Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Happy April! Wow, back track anyone? April is a real head-spinner, one of those months that really brings some big moments, and here’s why:

Pluto Retrogrades on the 6th, taking energy around power, control, sexuality, reproduction, major finances, divorce, death, and transformation over past ground, internalizing the process so as to empower you through a rebirth of sorts. You may have reached a turning point in one of these areas and the next months will be about the release and discovery of what this means to you. You may have unfinished business with a Capricorn to attend to or whatever this part of your chart emphasizes.

Saturn backs out of Libra on the 7th and Retrogrades back into Virgo where you get to retrace any work, health or pet issues along with refining your attention to details, critical thinking and analysis through service. There is something you still need to focus intently upon and work on over the next couple of months so that you can partner up ahead on it, so do the work. You may have unfinished business with a Virgo to attend to or whatever this part of your chart emphasizes. You may also need to get real about your health and this time period is the best ever to tackle that with determination and discipline.

Mercury Retrogrades on the 17/18th in Taurus, pushing for do-overs and renegotiations regarding money making ventures, possessions, or values. You may be looking at past agreements, meetings or ideas, or reconnecting with people or situations that you feel you can pick something back up from the past to move forward that will be profitable. You may have a Taurus leave the circle now or one from the past return and communications and transportation glitches will occur around income issues.

The New Moon on the 14th this month is in the sign of Aries which is a shot fired at the starting line to go after pretty much whatever your passion leads you towards. This is very geared up energy and falls the day before the Mercury Retrograde so you can assume that the new beginning will involve dipping into a past connection or situation that made you money or has the potential in some new way to do so. If some of you are let go at this Retrograde, the Aries New Moon will give you the drive and determination to seek new employment, look to your past for good leads.

The Full Moon on the 28th is in Scorpio and will be bringing something to a peak involving major financial matters, sex, reproduction, intimacy, divorce, or buried emotional energy. With the ruler of Scorpio in Retrograde you can assume that it will be something from the past culminating now.

Besides these backwards energy shifts and Moon peaks, there are a few other huge moments in the month:

Saturn will oppose Uranus for the 4th out of 5 critical oppositions. Remember this began on Election Day and represents the old order against change and new ideas. The last time this energy opposed was in the late 60’s with revolutionary ideas and structural change. This is the last opposition between Virgo and Pisces, the next and final opposition on July 26th will take place between Libra and Aries. So you will want to allow for change to stretch you via your artistic work or approach, spiritual ideals, romantic boundaries, research and investigative skills, dreams and fantasies, and the way you deal with hospitals, prisons, or any kind of isolated arena. The old standard that will be pushed to change a bit more but will want to hold on to old patterns is your work ethic or way you do your work, your health or the way you care for your body, and your relationship to pets. On the world stage we are seeing this play out in Technicolor with Obama being elected on the first opposition and the health care reform he is seeking to put into place in America.

Finally, the last huge shift this month is with the energy of Chiron. Chiron is going to move out of Aquarius and into Pisces on the 19/20th, the last time he held this placement was between the years 1961-1969 and he had not been discovered at that time! This means he is going to be moving through this energy for the first time ever with human awareness, this is significant. As so many of you have been aligning your energy to bring your gifts and abilities forward to mankind as the first influx of the Aquarian age, it will be this time period as Chiron moves through Pisces that you will all be given your moment to do what you came here to do. It is that big. Chiron is the master healer/teacher, the personal wound that one cannot quite heal within but that facilitates the ability to teach or heal others through the experience of pain or loss. In Pisces it will illuminate like at no other time as art takes on new dimension, music and film opens us up to unbelievable new scope and healing, spirituality leaps into a new ideal, and any and all addictions or escapism is brought forward and exposed to the light. You can read an article I will post about this one shift of Chiron later in the month.

So, here we go.


Mercury moves into your income zone on the 2nd and asks that you think about how you are earning money in a new way. You should take meetings now, send out resumes, and do what you can to make concessions with a partnership, representative or opponent or competitor to move things forward.

The 6th brings good news or meetings about the income and career status so if you need to schedule your pitch or interview set this date as a positive possibility. Pluto will Retrograde today so you will be going back into a past career matter or with a boss or authority figure to deal with empowerment issues, control, a major financial matter, reputation, triangles, and how you can release any manipulations or transform your standing in the world.

Saturn will Retrograde back into Virgo on the 7th and take you back into past work situations or allow you to get into the details and critical thinking needed to tackle any work left undone, any health issues and authority figures attached, and any commitments or obligations to pets. You will have until July 21st before Saturn returns to Libra and you are fully ready to partner or go forward with representation or competitors.

The New Moon on the 14th is in your sign and is a green light for you to do something new about your body or image, get physical or into physical therapy, change your looks or regime, find a new way of reinventing yourself and lead yourself forward courageously towards a better life for yourself. You have two weeks of supportive energy from the universe so get moving.

On the 17/18th Mercury is going to Retrograde in your income zone. This will be a three week period when the check could get lost in the mail, you could break down or have an accident while driving to work or on the road to make money, so take great care to double check appointments and emails, communications of any sort involving the money you earn. It is a time when you may go back to an old job or see money coming in from an old assignment or you may hook up with someone you earned with in the past to see if there is anything worth moving forward on. You have until May 11th before Mercury goes Direct again.

Chiron enters Pisces on the 19th and marks a very intense shift of perspective around any wounded feeling you may carry. Over the past 5 years it has been more about your social circle, fitting in with groups or networking, and how to achieve your aspirations. That is going to close now so that it can stop hurting so much and you are going to now feel any wounded energy you might carry around hospitals, film, fantasy, music, secrets, isolation, addiction, self-undoing, escapism, research, investigations, clandestine romance, spiritual energy, or work behind the scenes. This is also where your greatest gifts to teach or heal others is going to shine over the next years so do not shy away from looking at any of this and finding ways to open these arenas for others, your leadership is expected.

The Sun enters Taurus on the 20th and by leaving your sign will now put you in the spotlight in some income making scheme or employment. You will be vital to the process and quite involved earning money over the next 30 days. This is the time to shine and bring your image or body into the picture in a way that benefits your bottom line. You may decide to spend on yourself as well now.

Venus enters Gemini on the 25th and will be quite helpful to you in all talks, meetings, negotiations, decisions, short trips, and interaction locally or with siblings. You can attract love or money more easily through communications and meetings so amp it up and see what happens.

Saturn opposes Uranus on the 26th for the 4th battle of “should I stay or should I go?” The stay here and do it the same because I’m scared and this has always worked for me before is in work, health and pets for you. These areas ARE NOT going to stay the same so whatever pops up now, allow yourself to change a bit. The change wants to come through film, music, poetry, painting, or any other art form, research, investigations, retreat, hospitals, prisons, psychiatric facilities, dreams, fantasy, isolation, or working behind the scenes. Allow fresh people and situations to come here, new ideas and inspired approaches.

The Full Moon on the 28th wraps up quite a month with a peak emotional experience sexually, with a divorce or with a major financial matter. You could see a relationship reach the level of intimacy, find out you are pregnant, see the sexual disease or problem cured, the divorce finalized, the loan, debt, taxes, settlement, bankruptcy, inheritance issue, or any other outside resource matter culminate. The energy is powerful and this is final in some way in an effort to transform your world.


Mercury enters your sign on the 2nd kicking off the month will talkative energy going on around you and your needs. You may hear news about your body or a personal goal or decide you need to talk or meet about your issues. It’s a great time to get your name out there and come to agreements involving your identity. There is something tied to responsibilities or limits to a work, health or pet matter that requires some adjustment in this and will help if you can communicate about how you fit into the picture just now.

Pluto Retrogrades on the 6th and will be showing you any major financial matters, divorce issues or sexual matters that must be worked through legally, through travel or with a person foreign to your soil or far away, through media or publicity avenues, or in teaching or furthering your education. This is about empowerment and what you can do over the next months to look at how control, triangles or power stems from you or is handled by you. One talk or bit of news today in these arenas should powerfully benefit you.

Saturn Retrogrades back into Virgo on the 7th to give you another few months to wrap up any work, effort, details, or commitment you must come to terms with or release around a creative project, child, lover, or recreational matter. Take the lead in this and do what is necessary to review your past efforts in these departments so you are ready to partner or connect with representatives or handle competitors up ahead.

The New Moon on the 14th is illuminating your house of retreat and restoration. You have two strong weeks to rest up, meditate or connect with a spiritual goal you want to move forward, initiate something artistic or fantasy related, do some work behind closed doors or research something, or to get something moving forward that involves a hospital or other institution.

Mercury Retrogrades on the 17/18th in your sign. This can feel as if you are back in the past and reliving some incident that involved you personally at that time. It will mean that over the next 3 weeks, until May 11th you will be revisiting things you have said or agreed to, issues with your body, or a past image or identity you carried in the world. For some this could be a time of marriage or reclaiming your maiden name after divorce, or in some way thinking about what went before.

Chiron changes signs on the 19/20th entering your house of friends, groups, socializing, networking, and aspirations. For the last 5 years you have been exposing a wound tied to your goals or career, reputation or fame, doing your best to connect with a new soul group to help and teach them through your place in the world. Now you are entering a very empowered time when you will be at the helm of a group or circle of friends, or pursuing an aspiration that will open up pain and woundedness around anything hidden from society, tied to the arts, film, music, or romance, spiritual avenues or isolation, addictions or self-defeating actions, escapism or fantasy, hospitals or other institutions. Through this you will find that you bring your true gifts forward to teach or heal others from your own experiences in the past.

The Sun enters your sign on the 20th illuminating your image, body, identity and needs. It is a time for coming out to the world as the new you. If you have been keeping something about who you are a secret now will be the time you are ready to let everyone in on it. It is a great 30 day period to be seen and make the scene, to draw attention to yourself and to get physical.

Venus enters Gemini on the 25th which will bring more ease of flow around monetary matters. You will find that you can attract the income you need now and spending is more fun or focused on loved ones or items of beauty. Women will be good for your bottom line and you may begin looking for more income during this time with better success.

The 4th Saturn/Uranus opposition occurs on the 26th as the battle enters it’s final stage between status quo and revolution. For you this means that what wants to remain the same or follow the same structure or commitment approach falls in the area of children, lovers, or creative projects. This is NOT going to stay the same so allow for what occurs now to open new doors for what is coming. The new arena of fresh ideas, innovative approaches and change is coming through friends, groups, networking, or an aspiration that is just percolating under the surface. This is where freedom and inspiration is at hand.

