around sex or money, go with the flow. The only thing holding you back today is responsibility to earn a living or lack of money to spend on something you would like to spend it on.


Monday brings feelings that are big and expansive and all embracing regarding a creative project, a lover or a child. This is happy energy so don’t second guess it, it is ok to feel this positive.

Tuesday the energy is focused on work assignments, health or pets. There is a strong need to be independent, spontaneous, to think and work outside the box, and look for original answers in what you are doing. If a stray finds it’s way to your door today, it is there to lead you into new adventures, take it in and feed it well.

Wednesday the news is big and positive and expansive and it revolves around a creative project, a lover, or a child. If you do not receive the communication, by all means instigate it yourself, the universe wants to support you here. Saturn Retrogrades in your sign and this should be a huge sigh of relief as the weight of all that work and duty is going within instead of without for a while. Look at how you are holding up physically and what work can be done to align your goals with your body and any spiritual work you can do to enhance your place in the world. It looks like New Years Eve is spent with a partner or dreaming of one.

Thursday Mars is kicking off the New Year with love, passion, or creativity, much enhancing your feelings about partnership or representation. Mercury enters your work, health and pets zone and this is what talks and meetings will be focusing on the rest of this month.

Friday brings a surprise or change regarding partnership. This can be a romantic or business partner or even someone who represents you such as an agent, manager or attorney. The only thing holding you back seems to be your own need for independence and inner work. Find balance or favor yourself.


Home is where the heart is on Monday. Moon and Jupiter are fusing luck and happiness with heartfelt emotions and it is revolving around home, property and mom so use that energy in the most beneficial way you can imagine.

Tuesday the energy is around lovers, children and creative projects. This should be inspirational and exciting. Remain open to spontaneous moments and new ways of doing things but follow your own inner guidance and original ideas towards enjoyment.

Wednesday the news or meeting is going to be about home, property, security needs, foundations or mom. This is very positive and expansive so set up any meet and greets you need to do if you are selling or buying or meeting with contractors today. Saturn is going to kick New Years Eve off by Retrograding in your private part of the birth chart. This means secrets, retreat and rest, fantasy and research, as well as dealing with institutions such as hospitals or prisons will feel the responsibility of Saturn going within. It should help you to do inner work about what needs effort here for the future. The Moon enters your sixth house and intimates that New Years may be spent working or dealing with a health or pet issue. At the least you will likely be talking about one of these things most of the night.

Thursday Mars kicks off the New Year with positive action on the home front that should bode well for feelings about the work you have done. Mercury enters your lovers, children and creativity zone and this is going to be what talks and meetings are going to be about for the rest of the month.

Friday brings a surprise or change regarding work, pets or health. This is where independent action is required, the only thing holding you back is the desire to retreat, hide away or in some way self-sabotage the effort.


Call everyone you know, meet up with people for lunch, send out notes and invites, whatever form your communication takes on Monday, Jupiter is there to bless it and make it happy and expansive. Interactions with siblings and doing things locally are likewise blessed.

Tuesday the energy is focused on home life, the house, property, security needs or issues with mom. The energy is all about taking an individual approach and following your own drummer here. Changes favor you.

Wednesday once again is opening on fabulous energy in your communications zone. Talks, meetings, short trips, local activity and interaction with siblings, speaking engagements and anything you write, all of it is golden today. Mercury and Jupiter are coming together to bless this with luck and prosperity. Saturn is Retrograding to kick off the New Year’s Eve in your friendship zone. This should lighten the burden you have been dealing with involving social obligations and associates. An old friend may bump into you tonight. The Moon enters your true love, children and creative zone tonight, intimating you may find the spark of love in the air or ring in 2009 in some creative endeavor.

Thursday Mars kicks off the New Year with passionate talks or meetings about love, kids, recreation, speculation, or creative projects. There is opportunity here that is positive so open up. Mercury enters your home and property zone and this begins a month of talks and meetings about where you live and any security issues you have.

Friday brings a surprise or change around something recreational or fun, involving kids, lovers or creativity. This seems exciting and the only opposing factor is your responsibility to groups or friends.


Focus on the money you make or spend on Monday. Feelings are buoyant and Jupiter is egging you on to either make more or spend on something that would make you happy in an over-the-top kind of way. Don’t worry, it is your ruler afterall, you will be just fine.

Tuesday is a very communicative day. Phones ringing, emails piling up, short trips and meetings, it could be a bit of a madhouse but that suits you just fine. Rebel and say the first thing on your mind!

Wednesday is lucky once again and once again it is about news or meetings regarding your income. So you are seeing more money coming in the form of a bonus or raise or new income or you are deciding to spend on something you really want. Saturn is Retrograding in your career Midheaven this night of New Year’s Eve. This means that all the work and burden of career and goals is going to lighten up from this point and from here forward you will be doing some inner work to realign yourself with your true goals up ahead. The Moon enters Pisces and intimates that you will be spending New Year’s Eve at home or doing something towards satisfying your security needs.

Thursday Mars kicks off the New Year by making or spending money, yes, again! It is an opportunity towards getting you home or satisfying security needs. Mercury enters the arena of communications so you can spend the next month meeting and talking about writing, speaking, doing something locally or involving siblings.

Friday brings a surprise or change regarding home or security needs. The only thing opposing this seems to be your responsibility to career and goals and the inner work you must commit to this at this point.


The Moon/Jupiter embrace on Monday is happening in your sign and so you should be feeling very happy and expansive today. Just be careful not to let it go to your waistline!

Tuesday is about income. This is about finding your own unique, original ideas and letting them attract money into your life or about spending your income on something innovative or special.

Wednesday brings more luck and prosperity your way as news or meetings take on bigger than life feelings. Do not hide yourself away today, this is wonderfully beneficial to you. Saturn is retrograding in your travel, education, media and legal zone. This means that the responsibility you have been shouldering in these areas are going to lighten up and internalize as you look for ways to make them work for you in the future. The Moon enters your third house and intimates that you will be spending New Year’s Eve locally with friends or with siblings.

