Friday, June 12, 2009


TGIF. How is everyone feeling after the transitions have been put into place? If you were in flow with universal energies, something shifted, changed, ended, began, a step was taken and no matter how that felt, you know you are moving in the right direction.

For those of you who still don’t have a handle on that don’t worry about it, allow for what comes and find your center, engage your faith in yourself, others and the dance of life, it is meant to be changing just now, you are being taken up stream by a beautiful breeze upon the waters. See this as a child would, a grand adventure.


There is a new way of thinking about what is going on Saturday as Mercury enters Gemini. I want you to look at the way your interpretation of events has contributed to where you are now and how your new empowered mental state is helping lead you forward on a course more consistent with your gifts and abilities. Over the next few weeks, starting today, open up lines of communications, launch written proposals and projects, meet up with like-minded individuals, and speak your truth.

Sunday brings the Moon into alignment with Venus and Mars, pay attention to what you feel inspired to act on, put your money behind, or go after where love or money are concerned today. There will be an amazing conjunction on the 21st and supportive trine on the 22nd which will make real what you move towards this weekend. Income will be the new beginning.


With Mercury’s move into Gemini on Saturday, you are applying your mental capabilities in a new way towards an income matter. This is the time to learn something new, to write about it, to connect with others locally or open up lines of communications in ways that lead to income. A short trip may be involved or a tie to brothers or sisters as well. Set up your meetings, write about it or send out resumes over the next weeks.

Sunday feelings about heartfelt aspirations should be inspired as you connect with a group or friend and put yourself out there physically. There is something of love or money around you, your image, identity or an ego pursuit now, pay attention to this circle of friends or aspiration and more importantly on who you are in the center of the situation because by the 21st/22nd you will see something new and positive take form from what you have moved forward in this weekend.


Your ruler is moving into your sign today which is nothing short of a celebration for you. There have been so many talks and meetings going on behind the scenes, in private, secret or just a feeling that everything you have been wanting to express has not been able to come out yet. Well, as of today that changes. The talk is about you, and you need to open up, write, meet, and express yourself. It is ok to put your needs first at this time.

Sunday there is a wonderful opportunity to pour your emotional energy into a goal or career matter, to enhance your reputation or seek fame as you move towards something that you have been working on behind the scenes. This may be a strategy, a research project, something artistic or spiritual, a fantasy project such as a film or character you are developing, or something tied to an institution. Pay attention to what your heart leads you towards today, by the 21st/22nd there will be a real development to launch you forward.


With the messenger of the gods slipping into your twelfth house of dreams and fantasy, retreat and strategy, you may begin to feel today as if you have an ear on the pulse of the veil. Over the next few weeks, you will be the conduit of a stream of ideas and messages from the other side, take note of your dreams, open up to your imagination and write what comes to you. You may be entrusted with more than your fair share of secrets now but this is ok, you have a message for those who share them.

Sunday brings an opportunity in one of the higher minded arenas with a friend or group. This means you will feel emotionally connected to either higher education, learning or teaching, philosophy, law, travel, or media, publishing or promotion. There is going to be a sense of taking action to connect with the friend or group in one of these ways and you should pay attention to what this suggests. By the 21st/22nd there is going to be something solid that springs from what you set in motion now.


If you have felt at all out of the loop of late Leo, that is a thing of the past as of today. With Mercury’s move into Gemini you will be the one everyone is calling, meeting up with and sharing ideas with. You will be the center of the stage in group situations and should get more than your fair share of invitations over the next few weeks. This is a time to promote your aspirations with your circle of friends as well as with associates because someone out there will be able to lend a hand.

Sunday will bring focus on the deeper things of life so look to how you are feeling sexually, intimately, in matters pertaining to shared resources and joint finances, debt and taxes, divorce or dealing with a death. There is real opportunity for you today to take action towards a goal that will bring you closer to what you want in one of these deep areas. Whether this is about acting on something love or money related with the goal, you should pay attention to what you are motivated to do today because by the 21st/22nd you will have the energy behind you to make a real new start with solid results.


For our hard working Virgos, Saturday should be a shift in energy that you have been waiting for. Mercury , a co-ruler of yours, is moving into Gemini and is going to be changing thinking on career and approach to goals. He will be bringing news, opening up talks, helping you get the meetings you want, and lending his mischievious ideas to ways to promote your reputation or personal fame. With Mercury in this placement, the whole world may hear what you have to say.