The Full Moon on the 28th is in your house of significant relationships and this is where you will see something coming to a head or ending, being celebrated or peaking. So look to marriage or business partnerships, agents or attorneys, specialists or competitors as the culminating wrap up to the month.


Your ruling energy, Mercury, changes signs to kick off the month, moving into the mysterious part of your chart on the 2nd. This means that you will find that talks and agreements will revolve around film or fantasy projects, research or investigations, hospitals or other institutions, the arts or spirituality, or will be conducted in private or secret. There is one bit of news or agreement that will require some adjustment from you around authority or commitment over the creative project, lover or child.

Pluto Retrogrades on the 6th in your house of other people’s money, the loans, debt, settlements, shared resources, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, taxes, alimony, child support, royalties or any other form of shared financial outlay. This is also the house of shared physicality so you will be revisiting not only financial matters but intimacy, sexuality, reproduction, and divorce issues as well. This is a time to rework your empowerment by looking at how you shared in the past, how triangles played a part and what you can do to dig up and release any hidden destructive energy here. There is one talk or agreement you can come to today behind closed doors that should benefit you greatly either financially, sexually or with the divorce.

Saturn is going to Retrograde on the 7th back into Virgo and re-introduce you to the details, service or critical work that needs to be done at home, with a living situation, or with mom. You may have a Virgo or Capricorn re-enter the picture on the home base now as you reconnect to see if there is something to take forward or be settled. Be fastidious and stick to your plan so you are ready to recommit or release a partnership up ahead.

The New Moon in Aries on the 14th is all about a fresh new start with a friend, group, networking or social event, or an aspiration of yours. You may decide to start or join a group now, kick something off with a friend of yours or meet someone new who is destined to become a great friend, or you may use the next two weeks to jump start your dream by putting it out there with vigor and enthusiasm.

Your ruler Retrogrades on the 17/18th and when Mercury Retrogrades you feel it personally. This is going to be a reworking and revisiting of ideas, agreements, meetings, or people that are tied to film, music, fantasy, the arts, spiritual work, research, investigations, clandestine romantic encounters, secrets, addictions, self-undoing, retreat, or work behind closed doors. You may go back to a past project or person in this to see if you can come to terms moving forward or let it go. Communications or transportations glitches will occur in these areas so take care everyone is understanding each other and things are spelled out.

Chiron changes signs on the 19/20th moving into your career Midheaven. You have spent the last 5 years exposing your feelings of woundedness around your beliefs and how you fit in to the general view religiously, about how travel and foreign ideas manifest in your world, around the media and broadcasting yourself, publishing and publicity, and around your own higher education. From this you have found a way to connect to a soul group to heal or teach them through your own experience. Now that energy shifts and enters the highest part of your chart, making you the leaders on the world stage for what is coming. This is going to be a time when you are going to expose your reputation, ambitions, goals, ideas about fame or association with it, connection to father and authority figures, and most of all your career. Through your ability to connect with pain from your past you will be able to lead and shine a light in your career that teaches or heals others through the arts, film, fantasy, music, research, spirituality, or dealings with institutions.

The Sun enters Taurus on the 20th and you will find that you are quite in demand in all of these hidden, behind the scenes arenas over the next 30 days. This is the time to put yourself into the film, music project, hospital, research, to strategically move what you are working on behind closed doors into reality by engaging it. You may find you are part of some secret work or romantic exchange now or that you are meditating or going on retreat to recharge your vital core. Working on yourself behind closed doors is necessary so you are ready to step out next month.

Venus moves into your sign on the 25th triggering a nice period for you when things should run more smoothly, where you find that you are quite attractive to others and they want to please you, when women and beauty will feed your needs, and when you can attract the love or money you need personally or for your image, identity or body.

The 4th Saturn/Uranus opposition occurs on the 26th as the ongoing battle between the structure and status quo is up against radical change and fresh ideas. This means that you will see another turning point between the old way of doing things with home, real estate, living situations, renovations, moves, security needs, family or mom tries to hold on. This is NOT going to stay the same so allow for the changes you see at this time to open up doors or shift you in some way. The changes are coming through career, goals, ambitions, reputation, fame, leadership, and father or father figures. The final round occurs in July on the 26th so you have just a bit further to go, don’t dig in.

The month wraps up energetically on the 28th with a Full Moon in Scorpio. This will mark a climax at work or with one type of work you do, with a health issue or your approach to your health, or with something involving pets. You have reached a summit and will want to celebrate what is peaking now or wrap it up and let it go.


Mercury is on the move on the 2nd entering your house of social occasions, friendships, group affiliations, networking, and aspirations. This is the time for talks and meetings about what you want to achieve, connecting with other to share ideas, making agreements that benefit monetarily, and deciding on who you want around you. Popularity rises. You will need to make one adjustment today in all of this around a limit or responsibility at home or to mom.

Pluto Retrogrades on the 6th backing up in your house of significant relationships. This means that you are going to have the return of a powerful partner, agent, attorney, or specialist over the next few months to revisit arenas of major financial balance, sexuality, intimacy, reproduction, or divorce topics. This time is best used to internalize your process and seek to uncover any hidden influences that affect your sense of empowerment or how secrets or triangles were used to handle these weightier subjects. One talk or agreement you come to today benefits your aspirations or connection to the friendship or group.

Saturn Retrogrades back into Virgo on the 7th entering your daily environment and communications. This means you may be reconnecting with a Virgo locally or through talks or that you may be going back over past responsibilities or work you agreed to, talked about, met over, or a writing project from the past that you are picking back up to rework. Short trips may figure into this as well as siblings. Bring your full critical and detail oriented attention to what was said, written or agreed up now as you rework the situation or project so you are ready to take the next step in partnership or representation up ahead.

The New Moon on the 14th is opening a new door wide open on the career front for you. This is a two week kick start to any major goal or ambition you have that you want to put out there to the world. You can make a name for yourself, find fame or build reputation under this energy as well as climb the ladder of success so step it up. With Mercury Retrograding in a couple days you may find something from the past is part of this new beginning.

Mercury Retrogrades on the 17/18th in your social house. This means you may have a friend leave your circle now or one from the past return. It also means that you may decide to go back and revisit a past aspiration to re-tweak it. Communication or transportation breakdowns that do occur will play out around social functions, networking, friends or groups, or your aspirations so double check all information and remember that these gatherings will be where you run into the past.

Chiron changes signs on the 19/20th after 5 years of uncovering wounds around power and sexuality, control and manipulation, reproduction and intimacy, and any major financial matters from loans to settlements to bankruptcy to inheritance. You have been working to connect to a soul group as you process these wounds and share your wisdom with them from your own experiences. Now you are entering a phase in the years ahead where you will be opening up any wounds you carry around your spiritual beliefs, foreign travel or ideas, higher education, legal matters, and anything that broadcasts ideas such as media, publishing or publicity. It will be from this platform of the mind that you find mastery and a way to heal or teach others by pulling on your own pain and experience from the past.

The Sun enters Taurus on the 20th and will shine its light on your position within a group, with friends, in social settings and occasions, in networking, and in pursuing your aspirations. Put yourself into the mix, make your face and needs known and say yes to connecting with others.

Venus moves into Gemini on the 25th which marks a time when you will express your love or deal with money behind closed doors. This can mean you are earning or spending on something film or fantasy related, through research or hospitals, or in retreat or the arts. It can mean that if love enters your life now there is something secretive about it or that you get involved with a woman tied to one of these themes. It is a good time to spend on addictive issues to tackle them or on something to beautify yourself through surgery or retreat.

The 4th Saturn/Uranus opposition takes place on the 26th to hash out the next to the last balancing act between the old tried and true way of talking, writing, coming to agreements, being the boss or leader in what you say or with something local, or in communicative responsibilities involving short trips or siblings, against the new and change opening through travel, media, education, or law. You WILL NOT stay the same in the communications or local scene so be adaptive to new ideas or people coming through broadening your education or teaching, traveling or legal agreements, or media ventures.

The Full Moon on the 28th brings a creative project to a peak, a love relationship to a climax or something involving children to a head. This is a pivotal moment when emotions will be intense around a celebration as the goal is reached or some culmination is met or you will be ending something that has run its course.


With Mercury moving into your career Midheaven on the 2nd, April should start off with a nice push for you around goals, ambitions, career, fame, or reputation. If you need to talk or meet with someone to move it along now is the time, your name will be on people’s lips and there is great energy for negotiating your deal or promotion. If you are launching a new business put the word out now. There will be something locally, with siblings or neighborhood, or written that you will need to make some concessions over and it’s best to look at responsibilities and limits here to get the best solution.

Pluto Retrogrades on the 6th in your house of work, health and pets. This means that over the months ahead you will be revisiting past situations or people tied to these areas that had some kind of influence in a sexual or intimate way, regarding reproduction or divorce, or regarding the major finances such as loans, settlements, taxes, bankruptcy, or any other shared resource. You will want to dig deep and unearth any manipulations or triangles from the past that affected you here and see how you empowered yourself through this or how it left you wanting. Your very well being can transform through the understanding here as you release these past ideas. A talk or agreement in any of these areas you come to today has potential to benefit your career, reputation or goals.

Saturn Retrogrades on the 7th into your income zone. This is going to mean that you will either be going back to a past boss, picking up your role as a boss earning in something you did in the past, or mastering some new level of authority through an internal process of reconnecting with a past income making matter. You may leave a job now or see someone resurface who can offer you money through a talent you laid down a while ago. The details and fine tuning effort you put into the way you earn is critical now as you reevaluate how you value your own authority and leadership ability to earn. This in turn will aid you in partnering in a new way up ahead.

The New Moon on the 14th is occurring in the area of travel, media, law, and education. It is the best time to take a trip or do something new with someone far away, to go back to school or start teaching a class, to launch a media project, broadcast yourself, publicize something or promote, to start a legal process or negotiate a contract.

Mercury will Retrograde on the 17/18th in your career Midheaven until May 11th. This means you will be going back into some old agreement that affects your career, deal with something said that affects your reputation, meet or talk with someone from the past that is linked to this arena, pick up a past career option and see if it is worth reworking, and this will be the arena where any communications or transportation breakdowns are most likely to occur. So, double check travel for business and meetings or messages tied to what you do. No new mechanical objects, computers or printers for the office during this period.