Thursday Mars is going to push you out the door first thing in an effort to work on your body or image, so get going and set the New Year off on the right foot, this is positive energy. Mercury enters your income arena and this means that talks and meetings will be about earnings for the rest of the month.

Friday brings a surprising communication or meeting your way, don’t be caught too off guard. There is opposing energy here that involves responsibility to travel, someone far away, education, legal issues or something media related. Balance is key.

Take Monday to rest, retreat, day dream about anything you can fantasize about. You can spend time working on something in private or researching if you desire or if you need to visit a hospital this is positive energy to support you. Any of these areas bring luck.

Tuesday the energy is all about you. This is electric. Use it to work on your image, take care of your body, do something independent involving your identity or exciting about yourself. Allow your ego to emerge in a rebellious way, trust me, it is good for you just about now.

Wednesday brings amazing news or meetings that are secret, or about something secret. This could be news you discover through research or working in a fantasy related field. Even dealing with an institution is positive today. Call or send out word. Saturn Retrogrades in the area of sex and money this New Year’s Eve. This means that the responsibility or duty you have felt here is going to lift a bit and you are going to be dealing with an inner work ethic around these things as you figure out what you really are willing to put up with or not. The Moon enters your income zone intimating that you will be spending money to enjoy the evening or possibly making money tonight!

Thursday Mars is kicking off the New Year with more fantasy action. Whatever goes on behind the scenes is passionate and positive. Mercury enters your sign and you can expect that over the next month there will be more than the normal amount of talks and meetings about you and your needs. Use this opportunity wisely.

Friday Uranus is bringing a surprise or change around income so you may be spending on something unique or making money in a rebellious way. Saturn is the only thing holding you back as he reminds you of any perceived lack coming from a joint resource.


Fill your day with friendship and social occasions if at all possible on Monday. Jupiter is blessing these connections with luck and happiness. You have every right to feel your aspirations are on track at this time as well, just trust your highest insights.

Tuesday the energy is about rest, retreat, fantasy, research, or dealing with institutions. The energy is also about being independent, thinking outside the box, following your own inner voice and daring to be original. Don’t let fear hold you back.

Wednesday the combination of Mercury and Jupiter is guaranteeing you at least one hugely positive talk or meeting with a friend or associate. This should be great news and luck when getting together with someone on a similar wavelength. Saturn is Retrograding in your partnership zone as the New Year’s Eve begins to kick in. This begins less responsibility and loss connected with a significant other or business partner. Now the trick is to do the inner work so you can find your way to a better definition of working partnerships up ahead. The Moon slips into your sign and indicates that the evening’s festivities are going to be about you, no matter where you end up! Sweet.

Thursday Mars jumps out of the New Year’s gate as a friend. This means that you will be doing something with a friend or attending another social function today. The energy is positive and brings opportunity. Mercury enters your hidden part of the chart. This means that talks and meetings over the next month will be secretive, about work done behind the scenes, fantasy work, research, and dealings with institutions such as hospitals and prisons.

Friday expect a surprise or change and you are the one going to be doing it! You are going to have the need for independence or outrageousness involving your own body or image. You may physically just set off in a new direction or do something interesting to your look. The only thing holding you back seems to be responsibility or feeling restricted by a partner. Good luck with the balancing act!


Friday, December 26, 2008

Zoe's Weekend Forecast Dec. 27-28

In the field beyond the Pleiades there’s a light that grows like wild flowers blue, it bends to gentle breezes and thoughts just made by man. If you leave your breath behind you, entreat the conscious veil to let you slip past dreamscape, there your mind will three times free the unwinding of immortal trails that summon you to gather what your soul is ready to create. Refuse to believe it otherwise. You are amazing beings. ~Zoe Moon

I write this poem to you my friends because this weekend changes many things. It is powerful. Mars is active, the New Moon is starting new themes, both are in the same sign and just after these energies push in, Mars meets Pluto and nothing is going to be the same. Some of you will experience this on it’s highest level and therefore do things or see things happening that completely transform your world. Some will experience this in painful ways as Pluto destroys something with Mars’ help, to make way for your steps ahead.

If at any time, you find yourself obsessively or manipulatively acting out…STOP. Do not go there, it will find it’s way back to you and not that far up ahead, the energy is like a boomerang, you are spiritual seekers, you can step away from your bodies and their chemical desires long enough to see your soul in the grand scheme of why you are here and what you wish to achieve. It is a weekend. It is going to change some things. The New Moon may give you over the next two weeks to see it occur but occur it will. Pluto can mean fear, do not act on fear, act from your truth and you will be alright. Lead the world in the direction we all long to go.


Your ruling lord today enters the sign of ambition and reputation to push you towards making your goals a reality. This is more impassioned or aggressive than anything you have known in some time, Mars is helping you to crystallize your goals. The goddess Moon is new in this sign on the tail of this flame. This means, dear Aries, that it is now that you begin in earnest to set your life up for the next year in the career of your future. Take action today and over the next two weeks to begin what you dream. If action is taken upon you then know it is to move things out of your way so you can strive to be your best self. You won’t be able to sit the fence this weekend, anger may try to overcome you, focus on your highest vibrations. Venus and Neptune share an embrace, blessing your friendships and aspirations with the highest form of love and inspiration.

Sunday brings opportunity to talk about innovative ideas and the kind of work you see fit moving forward but the main event today is the meeting of Mars and Pluto. Once again, it is your ruler who is instigating the action. Pluto can be about huge change and transformation or deep manipulations, death and destruction. Mars will push for some action associated with Pluto’s themes. You are seeing this embrace in the career and ambition zone as well as in your dealings with people in a position of authority. Strive to transform and assume personal power rather than find yourself in a dangerous eruption with someone with the power over you. Some Aries will see themselves up against an authority figure or a corporation that is taking action to end or change something, remember the bigger picture. Protect yourself today as your ruler is being taken over to some extent if you don’t pace yourself. I am transforming, my goals in life are transforming.


