Friday, June 26, 2009


This weekend is going to be a bit like a pit bull, focused on its mark and not letting go. That’s a good thing. On Saturday you will be taking a very serious look at it and deciding if it stays or if it goes. Decision time. It is either serving a purpose in your life or it is not. They are either good for you or you are their Sookie waiting to have your life blood drained. The talk you are going to have is serious. Once that is done, you will know and the actions you take will be relatively easy and comforting.

On Sunday you will wake feeling as though you made the right decision and this will be evident by how you now feel about love or money. The Neptunian energy will make for a bit of confusion about where to go from here or he will tug on your memories with a big box of Kleenex and a ‘remember when’ but you know, memory is selective, c’est la vie. Uranus is not to be outdone so he is going to spring into action with something unexpected or shocking. You always have a choice when this energy shows up, my suggestion is to step back and take it in rather than jump and react. Emotions will run deep today.


Your pit bull objective this weekend is one of three things: work, health or pets. On Saturday you get to make a serious decision about one of these things and either let something go or commit more time and work to it. You need to have a talk about what you need here and be sure to view both sides of the issue as there will be two distinct versions. Once you make up your mind you will be ready to take action in the house of income, meaning that you will either go after more money on the work scene, spend money on a health issue or buy a pet or purchase something for them.

Sunday the flow of love and money to the work, health or pet issue is wonderful and favoring you. There is some drama brewing with a friendship or group affiliation here so take care that you don’t get led astray. Uranus is going to throw something you didn’t expect at you from a hidden enemy or a sudden need to visit a hospital or deal with a fantasy project. Emotions run deep about career and goals and who you are partnering with to achieve them.


Ruf Ruf. That’s the sound of your pit bull this weekend and you are one of the lucky signs in that you will be focusing tenaciously on a creative project, a lover or a child. Issues like these at least hold promise of fun. On Saturday you need to look at that serious choice regarding one of these areas. How’s it working for you? You have to have a talk about the money or what is of value here, it’s tough but you can do it. Once this is handled, you are off like a bullet, throwing yourself passionately or aggressively into the fray.

Sunday Venus is smiling on your decision so you are either happy about the love or the money in the choice you made. There will be something confusing around the goal or career tied to this today so don’t let it side track you, not gonna figure this part out just yet. Uranus is tossing his veritable lightning bolt at a friendship or aspiration so you may have a sudden invitation to a party or a run in with the unexpected through this person. Feelings run deep around beliefs, media, travel, education, or legal matters and the work you do.


The pit bull is all about what is going on where you live this weekend, the home, property, or security matters. You need to make a decision or deal with some form of limitation or responsibility here. A talk about your needs is important in this matter, you do count you know. Once you have voiced your position and cleared the air, you are free to take off into your own world, enter a fantasy, retreat, or deal with an institution.

Sunday brings Venus home so you will be feeling the love or money aimed at what is going on behind the scenes at home or with property matters in a good way. There is some confusion around travel plans, education, media matters, or legal issues while dealing with the home issue. Don’t let it escalate. Uranus is tossing in a wild card around career or goals so breathe, it is hard to balance home and ambition some times. Feelings run deep in matters of shared resources, intimacy, sex, or divorce, and what is happening at home.


Make up your mind, dear Cancer! The pit bull is the way you are thinking through a matter of importance right now or a way you are communicating or writing it. On Saturday you need to make the decision about what you say, write, the neighborhood you are tied to, a sibling issue, or a short trip. The talk that ensues is about what has been going on behind the scenes, the work you have been doing in private, a fantasy project or some hidden agenda. Once you have opened up on this matter you can positively dive in with a friend or group and make things happen.

Sunday Venus is smiling on your friendships so look at ways to communicate or write, take short trips or share ideas. There could be love or money in this. The confusion today is around money matters and how they are shared with a person or bank, intimacy or sex, divorce or death. Uranus is tossing something unexpected your way via a trip, travel arrangement, media, education or legal matter. Feelings run deep around partnership and home.


Your pit bull this weekend has got a mouth full of money. Income and the way you make it is what you will be focusing in on with the intention to do the work, commit or end one way of earning the green. The talk is with a friend or group you are associated about the money. Once you have cleared it up and asked for what you need you will have the motivation to take on the goal before you with ambitions sailing.

Sunday you wake with an amazing energy around earnings and career, Venus is smiling on you so the money should be aligned. Whoever you are partnering with or the agent or attorney involved will be a bit out of alignment over the money matter. There is some sort of confusion, deception or artistic or romantic differences in the mix, not the best time to expect clear answers. Uranus is tossing in a shocker around an intimate matter or a shared resource, keep an eye on credit cards. Emotions run deep later on over a work, health or pet matter.


You are the pit bull this weekend. Unlike the rest of the zodiac, the aim is not out there. You need to bite into your image, ego needs, body, or identity and not let go. You have to get serious about your look or your needs today, cut something away or decide to commit energy to improvements. The serious talk is about who you are or your image tied to your goals or career. Once you have this communication, the energy shifts and favors action such as boarding a plane or booking the trip, taking a class, teaching, doing something media related or to promote yourself, or affecting your identity through legal channels.

