Monday, June 29, 2009

The Astrological Reason so many Celebrities have died lately

So, what is going on with all of these high profile deaths of late? This is the question that everyone keeps asking me so I’ll do my best to shed some light. Things happen in astrology when several powerful energies find their way to certain points in aspect to each other. Right now, there are extremely powerful energies crossing paths.


The Nodes are Karmic points. There is the North Node which points the way towards future growth and new learning and there is the South Node which shows the past lifetimes and what needs healing or finishing or where there will be loss or someone from the past entering your life again.

The Nodes take 18 months to travel backwards through a sign. We have been experiencing them in the Aquarius/Leo areas of our chart. The North Node has been asking us to look for the group of friends and associates who will best support our aspirations in the future over the last 18 months. The South Node has been bringing karmic meetings, people in and out of our lives who were lovers in past lives, or allowing us to deal with current karma with lovers, it has been asking us to settle karma with children in our lives and has brought some karmic events related to them through our lives, and it has been showing us what talents and creative potential we can rely on from our past lifetimes and how that was to be brought up and dealt with in this lifetime.

RIGHT NOW, the Nodes are slowly moving backwards on the very last degree in this axis.

They are at 0 degrees until August 21st when they will cross into a new set of signs, Capricorn and Cancer. This is considered ‘critical’ in astrology so we have a set of karmic energies at critical degrees in fixed signs (meaning they lock onto something and don’t let go) and they are getting ready to transition into the signs that rule what is in the spotlight, ambition, and fame=Capricorn, and the end of all matters in a chart where the roots of our lives are found=Cancer. To say that this is a time when we will lose beloved people is an understatement. But this is not all that is going on.


We are currently between 2 New Moons in Cancer, something that doesn’t happen often. New Moon energy is about beginnings. Cancer is our home, our roots, our mothers, our security needs, our patriotism and the sign of our country. In astrology when you want to understand the end of a life, you look at the circumstances of the fourth house ruled by Cancer, it is called the end of the matter. So we had our first New Moon in Cancer on June 22nd and we saw new ideas take seed about our ‘family’ and ‘roots’ and where we want to hang our hat. With every beginning there is an end. When the Moons trigger the sign of Cancer and Capricorn, you will see endings that make way for these new beginnings.

The 2nd New Moon in Cancer is happening on the 21st of July and will be at an anaertic degree, meaning the last degree in a sign which holds power and lessons. This New Moon will launch us forward to put down roots in a new place, with new people or in a new way, it will close the door on the old to do so, it is very powerful, which brings me to the third influence in the mix and not the least of them I might add.


This second New Moon in Cancer is a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE.

I will explain the meaning of a Solar Eclipse here but first I have to say that there are 3 Eclipses happening over the course of 31 days. Are you sitting down? Eclipse energy was first noted by the ancients who studied this science as influential in the rise and fall of kingdoms and kings, (in modern times besides politicians, countries and kings, our celebrities are followed with equal vigor and so we see a rise in the impact here).

An Eclipse packs 3 times the power of a normal New or Full Moon to begin or end a new venture or relationship in life. They bring outside events into our lives that will put us on course to a new pathway (Solar Eclipse) and they will bring something to a climax in our lives on an emotional level (Lunar Eclipse). As an aside here, it is interesting to note that born on the 4th of July, our country is about to launch in some powerful new way. Keep your eye on our leadership and our response to our enemies, perceived or real. Because the 10th house shows results from the 7th and the tenth house is Capricorn and solarly our countries Capricorn is the 7th, the first Eclipse may be a climax around an open enemy and our New Beginning could stem from responses to this matter. But I digress…

Here is what is happening with the Eclipses:

The first Eclipse is in Capricorn and falls on July 7th. It is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15.32 degrees Capricorn at 1:11 pm eastern time. Something is peaking, ending, climaxing around what is in the spotlight, fame, father, leadership, authority figures, ambition, career, goals, and response to open enemies and partnerships. Trigger dates for this Eclipse besides the 7th of July are: June 9th, July 2nd, July 12th, and August 4th. July 7th being the most powerful of these dates, you may still have had clues or the actual energy arrive on one of the trigger dates so take a look.

The second Eclipse is in Cancer and falls on July 21st (Zoe Moon’s birthday, oy!). It is a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 29.26 degrees Cancer at 10:35 pm eastern time and is the most powerful of the Eclipses. It is about a huge new beginning, an outer event that in some way influences where you live, with whom, your roots, your childhood memories, relationship with mom, the house or property, how you deal with security and building up foundations in your life. Trigger dates for this Eclipse besides the 21st of July are: June 30th, July 16th, July 26th, and August 18th.

The third Eclipse is in Aquarius and falls on August 5th. It is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 13.35 Aquarius (where our Nodes are energizing at the critical degree) at 8:39 am eastern time. It is about something peaking, climaxing, ending around society, the group, the friendship or associations, networking, your aspirations, the internet, technology, charities, independence, originality, freedom, or revolution. Trigger dates for this Eclipse besides August 5th are: July 8th, July 31st, August 10th, or September 2nd.

So, as you can see, there are intense energies at work. They will have many consequences in our lives but moreover, it will be how we CHOOSE (don’t forget free will) to deal with the energies that will define the future. We are seeing some beloved people in the spotlight taking their final bow, we are making choices about who we want to allow in our closest circle, where we belong, who we are at the root of our being, what our ambitions really say about us and how we want to lead, not only in our personal life but as a country.

Those special souls who step out into the limelight as reflections to the masses are our first insight into the changes coming. Each of their charts had differing aspects locking as they left Earth, but what ties them together is us, our love of them, our interest in them over the years, this is the Nodal axis at play now between reaching society and the creative energy that is put out by these artists and the New Moons and Eclipses that are making it about what we see in the spotlight and how we are redefining life and death, the end of all matters and the new beginnings that are the stuff of life.


LUNAR ECLIPSE JULY 7- A huge climax, celebration or ending

Aries- career, reputation, fame, father, goals

Taurus-travel, media ventures, promotions, publishing, legal matters and ceremonies, education

Gemini-loans, taxes, insurance, settlements, joint finances, divorce, alimony, child support, sex, intimacy, or death

Cancer-marriage or business partnerships, agents, attorneys, or managers

Leo-work assignments, services provided, health, pets

Virgo-true love, lovers, children, recreation, speculation, and creative projects

Libra-home, property, mom, security matters, childhood issues

Scorpio-communications, short trips, writing projects, siblings, neighborhood

Sagittarius-income, spending, possessions, values

Capricorn-your image, identity, body, or ego needs

Aquarius-retreat, hospitals, prisons, rest, hidden matters and agendas, fantasy work and research

Pisces-friendships, associations, networking, aspirations

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE JULY 21-a huge new beginning

Aries-home, property, mom, security matters, childhood issues

Taurus-communications, short trips, writing projects, siblings, neighborhood

Gemini-income, spending, possessions, values

Cancer-your image, identity, body, or ego needs

Leo-retreat, hospitals, prisons, rest, hidden matters and agendas, fantasy work and research

Virgo-friendships, associations, networking, aspirations

Libra- career, reputation, fame, father, goals

Scorpio-travel, media ventures, promotions, publishing, legal matters and ceremonies, education

Sagittarius-loans, taxes, insurance, settlements, joint finances, divorce, alimony, child support, sex, intimacy, or death

Capricorn-marriage or business partnerships, agents, attorneys, or managers

Aquarius-work assignments, services provided, health, pets

Pisces-true love, lovers, children, recreation, speculation, and creative projects

LUNAR ECLIPSE ON AUGUST 5th- A huge climax, celebration or ending

Aries-friendships, associations, networking, aspirations

Taurus- career, reputation, fame, father, goals

Gemini-travel, media ventures, promotions, publishing, legal matters and ceremonies, education

Cancer-loans, taxes, insurance, settlements, joint finances, divorce, alimony, child support, sex, intimacy, or death

Leo-marriage or business partnerships, agents, attorneys, or managers

Virgo-work assignments, services provided, health, pets

Libra-true love, lovers, children, recreation, speculation, and creative projects

Scorpio-home, property, mom, security matters, childhood issues

Sagittarius-communications, short trips, writing projects, siblings, neighborhood

Capricorn-income, spending, possessions, values

Aquarius-your image, identity, body, or ego needs

Pisces-retreat, hospitals, prisons, rest, hidden matters and agendas, fantasy work and research


Sunday, June 28, 2009


Some weeks are smooth and have an inherent ease to them, we like these weeks, they’re simple and relaxing. Some weeks are about making things happen, these weeks are filled with squares and planets changing signs or directions, they can sometimes be challenging but they move our lives ahead on course. This is one of those weeks.