Mars is entering the place that rules travel, education, publishing, media, politics, religion, ceremony, and law on Saturday. He will want you to take action. The New Moon today is in this sign as well. She will want you to take action. You have two weeks to make something happen, book a flight, engage someone far away, marry, sign up for a class, file your papers in court, launch your website or send in your manuscript . Venus and Neptune come together to bring the highest form of blessing to whatever you set forth on today, dream it and do it now.

Sunday brings interesting friends and serious creative work together as you focus on the topics brought forward on Saturday. The big news today comes with the meeting of Mars and Pluto. This can be dangerous energy as there is intense power and action melding here but in it’s highest form this can be about using the action dynamic of Mars to powerfully transform your world through Pluto’s soul energy. Whatever you are embarking upon is going to change your life. Law or legal action, education, travel, publishing, any of the areas brought forth on Saturday, your actions, passions or aggressions are going to lead to total transformation, take the high road.


My dear Gemini, this is going to be a weekend you don’t soon forget. Mars is entering your arena of shared resources and intimacy. This is the house of loans, credit, debt, divorce, death, sex, and anything else that belongs to the ‘other’ that is shared. This is the place of deep intimacy and connection. Saturday begins with Mars pushing you to take action or express passion or anger here. The New Moon is opening this arena asking you to take action as well. She gives you two strong weeks to instigate something in these realms towards new beginnings that will color the year ahead.

Sunday asks you to take home seriously and strive to answer for yourself what home is and where, as your goals and reputation are changing before your eyes. The true thrust of the day however comes from Mars again. This time he means business in no uncertain terms. He is meeting with Pluto on the same degree and this can be the defining moment when action changes things forever. Pluto will seek to destroy to transform and Mars will light the fuse. So know that the action, passion or anger brought forward today will not be reversible and will play out sexually or through shared money, death, divorce or any other joint finances. DO NOT stray into dangerous places or push the buttons of someone who could take this energy to it’s lowest form, seek to do what is needed to change your life for the better by claiming your personal power.


As a conduit for the goddess energy of family and nurture, country and home, you are a sign that falls naturally into partnership, it suits your need to take care of others to have someone close. On Saturday, Mars enters your partnership arena and is going to begin to make things happen. The New Moon is also in this sign for you and she will make things happen as well. You have two strong weeks to connect and combine with others. This means romantic and business partners as well as those who represent you. Mars here is about action and passion but is also about anger and aggression as well, see which way your partner manifests this energy. Venus and Neptune are embracing, bringing a magical glow or fog to shared money resources or sexual intimacy.

Sunday brings serious talks and interesting insights from afar. The big thrust of the day however, comes from Mars finding his way to the same degree occupied by Pluto. This is the god of war and passion merging with the lord of the underworld, death and transformation. It is happening in your partnership sign. So, expect a partner to take action to transform your world today or that some transformational or destructive thing occurring to them to affect the partnership. You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt what you are dealing with now as this energy can take it’s highest form through the partner by doing something to make huge changes or in it’s lowest form, attack or manipulate from dark corners. All you have to do is watch to see who and what this person is and then use the New Moon’s energy over the next two weeks to go for it or let it go.


Saturday begins a strong push forward in areas of work or health for you, dear Leo. Mars is forging his way through these doors bringing action, aggression or passion into the work you are tackling or any health issue you may have before you. At the same time, the New Moon is occurring in these same arenas, giving you two strong weeks to begin something new here. Any issues with pets can be taken on now as well. If you want a new pet or are looking for work, get out there. If you are under the weather, you should be able to find a doctor or clinic whose opinion you trust now who can help you. Venus and Neptune are embracing to bring a wonderous magic to the highest side of your partnership.

Sunday is a day to remain open to new ideas and serious feelings, if it hits you as unusual, talk it through, you may be surprised at what you discover. Mars is again active today and this time it is really big as he meets up with Pluto. This is action and passion or aggression coming together with death and destruction or major change and transformation. Since this is occurring in your health house as well as your work and pet arena, make sure that you are extra careful with yourself today, if you feel down at all seek assistance right away as this could escalate. You can take action to transform the health issue if you are on top of it now. Ditto whatever work you are going after or if a pet seems low today. Last word of caution, stay away from animals that might bite.


This is a big weekend for you dear Virgo. Absolutely all of the action and I do mean action, is going to be playing out through your fifth house. The fifth house rules true love, love affairs, children, speculation, gambling, and creative projects. Pick one and prepare to see some things take off. Mars is entering this arena and the New Moon is in this house as well today. You have two strong weeks beginning now to make something happen, passion or anger, action or aggression, do it or end it. Venus and Neptune are embracing in your work and health arena to bring a kind of magical glow to the work or helping you find some spiritual inroads to better health.

Sunday is going to shake you to the core, that is if you aren’t already. Mars is going to embrace Pluto in your fifth house. So, action or passion or anger that destroys or transforms is on the agenda. It comes through lovers, children or creative projects, take extra care with children, if you don’t want to conceive a child right now, skip the fireworks today or use double the protection, otherwise, make sure your kids are in safe environments. In creative projects you can move mountains, just take care that you don’t ride over all else with a steamroller as you may need human contact in the future. If love is transformed today, good for you, if love is destroyed today, this was it’s time to fall away, you have the best year of your life ahead in the realms of love.


Home, property, security needs or mom. The weekend is going to revolve around one of these things and it is going to be VERY active. Mars is moving into these arenas to make things happen, to kick up passions or anger. At the same time, the New Moon is happening here today and opening up two strong weeks to begin new things in any of these areas. So you can see you are going to be pushing forward now. Venus and Neptune embrace in your house of true love and creative projects so there is a magical glow and higher vibration circulating around these as well as around children in your life.