Sunday brings an inkling of what you can feel about a romantic or business partner or agent, manager or attorney you are involved with as action is taken regarding legal matters, travel, education, or media. Whatever you pursue today through one of these means, or they pursue on your behalf, pay attention to how you are feeling and how it is taking you because by the 21st/22nd you are going to be seeing new beginning and solid results from what occurs now.


Mercury is going to ease up on you as of Saturday and I am certain this is good news in itself. The mind has been focused on such deep and powerful subjects of late but today you will receive the beginning of new ideas, talks and meetings opening up around travel, media, publishing, promotions, law, education, and philosophy. You will find that reaching people in these areas will be easier and ideas will be better received. Your evolving beliefs will play a big part in how this all unfolds for you.

Sunday there is real opportunity to take action on something that is shared either physically through intimate contact or materially through joint resources. As you pursue desires here with another sprung from love or money interests, you will see that your feelings about work, health or a pet situation is going to open up for you. I want you to look at what this is for you today because by the 21st/22nd there is a new beginning with very positive long term results tied to it from what you start today.


With the messenger god moving into the house of power in your chart on Saturday, you should have all the energy you need to look at a sexual matter, divorce, death, or big money issue in a whole new way. You have control in conversations and the power in meetings over the next few weeks so use it well. There is a need to come from your personal depth in all that is said, don’t just scratch the surface (as if you would) and be willing to share ideas that have the power to transform situations or connections.

Sunday there is a wonderful opportunity aspect in place between fun, love, children, or creativity, and a partner, agent, manager, or attorney. If you take action with the significant person here over love or money matters, the feelings should be very positive and the energy of spiritual, romantic or artistic connection should flow freely. I want you to watch what comes up today because by the 21st/22nd you will be making a real solid move forward from this energy.


Saturday brings new talks, meetings, news, or ideas between you and a significant other. This may be a romantic or business partner or an agent, manager or attorney. Over the next few weeks you are going to want to share ideas with this person, meet someone new who can represent you in some way, ask for what you want, propose, or talk about what is wrong. You have a brand new way of looking at the most important connections in life and you are about to see how this serves you well.

Sunday brings an opportunity to take action or do something with a pet, a work situation, a task at hand, or a health issue. You may join gym, start a diet, climb a mountain, put some money into getting fit, begin a work related project or ask for money to do a particular work assignment, or go pick up a pet and bring it home. Regardless of which avenue sparks your efforts today, the home will be integral in it and you will want to notice what you do as there will be a strong new beginning on the 21st/22nd that brings long term results for you through what starts today.


Mercury enters Gemini on Saturday and will inspire you with new ways of thinking about the work you do, a health matter or how you handle pets. You will hear more news, have more talks, hold more meetings and share more ideas in these three areas over the next few weeks. So if you need to ask for help on the job, a new position, a new way of doing the work, learn something that will help you move it forward or make an agreement with someone to help you, go for it, ditto a new health plan or exercise regime, or ways to care for you pet or adopt a new one. You hold the keys here so allow your quick mind to open in these areas and ask for what you need, the universe is listening.

Sunday brings wonderful energy around doing something with the kids, a lover, a recreational activity, or a creative project. The actions you take are motivated by love or money and there should be positive feelings about what is communicated, written, or brought about locally. Pay attention to whatever this plays out as on Sunday because by the 21st/22nd you will have the potential to begin fresh with some long term results in this area.


The trickster god Mercury, is moving into your house of love, children, recreation, and creativity on Saturday. This means that you will have more talks and share more ideas in these areas over the next few weeks as well as the potential to meet a new love interest if you are single and out and about in the local scene. You may decide to have a child during this transit, find new ways to agree on custody or time spent with them, get a bright new idea on a creative endeavor, or just decide you need to have some fun.

Sunday actions taken at home, with the house or property, or in dealing with mom or a security matter should show you that there is no need to worry so much over the income. The motivator here today in what you tackle is around love or money and you should pay attention to what feel inspired to do in the living situation because on the 21st/22nd, there will be a wonderful new beginning with potential for long term results from what you pursue today.


Mercury is moving into your home and property base on Saturday and will be bringing his arsenal of ideas, talks, written communications, agreements, and news with him. This means that you will be more than busy fielding these messages about where you live and with whom, the house you own, the property you invest in or sell, and anything related to your security. You are center stage here so ask for what you want and prepare to make or break agreements.

Sunday is an important day where your needs, your sense of peace and your mind are in flow, there is something transpiring in your local scene, action taken involving a female or driven by the desire for love or money and it all leads back to you being grounded and feeling like you are finally ok. I want you to look closely at what you want today and what you act on because on the 21st/22nd there will be some form of new beginning with solid, long term results that stems from it.


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