Chiron enters a new sign on the 19/20th after 5 years transiting through your partnership zone. This will be felt quite profoundly for most of you as the past years have been about opening any wounds you carry around marriage, business partnering, representation through agents, attorneys or specialists, or dealings with competitors. It has been through your own pain here that you have found ways to teach or heal others in one-on-one relating. Now Chiron moves into your house of sex, reproduction, divorce, and major finances. Over the next years you will be opening any wounds you carry tied to intimacy, sexuality, power, control, manipulation, triangles, divorce, joint finances, loans, taxes, insurance, inheritance, credit cards, settlements, bankruptcy, alimony, child support, royalties, commissions, or any other form of outside resource. It will be through your ability to express romantic, spiritual or artistic energy in these arenas and feel any pain that accompanies this vulnerability that you will master your own power here and find that you begin teaching or healing others.

The Sun enters your career Midheaven on the 20th to shine a light on you before your adoring public. This is the best time over the next 30 days to put yourself front and center, to make the scene, to launch yourself or your name out there in business or go after a new career or step up the ladder to success. You can seek fame and build reputation during this transit.

Venus enters your social sphere on the 25th so you can expect to get a lot more invitations from friends or groups, to see things run more smoothly with your circle of friends, to attract love or money through your buddies or out networking or socializing. It is also a great time to go after money for an aspiration of yours or to spend within means on promoting it. Women will be good for your social life and a new woman may enter the picture or return from the past who is important as a friend.

The 4th Saturn/Uranus opposition is exact on the 26th and will give you another turning point in the battle between the old way of doing earning or spending income and leading yourself forward as a bread winner and the new and innovative approach that is trying to free you through some outside the box way of approaching joint resources or a shared financial picture, intimacy or sexuality, reproduction or divorce. You WILL NOT remain in the same way of earning income, the change is important so allow for the glimmer of change to infiltrate, whether that means you take time off to have a baby or a loan to start your own business. By July 26th the last opposition takes place and you will be on your way.

The month wraps up with a Full Moon in your home arena. This is bringing a peak experience emotionally at home, with family, in real estate, a move, renovation, roommate, or mom. You will be either celebrating a climax here that has built to this moment or ending something that has reached its expiration date.


Your ruler, Mercury, is on the move on the 2nd, entering the area of your chart associated with travel, law, education, and media. This marks a time when talks and decisions will pop around these themes, you will be able to come to agreements or hear news regarding the contract or publishing deal, the show or class you want to take or teach, the trip will be booked or you will meet someone on your travels that makes an impact. You will need to make some adjustment to responsibilities or limits you have around income in this but it is go time.

Pluto is Retrograding on the 6th to move backwards into past love affairs, matters of the heart, issues with children, or creative projects. This is about your own personal sense of power and will play out over the past and how triangles, sex, manipulation, control, reproduction, divorce, or major finances influenced your own ability to connect and uncover subconscious forces that hold you back from the game. A powerful person from the past will likely resurface (or a current one take their leave) or you will get to connect with someone from before in a creative venture to face any of these issues that have been shoved down or you are unaware of. The talk or decision you have today will kick this off and tie this in with travel, media, education, or legal agreements and looks beneficial.

Saturn is Retrograding back into your sign for a last little bit of finessing on the 7th. You hosted this serious energy of responsibility and limits for 2 long years and have felt a bit of a reprieve as it moved on into Libra. Now you will have a chance, the last one in 29 years, to reclaim something of your identity, image, body, or ego needs over the next couple months and this will come through minding the details, doing the work, serving something higher within yourself and sacrificing something towards your own goals of who you want to be in the next 29 year cycle of your life. Remember, you are the sign who has been in the position of needing to clear out the past 29 year cycle so that you could begin again anew, whatever you are still holding onto, this is it, you work it out or let it go. Saturn leaves your sign for good on July 21st.

The New Moon on the 14th is opening up new opportunities to go after financial institutions, find backing, connect intimately or sexually or deal with any issues here or around reproduction, and to initiate necessary steps in the divorce. Be passionate or aggressive in going after what you want over the next 2 weeks.

Your ruler, Mercury, Retrogrades on the 17/18th in the house of travel, media, education, or legal matters. This is where you will feel any communications or transportation break downs so take care to double check itineraries and messages and don’t sign legal documents during this time period, until May 11th . You may be traveling back to someone from the past or run into them while on a plane, you could be revisiting ideas or agreements that you didn’t finish to wrap them up or meeting with someone you worked with on a past media production or in class. This is the house of higher ideas and beliefs so this time will mark a rethinking of your ideals and way of looking at how you see the world on some level. For some Virgos this will mark a time of revisiting a past marriage proposal or ceremony to rethink it.

Chiron, your secondary ruler, is changing signs on the 19/20th. For the past 5 years he has been moving through your house of service to humanity, of work and work ethics, of health and of pets. This has meant that any wounds you have were exposed through the way you approached work or the kind of work you did, your physical well being and approach to your body’s care, and your pets and interaction with animals. It has been through opening past wounds from this lifetime or before through your efforts in work, with health or pets that you have mastered something here and found a way to teach or heal others and in the process connected with a soul group of importance. Now with Chiron moving into your significant relationship zone you begin years of uncovering any wounds you have around marriage, business partnership, representation through agents, attorneys or specialists, and in dealing with competitors or opponents. You will find that the doors to opening this up for yourself will come through artistic work with them through film, music, fantasy, poetry, or painting, through spiritual work, through expressing a mystical type of romantic connection, or through tackling addictions, self-undoing tendencies or escapism and hospitals. As you open up the wounds you will begin to master this arena and find that you are able to teach and heal others through your own painful recall of the past.

The Sun enters your house of travel, media, education, and law on the 20th to shine a light on you over the next 30 days in these areas. This means you will be front and center traveling, engaging physically in front of the camera or running one, teaching or taking the class, in the court room or at the wedding alter. You are the idea person now and should step up and follow your beliefs.

Venus enters your career Midheaven on the 25th and this can literally mean a woman enters your career sphere as a boss or to help you launch your promotions, or that you find that things go more smoothly now, you can attract love or money through pursuit of goals, attention to career agenda, and in the quest for fame or by your reputation proceeding you. It is a wonderful time glide along and enjoy your place in the world, to be seen before your public or the stage of life you enjoy.

The 4th Saturn/Uranus opposition occurs on the 26th and this is the last one that involves your sign and your partnership sign. This has been about an ongoing battle that will resolve by July 26th between the old way of identifying yourself, any limits or responsibilities you kept to yourself or heaped upon yourself, the way you have kept your identity intact, your image the same, your body under certain restrictions or lead your way forward towards your own needs. The new, vibrant changes that are ushering in against this stranglehold on your old way of being is coming through a partner, either marriage or business, or a representative or specialist, or a competitor. This energy is going to win out, your approach to significant relationships has to change, there is a freedom that needs to be here as well as something radical to rebalance you. You WILL NOT remain the same either physically, by name or identity, in image or ego needs so do your best to take a cue from what is happening and let go of the old way of either staying in a relationship that does not give you what you need or avoiding commitments because you are afraid of what it would mean to your identity.

The Full Moon on the 28th brings one conversation, meeting, decision, agreement, short trip, news, or something involving neighborhood or sibling to a climax. You may be celebrating something deeply emotional here as you come to a financial or intimate agreement with someone or you may be ending that connection, ditto with a neighbor or brother or sister. Divorce may be the topic of the intense communication or agreement as well, either a peak or ending.


If you’ve wanted to meet someone to connect with intimately or talk to someone about the divorce or if there is a decision or agreement you need to make over the big financial picture, then April is for you. Mercury moves into your house of shared intimacy and power connections on the 2nd and opens up all kinds of possibilities to meet and talk about sex, finances or divorce. You will need to involve your own physical limitations or responsibilities to your needs in some kind of adaptation in this.

Pluto Retrogrades on the 6th in your arena of home, property and family. This is going to mark the beginning of a time when you will revisit the past major financial moves, shared financial accounts, divorce, intimate or sexual connections, issues over power or control or manipulation and any third parties to see how they’ve have influenced where you are now by way of security, home, real estate, roommates, or family ties. You can decide now if there is a way to empower your situation from the ground up by reworking something from the past here to help you secure your position. Triangles prevail. At least one talk or decision you come to today is beneficial in a big way towards your situation.

Saturn Retrogrades on the 7th back into Virgo. This should be somewhat of a relief for you as you have been hosting this tough task master in your sign for the first time in 29 years. You get a reprieve until July 21st from most of the weight you have been carrying but it is not a free pass. There is something you are to take care of that means taking responsibility, doing the work, paying attention to details and being of service to someone in the process that will involve research, film, fantasy, clandestine affairs, investigation, music, the arts, secrets, snooping, hiding out, retreats, hospitals, or something you do behind closed doors. It’s important you go back and lead your way through this in a better, more solid way so you are ready to take on more authority or responsibility late summer.

The New Moon on the 14th is opening up fresh starts and new beginnings with marriage partners, business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, and competitors. You have 2 strong weeks to initiate with these people and see what you can get going.
Mercury Retrogrades on the 17/18th in your house of sex, reproduction, major finances, and divorce. These areas will be where communication or transportation breakdowns will play out so do not sign the divorce decree or loan application during this time period until May 11th unless it is something you put down in the past and it is brought back around to you now. You may go back and rethink or re-tweak a decision around the divorce, reproductive or sexual issue, you may meet back up with someone you were intimate with in the past to see if there is something still there or you may see a current sexual partner take their leave, or you may decide to revisit a past bank or investor for a second go round. If you hear news that a loan falls through then wait to see if something turns around after May 11th.

Chiron is moving into Pisces on the 19/20th after the last 5 years touring through your house of creative projects, lovers and children. It has been a process for you as you had to open wounds of the heart, allow wounds from those you love, experience any wounds you carry around children and your creative abilities and standing. Through this you have found a soul group and an ability to teach or heal others on a creative journey or in matters of the heart. Now with the move into Pisces you will see this energy shift away from any pain in love relationships and creative output and focus now on the kind of service you provide others, the work you do, your health and your relationship to pets. You may have been getting a bit of this as the energy has moved into degree to cross here and you will find that any wound you carry around the work you must accomplish or your position at work, with anything affecting your health and with the pets in your life will now be open to be worked through. It will be in areas of film, fantasy, music, the arts, retreat, work behind the scenes, research, secrets, spirituality, clandestine affairs, or in dealing with hospitals that you will play out these wounded work, health or pet scenarios and release what you can. In so doing you will master this part of your life and find new ways to teach and heal others that empowers you and lends something new that is pure to your life.

The Sun enters your sex and financial house on the 20th and puts the spotlight on you for the next 30 days. This will do a lot for your libido and ability to attract attention sexually and it will help you to step up and take center stage in the divorce proceedings if you need to. You will be on fire when going out to meet with investors or bankers and in dealing with anyone who is in a financial position to help you so take advantage of this as well. With Mercury Retrograde in this house now your best bet is reconnecting with people in the past.

