Friday, December 19, 2008


Divide the day into halves. On one hand you are going to have to talk about goals with a partner and this is going to require opening up and working through any obstacles you or they see. This half is about meeting the challenge. On the other hand Venus is smiling on the friendship within this partnership and offering you the opportunity to really connect through the process.

Sunday the Sun enters Capricorn and this is a great time of the year for you as the spotlight shines on your career, goals, ambitions, reputation, fame and ability to step into personal authority. Your feelings should be great about a partner and the trip, publishing or media related venture, legal or educational matter, offering you opportunity between you. Expect that shared resources or intimacy is going to go well for you tonight and lead to more positive transformation in career or with goals.


Work or health take center stage on Saturday. You have two different energies working for you in this, first you are going to need to talk about the legal, media, travel, or educational issue tied to it and this may challenge you as you work through it. Second, there is wonderful support from Venus here to attract love or money where your career or goals are concerned if you do the work.

Sunday the Sun enters Capricorn and lights up the area of expanding your world. So look to areas like travel, education, law or media to shine in over the next month. Mars is helping you deal with the money or debt issue in a positive way through the work you are doing. A partner plays a supportive role later in the day, a good time to think outside the box together.


Saturday is about lovers, kids or creativity. This is usually a good thing and it will be today but first you are going to have to talk about a money or sex issue. Once this is handled Venus is favoring your creative or love interests with positive energy in the realm of media, travel, learning or legal realms.

Sunday the Sun enters Capricorn and this is going to give you a month ahead where you will shine in all areas associated with large sums of money from debt to credit to settlements to joint finances. This also sets the spotlight on intimacy and sexual connections. Mars is making things happen with a partner and it looks like it is slated to open up feelings of love for you. Work leads to money in a good way even if it is Sunday!


Saturday is about home. Where you live and what is going on there, as well as property and security needs. You are going to need to focus on talking through what this is about for you with a partner and meet the challenges together. Venus is offering support in attracting outside money sources or bringing an intimate connection if you do.

Sunday the Sun enters the sign of partnership for you and finally it is time to shine in this arena, decide who it is going to be with, sign your contracts and gear up. You have this energy with you for the next month. Mars is bringing you the energy to tackle work at home or regarding home. The connection between Moon and Pluto offers the deep opportunity for romance with a partner or creative expression with a business partner.


Saturday looks to be a very talkative day so sleep in so you can handle the inbound onslaught. The two standouts are a talk about work, pets or health where you will be challenged to find solutions, and a talk about love or money with a partner that looks set to please.

Sunday the Sun enters your work, health and pets zone and this will give you the month ahead to shine in these areas, put yourself out there in what you do and look into starting health regimes now. Do something local with a loved one today for positive results. Home is undergoing a deep transformation and you should see some evidence of it tonight.


Making or spending money is the focus on Saturday. The challenge here is going to be in talks with a lover, child or over a creative project as you do your best to field what is said or ask for what you need monetarily. The up side is going to be Venus as she attracts the money through the work you are doing, making the flow supportive.

Sunday the Sun enters your true love, children, recreation, speculation, and creative zone. You are in the spotlight here so expect to attract attention and enjoy the month ahead. Mars is helping you take action at home or with property today and it seems positive. Talks about love or creativity are deep and transformational if you open up.


The focus is on you and your needs today. You may want to do something physical or to your image. The challenge will be about the talks regarding home or property. The positive is that Venus is opening the doors to love, children and creativity so wide that you will feel the swoosh of her kiss as she blows it to you, enjoy.

Sunday the Sun enters the home zone and you have a full month ahead to shine here, with property matters and dealing with mom. It seems one passionate talk is slated for today, or at the least a positive invitation to do something fun. Money and home are aligned later in the day so making money from home or spending it on property is favored.


Saturday is a day to retreat into your private world, daydream, fantasize or work behind the scenes. It looks like you need to talk to someone about something you have been brooding over, either that or you need to have a talk with a brother or sister about something important. Once you have taken care of this the energy is lovely in the home as Venus attracts positive love and money vibes here.

Sunday the Sun enters your communications zone and you can expect to hear from more people over the next month. You may also be taking on a more significant role with brothers or sisters or doing something in the neighborhood. If you are a writer, this is a time when attention falls on you. Go after money today with something you have been working on in private. The Moon enters your sign later in the day and enhances the deep connections you share with others.


It looks like Saturday is heating up to be a very social day for you. Spend time with friends or attend a party. Mercury suggests that talking about money is part of the mix so you should get that over with right off the bat. Venus is saying that talks could turn to love or money in a positive way with friends or through networking tonight.

Sunday the Sun enters your earnings zone and you get a whole month ahead where you shine in this arena. This is a great time to put your image out there or make your reputation and what you do for a living work together. You and a friend do something together today that is positive for you. The later part of the day looks like resting and retreating and some profound insights into what you value. Work done behind the scenes or through fantasy may attract income now.


Saturday is all about career and goals. Mercury is talking about your image or body or ego needs regarding the career or goals. This looks like challenging communications but necessary so get it out of the way so you can focus on Venus. She is bringing the money your way today, don’t just sit there, go get it.

Sunday the Sun enters your sign and opens up the whole month ahead where the focus is on you and your needs, your body and image. Do what you can to put yourself out there now. Mars is asking you put some energy into work behind the scenes for some positive results with goals today. Friendships take over the rest of the day, share time or attend a gathering together.


Put your attention on the things that widen your view of life on Saturday. Think, travel, education, legal matters, and media. Mercury is bound to bring something hidden to your attention today that will play into one of these themes. You will either hear about it or find it by digging around a bit. Either way you need to take notice and attend to it. Venus is bringing you amazing luck with love or money for yourself if you remain open to legal, travel, education or media today.

Sunday the Sun enters your private zone and will travel there over the next month. This is about retreat and rest, going within, shining in areas of research and fantasy, and dealing with any physical ailments in a hospital. Mars is offering you some activity with a friend today, possibly a visit or trip together? It looks fun. Focus on goals alone later in the day, you have the power to find the answers forward if you become still.


Saturday is a deep day for you as you deal with sex, intimacy, death, transformation, or any form of big money that comes to you outside of earnings. You need to have a talk with a friend and it is challenging you a bit as it touches on one of these issues. Venus is going to back your day with wonderful energy flooding the place of retreat and rest, research and fantasy, hospitals and prisons, as she attracts love or money to these areas to aid you forward.

Sunday the sun enters your house of friends and associates, aspirations and social functions. This will open the door for you to shine here over the next month. Mars is going after something on the career front for you today and this is going to make you feel better about the debt or other money issue. The later part of the day is focused on travel, education, legal or media related issues with a friend and this looks very positive, filled with opportunity.


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