Sunday talks are serious and bring insights or surprises that can be good for you if you remain open. The big news is Mars continues on amping up the level around home, property, security needs or mom as he meets up with Pluto in a loud and powerful embrace. This is about action, passion or aggression meeting death or destruction or transformation involving your foundations in life. Think new beginnings, what you do today will not be undoable but the time is now.


The weekend is gearing up to be huge for you and it is going to be playing out in one of a few areas, either your neighborhood, with siblings, or in communications such as through lots of meetings, calls, emails or what you write or speak. Short trips rate in the agendas as well. Mars is moving in here so there is going to be more action, passion and possible anger around what is communicated, local or involving sibs. The New Moon is here as well today so you are getting two strong weeks to open up something new in these arenas, so send out manuscripts, speak your mind, reach out to brothers or sisters, change neighborhoods. Venus and Neptune embrace bringing a certain magic to home today, this is where the inspiration, love or money is found.

Sunday brings some unusual ideas and serious feelings into the mix but the really big energy is when Mars meets up with Pluto in your communications, siblings and local neighborhood arena. This is action, passion, aggression, anger, meeting death and destruction and transformation. The energy is powerful and is going to make something happen that leaves things different than they were before. You can take the highest form of this and passionately transform or you can be pulled into the lower forms of anger and manipulation and destructive behavior, think about that before you utter a word over this weekend, each sound from you is carrying more than you realize and you will not be able to undo what you set upon.


Income and what you spend, values and what you possess, these are the areas getting a huge hit of energy over this weekend. Mars moves into the zone today along with the New Moon occurring here. This gives you two strong weeks to go after new income, to spend on something significant, to begin something that aligns with your higher values. Mars is bringing action and anger and passion and aggression so you can go after is in whatever way you choose. Venus and Neptune are embracing in your communications zone so the magic is in what you write or speak, love and art rule.

Sunday brings nice surprises to home or with family, talks are fresh and feelings are soundly secure. The big energy today is when Mars meets up on the same degree as Pluto in your income house. Mars makes something happen, Pluto destroys or transforms on a deep level. So you can see either a huge new income coming in or spending on something very important, some may feel the loss of an income or possession today, guard your wallets. Whatever is occurring seems to be in line with pushing you towards your new souls growth, there is just likely to be no fence sitting today.


Well my dear Capricorn, go easy on yourself and others this weekend, the energy is pouring into your sign and it is not the easiest energy to handle. You are going to feel the pulse of Mars as he crashes the gates and amps up physical energy within you. He is moving into your sign and will want action or passion or anger to come through your body, image, identity or ego needs. You may decide to do something about your image today and get physical about it or you may get angry if your ego feels slighted. The New Moon is happening here today as well so this blesses you with two strong weeks to begin something new, change your body, your hair, your name, your behavior. Venus and Neptune embrace to bring something inspirational and promising to your income sector, think arts or females.

Sunday will give you ample opportunity to express yourself in your unique way and you should feel serious about what you are conveying. The big news however is the meeting of Mars and Pluto in your sign. Once again your body, image, ego or identity is being charged by Mars action oriented energy, do something! This time however, Pluto is going to raze something to the ground to rebuild, it is the phoenix from the ashes time, you can’t go back, you need to destroy to transform, let go of the old identity, move forward. For any of you with health issues, if you get the slightest inkling today get yourself to the doctor and don’t put yourself in situations where you could be in danger. Transformation is the word you want.


The weekend is gearing up to be big for everyone and for our dear Aquarius it is most interesting. Things are going to happen this weekend, Mars is going to make sure of it, the New Moon is going to make sure of it, both very bold today. What is interesting is where this is playing out for you, it is happening in the secret part of your life, behind closed doors, work behind the scenes, research, snooping around, dreams, fantasy, film, acting, psychic abilities, and escapism, self-undoing and any dealings with confinement such as prisons or hospitals. You have two strong weeks from today to do something, begin something here. Venus and Neptune are embracing in your sign which is favoring you with an almost magical glow, others are bound to notice you now, you seem almost angelic.

Sunday the really big guns come out as Mars meets up with Pluto behind the scenes in your life. This is about action or passion or anger or aggression meeting death or destruction or change or transformation. It is powerful and is going to make something move. What is moving is happening under the surface, with a fantasy or film, with research or secrets, with hospitals or other institutions, from a hidden enemy or self sabotaging tendency. You can make a huge change in your life over this weekend if you use the higher form of this energy and meditate, get deep within yourself and ask for the answers to find you.


Mars is entering your social realm on Saturday and is going to bring a lot more action, passion or anger into friendships, parties, networking and aspirations. The New Moon is occurring in the same realm and this opens up two strong weeks ahead to begin new things with friends, meet new friends, involve yourself in networks and open up your aspirations to the world. Venus and Neptune are embracing so you have the blessing of the goddess of love and money and the lord of artistic, spiritual and romantic energy to do something behind the scenes, in fantasy or through research to enhance what you are opening your new world up to.

Sunday brings some surprises to you that should be sweet, remain open to spontaneous moments as they are likely to support you. The big event of the day is when Mars meets up with Pluto in your friendship, associations, social functions and aspirations zone. This is about action that transforms or destroys. It can be a blowout with a friend or something you passionately engage in with them that completely transforms you, there is a load of power here and it wants to happen so take that into count as you move forward. Any new friend you meet today is going to have a major impact on your life, good or bad, you won’t be the same person at the end of the journey.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Zoe's weekly forecast Dec. 22-26

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all of my dear friends here! I sincerely hope you enjoy the week ahead and find yourself surrounded by love and hope at this special time of year.