Monday the Lights square so emotional needs and ego conflicts or physical stamina are a bit challenged. Look for ways to get what you want without throwing a tissy fit and if the other guy is throwing the huff, smile since you know you are in control.

Tuesday the energy smoothes out a bit as talks about artistry, romance or spiritual matters go better than they have the last couple days as long as you are willing to adjust the actions, passions or anger involved around a love or money matter.

Wednesday Uranus Retrogrades so we will see the crazy unpredictable energy of the last few months ebb a bit but there may be a last hurrah today as the lightning bolt energy of change and surprise turns around. Venus squares Neptune so people may be promising more than they can deliver by way of love or money. Mercury squares Uranus so news will be shocking or you will say something you never thought would leave your lips. Abrupt departures are par for the course today, they DO NOT have to include hateful words or deception, it is time so let go with grace. Your best bet today is to realize what will be will be and there is a reason for change when it meets you, even when some react badly to the fear that underlies change. Talk about your real artistic or romantic needs and how you wish to expand in these areas and let the chips fall where they may.

Thursday Venus squares Jupiter so a challenge over love or money seems rather huge before you, don’t let it test your faith, you can find a way out of the situation or a way to extend it but you will have to get in there and do the work. Venus sextiles Uranus so there is something you didn’t expect showing a positive opportunity or solution and will likely be something that you had a shot at before or has been sitting right in front of you all along but now you see it.

Friday Mercury moves into Cancer so the way we are thinking about things is going to shift from social to security needs, home, property matters and mom. Talk about what you are building and the ground you are setting it upon today, make sure they are solid and not shifting. By the end of the Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 21st, everything will be different, from here to then you are making that so.


Monday tests your feelings about partners, agents or attorneys and matters regarding home or property. It is a challenge to be met and worked through.

Tuesday once again will focus on the partner, agent or attorney but today you will be adjusting to an income matter and the action you can take towards the money, as well as to any need to retreat or deal with something that has been lurking behind the scenes. You will find that talks and meetings with this person go well today and that artistry and aspirations with them are aligned.

Wednesday Uranus Retrogrades in your twelfth house, what does this mean? Those sudden moments that have been taking place in your world where you may feel as if you don’t see the enemy until he is at your doorstep, or that you act out of character in a way that is somehow self-undoing, or you are working on something behind the scenes or in fantasy, film or spirituality and you have to adapt to change and erratic energy, will now slow down and become more steady, just allow for one last surprise today. Money matters with a friend are challenging today but there is good energy in talking it out. One talk may leak a secret or two so watch your words.

Thursday you are dealing with finding ways to work around the money making matter with a friend again, keep looking for solutions. Something you didn’t expect will be there as a golden opportunity if you dig deep enough.

Friday talks move to the home, where you live and with whom, what your security needs are and how you are building your foundations, if there is a property matter that needs settling this will be the time period where you will meet and look for solutions.


The tension between the Lights is activating needs around the work you do and a writing project, something you are working on and a conversation that is had about it, a meeting for work, or on the other end of the spectrum it will revolve around health matters and what is discussed or news about a pet.

Tuesday you will focus on this work, health or pet matter but today you will be taking some physical action yourself, adjusting physically in some new way, talking about the money involved and this should go well, stretching in ways that expand your career or goals, this is also under positive stars, and dealing with some shift or surprise from a friend or group you are involved in with it.

Wednesday Uranus Retrogrades in your house of friendships and associations so you can expect the possibility of one last upset or change in a friendship or one that occurred before coming back around to change the balance once again. Your aspirations and closest ties have been under a volatile influence in an effort to bring fresh new faces onto the scene and to revolutionize your connections but this change of direction should slow that down and help you gain some footing with your companions after whatever occurs today. Money talks involving career should go well today but you will have a friend or group issue you didn’t see coming with the money.

Thursday you will want to push your image or identity out into the world in a big way and with Venus and Jupiter in the mix the senses will be enhanced as you feel quite larger than life. Look for a wonderful surprise or change that benefits you to happen with a friend, group, networking event or social function, it means love or money coming your way.

Friday Mercury enters Cancer and the mental energy will be in the house of writing, short trips, connections with siblings and communications. So expect to pour your thoughts onto paper, get together locally to share ideas and talk it out with your brothers or sisters.


The Lights are challenged today between creativity and income or between a lover or child and income. You need to make money and watch what you spend today so work it out as best you can.

Tuesday you will still be focused on either the creative project, child or lover but now the energy is asking you to do something behind the scenes, in private or in retreat, to talk about your needs and your identity and what you want artistically or romantically with this situation tied to media, travel, law or education. You will need to adapt to some shifts around goals here but the potential to expand is good today.

Uranus has been asking you to take a roller coaster ride through the career Midheaven so that you could hone your skills and find out just how much independent authority and innovative leadership ability you could muster. There have been sharp peaks and some sudden lows but on Wednesday Uranus is going to Retrograde and you are going to see an evening out in these areas of life but possibly not until you have one last change today. You are going to need to deal with a travel, media, legal, or educational matter today, talk about what you see happening here that could expand your world and don’t let the sudden shifts in goals surprise you too much.

Thursday you will be still dealing with the trip, the legal matter, the media, promotional or publishing deal, or the teaching or class but today there is a tendency to over spend in this or to challenge yourself to make more. It looks like a nice surprise is coming your way via a goal or career move, keep working behind the scenes.

Friday Mercury enters your earnings zone so talks and meetings will be focused on making money, what you spend and the possessions you have in question. Start applying for jobs or sending out resumes.


The Lights are challenging you today over your personal needs and where you are hanging your hat. Look at how you are feeling about home or property matters today and do your best to find a way to treat yourself well in these areas.

Tuesday you will still be focused on home or property issues but today you will be taking action with a friend to deal with it, it will require some adjustments and dealing with the money, you will want to talk about what you have been working on or dreaming up behind the scenes or retreat to your nest, there is good energy around sharing in the home matter monetarily, and a need to react to a surprise or change around travel, media, education, or legal matters tied to this.

The sudden changes or need to express freedom or independence through travel, legal matters, education, or media related matters has been a volatile roller coaster ride for a while now. There have been comings and goings in these areas that have kept you guessing and perhaps a bit unstable. On Wednesday Uranus will Retrograde here and this energy will settle down immensely to allow you to catch up to all of the change, although you may experience one last pop here today before it goes. You will have a challenge to deal with regarding a friendship and shared resources or intimacy but talks are good regarding the work being done behind the scenes and the money.

Thursday you will be dealing with the friend and the issue around money or sexuality and there will be a tendency to overdo in areas of love or money so take it easy. A nice surprise is in store for you through the friendship connected to media, travel, education, or legal matters, be open to what comes.

