Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Guess the Celebrity

A Chart Case Study ~by Zoe Moon.

Who do you think this is, for fun:

This man has Mars on the door to how he earns his income in Virgo. So we assume he is meticulous and of service to humanity in some way and most likely uses blades of some sort in cutting since Mars rules blades. Perhaps he is a doctor? Virgo does rule health. In the military? Virgo also rules service, however the military is more prone to guns.

Uranus sits with this Mars so there is something unique to his style or application, he is independent or original in what he does with his masculine energy, any blade work and his passions. All of this ties into his earning potential.

This Mars/Uranus is in a square to a Venus/Mercury conjunction in his Midheaven in Taurus. Hmmm, well Venus is love and beauty and posited in the Midheaven we know he will be well received by the public, will be considered beautiful and that his voice will have a beautiful quality as well. Taurus rules the throat so perhaps he uses his voice as a singer and sings about blades? Or works on the throat as a surgeon. LOL, too early to tell but his words will sing for us and he will make money with them.

Wait, his Venus/Mercury sits on the malefic fixed star Algol, considered the most evil star in the Heavens. The plot thickens. The ancients tied this star to beheadings, (that would involve blades as well), and the symbol of Medusa. The myth is that if you looked at her and she caught your eye you would turn to stone, you must cut off her head to be safe from her.

In my studies I have found that the fixed stars intimate an accelerated life, that by harnessing one of the more powerful fixed stars as part of your star pattern, your life is out there more than the norm, both in positive expansion and tragic loss. It is why celebrities and politicians have so much success often accompanied by personal tragedy.

This particular star Algol is interesting because although in world astrology it portends terrible losses, in an accelerated reading, there are a group of very powerful artists who have chosen this particular energy to move through. It is as if we cannot look away from them, that they mesmerize us as Medusa once did. No, it does not make the person evil, but they will be drawn by some darker things and the energy is incredibly powerful so they will be tested in using it.

He has Pluto just inside the door to how he earns his money. This means the potential to deal with vast amounts of money or draw powerful people to his side is there. Pluto is about depth and intimacy so he will be digging deeply into something, utilizing the power of transformation and his sexuality in how he earns his living. With Pluto ruled by Mercury here, it is selective and it goes back to the fixed stars potential and magnifies this power.

He is a Leo rising, so he wants the stage. Leo is ruled by the Sun and his Sun is in Gemini in the house of aspirations and large groups of people. So he will do well as a speaker or communicator, perhaps a writer, and will pursue his aspirations on the stage or in some grand creative endeavor. Gemini is the sign of the twins, so he will be two very distinct people, one we see, one we do not. The Sun in Gemini is playful, flirtatious, young at heart, charming, and talkative, this Sun is ruled by Mercury and once again, we are led back to Medusa, Algol, where Mercury sits with Venus. This man is incredibly attractive and electric.

If he is famous, which this sounds like he is, then we need to look at Jupiter to see how he finds his luck and prosperity, how he expands and finds fortune. Believe it or not, his Jupiter sits in the sign of Aries (ruled by Mars the ruler of blades). It is in his ninth house of media, publishing, promotion, travel, legal matters, and education. So we know he will have a midas touch in these areas and will once again, lead the show, make it about him, dive in fearlessly, use blades or cutting, be his own force to reckon with, dynamic, sexually exciting, and bigger than life in all of this.

How does he approach his work? His sixth house is in Capricorn with the Moon on the door. Well then, he is the leader, the boss, he has structure and discipline to his approach and huge ambition to be before the public (Moon). His emotions (Moon) are key in his approach. Let’s see where the Moon’s sign is in the chart. Ah, it rules the twelfth house of fantasy work, where we find poets, musicians, filmmakers and actors, gurus, alcoholics, and drug abusers. So he will apply his emotional state to something he internalizes on an artistic or spiritual level behind the scenes. His North Node of Destiny is found in this house as well so this is his road forward in life.

So, who is it?

He is an actor, drawing on his emotions, two people-the man and the character he is playing, before the public, beautiful and magnetic, bigger than life in the media, mesmerizing us, he made his way into our film going hearts in Edward Scissor Hands, a man with blades as fingers, then went on to star in movies such as Sleepy Hollow about the headless horseman who beheaded with a blade, Sweeney Todd who cut the throats of his clients with a blade, From Hell about Jack the Ripper and his surgical blades, and the Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2, & 3, with swords blazing. I’m sure there may be others but you get the drift. He is Johnny Depp. Interesting to note, Medusa’s head was covered with writhing snakes and Depps club on Sunset was called the Viper Room.

You gotta love astrology.


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