In the spirit of this week, I am posting daily forecasts that include us all together. Hugs to you all, love Zoe

Monday is important. The Sun and Pluto are joining to kick off our week with a merging of identity and soul power. How are you identifying yourself today? Where is your heart? You better listen because it won’t get any more clear than this. As you are facing the beginning moments in this new Pluto dynamic, you are being asked to allow yourself to step into WHO YOU REALLY ARE. What is hitting you today, where it counts? Think about it, there are powerful directives to your way forward encoded in the hologram today.

Tuesday brings three interesting combinations. First, there is opportunity…. opportunity to talk seriously about something significant, to claim a stake in commitment or effort or personal authority. You need to say it out loud to reap the benefits so don’t be shy. Second, there is an obstacle to overcome. The obstacle is pulling heart strings a bit and you are going to need to ask yourself if this is about love and romance or about the arts and money. DO NOT promise more than you are going to be willing to deliver. Thirdly, there is a path not taken. Choose something new, remain open to whatever surprises or asks of you that you bring originality or inventiveness to the table, you will be glad you did.

Wednesday is a beautiful day. The Moon moves into generous, belief oriented Sagittarius and then aspects Sage’s ruler, Jupiter in a most opportune manner. This means that you can expect joy and luck, over the top shows of extravagance and open embraces between people, yourself included. Mercury is bending Uranus’s ear as well so tossed into this energy will be a few messages you never expected to hear or something coming out of your mouth you never thought you would say, it is all good, exciting, new, and filled with hopeful energy today.

Thursday is a bit more mellow as we bask in the wide open energy of the holidays. There may be a moment when you feel the emotional tug when dealing with the Uranian energy that was tossed your way. Remember, new, surprising, inventive, change oriented energy is here to help push you to use your wings, you really can fly you know, so allow the tug but don’t let the feelings keep you from trying.

Friday is very active with all kinds of planetary interaction invested. Store sales or travel would account for some of this crazy zoom. Venus and Neptune are favoring beautiful things and lovely expressions of love, you can confidently share your feelings (as long as your intentions are serious or you want real results from the exchange), and shop til you drop as you use your gift certificates, you will likely find some gems today as you do your part to boost our sluggish economy. Just pace your day as the inconjunct between Venus and Saturn around 7:30 speaks of adjustments regarding what you spent or who you loved and what it is costing you in real time. No worries, you can adjust, I just know you can!


Friday, December 19, 2008


Divide the day into halves. On one hand you are going to have to talk about goals with a partner and this is going to require opening up and working through any obstacles you or they see. This half is about meeting the challenge. On the other hand Venus is smiling on the friendship within this partnership and offering you the opportunity to really connect through the process.

Sunday the Sun enters Capricorn and this is a great time of the year for you as the spotlight shines on your career, goals, ambitions, reputation, fame and ability to step into personal authority. Your feelings should be great about a partner and the trip, publishing or media related venture, legal or educational matter, offering you opportunity between you. Expect that shared resources or intimacy is going to go well for you tonight and lead to more positive transformation in career or with goals.


Work or health take center stage on Saturday. You have two different energies working for you in this, first you are going to need to talk about the legal, media, travel, or educational issue tied to it and this may challenge you as you work through it. Second, there is wonderful support from Venus here to attract love or money where your career or goals are concerned if you do the work.

Sunday the Sun enters Capricorn and lights up the area of expanding your world. So look to areas like travel, education, law or media to shine in over the next month. Mars is helping you deal with the money or debt issue in a positive way through the work you are doing. A partner plays a supportive role later in the day, a good time to think outside the box together.


Saturday is about lovers, kids or creativity. This is usually a good thing and it will be today but first you are going to have to talk about a money or sex issue. Once this is handled Venus is favoring your creative or love interests with positive energy in the realm of media, travel, learning or legal realms.

Sunday the Sun enters Capricorn and this is going to give you a month ahead where you will shine in all areas associated with large sums of money from debt to credit to settlements to joint finances. This also sets the spotlight on intimacy and sexual connections. Mars is making things happen with a partner and it looks like it is slated to open up feelings of love for you. Work leads to money in a good way even if it is Sunday!


Saturday is about home. Where you live and what is going on there, as well as property and security needs. You are going to need to focus on talking through what this is about for you with a partner and meet the challenges together. Venus is offering support in attracting outside money sources or bringing an intimate connection if you do.

Sunday the Sun enters the sign of partnership for you and finally it is time to shine in this arena, decide who it is going to be with, sign your contracts and gear up. You have this energy with you for the next month. Mars is bringing you the energy to tackle work at home or regarding home. The connection between Moon and Pluto offers the deep opportunity for romance with a partner or creative expression with a business partner.


Saturday looks to be a very talkative day so sleep in so you can handle the inbound onslaught. The two standouts are a talk about work, pets or health where you will be challenged to find solutions, and a talk about love or money with a partner that looks set to please.

Sunday the Sun enters your work, health and pets zone and this will give you the month ahead to shine in these areas, put yourself out there in what you do and look into starting health regimes now. Do something local with a loved one today for positive results. Home is undergoing a deep transformation and you should see some evidence of it tonight.


Making or spending money is the focus on Saturday. The challenge here is going to be in talks with a lover, child or over a creative project as you do your best to field what is said or ask for what you need monetarily. The up side is going to be Venus as she attracts the money through the work you are doing, making the flow supportive.

Sunday the Sun enters your true love, children, recreation, speculation, and creative zone. You are in the spotlight here so expect to attract attention and enjoy the month ahead. Mars is helping you take action at home or with property today and it seems positive. Talks about love or creativity are deep and transformational if you open up.


The focus is on you and your needs today. You may want to do something physical or to your image. The challenge will be about the talks regarding home or property. The positive is that Venus is opening the doors to love, children and creativity so wide that you will feel the swoosh of her kiss as she blows it to you, enjoy.