Venus enters Gemini on the 25th and will bring smooth sailing to matters involving media, publishing, travel, foreign people, teaching or furthering your education, and legal matters. This is the time to attract the love or money you need through these arenas and you will find women will be beneficial to your goals here as well. If you can take a vacation under this transit you are likely to find it very appealing.

On the 26th Saturn and Uranus oppose for the 4th time and trigger another turning point for you between the old way of doing things behind the scenes or secretively, through retreating or hiding out, in the way you approach film, fantasy, music or any other art form, in your spiritual practice, or in dealing with hospitals or other institutions. Uranus is warring to get you to do something different or original towards your health and well being, the work you do or with pets. You WILL NOT stay the same in the way you maneuver through the hidden part of the chart that is art, spirit, addictive, and romantically channeled. You WILL do different work or approach it differently, find a new way to care for your body or take in a new pet or do something different about your pet situation. Allow what occurs now to move you this way, you have until July 26th before the final change is in place.

The Full Moon on the 28th is in your income house so one source of income is culminating for you. This can play out as a celebration as some money you have been working towards finally comes through or you may see one source dry up or end now. There could be a possession in question as well, a home, car or piece of jewelry and this Full Moon will be either a peak or ending around your ownership. It will be an emotionally charged time either way as you share with someone how this is peaking.


April starts out with Mercury moving into your significant relationship zone on the 2nd. This opens up all kinds of talks and meetings with marriage or business partners, about the topic of partnership, with agents, attorneys or specialists or about representation, or regarding an opponent or competitor. You can come to agreements now or make decisions but there is something going on behind the scenes that is limiting or requiring responsible action and you should be willing to make some concessions here.

Your ruling energy, Pluto, Retrogrades on the 6th in your communications zone and you will be going back into the past to revisit any past talks or agreements, meetings or decisions that involved major financial matters, sex or intimacy, reproduction or divorce and how power, control, manipulations, secrets or triangles played a part. Do your best to empower yourself by releasing anything buried here that might be holding your own ability to communicate or write from a higher perspective back up ahead. Clean the slate and clear the decks, be willing to talk about or with the partner, representative or opponent involved and if you gave your power away confront this, if you tried to control or manipulate, own and release. The energy today benefits this communication.

Saturn Retrogrades back into Virgo on the 7th and you will be going back over any limits, responsibilities, work, or leadership issues that involve details and service to humanity, a friend, a group, through networking or around an aspiration of yours. It is important that you focus on this friendship, group or aspiration and what still needs attending to and mastering because it will in some way affect your ability to partner or find representation up ahead.

The New Moon on the 14th is opening up new work or something new at work, a fresh start with health and new beginnings with pets. You can use the next 2 week energy port to go after another kind of work or implement changes on the job, to start a diet or join a gym or to adopt a new pet or enter your pet in a contest. Be aggressive and passionate about what you want to achieve and then go after it.

Mercury Retrogrades on the 17/18th in your house of partners, representatives and opponents. This will be a 3 week period until May 11th when you will be revisiting what was said or agreed upon between you and a significant person from the past, you may have an ex pop back up in your life to see if there is something that needs working through or picking back up or you may return to a past business partner or agent to see if they can rework something for you. If you have a long time competitor or opponent you may find this time frame will help you to bury the hatchet. It is possible that a current partner or representative leaves now and if so it is timed universally. If you feel you want it to work, wait until May 11th when the energy shifts to see if they reconsider. Do not sign documents until this Retrograde is over with a significant person unless they are someone you were in relationship with in the past. Your communications and transportation glitches will play out between you and these people so double check information and time on the road to meet them.

Chiron is moving into Pisces on the 19/20th after 5 years of touring through your home base. You have been undergoing a process of opening up wounds associated with your house, who you live with, who your family is, how your childhood has shaped your life, and your relationship with mom. Through this you have connected with a new soul group and found that through your painful experience at home, with property or family you have found a way to heal or teach others from your past experiences. Now with the shift into Pisces you will be entering a time period where any wounds you carry around being loved, your relationship to lovers, children, or your ability to be creative in your life will be exposed. During this transit over the next years you will be mastering your ability to love and create through touching on these wounds and this will play out through the arts, film, poetry, music, painting, spiritual pursuits, retreat, work done behind closed doors, secrets, clandestine relationships, investigations, research, addictive or self-undoing tendencies and any dealings with hospitals or other institutions. As you master this energy you will find your ability to teach or heal others from your past pain in love and creativity.

The Sun enters Taurus on the 20th and puts you in the spotlight with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, and competitors over the next 30 days. This is the time to step up and be seen with your partner, to ask for partnership or representation for your needs or to deal with your identity, to seek a specialist’s opinion about your body or image, or to step up to your competition and let the better one win. Since Mercury is Retrograde here expect that something or someone from the past will play a part in what is happening.

Venus enters Gemini on the 25th and will help you to attract the outside financial assistance you need, to smooth over debt or credit problems, it may inspire you to spend on something beautiful with credit cards or help you to get through the divorce more easily. It can also draw love into the sexuality or reproductive mode so if you are single you may meet someone very lovely during this transit. Love and money flow through shared experience now whether that is a banking institution or sexual contact. Some of you may hear that you have a baby girl on the way.

Saturn opposes Uranus for the 4th time on the 26th retriggering the battle that has been ongoing between the old tried and true way of structuring groups, leading in friendships, taking responsibility for aspirations or excepting limitations here, against the new way of fresh and original energy that wants change to happen for you by way of true love, children and creative outlets. You WILL NOT stay the same in the social sphere you have been used to, the old friends or groups or hanging with the buds is on it’s way out as are the tired old aspirations that no longer fit your life. You WILL find true love awaits in some freeing, stimulating new way, that new babies await or something new with children already on board, or a unique creative project is about to take you into new territory. Let what is occurring now lead you towards the new, you have until July 26th before the last opposition seals the deal.

The Full Moon on the 28th wraps up the month by bringing something to a climax around you. This is a Scorpio Full Moon so your identity may be reaching some celebratory peak as you marry or divorce, your image may have reached its climax as you finally finish your diet or work-out regime, you may be celebrating something reaching an end with your body, either an illness or operation, or see an old way of being you coming to an end. It will be emotional and personal, whatever it is that is so connected to who you are culminating now.


With Mercury moving into your work, health and pet zone on the 2nd you can expect to be talking and meeting more over the work you do, the work you want, agreements affecting work, writing and decisions that will bring work, any new ideas about your health or decisions about pets. It’s a good time to ask for what you want but you will have to make some allowances for a group or friend that you owe an obligation to as you go about it.

Pluto Retrogrades on the 6th in your house of income and possessions so you will be spending the next few months revisiting past shared experiences here that involved major finances and your partners money, sex, intimacy, secrets, divorce, or control issues. You will want to dig into any kind of issues of control or power that emanate from making money or spending it and the choices you make due to your needs here. Your sexuality may be an area of draw in helping you to earn income that you want to address during this time or your ability to connect to something deep and powerful that puts you in demand monetarily. Whatever is taking you into these waters, do your best to release energy around triangles put in play here to empower yourself in a more solid way. A talk you have today about the work you do or a health issue will connect beneficially to income.

Saturn will Retrograde back into Virgo and into your career Midheaven on the 7th to send you back to a former boss or authority figure on the career front or to help you to do the work to take the lead in your own ambitions. You will need to focus intently on the details now, utilizing your critical and analytical processes as well as limit yourself in some manner to gain a better handle on your health, both of which will put you in a better place on the career front by the end of the transit and enable you to lead yourself into the partnership arenas or in seeking representation in the summer.

The New Moon in Virgo on the 7th is a fresh start on the creative front, with lovers, or with children. You have 2 strong weeks to initiate a new creative venture, to fall in love or start something new with your lover, to decide to have a child or practice to conceive, or to launch something aimed at children or love. Single Sagittarians may meet someone new that peaks your romantic interest during this time so be driven in these arenas of expression.

Mercury will Retrograde on the 17/18th in your house of work, health and pets. This is where any communication or transportation breakdowns may occur so double check information and make sure you are understood on the job, at the clinic or gym, with your medication or with your pets medication. You may see a current job or health issue end or a pet run off now or the return of an old job, health membership or pet. You should be reassessing how you value yourself in relation to the work you take on, the way you treat your body and how you love your animals. Don’t sign agreements before May 11th involving new work, health maters or pets unless they have a tie-in to the past.

Chiron moves into Pisces on the 19/20th after 5 years touring through your communications zone. This means that you are ending a cycle where wounds you carry were expressed through words, written works, agreements, your siblings, short trips and your neighborhood. It has been a time for you to release painful thoughts and open up your mind to hurtful words or issues with brothers or sisters. Through this you have gained a new soul group and have found a way to teach or heal others through your own experience in the past. Now as Chiron enters your home base you will be opening up any wounds you feel around home, your properties, buying or selling of real estate, moves, renovations, remodels, roommates, security needs, family, or mom. There will be occasion over the years ahead to work through this rooted area of pain in your life through retreat, isolation, dreams, poetry, art, music, dance, film, spiritual pursuits, meditation, dealing with addictions or self-undoing tendencies, hospitals, research, and time spent working behind closed doors. It will be in these mystical or private arenas where you will come to grips with your wound around stability, home, roots, and foundation so that you can see home as the place of your spirituality or artistic expression. As you master the pain from living environment or mom you will eventually teach or heal others on a psychological level, with matters pertaining to home and family from your own experiences.

The Sun enters Taurus on the 20th putting you in the spotlight and center stage in the work you do over the next 30 days. You can really be noticed for your performance during this time. You will also notice that your health draws attention and if you wish to implement a health program now it will have energy behind it. You may find you are caring for animals during this transit as well and will take pride in the position.

Venus enters Gemini on the 25th and will bring some smooth sailing to your partnerships and dealings with representatives, specialists or competitors. This is the time to enjoy the easy flow, to attract the love or money you need through these significant connections and to benefit from women who balance out your needs.

The 4th Saturn/Uranus opposition is occurring on the 26th and will mark another turning point for you in the battle between the old tried and true way of pursuing goals or ambitions or moving along a career line, against the new, innovative way that you are meant to establish your roots, home and family. Whatever new thing pops up now to change things at home or usher in fresh air where you hang your hat, allow it to take you forward. If you are feeling stable and secure based on any false path in career, it may be shaken at this point. If that occurs you must trust that you are being pushed towards the proper path and engage life to find the right solution to what you should be building upon. The final opposition does not occur until July 26th at which point you will be into completely new territory at home, with family or on foundations.