Friday Mercury enters your sign and the talks are going to be about you. Open up about your needs, take meetings to promote your agendas, think about ways to put your image or physical body into the mix in a new way.


Monday may force a secret out into the open or you may feel as if you are trying to escape from it all on some level. The Lights are challenging you to work behind the scenes in a way that communicates your emotional strengths.

Tuesday you will be focusing on communications and taking action to pursue your goals so put out the energy passionately and look for ways to make money or connect with your ambition. Talks with a friend go well as do communications with a partner, agent or attorney. You will need to deal with a surprising communication about sex, big money, death or divorce.

Uranus is Retrograding in your house of other people’s money, sex, divorce and death on Wednesday. This means that the erratic energy with all of its ups and downs, ins and outs, will finally stabilize a bit. If your intimate life has been unpredictable, your loans unstable, your divorce a bit crazy, breathe a sigh of relief as this shift will settle things into a more even keel after perhaps one last hurrah today. Goals and partnership are a bit challenging today as you are trying to push for love or money in a way that may be a bit confusing. Talks with a friend about partnership fair better.

Thursday the goal and partner, agent or attorney involved will challenge again. Today it is about the love or money and how that is expanding or not expanding fast enough, all you can do is work through it. A surprise is due to come your way that should be a positive opportunity through a partners money or a loan or other outside resource, or if not money it would likely be a sexual opportunity to connect.

Friday Mercury enters Cancer and the talks will become more secretive, hidden, the thinking will become more strategic, private, you will want to apply mental facilities to work done behind the scenes and dreaming.


The Lights are challenging you on Monday to find a solution to a money/income matter with a friend or group you are affiliated with. Aspirations are achievable but you will have to iron out the finances.

Tuesday the money is at the center of the day once again but today you will be taking action by hopping a plane, diving into a media or promotional matter, taking a class or teaching one, or going after the money legally. Talks about career and artistry in the way you approach your work or health will be aligned favorably. You will need to deal with the money matter and a surprise or change tossed at you by a partner, agent or attorney.

Wednesday Uranus is going to Retrograde in your house of partners, agents and attorneys so the erratic energy here should settle down a bit now, (possibly after one last strike today). There may have been a lot of comings and goings or much change over the last months as these significant people in your life made bids for independence or took unusual stands, you now get to catch up to where that has landed you. Challenges today lie with money matters tied to media, legalities, education, or travel and the way you want to approach your work or health. Talks with the partner or representative will be a bit surprising as well. If you are scheduled to make a speech or communicate about your work on the career front, it is destined to go well.

Thursday you are still dealing with travel, media, legal, or educational matters and the money or love you are trying to connect with here. Expanding the work or health matter challenges as well. There is a very nice surprise or change that brings opportunity your way through a partner, agent or attorney regarding the trip, media venture, promotion, publishing, education, or legal matter.

Friday Mercury enters your friendship, associations and aspirations zone. This means that so expect to receive more invitations, meet up with pals, and socialize much more over the next few weeks.


The challenge in energy today falls between the feelings you have about who you are and your ego needs regarding a career goal or your reputation. It’s a day to either push buttons or tighten the ship and work your way through it.

Tuesday you will be focusing on yourself, your needs or identity and to this end you are going to want to pursue some outside money source to help support your goals or to connect intimately with someone you are passionate about. Some ego adjustments are part of this scenario either way. Talks about your needs and a media matter, trip, legal matter or educational issue are aligned beautifully as well as your ability to express your artistic nature in a creative project or your romantic nature with a lover. A change or surprise via pets, health or work assignments requires adjustment as well today.

On Wednesday the sudden changes and surprises, ups and downs, striking out for independence or unconventional approaches tied to work, health and pets that has pestered you over the last months is going to slow down and stabilize a bit after getting past the potential for one last hurrah today. Uranus is Retrograding and you can now use this time to catch up to where you find your work, health and pets have taken you. Sexy connections with a lover are a bit challenging today as rose colored glasses get in the way of play or you may find you are dealing with someone who is not telling it like it really is about a creative project and the money. You need to talk to someone at a distance about this now. Don’t be surprised if they toss a wildcard into the mix via changes to work, pets or health.

Thursday love or money matters that are shared intimately with another are challenging you on the level of creative projects getting out there, or a lover or childs connection with you happening at the rate you want to see. A surprise work opportunity could put some money in your pocket today or you may see money come from something you have already worked on. Money for a health matter or pet is available as well.

Friday Mercury changes signs and the talks, meetings and agreements either made or broken will all be focused on career, goals, ambition, reputation or fame over the next few weeks. This puts your name out there so push your agenda and send out your resume.


Monday may challenge as you deal with the work you have been doing behind the scenes or something hidden and your needs in the media, through travel, legal channels, or education. You may feel like hiding out but you are probably not going to get that opportunity.

Tuesday you will want to deal with the private matter, film or fantasy work, research or hospital, by doing something with a partner, agent or attorney to secure the money. Talks about joint finances, loans or other outside resources, intimacy, sex, divorce or a death will go smoothly connected to this fantasy work or research. Home and property matters are under good stars if you need to retreat or research. A creative project takes a surprise turn at some point in the day based on what you dig up.

Lovers, children and the way that your creativity and creative projects have been going have been a bit unpredictable on one hand, inventive, original and unusual on the other, and all going through change on the whole over the last few months. On Wednesday Uranus will Retrograde here and you will see these areas of life settle down a bit. You may see someone suddenly take their leave or show back up today, par for the course. Money or love talks with a partner, agent or attorney are a bit challenging as something is not what it seems at home. Talk about the money or intimate matter tied to home or property and how to expand through outside resources. The creative project or loved one continues to surprise one last time.

Thursday puts the focus on the love or money matter with the partner, agent or attorney and how you want to expand the home or property matter once again, meeting the challenge is key. A nice surprise awaits you via a lover, child or creative endeavor and the money or love coming from a partner, agent or attorney.

Friday Mercury changes signs entering the arena ruling travel, education, media, promotion, publishing, politics, and law. The talks and meetings over the next few weeks will focus strongly on what you want here so open up and take meetings.


A friendship and a joint financial matter, sexual issue, or dealing with a divorce or death will be what challenges on Monday. Your needs are in the middle somewhere and you will have to do your best to work through this.

Tuesday the focus is still on the friendship and today you should tackle the work matter, health issue or pet involved and the money tied to this. Talks with them about partnership or representation will go well as will talks about your artistic or romantic needs. A surprise around home or property will require an adjustment where friendship or a party are concerned.

Uranus is going to Retrograde on Wednesday in your home and property zone. This means that all the changes, erratic ups and downs, unusual happenings and independent approaches to home and property will finally slow down and you will see things smooth out here for a while. Take the time to catch up to where you find yourself, if you have one last surprise today, it should be the last for a while. Talks about money attached to work, health or pets are under a confusing or deceptive energy today so make sure you are understanding exactly what is being said. Talks with a partner, agent or attorney are under positive stars, it’s a good day to expand with this person artistically or romantically. There is news about one last surprise or change at home.

Thursday talks continue about work, health or pets and are under challenges where the love or money is concerned again. Too much expansion or not enough. A nice surprise about home or property and the money coming for work or pets there is positive.

Friday Mercury moves into Cancer and talks will shift to sex, intimacy, divorce, death, loans, credit, joint finances, and all shared resources. If you need to sign agreements for a loan or other outside resource this is the time. If single, you may meet a new sexy playmate during this transit, just watch for triangles.


Feelings about goals being met or a career move and the partnership, agent or attorney involved will be a bit challenging today. You may feel as though your needs are not being met just yet, do your best to work through the energy.

Tuesday the focus is career or important goals. You will want to pursue the creative project, lover or do something regarding the child today, love or money being the key. Talks about work, health or pets figure nicely into the career or goal and talks about income and career go well.