Sunday the Sun enters the home zone and you have a full month ahead to shine here, with property matters and dealing with mom. It seems one passionate talk is slated for today, or at the least a positive invitation to do something fun. Money and home are aligned later in the day so making money from home or spending it on property is favored.


Saturday is a day to retreat into your private world, daydream, fantasize or work behind the scenes. It looks like you need to talk to someone about something you have been brooding over, either that or you need to have a talk with a brother or sister about something important. Once you have taken care of this the energy is lovely in the home as Venus attracts positive love and money vibes here.

Sunday the Sun enters your communications zone and you can expect to hear from more people over the next month. You may also be taking on a more significant role with brothers or sisters or doing something in the neighborhood. If you are a writer, this is a time when attention falls on you. Go after money today with something you have been working on in private. The Moon enters your sign later in the day and enhances the deep connections you share with others.


It looks like Saturday is heating up to be a very social day for you. Spend time with friends or attend a party. Mercury suggests that talking about money is part of the mix so you should get that over with right off the bat. Venus is saying that talks could turn to love or money in a positive way with friends or through networking tonight.

Sunday the Sun enters your earnings zone and you get a whole month ahead where you shine in this arena. This is a great time to put your image out there or make your reputation and what you do for a living work together. You and a friend do something together today that is positive for you. The later part of the day looks like resting and retreating and some profound insights into what you value. Work done behind the scenes or through fantasy may attract income now.


Saturday is all about career and goals. Mercury is talking about your image or body or ego needs regarding the career or goals. This looks like challenging communications but necessary so get it out of the way so you can focus on Venus. She is bringing the money your way today, don’t just sit there, go get it.

Sunday the Sun enters your sign and opens up the whole month ahead where the focus is on you and your needs, your body and image. Do what you can to put yourself out there now. Mars is asking you put some energy into work behind the scenes for some positive results with goals today. Friendships take over the rest of the day, share time or attend a gathering together.


Put your attention on the things that widen your view of life on Saturday. Think, travel, education, legal matters, and media. Mercury is bound to bring something hidden to your attention today that will play into one of these themes. You will either hear about it or find it by digging around a bit. Either way you need to take notice and attend to it. Venus is bringing you amazing luck with love or money for yourself if you remain open to legal, travel, education or media today.

Sunday the Sun enters your private zone and will travel there over the next month. This is about retreat and rest, going within, shining in areas of research and fantasy, and dealing with any physical ailments in a hospital. Mars is offering you some activity with a friend today, possibly a visit or trip together? It looks fun. Focus on goals alone later in the day, you have the power to find the answers forward if you become still.


Saturday is a deep day for you as you deal with sex, intimacy, death, transformation, or any form of big money that comes to you outside of earnings. You need to have a talk with a friend and it is challenging you a bit as it touches on one of these issues. Venus is going to back your day with wonderful energy flooding the place of retreat and rest, research and fantasy, hospitals and prisons, as she attracts love or money to these areas to aid you forward.

Sunday the sun enters your house of friends and associates, aspirations and social functions. This will open the door for you to shine here over the next month. Mars is going after something on the career front for you today and this is going to make you feel better about the debt or other money issue. The later part of the day is focused on travel, education, legal or media related issues with a friend and this looks very positive, filled with opportunity.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Zoe's weekly forecast Dec. 15-19