Sunday you will wake feeling good about what you did and see that there is love or money in the picture for you tied to the travel, legal, media or educational matter you undertook. There are some confusing corners around a work, health or pet matter so take your time here. The shocker comes from a partner, agent or attorney with a sudden change or surprise that affects you. Emotions run deep over income and a lover, child or creative project later in the day.


Your pit bull is bounding through the ethers this weekend, deep into dreamscape, retreat, meditation, hidden agendas, strategies, fantasy work, film, acting, research, hospitals or prisons. You need to make a decision here and commit or cut away what is not working. A talk about travel, media, promotion, publishing, legal matters, or education is on the agenda tied to one of your pit bulls needs. Once you have the talk you will have a clear field to go after the money that comes from an outside source or to connect sexually or intimately with another, or to take action on the divorce or death in a positive way.

Sunday you wake feeling good about the decision and see signs of love or money around what has been worked out. There is some confusion or need to clarify something artistic or involving love or children. Uranus throws a sudden bolt from the blue around work, health or a pet so keep an eye out for changes or surprises here. Emotions run deep around home or property matters.


Your pit bull this weekend is wearing party shoes and smoking big cigars. Your focus is going to be friends, social occasions, networking, and aspirations. You will want to make a decision about how you feel about a commitment or obligation or taking a leadership role with someone here. There needs to be a talk about a joint financial matter, debt, loan, or about a sexual matter that involves you both. Once you have cleared the air you will have Mars pushing you to partner or go get an attorney or other representative to do something with the friend or group association.

Sunday Venus is smiling on the friendship and partnership or representation which means there is love or money in the mix that benefits you. There seems to be an issue over the home or property matter that is a bit confusing or disorienting with the friend, maybe just not defined yet. Uranus is going to toss a wild card into the friendship over a child, lover or creative matter, this means change or surprise. Emotions run deep over a conversation that seems to leave something unsaid.


The pit bull energy of the weekend for you is all about grabbling onto the brass ring and not letting go. Career, ambition, goals, reputation, father and fame are where the focus is aimed. Make a decision about committing time or work here or cut something loose. A talk with a partner, agent or attorney is in the mix and will challenge you but once you have said your peace the energy gets very motivated around tackling the work at hand to meet your goals.

Sunday you wake with Venus smiling on you via your work, health and with your pets. This is great for the goals you have set and will show you where the love and money are. There is a communication today that is a bit out of whack regarding artistry, romance or spirituality and the goals before you, don’t be deceived and take your time figuring out just what you believe. Uranus tosses in a wild card around home or property matters. Emotions run deep regarding a money matter and a friendship.


You’ve got the adventuring pit bull this weekend. He has bitten down on travel, media or promotion, higher education, or legal matters and he wants you to make a commitment or let something go through one of these expansive realms. A talk regarding the work being done, a service provided, a health matter, or a pet is going to help you define what it is you want. Once you have cleared the air you will have a burst of positive energy to tackle something fun with passion. Look to love, children or creative outlets to expand your world tonight.

Sunday Venus is shining her light on the trip, media, legal or educational matter, and the lover, child or creativity tied to this. This means that there is love or money here for you so you should feel happy about your choice. There is a bit of confusion over the income matter today in all of this so either you aren’t sure what you are supposed to earn or you are having trouble deciding if you should spend the money here since it seems big and not completely clear. Take your time and weigh this out carefully. Uranus is tossing in a surprise communication on top of this so get ready to troubleshoot. Emotions run deep regarding how far you have come towards your goals, you really are becoming a force to be reckoned with, go easy on yourself.


You’ve got a really lusty pit bull or he is determined to get his teeth around a big money matter or divorce issue. How you share your body, handle the money or break a union apart is where the focus of the weekend is going to be. You need to make a decision to commit, work hard or cut it away. A talk about the child or children, the love or a lover, or a creative venture or speculation, is part of the decision making process that will open your eyes and help you make a choice. Once you have made yourself clear, you will find you have the energy to tackle the home or property matter here with positive zeal.

Sunday you wake feeling good about the home or property matter and how you worked it out yesterday. There is love or money in this for you since Venus is angled so beautifully for you. Neptune may have you feeling a bit confused about your identity or a bit hung over from the romp last night, don’t push yourself too hard physically today. Uranus is tossing a wild card into the mix regarding what you earn or spend your money on today. Emotions run deep over what has gone on in private, was hidden, secret, self-sabotaging or addictive, or purely escapist, you will need to get a handle on your beliefs regarding this.


Your pit bull this weekend comes in the form of a partner, agent or attorney. This is where you need to grab hold and pour all of your focus. You have to decide to commit, put in the time and work, or cut it away. A talk about the home or property is part of this equation and will help you to figure out which way to go in the matter. Once you have had this discussion, you will feel motivated to do something locally with or about them, take a short trip, write something, or take your ideas to the streets.

Sunday you wake with Venus on your side knowing you have made the right decision and there will be love or money there to show you this with the partner, agent or attorney and what is going on locally, in writing, communicated, or handled in short trips. Neptune is fogging up the hidden agenda or what is being worked on behind the scenes a bit, there may be fantasy, research or hospitals tied into this confusion with the partner or representative so make sure you get clear about what is going on. Uranus tosses in another charge of surprise or need for independence through you in relation to the partner or representative so you may surprise yourself in this moment. Emotions run deep regarding a friendship or aspiration and what is shared.


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