The Full Moon on the 28th is bringing something that has been going on behind closed doors or in the strategic process to a climax. You may be celebrating a finish of a film you were working on or a music project, research or an investigative property, a hospital stay may be finished or an operation over, or you may find that a clandestine affair or something secret is brought up in some climactic moment. If you have been retreating away from the world for some reason, this moment may mark the end of that cycle as well. Emotions will be profound as you wrap it up.


Oh joy, April comes and opens on Mercury moving into your house of true love, children and creativity on the 2nd. This is beneficial for having talks about what brings you joy, in meeting a lover or coming to agreements over the creative project. You may receive news now about any of these subjects or come to a decision yourself. One such communication will revolve around a goal you have with a loved one or creative outlet and you will want to make some concessions to the boss or your responsibilities as the leader in this. Your career choices now will need adaptive stances as well.

Pluto Retrogrades in your sign on the 6th. This will begin a retracing process back over your choices in major financial matters, sexually, reproductively or in a divorce matter. How you share and how issues of control, manipulation, triangles or any form of power are handled will be what you want to look at for yourself to see if your needs are being honored, if your body and physical vitality is on the right track, to make any image or identity changes you need to make, all with an eye on how you share and who is in control. At least one talk or decision today will benefit you around these subjects with a lover, child or creative project.

Saturn, your ruler, will Retrograde on the 7th back into Virgo for a last revisit of any details or effort you need to tweak around legalities, travel, media or publicity, or higher education. It is important that between now and July 21st that you do the work and pay attention to the critical issues in learning anything else you will need, traveling or connecting with foreign people or ideas, import/export, getting all of your contracts and legal matters tight and ready, and doing any lists or outlines for a publicity matter, publishing deal or broadcast. This work will sit you in better standing to conquer the partnership issues, deals with agents, specialists or attorneys, or to tackle your competitors in the fall.

The New Moon on the 14th is about a fresh start at home, with a living situation, real estate deals, moves, or family. You have 2 strong weeks to initiate fresh starts here so if you want to try to sell the home or move into a new one, get a roommate or renovate, initiate something with mom or begin a family, this is the time.

On the 17/18th Mercury will Retrograde in your house of true love, children and creative projects and retrace ideas and decisions in these areas until May 11th. You may have a current love interest exit at this time or one from the past return, a child may leave the nest now or come back from school, issues with them may be brought back up to be worked through and agreements revisited. Creative projects from the past that went unfinished are ripe for review and an offer on something creative you sent out a long time ago may come round now. These areas are where communication or transportation breakdowns may show up so take care with understanding your lover or child, give the benefit of the doubt before you jump to a Merc retro conclusion and double check messages and gas tanks on route to kids events, the creative showcase or a lovers tryst.

Chiron is going to change signs on the 19/20th leaving your earned income zone where he has been uncovering any wounds you have around making a living for the last 5 years. It has been a time to open up any painful feelings around your own self-worth, value and having enough money to pay the bills. Through this you have connected with a new soul group and mastered the pain to a level that you can now teach or heal others going through this from your own experience. That is now over and you are moving into learning how to open up any wounds you carry around words and ideas, most likely things said to you as a child or ingrained about your ideas of yourself, it will bring up how you write and speak with others and what you do locally involving the neighborhood, short trips or interaction with siblings. As you open up and feel your way through the wound around words and ideas you will find this is allowed to happen for you through research you do, work done behind the scenes or in private, through secrets coming up or clandestine affairs, through the arts such as film, music or poetry, through spiritual connections you have, and through dealings with hospitals, prisons or other institutions. It will be in mastering your words, the way you think and express your views that you find ways to heal or teach others from your experience.

The Sun enters the house of true love, children and creative projects on the 20th putting you in the spotlight in love, with kids and creatively for the next 30 days. This means you may find yourself physically in the throes of love or having a child, doing something active with kids or your loved one, or starring in the creative project or leading it. Since Mercury is Retrograde here you may have something of the past tied into this spotlight.

Venus enters Gemini on the 25th and your arena of work assignments, health and pets. This is wonderful for attracting love or money through the work you do, a service you provide, through co-workers or people you hire to help you out, through anything connected to your health and fitness and to time interacting with your pets. Things will go smoothly, women will benefit you in these avenues and you may even want to spend on them as well.

The 4th of 5 Saturn/Uranus oppositions occurs on the 26th and will trigger another turning point for you in the realignment of thought and higher mind. The old, tried and true structures around the way you believe, think about wedding ceremonies, do legal agreements, travel, learn or teach, or involve the media or publicity are going to try to keep you fixed but the new, original and independent way you see forward through ideas, talks, meetings, agreements, your neighborhood, siblings, or short trips is trying to break you free or introduce interesting ideas and opportunities. You WILL NOT be staying in the old way of doing things, you WILL be going with the local over distant, talks and agreements over legal contracts or law suits, etc. So allow what comes up now to point the way and know you have until the last opposition on July 26th before your mind is in its new state of being.

The Full Moon on the 28th wraps up the months energy with a crescendo in your social arena. This could mean a party or festive event around this date or a celebration with a friend or group, you could be celebrating an aspiration of yours being reached or something a friend achieved. You could see a friend leaving now for some reason as well or a group affiliation ending. Emotions will be powerful as you share in the experience.


Mercury moves into your home and family base on the 2nd opening up talks and decisions based on where you live and with whom. It is a good time to come to an agreement on a real estate deal or to make a move. You may hear news about mom now or have a meeting with your family over something important. There is one topic here that will involve the legalities, travel, media, or education you will need to broach and be willing to make some concessions due to limits or responsibilities.

Pluto will Retrograde on the 6th in your hidden area of your chart. This is about backtracking and retracing any power or control issues, connections over sex, divorce or intimacy that are being conducted in secret, behind closed doors, in some strategic or fantasy arena, tied to film, music, the arts, spiritual pursuit, clandestine affairs, self-undoing, addictions, or hospitals. Look at how you empower yourself or give power away, at any triangles that are cresting here and what you can do to step into a better place for yourself over the next months by tapping into your own intuitive nature. You will want to talk about the home or living situation today as it pertains to this.

Saturn is going to Retrograde back into Virgo on the 7th to give you one last reworking of the joint financial picture or debt, any settlements, alimony or support issues, how sex, intimacy and reproductive issues are being dealt with, and anything tied to the divorce. You must mind the details, put in the effort and get serious about what needs doing between now and July 21st so that at that time you are ready to move forward on a serious new level in partnership, with representatives or competitors.

The New Moon on the 14th is opening up a fresh start with talks, meetings, agreements, your local environment and neighborhood, with your brothers or sisters, in writing projects, and short trips. You have 2 strong weeks to initiate something new here so get out there and be proactive.

Mercury is going to Retrograde on the 17/18th in your home environment, family and property matters. It will be backtracking until May 11th so any communication or transportation breakdowns will likely occur tied to moves, renovations, builds, buying or selling of property, living conditions or roommates, family or mom. You will want to double check all info and hold off on signing contracts regarding home or family until after May 11th. You may have someone leave the home or family now or someone from the past show back up at your door. You may have a property opportunity you passed on or that got away before come available now and if it is from the past this is a good time to agree upon it if you have a mind to. If a home environment is meant to fall away from you it could happen now so do your best to seek counsel and support if this happens to you.

Chiron is going to move into your income zone on the 19/20th after 5 years of transiting through your sign. This has been about you opening up any personal wounds you carry regarding your own needs, your body, your image, and your identity in the world and through this process you have connected with a new soul group and found that by expressing any pain you have felt personally or physically you have mastered something within yourself and can now heal or teach others from your experience. This energy will now move into the way you are earning money or spending it and how you deal with any possessions of your own. If you carry any wounds tied to being able to provide for yourself, in valuing yourself or over self-worth issues, if you feel pain over what you spend or why you spend, this is now going to be brought up and it will do so through artistic outlets you involve yourself in such as film or music, in fantasy or hidden ways you find yourself acting out, over secrets, research or investigations, in isolation or retreat, in dealing with hospitals or psychic abilities, and in work you do behind closed doors or in clandestine affairs. Know that in the years to come you will master this income arena and expose any pain you hold here, eventually being able to teach or heal others through your experiences.

The Sun moves into the home and family arena on the 20th and puts you in the spotlight here over the next 30 days. This means you will be center stage at home, in a real estate deal, a move, a redecoration or renovation, as the leader in the family or with mom. It’s time to step up and be seen at home in the way you desire.

Venus is moving into Gemini on the 25th to bring smooth sailing to love affairs, children and creative projects in your world. This is a nice time to enjoy these outlets, to attract the love or money you need to create things or do things with children or lovers, and you may find that woman are beneficial to your quest for love, kids or creative outlets. Any spending will likely go here easily too so balance in this area.

The 4th of 5 Saturn/Uranus oppositions occurs on the 26th in the ongoing tug of war financially for you. This can be playing out over sexuality or divorce as well. It is about the old structures that have supported you through your partners finances, loans, shared resources or the way you connect intimately or are dealing with divorce are up against the new, innovative way to earn money and value yourself on your own. You WILL NOT be able to rely on the old much longer, it is moving on or not going to fit in your new world so allow what occurs here at this juncture to free you just that much more as you turn to new ways to make a living and deal with any possessions in question. You have until July 26th when the final opposition is occurring before you are truly self reliant and in the game in some new way.

The Full Moon on the 28th is bringing a career topic or ambition to a climax in your world. You may have landed the promotion or career of your dreams or achieved a goal and are celebrating or being recognized in your field now or you may be leaving a career in the past to head for new horizons. A boss may be leaving now or something involving an authority figure or dad could be peaking. It will be an intense time when goals reach their summit and you feel as if you have arrived or are saying good-bye.


On the 2nd Mercury will move into your communications zone and amp up talks and meetings, decisions and agreements in your world. Your phone and email box will be busier and you may have more contact with your neighbors or siblings during this transit. There is one talk or decision today that will require some direction around the loan, bankruptcy, inheritance, settlement, insurance, taxes, or joint finances of some sort. If not financial it will be aimed at sex, reproduction or divorce. Either way be willing to adapt your mind to a solution.

Pluto Retrogrades on the 6th in your house of friends, group affiliations, networking, and aspirations. This will mark a time when you may see a powerful friend leave or one from the past return. You will be retracing and reworking the power balance with friends or groups, any triangles or control issues in pursuing aspirations, how you give your power away or allow control issues to enter, and how triangles are utilized to keep you feeling empowered with your social circle. You must be willing to dig deep and release any of this to reconnect with your closest circle in a more powerful way up ahead and look at how sex, divorce or major financial upheaval has played a role in the toll on friends or groups you are affiliated with. One talk you have today will benefit you through these areas.