It’s one of those weeks where you will be up and down as the energy takes you on a lovely little ride. You get to decide what you are willing to work with and what you will do to get what you want. The Universe is setting it up so these challenges come to you and help you define what it is really about. Remember, you are at the beginning of a long phase, it is ok to not have every duck in a row, it is ok to feel apprehensive about the big changes, but do your best to trust the process and to move forward into the new with confidence and excitement.
Monday challenges even the most dynamic Aries as your ruler takes on Saturn. This seems to show you busy, doing your best to take action involving travel, education, publishing or other forms of media, or involved in a legal matter. Saturn is squaring this action by way work or health issues. This is a time to push hard even if you feel as though you aren’t getting anywhere. Under this influence the payoff comes later, just show up and do what is necessary and don’t let it get to you if results aren’t immediate.
Tuesday brings much better energy your way and shows these same realms of legalities, travel, education or media moving forward as you once again make things happen, this time in concert with an artistic or spiritual friend or aspiration. Groups are favored as well today.
Wednesday is just an incredible day to get a pile of work done. Do yourself a favor and focus on career or goals that are important to yourself and go after them today. Both Mercury and Pluto are helping you get through on a deep, connected level through your communications and meetings.
Thursday you may feel a bit run down or self-undone so breath, take it easy, you most likely pushed for the stars over the last few days. Today you may have to deal with something you weren’t expecting and more issues around travel, education, legal or educational matters, pace yourself.
Friday is a mixed bag. First your feelings are empowered over career or work and the positive transformations occurring there. Second, a travel, media, educational or legal challenge is making you feel like you are up against it on the work front. Partnerships are going to be important today and there is one more challenge to overcome in the charge towards your goals together.
Mars is squaring Saturn, not the easiest energy to deal with, Mars wants you to make things happen, Saturn wants to hold you back. Mars is acting out in your sex and money zone so you want to see some progress here. Saturn is withholding or demanding more work in your true love, children and creative projects zone. Do what you can and don’t let the day discourage you, you are just at a time of testing here.
Tuesday is So much better as Neptune listens to Mars and offers up an opportunity. For you this is a big hello to your goals whether they are romantic, artistic or spiritual, push again on the doors of intimacy or outside money sources, you should see some results.
Wednesday brings some breakthroughs concerning your feelings about loved ones and creativity. The goddess Moon is meeting with Mercury and Pluto to inspire feelings about travel, education, legal matters and all media. Today should be about communicating and deep connection.
Thursday you can expect the unexpected from a friend or a change in a social function or group activity. If you are feeling a bit squashed creatively today blame it on Saturn asking you to get serious about what you really want. Or better put, what do you love enough to work hard for? Sex brings fireworks for better or worse.
Feelings about love and creativity take a higher turn on Friday due to the transformations you are seeing in the ways you expand your world. Whatever challenge you feel about how you see yourself sexually or involving joint finances or big money, do yourself a favor and don’t let it cloud your feelings towards loved ones. The day revs down towards more work as you try to tackle the travel, education, legal or media issue at hand.
Mars has you charging after something partner related, it could be passion or action, even anger if you get caught off guard, just fuel up and be prepared to tackle the issue. Saturn on the other hand is limiting you maneuvers in some way around home or security issues. He is saying, slow it down, you aren’t going to move or sell or redecorate just yet or he is cramping your style a bit at home. It is as it is meant to be, continue to plow forward with the partner or doing what needs done but don’t expect instant results regarding where you or they are living just yet.
Tuesday brings wonderful opportunity with a partner and this shows as you getting lots done, making things happen, all with the opportunity that is based around artistic or spiritual media, travel, educational, or legal matters.
Wednesday the vibes are the best. Focus on home and security needs and the inroads into deep and profound change in areas of joint finances or shared money, and/or sexual intimacy. Talk, talk, talk today, make plans.
Thursday goals are spun about as Uranus strikes with inspiration or sudden shifts or surprises. Home is still somehow holding you back or feeling restricted, do your best to find balance between the two arenas. Mars is triggered in partnership so passion or anger are possible, choose the high road.
Friday helps you to connect on a deep level about the important things regarding intimacy or money. There is still a prickle between partnership and home as you work this week through the obstacle so that up ahead you can benefit from the good. Creativity and love take on more importance later in the day as Pluto triggers the need to connect on a deep level.
Mars is pushing you to tackle more work than normal and passions are high. Saturn on the other hand is restricting you in some way locally or making talks about the work or health issue more challenging. This is push/pull energy and you will do best to just do what you can without letting the obstacles get you down, you are going exactly as fast as you are meant to right now.
Tuesday Mars gets to dance with Neptune and this is going to be much better energy for you. Mars is amping up the work you get done and tackling any health issues as well. Neptune is opening up opportunity for money to support artistic expression or romantic energy around sexual intimacy. This could be a passionate day.
Wednesday is the day to schedule all meetings and talks with partners. The Moon is meeting with Mercury and Pluto in a harmonious trine so you can expect talks to be powerful and transformational.
Thursday Uranus is going to throw his lightning bolt into legal matters, media, travel, or educational matters so do your best to adjust to changes or surprises here. Talks may be intense about work or health today as you do your best to communicate a serious matter.
Friday talks with partners are favored, the feelings are genuinely deep. Your work or health is tied to your image or body in some way and talks about this are challenging. Feelings about home are pushing at partnership transformations as well.
Mars is mixing it up with Saturn on Monday, they are known for being a bit volatile together as mars tries to push things through, gets passionate or angry, while Saturn tries to hold things back, be serious or restrictive. Mars wants what he wants regarding a lover, child or creative project. Saturn is holding onto the income tightly, either regarding what you are making or spending. Don’t let money come between you and what you love today, this is just testing energy and a bump in the road you can overcome.
Tuesday Mars is excited by Neptune and this is going to be so much sweeter for you dear Leo. This is about passion and action in the love and creative department meeting up with romance and artistic expression in the partnership zone. Take the day to express your emotions and enjoy.
Wednesday is a great money day. Do your Holiday shopping today and you should find great deals and love what you buy. This is also a great day to earn money or take meetings, make calls to people about work and ask for what you need.
Thursday Uranus is throwing in a wild card around credit or debt that you will need to be ready to pay on or deal with if it is not the right amount. Whatever money issue pops up, just do your best to work it through. Mars is going to want you to spend money on a loved one today or a creative project, once again, some balancing is key.
Friday Pluto is going to help you get lots done and you should feel good about what you are making or spending on today. Somehow, the way you shine in the arena of love or creativity seems to be at stake in this. Talks take on a more emotionally deep tone later in the day as you try to express important issues.
Mars and Saturn are challenging you on Monday as Mars wants things to happen with home, kicking up lots of activity here, while Saturn is making you feel limited personally in some way by it all. If responsibilities seem intense today or you feel you can’t make things happen regarding home or property, know you are in a testing moment and just show up and do the work of taking care of yourself and your needs best you can.
Tuesday Mars and Neptune dance and this is sweet as Mars is activating home again but this time to Neptune’s artistic, romantic or spiritual energy in the work you do or your health. So use the day to make beautiful music in the home. Fantasy work may define your home now.
Wednesday is the day to mark on your calendar this week. Spend it with a lover or doing something fun, recreational, take time with children or dive into a creative project. The aspects speak of profoundly positive times and deep, intimate conversations.
Thursday Uranus is tossing in a last minute change or surprise from a partner. Saturn is urging you to withhold yourself in some way. So you are going to have to find balance once again, adapting to change will take some effort. Mars is kicking up energy in the home again as well, you look like a busy star sign today.
Friday love and creativity are receiving positive vibrations in the first part of the day, more challenging in the latter, so approach these energies first thing. Put time into what you need at home.
Mars and Saturn are squaring which is bringing dynamic energy to talks and meetings, as well as with neighborhood or sibling issues. Mars is passionate or angry as he comes up against Saturn saying slow down, this is going to be work or held back a bit longer. Saturn is limiting energy in the area of hospitals, prisons, dreamscape, fantasy, research and any escapist activities. Continue to make your point passionately, even if you feel things aren’t moving behind the scenes, you are making progress.
Tuesday Mars meets Neptune in a wonderful energy that is going to stimulate passionate talks and meetings with lovers, or about children or creative projects. This is an opportunity to express your desires under supportive energy so don’t hold back.
Wednesday is a perfect day for hiding away at home to daydream or rest. Research would bring you the best results of a while now especially if you are trying to dig deep and uncover information about a home, property, security need or childhood issue.
Thursday Uranus is taking a health, work or pet issue in a new direction, don’t be afraid to change course. This may require you coming out of your seclusion a bit and that may feel premature but it seems you will have to find balance. Watch the words you use today even if a secret comes up in the mix.
Friday brings ease at home in the first part of the day, less so later on. Communications tend to be challenging again and revolve around hidden things or institutions.
Mars square Saturn means you want to do something (Mars) and you can’t make it happen fast enough or it takes more work or lacks something (Saturn). For you this is playing out between your money and a friend, aspiration or social function. So watch that you don’t get down trying to figure out how to make or spend money in one of these areas. It is going as fast as it can, if a friend pulls out today in some money making venture or can’t pay you back just yet, this too is something you have the tools to work through.
Tuesday Mars meets up with Neptune and the actions are much happier. This is about money and the home. Neptune says dream, romanticize, find your spiritual center, fantasize. Make or spend money here for positive results.
Wednesday should be the day you get together with friends, talk, meet, attend a social event, and expect some profound moments, all positive.
Thursday a lover, child or creative project is where Uranus is going to be acting out his sudden shifts or surprises. You feel obligated to a social function or friend or that you are restricted in your ability to connect here because of the shift. Do your best to tackle the money issue somewhere in the middle of this all and find balance.
Friday brings communications to a deep level. The early part of the day has your back here more than the latter, so schedule talks and meetings for the first half. Income is still tied to the friend or social obligation, look for ways to meet your needs in this.
Mars and Saturn square today and that is somewhat frustrating as Mars wants to go and do while Saturn wants to restrict or take time. Mars is amping up in your first house so your ego needs or body or image are wanting to go for something while Saturn is withholding a bit in the area of your goals. Just keep moving forward and don’t worry if it seems to be taking longer than you want it to. DO NOT get in a conflict with an authority figure today.
Tuesday Mars and Neptune are dancing. This means good things for you. Talks or meetings about you, your needs, or your image or body are going to meet with artistic, romantic or spiritual energy that is helping you achieve something. So schedule the haircut or dye job or meet the lover at a local haunt.
Wednesday is all about career and income. It is very good news. Mercury and Pluto are meeting the Moon here and so communications are powerful and transformational and positive, show me the money!