Whether it is the neighborhood, all the short trips, the things you have put in writing or have agreed to, or your relationship to brothers and sisters, that has been erratic, shocking, up and down and changing over the last few months, on Wednesday Uranus Retrogrades and things should calm down here quite a bit (although you may have one last zinger today). Use this lull to get back into a smooth routine. Love or money issues with a lover, child or creative project will test your purse strings. Talks about work and the income go well. A surprise talk about a work assignment or health or pet matter arrives to wrap up the day.

Thursday creative projects, lovers or children continue to be the challenge where the money is concerned. It is either too much or not enough so do your best to deal. A surprise communication will be positive regarding the creative project, lover or child so remain open to spontaneous messages.

Friday Mercury enters Cancer and your partnership and representatives arena. This means that talks and meetings over the next few weeks will be about who to partner with and why, and with agents, managers and attorneys. Time to make or break agreements.


Monday is challenging as you deal with feelings about a legal matter, trip, visitor, class, or media matter. How your needs are being met in the work you do here, how your physical needs are being met for your health or how you are finding time for the pets will be part of the challenge as well.

Tuesday travel, media, law or education will be the focus. You will want to take action about the home, do something on the property, or dive into something with mom, tied to one of these themes. Talks about creativity, love or children work well when in concert with travel, media, law or education. You should find ways to express your own artistic or romantic needs in this as well. Watch for a surprise about the cost or money being offered.

If income matters, making a living, what you spend, and the possessions you own, have been a bit unpredictable, erratic, shocking or changing all the time over the past months, Wednesdays Retrograde of Uranus should help them to settle into a more predictable pattern. This is your ruler Retrograding so you may feel it a bit more personally than others and find that you want to put some time into thinking about new ways to earn and how your value system is evolving. Today may bring one last event in this arena. Home and personal needs are a bit in conflict today as you deal with love or money matters here. Talks about creativity or with lovers or children should go well.

Thursday you will be dealing with the home and identity or personal needs there again. This is about how far you are expanding in these areas and the love or money attached. Challenge yourself to find solutions. A nice surprise via income comes your way and will be best used on the home so you may make money through your home or property or decide to spend there as well.

Friday Mercury enters Cancer and you will be thinking more about work, health and pets over the next few weeks. These are the things you will want to talk about more, take meetings over and make or break agreements regarding.


Feelings about the loan, debt, credit or joint financial matter, or about a sexual intimate, divorce or death, will be what are the most challenging today for you. You need to find ways to express yourself creatively and deal with a child or lovers issues a well.

Tuesday the focus once again will be on the big money matter or intimate connection, divorce or death. Today you will want to take action locally regarding the love or money, passionately express your ideas, talk about the home or property matter, and do something in secret or behind the scenes to resolve the money matter or intimate connection. Uranus is pushing your buttons to act out independently.

To say you have been vacillating, unpredictable, erratic, spontaneous, original, visionary, and a bit quirky as well as fiercely independent is an understatement of late. On Wednesday Uranus is going to Retrograde in your sign and you will feel like things are settling down a bit, that you are a bit more stable and can relax somewhat. You will need to have a talk or meeting about a love or money matter and any confusion over what you are working on behind the scenes here or in dealing with institutions. The home or property matter is part of the conversation today as well.

Thursday talks about the research, dealing with the hospital or other institution, retreat, work behind the scenes or secrets will be challenging again as you look at the money or love and how it is expanding or not in your world. You find a nice surprising way to express yourself and your needs in conversation today that should bring opportunity your way.

Friday Mercury enters Cancer and talks and meetings will attract love, lovers, have to do with children or creative projects over the next few weeks. A great time to meet someone new if single.


Friday, June 26, 2009


This weekend is going to be a bit like a pit bull, focused on its mark and not letting go. That’s a good thing. On Saturday you will be taking a very serious look at it and deciding if it stays or if it goes. Decision time. It is either serving a purpose in your life or it is not. They are either good for you or you are their Sookie waiting to have your life blood drained. The talk you are going to have is serious. Once that is done, you will know and the actions you take will be relatively easy and comforting.

On Sunday you will wake feeling as though you made the right decision and this will be evident by how you now feel about love or money. The Neptunian energy will make for a bit of confusion about where to go from here or he will tug on your memories with a big box of Kleenex and a ‘remember when’ but you know, memory is selective, c’est la vie. Uranus is not to be outdone so he is going to spring into action with something unexpected or shocking. You always have a choice when this energy shows up, my suggestion is to step back and take it in rather than jump and react. Emotions will run deep today.


Your pit bull objective this weekend is one of three things: work, health or pets. On Saturday you get to make a serious decision about one of these things and either let something go or commit more time and work to it. You need to have a talk about what you need here and be sure to view both sides of the issue as there will be two distinct versions. Once you make up your mind you will be ready to take action in the house of income, meaning that you will either go after more money on the work scene, spend money on a health issue or buy a pet or purchase something for them.

Sunday the flow of love and money to the work, health or pet issue is wonderful and favoring you. There is some drama brewing with a friendship or group affiliation here so take care that you don’t get led astray. Uranus is going to throw something you didn’t expect at you from a hidden enemy or a sudden need to visit a hospital or deal with a fantasy project. Emotions run deep about career and goals and who you are partnering with to achieve them.


Ruf Ruf. That’s the sound of your pit bull this weekend and you are one of the lucky signs in that you will be focusing tenaciously on a creative project, a lover or a child. Issues like these at least hold promise of fun. On Saturday you need to look at that serious choice regarding one of these areas. How’s it working for you? You have to have a talk about the money or what is of value here, it’s tough but you can do it. Once this is handled, you are off like a bullet, throwing yourself passionately or aggressively into the fray.

Sunday Venus is smiling on your decision so you are either happy about the love or the money in the choice you made. There will be something confusing around the goal or career tied to this today so don’t let it side track you, not gonna figure this part out just yet. Uranus is tossing his veritable lightning bolt at a friendship or aspiration so you may have a sudden invitation to a party or a run in with the unexpected through this person. Feelings run deep around beliefs, media, travel, education, or legal matters and the work you do.


The pit bull is all about what is going on where you live this weekend, the home, property, or security matters. You need to make a decision or deal with some form of limitation or responsibility here. A talk about your needs is important in this matter, you do count you know. Once you have voiced your position and cleared the air, you are free to take off into your own world, enter a fantasy, retreat, or deal with an institution.

Sunday brings Venus home so you will be feeling the love or money aimed at what is going on behind the scenes at home or with property matters in a good way. There is some confusion around travel plans, education, media matters, or legal issues while dealing with the home issue. Don’t let it escalate. Uranus is tossing in a wild card around career or goals so breathe, it is hard to balance home and ambition some times. Feelings run deep in matters of shared resources, intimacy, sex, or divorce, and what is happening at home.


Make up your mind, dear Cancer! The pit bull is the way you are thinking through a matter of importance right now or a way you are communicating or writing it. On Saturday you need to make the decision about what you say, write, the neighborhood you are tied to, a sibling issue, or a short trip. The talk that ensues is about what has been going on behind the scenes, the work you have been doing in private, a fantasy project or some hidden agenda. Once you have opened up on this matter you can positively dive in with a friend or group and make things happen.

Sunday Venus is smiling on your friendships so look at ways to communicate or write, take short trips or share ideas. There could be love or money in this. The confusion today is around money matters and how they are shared with a person or bank, intimacy or sex, divorce or death. Uranus is tossing something unexpected your way via a trip, travel arrangement, media, education or legal matter. Feelings run deep around partnership and home.


