Monday, December 22, 2008

Zoe's weekly forecast Dec. 22-26

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all of my dear friends here! I sincerely hope you enjoy the week ahead and find yourself surrounded by love and hope at this special time of year.

In the spirit of this week, I am posting daily forecasts that include us all together. Hugs to you all, love Zoe

Monday is important. The Sun and Pluto are joining to kick off our week with a merging of identity and soul power. How are you identifying yourself today? Where is your heart? You better listen because it won’t get any more clear than this. As you are facing the beginning moments in this new Pluto dynamic, you are being asked to allow yourself to step into WHO YOU REALLY ARE. What is hitting you today, where it counts? Think about it, there are powerful directives to your way forward encoded in the hologram today.

Tuesday brings three interesting combinations. First, there is opportunity…. opportunity to talk seriously about something significant, to claim a stake in commitment or effort or personal authority. You need to say it out loud to reap the benefits so don’t be shy. Second, there is an obstacle to overcome. The obstacle is pulling heart strings a bit and you are going to need to ask yourself if this is about love and romance or about the arts and money. DO NOT promise more than you are going to be willing to deliver. Thirdly, there is a path not taken. Choose something new, remain open to whatever surprises or asks of you that you bring originality or inventiveness to the table, you will be glad you did.

Wednesday is a beautiful day. The Moon moves into generous, belief oriented Sagittarius and then aspects Sage’s ruler, Jupiter in a most opportune manner. This means that you can expect joy and luck, over the top shows of extravagance and open embraces between people, yourself included. Mercury is bending Uranus’s ear as well so tossed into this energy will be a few messages you never expected to hear or something coming out of your mouth you never thought you would say, it is all good, exciting, new, and filled with hopeful energy today.

Thursday is a bit more mellow as we bask in the wide open energy of the holidays. There may be a moment when you feel the emotional tug when dealing with the Uranian energy that was tossed your way. Remember, new, surprising, inventive, change oriented energy is here to help push you to use your wings, you really can fly you know, so allow the tug but don’t let the feelings keep you from trying.

Friday is very active with all kinds of planetary interaction invested. Store sales or travel would account for some of this crazy zoom. Venus and Neptune are favoring beautiful things and lovely expressions of love, you can confidently share your feelings (as long as your intentions are serious or you want real results from the exchange), and shop til you drop as you use your gift certificates, you will likely find some gems today as you do your part to boost our sluggish economy. Just pace your day as the inconjunct between Venus and Saturn around 7:30 speaks of adjustments regarding what you spent or who you loved and what it is costing you in real time. No worries, you can adjust, I just know you can!


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