Thursday Uranus is bringing a surprise or change at home or with property or mom. It is likely that you have your hands full with career responsibilities or that your goals are taking up a good part of your time so do your best to balance the two and roll with the punches. You won’t be sitting still today.
Friday brings positive energy around income in the first part of the day and more challenging later in the day especially involving friends or a party. So buy gifts or focus on earning in the beginning of the day.
Mars and Saturn are squaring today so you are going to be dealing with wanting to get things done and being held back at the same time. This is playing out between the work you are trying to do behind the scenes, dealings with institutions, or fantasy or research work, and what is being held back legally, in publishing or media, education or travel.
Tuesday Mars meets Neptune and this is wonderful energy about passions and actions that meet with romance, artistic expression or spirituality. For you making or spending money is favored somehow tied to all of this so dare to dream.
Wednesday you hit your stride. This is a great day to travel, host a visitor, interact with someone at a distance, learn or teach, publish or promote, or deal with legal issues. Talks and meetings will be profound and positive.
Thursday Uranus is going to toss in a wild card making something come at you in the neighborhood, with a sibling or through some unexpected communication. If you are a writer it could come through this medium. You will need to think on your toes and take it as it comes. It looks like the publishing, travel, education or legal matter is going to be restricted a bit because of the shift of the day, find balance.
Friday brings intimacy early in the day if you are open to it. You may feel like time alone but it seems you have to deal with the visit, teaching, legal or publishing need. Goals and career are going to take up much of the latter part of the day.
Mars is pushing you to do something with friends while Saturn is restricting you some way in the area of shared resources or intimate connections today. It’s a tough square so do your best to find ways to work around it.
Tuesday will make you much happier as Mars moves into dance with Neptune. This means that you are going to be able to socialize to your heart’s content, spend time with friends or chase aspirations, it is all dreamy and artistically inspired.
Wednesday is a golden day to focus on doing your research, digging for answers, putting your mind into a deep fantasy realm, all to deal with intimacy or outside money sources in a positive way.
Thursday Uranus is going to spark some sudden shift or surprise and it is going to affect your pocket book or wallet. This could be you wanting to spend money on some unusual object or something changing in the way you earn money, whatever, watch that you don’t go in debt over it. Wanting to do something with friends seems to be the stimulus.
Friday brings some deep connections with friends early in the day, if you are partnering with a friend deal with anything between you early on. Later the energy gets challenging and you will have to get around the money issue again.
Mars is squaring Saturn on Monday so you want to do your best not to get into it with a partner. You are striving hard towards goals today and Saturn is going to make it seem as though the partner is holding you back or demanding too much. Take time to pull back from the energy and ask if this is really best, instead of lashing out. You will reach where you are going, it just seems the universe is intent on making it take a bit longer.
Tuesday Mars meets Neptune in a much sweeter vibration. Neptune will help you daydream or fantasize about what to do, or to research or interact with institutions, all in a way that leads you to taking more action on the career front or towards goals.
Wednesday is the day to put in time with a friend about partnership. This is the day to talk or meet and get to the core of issues in a positive way that may transform the situation.
Thursday Uranus is going to set you off in a new direction once again, you want your independence today and partners would do well to give you a wide berth. Saturn is making you feel restricted in some way by partnership so once again, take time to really access if this is real or if it is just hard work right now. You are best advised to put your energy into the goal.
Friday the partner/friendship is going to flow well in the early part of the day up until you feel your ego is somehow threatened regarding your reputation or goals. It is possible that the way you see yourself before the public and the way they do are two different things. Shared money resources need tackling later in the day and how that pans out with a friend.