Saturn is Retrograding back into Virgo for a few months to give you one last opportunity to tackle the work and details with a marriage or business partnership, an agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. You need to do the work now and get serious about tying up loose ends between now and July 21st. You will not get this focus combined with leadership or authority figures to help you work out the details again for another 29 years in this arena. Doing so now will set you up in a better place to enter into partnerships or with representation in the fall from a completely different level of commitment and balance. You may go back to a past partner or representative now or see a current one leave, all part of the process towards mastery.
The New Moon on the 14th is opening up 2 strong weeks for you to initiate a fresh start with income. You can seek new sources of income or add to your current earnings, you can start something that will lead to money or spend on something important now. If you have a possession in question such as a home, car or jewelry this is a good time to launch into a new paradigm with it.

Mercury will Retrograde on the 17/18th in your communications zone and you will want to be prepared for this. Mercury Retrograde is about communications and transportation matters getting slowed down or breaking down and for you it is happening in the house of communications and transportation so just assume you are not understanding what they really meant or they aren’t getting you, that messages and road trips may go awry, that an old writing project may get picked back up or a current one tossed aside, that you may have people or situations from your past show back up in your local scene, bumping into old acquaintances at the grocery or post office, that you will possibly see someone leave the neighborhood or that old issues with brothers or sisters may arise or they may plop down on your doorstep for a visit. This lasts until May 11th and the biggest thing to remember is you are being given a do-over with old agreements and decisions, meetings and talks so use it wisely. Don’t sign contracts during this period if you can help it unless it is something you began before and be very careful when driving.

Chiron is going to move into new territory on the 20th leaving his transit of your twelfth house where he’s been for the last 5 years. This process has been about dredging up any wounds you have that you carry that you keep hidden, sometimes even from yourself, it has made you look at how your wounds play out through your fantasy life, film or musical outlets, artistic expression, spirituality, clandestine romantic interludes, retreat or isolation, addictions, self-undoing tendencies or dealings with prisons or hospitals. You have had 5 years of exposing painful experience through this house of activity and during the process have mastered something new within your own intuition and inner voice and connected to a new soul group. From this you will find that you are now in a position to teach or heal others who will find you going through similar pain. With Chiron’s move into your sign on the 20th, you are entering a completely new level. Over the years ahead it will be through your body, image and identity in the world that you release the wounds. You may find a spiritual outlet for this or something in the arts where you can use your body or image and look squarely at any pain you hold, you may find that it plays out in hospitals or surgery you undergo to release actual physical ailments, and through time spend working on yourself behind closed doors or in secret activities that you keep away from prying eyes. By the end of this cycle you will have mastered your body and image at a completely new level and will be able to heal or teach others through the expression of physicality from your own experiences through these arenas.

The Sun enters your communications zone on the 20th and will put your in the spotlight over the next 30 days through talks, writing projects, agreements, short trips, neighborhood activities, and interaction with siblings. Since the Mercury Retrograde is functioning here as well you can assume the past is going to play into how you are seen and what you are doing in these arenas, shine your light.

Venus enters Gemini on the 25th and will bring ease and smoother sailing at home, with real estate deals, moves, renovations, roommates, family, and mom. You will find you can attract the love or money you need now through these avenues and you may have a woman entering the seen as a new roommate or realtor. Women will benefit you here now and spending you do will likely be on home or family.

The 4th of the 5 Saturn/Uranus oppositions occurs on the 26th and is the next turning point for you over the old and established way of partnering, dealing with agents, attorneys, specialists or competitors that on some level represents security or structure to you, and the new, innovative way of being independent, free, original and brilliant that has been beckoning you forward. You WILL NOT be able to rely on the partnership or representative in the same way going forward, things have to evolve. You WILL find that the more you follow your own drummer, are expressive of your true nature, that you will find significant others who see you for who you are evolving into and allow you to be in your unique light. Allow what occurs at this juncture to push you just a bit further on your road to selfhood. You have until July 26th and the final opposition before you are completely in the new sense of self and ready to reenter a fresh balance with someone else. If you are in relationship when this happens, you may be able to stretch your wings and find new ways forward while still growing with each other, it will depend on the people involved.

The Full Moon on the 28th wraps up the months energy with a peak emotional experience for you that involves shared experience over something legal, media related, around travel, or education. You may be celebrating graduating from the class or the class you teach wrapping up, there could be a trip you finally are on or are ending, you could sign off on the legal battle or win your victory in the court, or you could see your media project finally getting published or broadcast to the world. Whether it is a celebration or ending, the moment will be deeply felt.


Sunday, March 28, 2010



Perhaps it is that Mercury rules my chart, but oh how I look forward to this week… it holds one of my favorite days of the year: April Fools Day!!! Yes, playing pranks is mandatory (to know me is to have had your bed short-sheeted at least once) lol :) You’ll have to write and tell me if you pull off any doozies! And don't be pulling them on me!

As far as the aspects are going, it is a very VENUS/MERCURY kind of week, translation: it will show you new love or money avenues and talks and agreements will take on new parameters.

On Monday Venus dances with Neptune in a lovely aspect that assures you will find something romantic, artistic or spiritual to move towards. You may be earning money in one of these arenas or spending on something beautiful or you could find love is particularly special today. We have a FULL MOON in Libra as well and this is about bringing a relationship of some importance to a climactic moment. You may be celebrating the business partnership that is wrapping up on something big or making a decision to marry or break up a marriage. It could be about someone who represents you as well or a competitor who is bringing your emotional balance to a peak at this time.

Tuesday is pretty much about making whatever emotional adjustments are necessary around the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, or opponent. There is either a wide open space that has just emptied to allow for a better expression of romance, artistry or spirituality with this person or what you are doing together is growing larger as the two of you step it up. Either way, the protection of Jupiter suggests it is as it is meant for your best future so do what you can to get your feelings around it.

Wednesday Venus leaves her cranky position in Aries and moves into a sign she just adores, darling! Gliding now through Taurus she will attract money more easily and be more sure of what she wants by way of love. Venus in Taurus wants to taste life in an earthy, sultry way and is willing to go earn what she needs to get it (as long as that work is not too strenuous). She adjusts to Saturn’s position today as well so you will be making adjustments around any limits or responsibilities to partnership or representation. The Mercury/Neptune sextile brings an opportunity to talk about what you desire that should end up bringing you some magic.

Thursday the powerful emotional energy will push you to do something. This could mean you work out or hike, something to burn off the deeply felt emotions, or that you go after what you want but from some new angle. Watch that you are not involving any underhanded tactics, keep the triangles above board. The Jupiter connection is going to make you feel a bit invincible, happiness will color the latter part of the day for most.

Friday Mercury follows Venus into Taurus and this will kick start talks and negotiations in earnest over the monetary matter, what you are doing to make it, what you are spending on and what you really value. There will be the need to make a decision or communicate something with the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or opponent as you adapt to the new ideas and agreements. The evening looks quite passionate or creative and there is plenty of motivation to adventure out.


Monday the Full Moon will emphasize at least one important relationship for you. Your partner could be receiving some recognition or an illness could be ending, you could see a declaration from them that brings things to a peak, it could be an agent or attorney and the work you have been doing together that culminates or they could be finished with your needs and moving on. You could see something coming in from the specialist you consulted or hear about your competition launching something or closing their doors. The Venus/Neptune sextile brings good energy between you and a friend or group. This could mean love or money through something artistic, romantic or spiritual with them.

Tuesday you will be adjusting emotions around the partner, representative or opponent. The large space occurring for you with them is around retreat, hospitals, fantasy, something artistic such as film, music or poetry, research, or work you are doing behind the scenes. Look at ways to seek happiness through your meditative or your inner world today, ie: zen out.

Wednesday is active as Venus leaves your sign and moves into your money house. This is such a good thing for you as it will help you to attract income more easily and earning through women, items of beauty or building something of value will go well. This does not cover other people’s money such as loans or settlements, this is money you need to earn yourself but it is a good time to go after new sources if the need arises. You will be making an adjustment to the partnership, representative, or competitor today in this and any limits or responsibilities you have here. Talks or agreements with friends or groups are magical once again so open up.

Thursday is about emotional energy towards debt, joint finances, settlements, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, taxes, or any other outside resource other than income. It can also be about an intimate or sexual connection or divorce. You are personally or physically going to need to adapt a bit in this today but the stars are promising positive protection or happiness behind closed doors later on.

Friday Mercury moves into your income house. This means you will be interviewing, sending out resumes, meeting or talking, or utilizing your writing skills to make money. If you need to ask a sibling for money you might find this energy helps, you may also be more active locally in earning. Again, this will in some way require some adjustment around the limits or responsibilities of the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. The evening looks right up your alley with plenty of Mars action going on with kids, lovers or creative outlets and an adventurous spirit to boot.


Monday brings a Full Moon in your work, health and pet zone. You will find that emotions are peaking over a job you are finishing or something you wanted being recognized in your work well done. You can see this energy mean a health problem is finally ending or you are getting the information you needed from something to move forward or a diet or work-out regime has paid off. You may also see a pet have something they were going through come to completion as well. Your ruler is meeting with Neptune today for wonderful secretive or behind the scenes energy around love or money and the goal you have set for yourself romantically, spiritually or artistically.

Tuesday is about adjusting emotionally to the person involved with you and the work, health or pet culmination yesterday. There is great energy to expand through a group or friendship or an aspiration of yours can take on new parameters now, again around what is occurring through work, health or pets and the other person.

Wednesday pulls your ruling energy out of hiding even though you are still functioning behind the scenes. There is a shift of focus onto you and your body, your needs and image. It is the beginning of a pleasant transit through your sign where you will find it easier to attract what you need and indulge yourself. Spending on items that enhance your looks or make you feel good is in the mix as well as being able to earn through your appearances or something that you bring to the table that no one else can. See what you can do about making some kind of adjustment around the limits or responsibilities at work, with health or your pets. Talks about what you are working on behind closed doors should improve the career prospects or help you to reach a romantic, artistic or spiritual goal.

Thursday you will be focusing on feelings regarding a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. There is more about your moves behind the scenes tied into this and you may have to work on the film, fantasy project, music, meditation, addiction or self-defeating tendencies, hospital connection, or research to reach what you want with this person. Friends, groups and aspirations figure into who you are connecting with here in a wonderful, expansive way, so socialize or network if you can.