Your pit bull this weekend has got a mouth full of money. Income and the way you make it is what you will be focusing in on with the intention to do the work, commit or end one way of earning the green. The talk is with a friend or group you are associated about the money. Once you have cleared it up and asked for what you need you will have the motivation to take on the goal before you with ambitions sailing.

Sunday you wake with an amazing energy around earnings and career, Venus is smiling on you so the money should be aligned. Whoever you are partnering with or the agent or attorney involved will be a bit out of alignment over the money matter. There is some sort of confusion, deception or artistic or romantic differences in the mix, not the best time to expect clear answers. Uranus is tossing in a shocker around an intimate matter or a shared resource, keep an eye on credit cards. Emotions run deep later on over a work, health or pet matter.


You are the pit bull this weekend. Unlike the rest of the zodiac, the aim is not out there. You need to bite into your image, ego needs, body, or identity and not let go. You have to get serious about your look or your needs today, cut something away or decide to commit energy to improvements. The serious talk is about who you are or your image tied to your goals or career. Once you have this communication, the energy shifts and favors action such as boarding a plane or booking the trip, taking a class, teaching, doing something media related or to promote yourself, or affecting your identity through legal channels.

Sunday you will wake feeling good about what you did and see that there is love or money in the picture for you tied to the travel, legal, media or educational matter you undertook. There are some confusing corners around a work, health or pet matter so take your time here. The shocker comes from a partner, agent or attorney with a sudden change or surprise that affects you. Emotions run deep over income and a lover, child or creative project later in the day.


Your pit bull is bounding through the ethers this weekend, deep into dreamscape, retreat, meditation, hidden agendas, strategies, fantasy work, film, acting, research, hospitals or prisons. You need to make a decision here and commit or cut away what is not working. A talk about travel, media, promotion, publishing, legal matters, or education is on the agenda tied to one of your pit bulls needs. Once you have the talk you will have a clear field to go after the money that comes from an outside source or to connect sexually or intimately with another, or to take action on the divorce or death in a positive way.

Sunday you wake feeling good about the decision and see signs of love or money around what has been worked out. There is some confusion or need to clarify something artistic or involving love or children. Uranus throws a sudden bolt from the blue around work, health or a pet so keep an eye out for changes or surprises here. Emotions run deep around home or property matters.


Your pit bull this weekend is wearing party shoes and smoking big cigars. Your focus is going to be friends, social occasions, networking, and aspirations. You will want to make a decision about how you feel about a commitment or obligation or taking a leadership role with someone here. There needs to be a talk about a joint financial matter, debt, loan, or about a sexual matter that involves you both. Once you have cleared the air you will have Mars pushing you to partner or go get an attorney or other representative to do something with the friend or group association.

Sunday Venus is smiling on the friendship and partnership or representation which means there is love or money in the mix that benefits you. There seems to be an issue over the home or property matter that is a bit confusing or disorienting with the friend, maybe just not defined yet. Uranus is going to toss a wild card into the friendship over a child, lover or creative matter, this means change or surprise. Emotions run deep over a conversation that seems to leave something unsaid.


The pit bull energy of the weekend for you is all about grabbling onto the brass ring and not letting go. Career, ambition, goals, reputation, father and fame are where the focus is aimed. Make a decision about committing time or work here or cut something loose. A talk with a partner, agent or attorney is in the mix and will challenge you but once you have said your peace the energy gets very motivated around tackling the work at hand to meet your goals.

Sunday you wake with Venus smiling on you via your work, health and with your pets. This is great for the goals you have set and will show you where the love and money are. There is a communication today that is a bit out of whack regarding artistry, romance or spirituality and the goals before you, don’t be deceived and take your time figuring out just what you believe. Uranus tosses in a wild card around home or property matters. Emotions run deep regarding a money matter and a friendship.


You’ve got the adventuring pit bull this weekend. He has bitten down on travel, media or promotion, higher education, or legal matters and he wants you to make a commitment or let something go through one of these expansive realms. A talk regarding the work being done, a service provided, a health matter, or a pet is going to help you define what it is you want. Once you have cleared the air you will have a burst of positive energy to tackle something fun with passion. Look to love, children or creative outlets to expand your world tonight.

Sunday Venus is shining her light on the trip, media, legal or educational matter, and the lover, child or creativity tied to this. This means that there is love or money here for you so you should feel happy about your choice. There is a bit of confusion over the income matter today in all of this so either you aren’t sure what you are supposed to earn or you are having trouble deciding if you should spend the money here since it seems big and not completely clear. Take your time and weigh this out carefully. Uranus is tossing in a surprise communication on top of this so get ready to troubleshoot. Emotions run deep regarding how far you have come towards your goals, you really are becoming a force to be reckoned with, go easy on yourself.


You’ve got a really lusty pit bull or he is determined to get his teeth around a big money matter or divorce issue. How you share your body, handle the money or break a union apart is where the focus of the weekend is going to be. You need to make a decision to commit, work hard or cut it away. A talk about the child or children, the love or a lover, or a creative venture or speculation, is part of the decision making process that will open your eyes and help you make a choice. Once you have made yourself clear, you will find you have the energy to tackle the home or property matter here with positive zeal.

Sunday you wake feeling good about the home or property matter and how you worked it out yesterday. There is love or money in this for you since Venus is angled so beautifully for you. Neptune may have you feeling a bit confused about your identity or a bit hung over from the romp last night, don’t push yourself too hard physically today. Uranus is tossing a wild card into the mix regarding what you earn or spend your money on today. Emotions run deep over what has gone on in private, was hidden, secret, self-sabotaging or addictive, or purely escapist, you will need to get a handle on your beliefs regarding this.


Your pit bull this weekend comes in the form of a partner, agent or attorney. This is where you need to grab hold and pour all of your focus. You have to decide to commit, put in the time and work, or cut it away. A talk about the home or property is part of this equation and will help you to figure out which way to go in the matter. Once you have had this discussion, you will feel motivated to do something locally with or about them, take a short trip, write something, or take your ideas to the streets.

Sunday you wake with Venus on your side knowing you have made the right decision and there will be love or money there to show you this with the partner, agent or attorney and what is going on locally, in writing, communicated, or handled in short trips. Neptune is fogging up the hidden agenda or what is being worked on behind the scenes a bit, there may be fantasy, research or hospitals tied into this confusion with the partner or representative so make sure you get clear about what is going on. Uranus tosses in another charge of surprise or need for independence through you in relation to the partner or representative so you may surprise yourself in this moment. Emotions run deep regarding a friendship or aspiration and what is shared.


Sunday, June 21, 2009


You probably had an inkling of it on Sunday as the Sun moved into the sign of the Moon, Cancer is now where it’s at my friends so look to areas regarding nurture and protection, home and comfort, mom and dare I say it, apple pie?

On Monday, the New Moon occurs in the sign of, you guessed it, Cancer. This is opening up two strong weeks to initiate in the house this sign rules in your chart. You will want to reconnect with the past a bit, tend to your memories and find someone who makes you feel understood on an emotional level. Home and property matters take central stage and leadership is key.

Venus and Mars both connect positively with Saturn today as well giving foundation to the actions or passions you felt inspired to let soar on Sunday. All in all, Monday is THE day this week, so don’t play for time, dive in and get it going.

Tuesday asks you find a way to balance between your needs and another’s. They carry the bigger stick. You may need that stick. Think about it and do your best to see just why they came waving it around you in the first place, then balance.

Wednesday is a ‘stir the pot’ kind of day as you adjust to romantic or artistic needs and how they are panning out, as well as do a little dance around loyalty issues and a sense of pride causing you all kinds of grievance when goals are in question. Pride goeth before the crash and tumble.

Thursday talks are good but you may feel a bit thwarted where taking action is concerned, the timing is just not quite right. This means if it is about love or money you will need to figure a few more things out, so take advantage of the talk energy and bide your time.

