Friday, June 5, 2009

Venus is changing signs on Saturday and this should feel pretty sweet for everyone as she is entering a sign she rules. Therefore our love and money matters should go a bit smoother than they have in a while.

On Sunday we have the Sagittarius Full Moon. A Full Moon in Jupiter’s domain always asks us to look at our belief system. Whatever is peaking in your world at this time, apply your highest minded ideals to its culmination.

I hope it is a lovely weekend for all!


Venus enters your earnings zone on Saturday which should put a smile on your face. She brings with her the ability to attract and she rules love and money, so finding her in the house of earned income should now make it much easier for you to bring in the money. Spending on luxury items is another side effect of this influence so watch the credit cards!

Sunday is a Full Moon in Sagittarius. This is bringing a peak experience around a legal matter, a travel plan or with someone at a distance, a ceremony, a media venture, promotion, or publishing issue, or higher education. Whatever is culminating today will come via celebration or endings and will also involve emotions over a work matter, health issue or pet.


Venus enters your sign on Saturday! This is a wonderful placement for her and you since she rules the sign of Taurus. This influence over the next few weeks gives you a great magnetism, helps you attract just about anything you want to go after, makes you the central figure in all things involving beauty, love and money, so put on your best smile and go out and do it.

Sunday the Full Moon in Sagittarius is bringing a big money matter to a head, one that involves loans, credit, joint finances, or other outside resources, a sexual connection to steamy heights or endings, or a divorce or death finally culminating in your world. Full Moons are emotional and this one will most likely play out around creativity and love.


Venus enters Taurus on Saturday and will take the energy of attraction where love and money are concerned behind the scenes in your world over the next few weeks. This is going to give you added charm and finesse in working on research projects, fantasy work, any strategic work you are doing, and is a great time to get your beauty rest, recharge your spirit and spend money on any beautifying needs in hospital.

Sunday brings the Full Moon in Sagittarius and a peak experience in a partnership, be it a romantic or business partner, or with someone like an agent, manager or attorney. This will be a significant time with this person, either in celebration or ending and there is an issue of home, where you are living or property involved.


Venus enters your house of friendship, associations, aspirations and social functions on Saturday so prepare to be the center of the storm. This energy gives you lots of attractive qualities now where love and money are concerned so look to your social life as the place to manifest this in your world over the next few weeks. If a friend wishes to set you up or make introductions say yes!

Sunday the Full Moon in Sagittarius is bringing a work, health or pet matter to a peak in your world. You may be celebrating a job well done or wrapping up some work, seeing the results from a health regime or seeing a peak experience here that helps you turn a corner, or doing something wonderful with your pet. A serious talk or meeting seems to be part of the scenario.


Venus is entering your career Midheaven on Saturday which should really give you lots to smile about. She brings the ability to attract love and money so over the next few weeks you should be able to shine in the career, ask for more money or better benefits, if your goal is love, you are in the drivers seat, your reputation will be better than ever and you can relax a bit and allow the universe to pick up the slack.

Sunday the Full Moon in Sagittarius is bringing a creative project, recreational activity, or something involving a lover or child to a peak in your world. You may be celebrating your project being released or promoted, find someone is declaring their love for you or that you are ending an affair, or that your due date arrives today with the birth of a child, or a celebration of a milestone in a child’s life. Feelings over income play into the matter on some level.


Venus enters your house of travel, higher education, media, promotions, publishing, ceremonies, and legal matters on Saturday which should be great news for you if you are dealing with any of these themes now. Expect them to go smoothly now, for women to benefit you here and for love and money to manifest through these doors over the next few weeks.

Sunday the Full Moon in Sagittarius is bringing a home matter to a peak in your world. This can mean that you are celebrating something being completed in the home such as a renovation or remodel or you may be buying, selling or taking in roommates or seeing one leave, or you may be moving yourself. If you are moving it is most likely it will be to some place at a distance. Your identity is changing in all of this on some level. Pace yourself so you don’t overtax your body.


Venus is entering Taurus on Saturday and your house of loans, taxes, insurance, credit, joint finances and outside resources, sex, intimacy, death, and divorce. This energy brings you much more smooth sailing over the next few weeks and the ability to attract love and money through dealing with any of these themes, so it is a good time to ask for the loan, take care of debt, settle joint financial matters, meet someone sexy and loving, or settle the estate or divorce in an amicable manner.

Sunday the Full Moon in Sagittarius brings a communications matter to a head in your world. This can involve how you are thinking about a trip, legal, media or ][educational matter, or about something you have written that ties into these themes being accepted, released or wrapped up, or it could be about something culminating with a sibling or in your neighborhood.


Venus enters Taurus on Saturday and brings her ability to attract love, beauty and money into your house of partnership and representation. This means that over the next few weeks you have much to look forward to via significant others, business partner, agents, managers or attorneys. It should be smooth sailing and a great time to ask for what you need from these people.

Sunday the Full Moon in Sagittarius is bringing an income matter to a head in your world so look at a bonus or opportunity coming through with the resume you sent out or a current income to wrap up as it ends. You may also see a possession of yours is finally sold or brought home off of layaway. There is some sort of issue involving a friendship or group tied to this and a need to deal with it responsibility.


With Venus’s move into Taurus on Saturday you can look forward to the next few weeks running smoothly as far as the work you do, with your health and pets. These are the places that love and money will play out for you in positive ways so if you have wanted to ask for more money for the job you are doing or the service you are providing, go for it, and if you want to invest some money into a health program or for a pet you should be happy with the results.

Sunday the Full Moon is occurring in your sign so you will be peaking as an individual in some manner now. You image may have reached a climax out there may have been reached now or you may see something going on physically ending. Goals or reputation are key in this.


Venus is entering Taurus on Saturday which rings a wonderful few weeks ahead for you in areas of recreation, creativity, true love and with children. You have the beautiful of the goddess around everything fun now so enjoy your time with loved ones, fuel your creative juices, spend your money on things that bring you joy and if you are single, do your best to get out there as you may attract someone amazing now.

Sunday is the Full Moon in Sagittarius so you can expect that something you have been working on behind the scenes is coming to its peak now. This could be a research project, strategy or fantasy work or it could be a secret getting out, a hidden agenda peaking or a time dealing with a hospital or prison finally ending. Law, travel, someone at a distance, higher education, or media is likely part of it as well.


With Venus’s entry into Taurus on Saturday you have her energy working for you on the home front, with those who live with you, involving all property matters, your security needs, the foundations you are building, and anything relating to mom and childhood. This means that love and money should flow well for you here and that you should be able to attract what you need over the next couple weeks in these areas.

Sunday brings the Full Moon in Sagittarius which will be bringing a social celebration, something with a friendship to a peak, a networking event or group culmination or an aspiration of yours finally reaching a climax in some way. The Full Moon is colored with travel, legal matters, education and media matters around the friends and you will be either celebrating or ending something.


Venus enters Taurus on Saturday to open up talks about love and money in your world. This energy is about attracting what you want and involves women, love or money, so take meetings now, open up talks, be seen locally as love may find you at your neighborhood haunts, and put energy into short trips or interactions with siblings. All of this brings what you need, runs smoother and is in your favor over the next few weeks.

Sunday the Full Moon in Sagittarius is bringing a career matter to a head or it may be a certain goal of yours that is peaking or something about your reputation or fame. This is a high point of the year when you can celebrate what you have achieved or you may be wrapping up and ending a career or ambition now as well. Emotions around partnership are involved in today’s energy as you look at what you have managed to achieve and bring about celebrations or endings in goal related areas.


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