Friday Mercury moves into your sign and the talks and decisions, agreements and meetings will focus on you and your needs. It’s a great time to start a diet or work out regime, to ask for something personal or for your body, to meet with others and make a good impression, or to write or sign agreements and come to terms that suit you. Again you must adjust to the work, health or pet situation and a person of authority there, or a limit, loss or responsibility connected. Pour some energy into major finances, divorce proceedings or sexual connections at home or over home or property matters today as well, they look favorable.


Monday brings a Full Moon in your house of true love, children and creative projects. This will mark a celebration or ending for you as one or more of these things comes to a climax. You may see your creative project get the green light or finally see the reviews come in, you could hear that declaration of love or celebrate a milestone together or break off what is no longer working, or you could hear you are pregnant, the adoption is coming through or the birth of a child is announced. A significant person is involved in the balance of this and the friend or group association pulls a trip, person at a distance, media venture, legal matter, or educational issue into better alignment for you financially or in matters of the heart.

Tuesday you will be making career or goal adjustments around what occurred yesterday with the child, lover or creative project. It is big and will involve protection and luck once you work your way around what you must adapt yourself around.

Wednesday you will wrap up the balancing act between the creative or love needs and the friend and move into new territory energetically. There is a shift into working behind the scenes now that will attract money or love into your life and this is going to be through something artistic, romantic, spiritual, or involving psychic, mystic, addictive, or retreative energy. Research is your friend during this transit so dig into things as you move along. You will need to make adjustments to the needs of the older lover or around the limits or responsibilities of the lover, child or creative project. An authority figure may figure in as well. Secret affairs may begin as well under this influence. A talk with the friend aligns beautifully with the travel, foreign, media, publishing, educational, or legal matters so open up.

Thursday you will be adjusting to a friend or group situation and how that is affecting the work you do, what you need to do health-wise, or with pets. Luck has moved into position on the career front or with an important goal today so motivate to work or tackle the health or pet matter.

Friday Mercury follows Venus into the hidden, mystical part of your chart so you will be meeting in secret or behind closed doors, finding research that helps you, having serious talks or signing agreements regarding artistic pursuits, romantic interests, spiritual activities, addictions or hospital matters. Find a way to take the lead or work with someone in authority over the creative aspects, child or love and you will come out ahead. Be willing to adjust your ideas a bit but remain true to your vision. The partner or representative is on your wavelength and you shouldn’t be afraid to express what you are passionate about today.


Monday brings a Full Moon in your home base. This is a time when you may be celebrating something in the home or with a property matter, you could see a roommate situation coming to a head or a lease ending, a sale could complete or the renovation could wrap up, or there could be a culmination with your family or mom in some matter as well. Focus some of your energy today on the goal or career agenda that is under such positive stars, you should find ways to tackle the major financial matter tied to artistry or the romantic/intimate connection and the goal you have set there.

Tuesday is all about adjusting to what peaked yesterday around home, living situation, foundations you are building upon, security needs, property matters, or mom. The place that luck is flowing but where the adjustment must be made is around travel, someone at a distance, media or publishing, publicity, legal matters, or education through teaching or taking a class. It is not an either/or situation, it is one where you must adjust.

Wednesday is a power day emotionally and you should feel ambition pushing beneath the surface as you handle your responsibilities. Venus moves into your social arena and you will find your aspirations are aligned beautifully with the universe at present so doors will begin to open more readily. Friends and groups will take on more influence as well and you should find yourself interacting with more people during this transit to your benefit monetarily or in pursuits of the heart. You will need to adjust to this around limits or responsibilities at home or to mom but it’s all good. The talk today about career or a goal of yours is met with opportunity, if you are asked to sign a contract today over an artistic venture, do it.

Thursday you will be emotionally connecting with creative energy and there is potential for love, fun and children in the mix as well. There is something in this that is pushing you again towards goals and achievement but you will physically have to adapt around the evolving creative output or love connection. Strive to take the lead or stand out with merit for your actions. Luck is pouring in today around travel, people at a distance, media or publishing projects, education, or legal matters.

Friday Mercury moves into your social sector and opens up talks and agreements around your dream. You may meet a new friend or join a new group over the next few weeks who will be influential or you may just find you are hearing from and connecting with a lot more friends during this time and be able to cement a few agreements or make some important decisions. Again, adjusting to responsibilities or limits at home or with mom is part of the energy pattern. The work you do today has a straight pipeline to money and some opportunity for solid security so put in the effort.


Monday brings a Full Moon in your communications zone. This can bring some pretty amazing news your way or a decision you have been waiting to hear could finally come through. It is a time when the agreement is finally signed, the writing project is accepted or released, the writing project you have been currently working on is finally completed, an agreement wraps up and is completed, or something that is going on with the neighborhood, a neighbor, a sibling, or involving short trips culminates. Love or money is open to you through travel, a person at a distance, media, publishing, educational avenues, or legal means and this looks promising so adventure into these realms and see what comes through a significant connection.

Tuesday will be all about adjusting to yesterday’s peak moment and you may find you are reliving emotions as you play them back in your mind. It may find you talking a lot or writing again today all the while making some big adjustments around what is shared. This could mean major finances, sex, reproduction, power, or divorce (as the what is shared arena) so put time into talking, meeting, deciding, dealing with agreements, or short trips involving these topics and be willing to stretch a bit towards what is opening up, this is where the luck is waiting.

Wednesday you will be turning your focus onto powerful communications or ideas and the new woman involved in the career agenda or the way that money or love are opening up for you where a goal or ambition is concerned. You have Venus now in your career Midheaven so you should be able to attract attention and call to you what you need more easily, take advantage of this wonderful time. You will need to continue to deal with limits or responsibilities locally, to siblings, in writing projects or agreements but effort pays off. The talks you have about media, travel, education, or legal matters are supporting the artistic or romantic evolvement of the relationship.

Thursday you will want to focus on home or a property matter. This is a good day do stretch yourself towards the trip, foreign person, teaching, class you want to take, media, publicity, or publishing venture, or legal matter before you. This can be achieved from home or you will need to accommodate home or mom in the picture as you shine your light so brightly in the other arenas. If you are looking for financial support for what is happening at home or with property it is there today, if you want to connect intimately at home, it looks positive as well. Divorce issues over home, ditto, positive.

Friday Mercury moves into your career Midheaven and marks a time when more people are talking about what you do, when you can land the meetings or make your pitches more readily, and when you can promote yourself or your business with flair. The energy suggests that you must come not completely from your creative/dramatic appeal in this but that you must as well incorporate some authority and leadership aspects in your presentation or written proposal. Or, you will have to deal with adjustments to a person who is taking on this position themselves. There are beautiful aspects for you to have fun, be with a lover, spend time with children or express your creative nature the rest of the day.


Monday brings a Full Moon in your house of earnings, possessions and values. You have reached critical mass here in at least one of these arenas and are going to be celebrating the peak of some income generating project or job or wrapping one up and clearing the decks. You may be seeing a culmination around something you purchased or spent your money developing or seeing it run its course and lastly you may be making a decision based on differing or similar values in life. The major outside financial picture is aligning with a female and the artistic or spiritual work you have an opportunity to involve yourself in at this time, take it.

Tuesday will be all about the luck or expansion that is pouring in through a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or shifts with a competitor. You will want to adjust your approach to earning money at this moment based on what you see opening up here. It is possible if this is about a person who has left your life that the opening will push you to find better ways to support yourself.

Wednesday emotions will run deep around the balance of power and finances between you and another. Venus is going to move into Taurus, a sign that aligns beautifully with your own and will bring attractive possibilities for love or money through travel, people at a distance, media or publishing ventures, publicity, higher education, and anything tied to the law. It’s a good time to accept contracts and secure income making ventures that open the higher mind in some way. You will have to still deal with limits or responsibilities around earning your own money or spending on something that you are duty bound to honor but stretch towards the wider picture. You may hear positive news today about an artistic work project or something related to health that either offers big money, a nice settlement or some kind of closeness with another person.

Thursday you will be engaged in talks, meetings, agreements, short trips, neighborhood activities, sibling interchange, or a writing project. Do your best to stand in your power where major finances, divorce or intimacy are concerned. You are going to need to express your position around the loan or settlement, or whatever the major financial picture is evolving and then make some adjustments personally. The luck here will come through talks with partners, representatives or about competition.

Friday begins a few week period where you will be making some decisions that affect travel, media, education, or legal concerns. You can now sign the contract, negotiate the final outcome, write something the gets out there or meet with someone who can help in one of these areas. Again, limits or responsibilities around earning or spending come into play so a lot effort between both realities. It’s time to dive into something behind closed doors that should have you feeling pretty good about the foundations you are building upon.


A Full Moon in your sign is a big moment in the year when something is peaking for you that is quite personal. This can be quite an emotional time since who you are, what is going on with your body or image, your identity in the world, is what is climaxing or ending on some level. You may be celebrating some recognition at this moment or deciding it is time to end what is occurring that is affecting your physical body, image or identity. The beautiful aspect between partners or representatives to your creativity, love or children today is opening up an opportunity for you to draw love or money to yourself through significant people and your true expression of yourself so open up to the possibilities.

Tuesday will be about making a big adjustment but one that should feel pretty great and it is coming around the work you do, the way you approach your health or what is going on with pets. You may decide to open up your work space or go after some other kind of work that could teach you something, you may start the exercise or diet regime today, or you may decide it is time to rescue an abandoned puppy or kitten and give them a home. Whichever area it plays out in will require you to step out of any ego limitations that would normally have you feeling you couldn’t possibly so that you do what is best for you.

Wednesday emotions run deep, do you best to avoid power struggles or competitiveness with women early in the day. There is an intense shift into major finances, sex or divorce energy that will be quite helpful for you later in the day as Venus moves into Taurus. This is a time when you can attract what you need much more readily in these areas so prepare to charm doors open and know that love and money will find you through deep connections to people or institutions during this phase. You have to get out of your own way at present as Saturn is running you down or overburdening you, whatever works for you, make sure to tell yourself it is NOT as bad as it may feel under this energy and follow the bright light of Venus into connections. There is at least one talk or agreement with a partner, representative or specialist that bodes very well for you today around a creative venture, love or children.

Thursday you will be making any emotional adjustments around income to accommodate your position within the partnership, with the agent, attorney, or specialist, or in tackling your competition. There is a great alignment between earning and work you do today so make the effort. If you want to spend on health or pets, that as well is under positive stars.