Friday you get your first big obstacle to what was said or met over. I can see the look on your face, ‘Why talk on Thursday if it is just going to lead to frustration or ‘no’ on Friday?’ Well, this is not an opposition and the challenge is something you can work through, so roll up your sleeves, you believe in what you said right? Show them what you’re made of!


The go get ‘em energy is about income and work you provide. So go get ‘em. This is the kind of energy you dream of and it is favoring you if you are proactive. The New Moon is giving you two strong weeks to initiate new beginnings around home, property and security needs in your life. Where do you want to live and with whom? What roots do you wish to put down?

Tuesday home and ambition are facing off a bit as you try to balance your basic needs of security and roots with the great drive you are undergoing now towards career and goals. The need to transform your world through ambitious plays is far going to outweigh the other so do your best to answer your needs at home and then go for the gold.

Wednesday brings adjustments around home and friendship as well as a new way of feeling about your creativity and the big changing goals before you. Take every single opportunity that comes to you today even if it is something you never saw coming, especially if it is something you never saw coming, you are on a roll.

Thursday talks and meetings about creativity or loved ones is under very favorable stars. You will just face challenges here when money is brought up so don’t be afraid to ask for what you need or place some limits on what is spent.

Friday is a very serious talk about the service you provide, the work you do, a health matter, or dealing with pets. This is a bit challenging as there is so much at stake. Step up as the rest of the energy is behind you opening up a vein to the creative muse and major support from friends and those you are networking with.


A dreamier day is seldom found my friend. Mars and Venus are sparking with Saturn to enhance your image and standing in areas connected with creative output and love. You may begin something that lasts quite a while today in these areas and is the seed to new love or money. The New Moon is opening up a new cycle in writing and communicating so set up your meetings and open talks over the next two weeks, send off manuscripts, as well as connect locally or with siblings for best results.

Tuesday the publisher wants you to change what you wrote, the airline wants to hold you up over an itinerary, there is some news about a legal matter that makes you step up to deal or what you are learning or teaching is ready to meet face to face with the next level of power in your world. There is every reason to believe you are going to hear something great today.

Wednesday asks you find new ways of approaching how you communicate in your career or in approaching your goals, as well as dealing with home to travel matters from a space of balance. Don’t be surprised if you hear from a friend you haven’t talked to in a while or bump into them while out and about. Any last minute invites should prove stimulating.

Thursday talks about money and what you are doing at home go well but you must deal with motivating yourself here, if you keep the lines of communication open or push yourself to write you will do well.

Friday is about negotiating the income with a creative opportunity or a lover or child. You will want to discuss any form of limitation or added responsibility you see here today so you can get it out of the way to be creative. If goals seem foggy know it is just a transit of energy that will soon pass.


It’s time to take action on those secret thoughts or strategies you have been nurturing regarding where you live or the property matter. Today will help you do that with ease. The New Moon is about a new beginning in income matters so look for new ways to make money over the next two weeks, send out applications or resumes or advertise your services, this is it!

Tuesday is calling you to deal with an income matter that is very personal to you by taking the bull by the horns in areas of joint finances, debt, settlements, insurance, taxes, divorce, or inheritance. You are wrangling with a powerhouse here and will need to look very clearly at your own needs in dealing with a way to balance the situation.

Wednesday income and a travel, legal, media or educational matter are up for some tweaks, you need to make some adjustments here so it is not really yes or no, there is some other point to be found in the equation. Talk about how the sharing of resources is going to occur as this is as well a big energy in the room. If an opportunity presents itself out of the blue to make money or enhance your reputation or career status, jump on it today.

Thursday talks about you, who you are and your identity or needs will be very positive but issues over money for film, fantasy, research, hospitals or any other work you have been doing behind the scenes will be challenging and require some spunk on your part to initiate.

Friday brings a hurdle to overcome about your needs and a living situation. You have to talk about it or go meet with someone about it or make or break an agreement. Tough but doable.


It’s your time dear Cancer! Today is a New Moon in your sign and the sky is the limit. You are poised between two New Moon’s in your sign, the next of which is going to be a total Solar Eclipse! Dare to dream the best future you could imagine for yourself, here’s a hint, all that devotion your constantly give to others, allow a bit for yourself now, this is about a NEW beginning so don’t limit yourself. Your friendships and social networks are your greatest place of support now so reach out if you need backing.

Tuesday will be about balancing power between you and a partner, agent, or attorney. This person is powerful and important in the grand scheme of what you need or don’t need any more. Look at it clearly and don’t feel you cannot find your own voice in this situation. There is incredible opportunity between what you say, write and your circle of friends.

Wednesday brings the need to adjust to any delusions you may have had over a shared resource, big money matter or sexual connection. Income and partnership is in need of a bit of fine tuning as well. Any sudden opportunity to travel, promote or involve yourself in the media, teach or take a class, or deal with a legal matter, should be jumped on.

Thursday talks about a fantasy project, film, research matter or hospitalization will be under positive stars. Getting a friend to take action over an income matter will be a bit of a challenge but one you can manage.

Friday brings a very serious talk about something you have been developing in private or from fantasy or research. Some of you may be dealing with a hidden enemy or secrets that are coming out of the blue through emails or phone calls. Either way, you will want to be completely solid in your response and don’t hesitate to limit or sever communications if there is any hint of duplicity.


Monday could be a four-star day via career, income, prestige and advancement for you. The energy is about taking action and pursuing your desires so don’t hold back. The New Moon is about work you do behind the scenes, retreat, rest, fantasy, research, and dealing with hospitals or other institutions so use the next two weeks to begin afresh in these areas.

Tuesday what you are doing in secret or the hidden agenda you are engaged in is going to come up against a formative opponent, this person has the upper hand so take care what you let slip. If you are involved in fantasy work, film, acting, poetry, or spiritual energy, the opposition represents a powerful change to the way you approach work or health in the situation. Income and career goals are working FOR you so don’t fret in this area.

Wednesday you will need to make some adjustments around a partnership issue, artistry or romance and some form of confusion or deception could be in the mix so be clear and take your time. Work or health continue to transform in powerful ways, more adjusting. There should be a positive surprise around intimacy or shared resources, loans, debt, or credit.

Thursday brings you the opportunity to talk with a friend about something in a positive way. Taking action on goals involving love or money are under challenges so bide your time.

Friday brings up a big talk or meeting with a friend or group and this is very important and serious. You will need to address values, income or possessions and any limitations or responsibilities involved here.


Monday opens up a beautiful flow to put yourself center stage in media, promotions, publishing, politics, travel, education, or legal matters. You should take action today and aim at love or money through these venues. The New Moon is opening up two strong weeks to seed new ventures with friends, meet new people who may play a significant role over the next year, bond with old friends, join groups or pursue your most ardent aspirations.

Tuesday your position with an aspiration or friendship is coming up against a major and profound change through creativity or love. If you have thought this person was just a buddy, today they may share their deeper feelings for you, or you may find that they have power issues around a creative project and your position in the social ranking. Your friends have your back and travel, media, law and education continue to benefit you.

Wednesday requires some adjustments around the way you approach the work artistically or romantically, or around a health issue that is a bit confusing, this is all in direct relation to the social function or friendship. Love and creativity, fun and children, continue to require adjustments on a powerful level today as well. Nice surprises or changes you didn’t see coming arrive via a partner, agent or attorney.

Thursday talks or meetings about career or goals favor you so be proactive. You still have an obstacle to surmount where law, travel, media or education are affecting a fantasy project, hidden agenda, hospital or research project.

Friday you will need to have THE talk, meeting or deal with making or breaking an agreement. This is very personal and affects you, your identity, image, and your goals, career, reputation, and standing in the community. It may feel limiting or like added responsibility but it has legs and needs serious energy on your part today to work through the details.


Very good energy is working for you on Monday, take action and pursue the outside resources, joint finances, financial backing or taking care of any debt or loans as you deal with positive long term affects where fantasy work such as film, working behind the scenes, dealing with hospitals or other institutions, research or retreat is concerned. Today’s New Moon is opening up two strong weeks to launch in career or towards goals so step up now, you can make your name at this time.

Tuesday your personal goals and career ambitions will be at odds with powerful changes occurring at home or with property so do your best to balance your time between both and remember the home/property carries the bigger stick. Fantasy work, institutions and research continue to work on your behalf as well as the big money in the picture.

Wednesday requires adjustments where creativity or love are involved and these may challenge your goals a bit. You will also need to deal with a friend over home or property matters with an eye on transforming a situation. There is a surprise or change on the work or health front that should put a smile on your face, goals are in flow.

Thursday talks with a friend about travel, media, publishing, promotion, legal matters, or education will provide opportunity so open up. The challenge today is in areas or intimacy or shared resources with said friend or group affiliation.

Friday brings a talk, meeting, or making or breaking of an agreement, and this involves the media, legal, educational, or travel issue and how it ties into a fantasy project, work you have been doing behind the scenes, research project, or dealing with a hospital or other institution. This is serious and has long term ramifications so approach it with care.


Monday is a banner day and for you there is wonderful activity with partners, agents or attorneys and serious connections to friendship, aspiration or group functions. Go for the love or money with these significant people today. The New Moon is activating your standing in the media, travel, legal matters, and education. You have two strong weeks from today to initiate fresh starts here that will influence the year ahead.

Tuesday brings an intense talk or meeting about your needs in the media, travel, education or legal matter, this is in opposition so you may need to finesse this person a bit but be aware that they hold the power. Friends are in your corner and group activities favor you today as well as partnering with someone in a media, legal, travel, or education matter.

Wednesday will require an adjustment around home or property when dealing with the legal, travel, educational or media matter. You will also need to adjust to make an emotional adjustment where goals are concerned and the powerful talk or meeting on the radar. Nice surprises or changes arrive via creative projects, children or lovers.

Thursday talk about the money or the intimacy, your goal is in sight here so set up meetings or open the lines of communication. Taking action with a partner, agent or attorney will be challenging today so wait it out if you can.

Friday offers the opportunity to have the serious talk, meeting or decision to make or break an agreement with a friend about the shared resources, big money matter, intimacy, divorce or anything else that would fall under the shared agenda. If this is not one friend you are dealing with it could be a group or organization. Think about long term results.


Monday is a wonderful day where your serous long term goals and career standing are concerned. You can take action on the work you are providing today with the goal of love or money in mind, it is all working for you. The New Moon is opening up two strong weeks to initiate fresh starts in how the money is shared, dealing with big money issues such as debt, loans or credit, initiating intimacy or dealing with reproductive matters.

Tuesday you will need to put in some time regarding the money you make, spend and what is shared or coming in through loans, settlements, inheritance or another joint resource. This is intense on some level as you are looking at major transformation in the situation if you can maintain your balance. Career opportunity is in the picture with stability or long term responsibilities are concerned so do the work or ask for the position.

Wednesday you will need to have a talk about the joint resources, debt or sexual matter and this will require some adjustments on your part as you approach it through a bit of a fog. Look to adjust your creative feelings around a media or travel matter and the major changes you seek in earnings today as well. There is a nice surprise or change at home or regarding property.

Thursday talks with partners, agents or attorneys should please you where media, legal, educational, or travel matters are involved. Taking action on the work you want to do tied to one of these matters is still challenging today so stick to the talks.

Friday you will be having a very serious talk or meeting with a partner, agent or attorney about a long term goal or career matter. This energy is about looking very responsibly at what you want to deal with here and either making or breaking an agreement.


Monday is such a wonderful day for you dear Capricorn. The energy is about love, children, creative projects and fun and how they tie in seriously with legal matters or ceremonies, travel, media, promotion, publishing, or education. You can assume that all of this flows supportively together today and act on your passions here. The New Moon is occurring in your house of partners, agents and attorneys. You have two strong weeks to seed new beginnings that will affect the year to come though connections with these people.

Tuesday puts you in the position to balance power and control issues with this partner, agent or attorney. You are the one carrying the big stick but you do have a need for this person on some level so balance. There is great opportunity to deal with long term matters legally, through travel, media or education today so don’t hesitate. You are also on the receiving end of some amazing energy around love, children and creativity so act on it.

Wednesday you will need to make an adjustment around the money matter with the partner, agent or attorney and there seems to be a bit of confusion or difference in artistry or romantic approach here, this is not the day to bring it all together. You will also need to deal with how you feel about sharing your funds or body in the current situation with an eye on your personal power and transformation. A surprising talk with a partner, attorney or agent should please at some point today.

Thursday talks about the work, service you provide or a health matter are under favorable stars, opportunity is here where outside resources are concerned. Taking action on a creative venture or with a lover or child in areas of joint finances or intimacy are a bit out of whack as well today so hold off.

Friday the talk about work, services provided, health, or pets will regard a serious matter with long term ramifications in areas of legalities, media or promotion, education, or travel. Whatever you are agreeing on or severing today will be in place for a while and require serious commitment or responsibility on your part.


Monday is about the home or property and any matter involving joint finances, outside resources, settlements, inheritance, insurance, taxes, or loans and debt. The energy today is about taking action with positive results so dive in. The New Moon is in areas of work, health and pets so you have two strong weeks to intiate new beginnings in these areas that will affect the year ahead.

Tuesday you will be dealing with your needs at work, with pets or involving your health and major transformation coming through something behind the scenes, in retreat, at a hospital, through research or fantasy projects such as film or acting. There is great opportunity to transform in these areas through loans or outside money sources and good energy behind actions taken at home or with property.

Wednesday you will need to adjust physically to the health or work matter, you may feel a bit confused or in a foggy area around this so just pace yourself. You will also need to look at feelings around partnership, agents or attorneys today as you find yourself dealing with powerful transformations behind closed doors. Income is under positive stars.

Thursday talks about love, children or creative projects bring opportunity if tied to partners, agents or attorneys. You will need to wait a bit before taking action on the home or property matter with a partner, attorney or agent or if you do try today be prepared to deal with obstacles.

Friday a talk about love, creative outlets, children, or recreation comes up for serious discussion. There is a flavor of make or break in the agreement here or of taking responsibility or limiting something in the mix. You will be looking at how money is shared, how a divorce or death affects these things or how intimacy is involved in the picture.


Monday is a big day for you in matters of the heart, doing things with partners, agents or attorneys, or that involve the local scene, a written matter, communicating, making agreements, and love or money and the way you go after it. DO IT TODAY. The New Moon is happening in the area of creative projects, children, lovers, and fun. This is a new beginning with these people and activities so seed fresh starts now and over the next two weeks that will affect the year to come.

Tuesday you will be dealing with your needs with a child, creative project or in a love matter and this is going to be in opposition to a powerful matter involving a friendship or aspiration in your life. The need to balance and transform is heavy. Partners and agents are ready to help you and there is a wonderful opening for meeting up and talking matters through, auditioning, making new contacts, etc., so get out there.

Wednesday you will need to deal with your feelings about the child, creative venture or lover in relation to self-sabotaging or hidden agendas and a need or desire to retreat. Feelings about the work you do or a pet or health matter are in the mix where friends are concerned and another need to adjust to current trends. Nice surprises come your way through creativity, children and love.

Thursday talks or meetings about home or property are filled with opportunity, especially where the work, health or pet issue is involved. Getting out on the local scene may be a challenge due to work, pets or health today so don’t take it to heart.