Friday talks or agreements will open up in earnest over the divorce, intimacy or major financial matter. If you need to go after a loan or write up a pitch for money, do so now. If you are single and interested in meeting someone sexy, open up the lines of communication, the neighborhood haunts are your best bet to find the one. Focus on doing something with friends or a group later today/tonight as the social action is filled with passion and dynamic spark, it looks fun.


Monday brings a Full Moon in the hidden part of your chart. You will be seeing something reaching critical mass now and it could be celebratory as a film or fantasy project is culminating or something mystical or spiritual reaches an important juncture. There could be time at a hospital wrapping up or something that has bothered you finally surfacing to get you there to take care of it, you could wrap up a research project or investigation, quit something addictive or come out of rehab, or find that a clandestine affair reaches a monumental moment or ends. If you’ve been pretty low on the radar, hiding out or in retreat, this will likely mark the end of that phase. Love or money is aligned through work, health or pets today just beautifully so spend it or earn it at home through one of these avenues.

Tuesday you will be making some adjustments around your feelings about the aspiration or the friend or group due to what is opening up for you through true love, with children or in a creative endeavor. This is about filling a space in your life with something that will bring happiness and luck so do what is necessary knowing the positive link here.

Wednesday may bring some kind of opposition from a woman over work, health or pet matters but more likely will start out with you doing what you can to balance between what you produce and what you need to recharge your own energy. Venus is moving into your partnership arena today and this is such a blessing. You will now find that your significant relationships will go more smoothly and you will be able to attract the right ones into your life. Love and money both flow through this person to you so connect with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, and tackle any competition under this influence. You may have to still deal with adjustments to limitations or responsibilities you have going on behind the scenes but it is worth the effort. The talk or agreement you have today about work, health or pets leads to positive opportunity in the creative or romantic foundations you are building upon.

Thursday will be about getting yourself into the flow at work, working out, on the diet, or doing something with pets. You need to push yourself physically or personally a bit today as you get your feelings aligned with goals due to transform who you are in this. The luck and happiness quotient aligns for you today through creative projects, children and lovers so connect with those you care for, get out if you are single and let the creative juices flow.

Friday talks will begin to focus on partnership, representation and competition. You can come to agreements now with these people or take meetings to form a union on some topic. You will need to accommodate in this by making some adjustments to how or what you are working on behind closed doors or if there is something taking you off to hospital or retreat and a way to delegate responsibilities. You should be feeling pretty good today about income and there is great drive to achieve which is aligning beautifully so go after your goals with vigor.


Monday is a Full Moon in your social sphere so you can expect that this time period is about a friendship or group affiliation and something peaking here, being celebrated, a climactic moment involving this person or a networking or social event that is highlighting your social life. Some of you may be celebrating something happening involving an aspiration of yours as well. Endings can occur at this time as well so if a friend leaves your circle or a group disbands, it is aligned with universal flow. You may hear news today about an artistic or romantic topic that pleases you and offers you some opportunity to make money, do something with a woman, or express love that involves your creativity.

Tuesday is about getting your emotional energy around the aspiration, friendship or group situation so that you can handle what is expanding at home or with a living situation. Whatever peaked yesterday is in need of some emotional shifts today. It could just be that you feel your happiness is at home right now while you must put balance into the energy around friends or groups, do your best to support both sides of life today instead of making it an ‘either/or’ proposition.

Wednesday you will want to balance deep feelings over the friend, aspiration or group against a woman you love, a monetary matter that is creative or a child. Emotions could be intense so look towards the positive move of Venus into your work, health and pet zone. This is bringing an ability to attract the money or love you need through the work you do or work you want to go after, the health issues at hand or a new approach to health, and anything involving your pets. You will need to continue to adjust to the limits or responsibilities with the friend or group but will see it pays off in smooth sailing towards positive work, health or pet scenarios. A talk today about the creative project, lover or child is under positive stars, sign contracts if you want to today.

Thursday is about more adjusting energy putting you in the spotlight in a creative venture, with a lover or with children or the idea of children. You may feel as if keeping your feelings hidden here or pouring your emotional energy into what you are doing behind closed doors is the way to go but you will need to be there for the one you love or the creative demands to really shine. Luck pours through home and living situations, you could learn something you needed to know about this if you dig around a bit.

Friday talks and agreements will begin to open up or move forward on the work front, with health matters and with pets. You can meet someone now who has an influence on these areas of life or just come to some decisions or write to forward your cause with good affect. The friend or group continues to demand effort or you must make up for limits here but it is about being adaptive. A major positive push comes your way to travel, do something in the media, take or teach a class, or tackle legalities and it looks really good for you so be proactive.


Monday is a Full Moon in your career Midheaven! This is about something you have been striving to achieve coming to a peak, a celebration over something you have accomplished on the career front, a promotion, the sale of the company, a boss retiring or the end of some goal as it wraps up in some way. Recognition could be in the stars for what you are doing or you may decide you have gone after one thing long enough, you are done and ready to move on. There is amazing energy around love or money opening up for you at home or with a property matter or mom. This should tie in nicely to money so earning or spending today on this is favored.

Tuesday you will be making some emotional adjustments around what just happened on the career front or with a major goal of yours. The luck is in talks, agreements, decisions, meetings, a writing project, short trips, siblings, or neighbors involved in the career or goal but you will need to be willing to adapt how you feel or what you are willing to give just a bit to reach your aim.

Wednesday will charge up your feelings and ambitions as you go after the love, money or woman involved in the home or real estate matter. Venus is moving into your house of true love, creativity and children today and beginning a transit that will help you to attract love or money to yourself through having fun, shining your creative light and connecting with kids or lovers. There is something here that wants to come through today so adjust your responsibilities to career agenda as much as possible to allow it in. A talk or agreement is possible over home, living situations, real estate, or mom that looks very beneficial monetarily.

Thursday you will want to find time for friends, groups, networking, or pursuing aspirations. There is such a spotlight on home and property matters right now that you may feel you can’t leave to connect with these people but you should find a way to do both if you put your mind to it. There is some real happiness or luck coming through what one of them has to say to you today or in the meeting or agreement itself.

Friday brings talks and agreements into the realm of creativity, children and lovers. For single Capricorns it could bring a meeting with someone attractive and interesting, you may hear a declaration of love, news of a child, come to agreements with the creative project you have been working on or decide to start one up. Career and responsibilities are still there so you must find ways to accommodate both. Something you work on behind the scenes can lead to powerful energy being released so you can take this to mean that the effort you make in research or fantasy/artistry can lead to major financial returns or action on the divorce front, or what you do behind closed doors unleashes some pretty great passion.


Monday is a Full Moon in your ninth house so you are going to be feeling the big moment around a trip, with a person from far away, with a ceremony or legal matter, with a media, publishing or publicity topic, or with something educational. This is about celebrating what is coming through here for you now or ending what has reached its limit. There is wonderful energy around talks or meetings that involve love or money and will in some way affect you personally on a romantic, artistic or spiritual level so express yourself.

Tuesday you will be making adjustments around what occurred yesterday. Emotions will focus on the trip, education, legalities, or media as you stretch what you are doing to earn a living or do what is necessary to handle a space that has been created in earnings. You may want to spend in a big way today as well as you focus on these expansive areas of life. Do your best to move towards lucky ways to increase income.

Wednesday morning may open up some intense talks or decisions around love, money or a woman so seek to balance emotions and not get sucked into any triangles or power plays. Venus is going to move into your home base which is going to help things to go a lot smoother at home, with property matters and living situations. You can attract the love or money you need here now and may find you wish to spend on your living quarters or the property during this time. Make adjustments to responsibilities or limits legally, in travel, with media or education as you approach the love or money at home. A talk, decision or news you hear today should reassure you that you are on the right track with your artistic or romantic life, if you want to express your ideas here, it looks good.

Thursday you will be focusing in on the career or reputation and any goals you have that are important to achieve. You will need to either show up and shine your light in some local situation or short trip attached to this, write something or take a meeting so be ready to make a statement and open to adjusting to the demands of the day. Jupiter is plugging in to your income zone with some big luck so you should be able to make money or spend profitably towards career.

Friday Mercury moves into the home arena so it is time to make the decision, have the talk or meeting, sign the contract, or write something up that affects where you live and with whom or the property you own or want to own/sell. You may be talking more or hearing news about mom during this transit as well. Again, adjustments around travel, media, legalities, or education and any limits or responsibilities here are necessary. You should be feeling pretty social by mid-day and passions run towards partners this evening so express yourself.


The Full Moon on Monday is all about a peak experience or moment for you around loans, settlements, debt, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, taxes, alimony, child support, joint finances, or any other outside resource. It is also the house of reproduction, sex and divorce. In at least one of these areas you will be celebrating a climactic moment or ending something that has run its course. There is brilliant energy around making or spending money today through/on love, creative projects or children. Your ruling energy is involved so any fantasy, artistry, spirituality, retreat, research, romantic expression, or hospitals play positively into the outcome.

Tuesday you will be making some big shifts personally as you adjust to the peak moment yesterday around major finances, sex or divorce. Happiness and expansion are definitely in this picture so make sure to push yourself physically or personally in ways that align you to your true beliefs and adventurous nature.

Wednesday you will need to start the day by balancing any heavy emotions that may come up through dreams around finances, power, intimacy, divorce and value. Once Venus moves into Taurus you will find you have a great open door to attract what you desire, be it love or money, all by communicating with others, getting involved locally, linking with neighbors or siblings, writing, taking meetings, pitching ideas, and expressing your vision. Adjustments to the limits or responsibilities you are feeling from banks or outside resources, sexual partners or divorce proceedings must be taken into consideration but shouldn’t slow you down too much. A talk or news you hear about making money aligns again with opportunity through research, film, fantasy, music, addiction, hospitals or prisons, retreat, or mystical outlets. You may be meeting behind closed doors or bringing up something that must be worked on in that way but it links positively to income.

Thursday you will want to focus on how your emotions are processing the trip, legal matter, education, or media project. You are being pushed by the energies today to get your head around feelings here so that you can stretch a bit and shine your light in an income making prospect. Luck is definitely with you today and is going to edge you towards expansion personally or physically in this travel, media, legal, or educational outlet.

Friday talks and agreements amp up and this will be a trend over the next few weeks so get ready to make the decisions, have your meetings, get active in the neighborhood or move, and in general just begin hearing more from others and feeling like talking yourself. If the major financial matter, divorce or sexual topic is part of this for you today then be willing to express or agree on points that allow for some adjustment around limits or responsibilities. Career Midheaven is under positive stars today so be ambitious and actively tackle the work, your health or the pet situation to get what you want. Potential to connect with someone older or established is there if you do and it looks powerful for you.