Friday you will be making or breaking an agreement with a partner, agent or attorney regarding the home or property matter. This is important, serious and will require commitment or responsibility, limitation or loss. It could go either way but will be about stepping up to the challenge and making adult decisions.


Friday, June 19, 2009


Saturday, I am tempted to tell you, eh…so what. If the sun is shining in your part of the world get out there and bask a bit because whatever has got you stewing is going to pass and so much sooner than you think.

Like on Sunday.

Why? Because the Sun is going to enter Cancer where he is going to be about shining a light on how you are nurtured and where you live. He is jamming into this sign the day before our first of two New Moon’s in Cancer, the next falling on July 21st as a total Solar Eclipse. So……….it is going to be about some MAJOR new starts in your Cancer house of the chart.

The other really sweet aspect on Sunday is Venus and Mars coming together on the same degree. I said it was sweet! But it is also passionate, feisty, flirty, all about the lust and love and money and what it is going to take to go after it today. With this powder keg of energy, trust me, it won’t take much, so take care who you smile at!


Work those connections and reach out to friends and groups as you wind your way towards conquering an income matter. Talks are big and over the top and your bid for power and career status will take just a bit more communicating but it is so close to happening.

Sunday the Sun beams his rays into the home, property or security matters. You have a solid month to shine in these arenas and start fresh. Venus and your ruler, Mars, are meeting up to embrace where you make money so go for it big time today, push, show your passions, be aggressive, make it happen.


It’s an emotional push towards recognition and career goals on Saturday with a surprise or change around a friendship. You may discover a new aspiration today as cutting edge ideas are aiming their arrows at you. Whatever you are learning or traveling for now is a stretch but good for business.

Sunday the Suns move into Cancer marks a time of heightened communications about you. The written word is as well streaming from your core and will be strong over the next month. The Venus/Mars embrace is occurring in your sign making you the darling of the zodiac, don’t spread the love too thin!!!


Oh kitty, keep finessing the project you are working on behind closed doors, you are so close! Take all sudden opportunities to expand your career goals seriously today and don’t be afraid to learn more or to expand through travel, legal channels or media.

Sunday the Sun enters Cancer to illuminate your earning potential for a full month ahead. You are the golden child at present so nose to grindstone. The meeting of Mars and Venus is happening behind the scenes so look for secret affairs to spark or for love or money to approach through fantasy work or dealing with institutions.


Concerns about debt or joint finances may be high on Saturday as you are dealing with an important aspiration or a friend who needs help with the money. Insights and sudden events tied to media, travel, law, or education bring opportunity within your group of kindred spirits. Work on adjustments with partners and the work behind the scenes or strategizing you are doing together.

Sunday the Sun moves into your sign and you can officially come out into the light to shine the brightest over the next month. You are being groomed between these two Cancer New Moons to emerge as a new you. Mars and Venus are embracing in your social sphere so expect to find love or seek money through friends, social functions or chasing your aspirations with passion.


Whatever goals you have set on Saturday, a partner or representative figures into the mix and you will need to deal with what that entails. The sparks are flying around sexual connections and big money so go with the spontaneous moments and ideas. Powerful work or health changes put your through the moves again with a friendship.

Sunday the Sun enters Cancer to put you in the spotlight in matters related to retreat, research, dreams, fantasy, film, music, spirituality, and dealing with hospitals or other institutions. The Mars/Venus hook-up is rocking it out in your goals, ambitions and career house so pour on the passion, go for broke, it’s new beginning time.


How can travel, publishing, promotion, education, or law help the work you are doing? Don’t let obstacles hold you back here, work through it. A nice surprise may come through a partner or representative in one of these areas that seems like good news for you. Continue to pursue big changes around creativity, love and children.

Sunday the Sun slips into Cancer and lights up your friendships, aspirations and associations. This means you are at the center of the stage in these circles so expect to be meeting new people and reconnecting with old over the next month. Mars and Venus meet up to help you motivate by travel, media, education or law. This is where the new beginnings are sparking in love and money.


Focus part of the day on the money issues and who you are sharing these with or how, look at creative projects that still need to pay and some sudden unexpected opportunities in work to arrive. As you deal with feelings about how you are reaching your higher aims and coping with legal, travel, educational, or media matters, know that the home and who you share it with still have some major shifts in store towards your empowerment.

Sunday the Sun enters the peak of your chart where it will cast a spotlight on you in your career, helping you to shine in all of your goals and ambitions over the next month. This is big so use it well, schedule your meetings or send out resumes now. Mars and Venus meet in your house of sexual intimacy and shared resources spurring you to embrace a hottie or to take some action on the money matter.


Feelings move from how partners are managing at home or with property to the big money issues around the home. You will be wise to have a deep conversation about how you share in this and what exactly you need with a willingness to adjust a bit emotionally in the matter.

Sunday the Sun enters a fellow water sign, Cancer, and will align with you to open doors in areas of media, publishing, promotion, travel, education, law, philosophy, and politics over the next month. This is your cue to step out and be seen in these matters. Mars and Venus are hooking up in your partnership zone so you may find it a great time to connect romantically or passionately with a partner or to go after the money with an attorney or agent.


Talks about work or health are a bit challenging if not inspired. Talks about home are full of surprises and opportunity. There may be a partner, attorney or agent you need to talk to today as well and this seems to be about a big matter that is not jiving quite as you would wish. All in all, lots of communications on Saturday.

Sunday the Sun enters Cancer and will illuminate your house of sex, divorce, death, and other peoples money-ie loans, joint finances, taxes, debt, credit cards, insurance, inheritance, and settlements. You will be focal in these areas over the next month and should shine here so prepare to go deep. The Mars/Venus meeting is about applying your passions at work and towards health. Be proactive on a new routine today and if single, you may meet someone while caring for pets or working.


Saturday is a mixed bag with issues around kids, lovers and creativity coming up regarding money. Talks will likely take a surprising twist when dealing with this. Work and health as well as any matters involving pets comes up as more concern around the big outlay of earnings. Pluto is suggesting you continue to empower yourself by taking it one task at a time and trusting in yourself.

Sunday the Sun enters Cancer and will shine a light on all partnerships as well as your connections with agents, managers and attorneys over the next month. You are in the spotlight with these people and your connections are going to be vital to your identity and personal goals. The Venus/Mars conjunction is happening in your house of true love, creativity, fun and children. This is the best of all placements to meet someone new or reconnect to your passions with someone current. Don’t hide your love away today.


Saturday will be about dealing with home and any feelings of fantasy you held around yourself here. There is a moment of surprise around spending or making some money at home or for a property that looks good so go with the flow. To deal with how you are feeling about a loved one or your own creativity today it will help to remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Sunday the Sun enters Cancer and will be casting it’s bright rays on the work you do, your health and your pets over the next month. This is a good time to nurture yourself into shape or bond with a pet. You will be the employee of the month at work if you wish, just smile and accept the gratitude. Venus and Mars hook up in your home base today so taking action around property or where you live, or putting your passions into play at home are all positive.


You are going to want to talk about the secret, strategy, hidden agenda, or the work you have been doing behind the scenes today. There is a need to express any disillusionment in self-sabotaging behaviors and to connect this to what is going on in the home. Things may not be progressing as fast as you like but they are progressing. Continue to reach out to friends for a sense of empowerment as you grapple with property issues.

Sunday the Sun enters Cancer to illuminate your house of true love, children, and creativity. This opens an entire month ahead where you will be seeing the spotlight on these areas of life for you. You can shine here if you so desire, if single this is a great time to meet someone new. Mars and Venus meet in your local arena so a new love interest would show up while shopping for groceries or walking the dog. A sibling may introduce you or you may find them on a short trip. If you are a writer, go for the gold today.