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How did everyone do with their week? I know things began to move for you and you were faced with your first obstacles to overcome in getting where you want to go. So, you will be happy to know that the weekend is a bit tamer :)

Saturday is opening with a Moon/Neptune aspect that should offer some inspiration throughout your morning. The Moon goes Void on the heels of this aspect so you will have until 2:26pm eastern to stay with that flow and dream up what your next move will be. The Moon then moves into Pisces and makes adjustment angles with Mars and Saturn throughout the day which means you are going to be tackling the matter before you and committing or putting in the time in a new way or one that stretches or requires adaptation.

Sunday the Sun and Mercury have their annual meeting on the same degree which means that you will be communicating about your needs or body, hear news that affects you personally or physically, or decide to do something new with yourself. It is occurring in the sign of Pisces so artistry, romance, spirituality, or institutions such as hospitals will color the communication. The Moon/Jupiter conjunction on the same day in the same sign bodes well for happy feelings and optimism.


Saturday morning may have you dreaming up ideas with or about friends. You can connect with a group or network and put energy into following your intuition about aspirations. The afternoon will shift your emotional needs to something artistic or romantic or perhaps something hospital oriented as you tackle the creative project, lover or child in some different way and deal with any limits in partnership or representation.

Sunday is about information you find pertaining to your body or image, needs or identity through research, fantasy, time spent working behind closed doors, secrets, the arts, romantic connections, or institutions. You may decide to put yourself out of the loop today to recharge your batteries or into a hospital to take care of yourself, you could meet with someone in film or another artistic medium to represent yourself in some personal way, or find that you meet someone today in one of these behind the scenes manners that is good for you going forward.


Saturday will start out with a dreamy, poetic energy around your goals or career agenda. You will do well to focus on your intuition and artistic inspiration when aiming at ambitions. The afternoon brings a different thrust as networking or friends take on more interest. You will want to tackle something at home involving them or take on a property matter that requires some adjustment physically from you. Work before you or your health is also going to require adaptation if you are to socialize in the way you wish.

Sunday the talk or news about yourself involves your aspirations or something social involving friends, groups or networking. This is important in so far as you can really be heard today with others and ideas should be well received. Meetings in groups go well and any parties or social affairs will bring something big into the picture or happiness your way.


Saturday morning will bring some real inspiration and a dreamy quality to any travel you might be doing involving a friend or group, or a media project, legal issue, or educational topic that pulls on your artistry and friends. The afternoon will take you into the ambitions and career arena as you gear up to write or speak passionately in some new manner or to tackle as much as you can locally to accommodate the ambition. You will need to look at limits around love, children or creative ventures and make some adjustments towards commitment, effort or time.

Sunday the talk or news is about you and your reputation, career, fame, or ambitions. This could be something pretty big for you so if someone offers you a way forward today it seems quite lucky for you. If you need to make a decision, you will find your way now. Agreements look as though they will open up doors on the career arena as well. If you need to send out resumes or connect with a boss or dad, do it now.


Saturday begins with deep feelings that may be a bit overwhelming but dreamy just the same. There is a profound connection occurring somewhere in your world just now and you can contemplate and touch on it this morning. The afternoon is about what you feel about a trip, media venture, educational matter, or legal issue. You will want to go make some money, even if you have to stretch a bit, on the other hand you may have to spend a bit, do your best to adapt. You must also address limits or responsibilities to home or parents before launching.

Sunday the talk or news is about the trip, media venture, educational matter, or legal issue. This is a great day to put yourself on the plane, to make a decision about the person at a distance, to come to or form an agreement and make it legal, to go to trial or the courthouse, to get out on campus, teach your class or take a test, to put yourself in front of the cameras or broadcast yourself in some other manner. There is much luck behind decisions and ideas in these areas today.


Saturday morning is all about the partner or representative in your life, the significant person who is affecting your ideals and inspirations. For some of you who are not matched up, this morning may be about daydreaming about the perfect partner or remembering the one from long ago. Put some time into envisioning the person you need to balance your life now and it will go a ways to attracting them. The afternoon is about how you feel either intimately or in a shared financial matter. You will be dealing with getting active sexually or over the bank account or joint finances, passions are stirred but there is a bit of an adjustment here. Some will be tackling divorce issues and talks on any of these subjects will be somewhat restricted.

Sunday the talk or news is about you and the sex, intimacy, reproduction, loan, debt, credit cards, insurance, taxes, inheritance, bankruptcy, alimony, child support, settlement, joint finances, divorce, or death. There is a fresh start here so express your needs, look at how you can make yourself happy from this point forward and trust new ideas that come upon you around any of these topics. Agreements are favored.


Saturday morning the focus is on work, health or pets. Spend some time letting your artistry affect one or more of these arenas. You can dream up some inspiring things to work on or take a more spiritual approach to your morning health routine. The rest of the day is going to be about how you feel about a partner, opponent, agent, attorney, or specialist. You will need to act behind the scenes, through research or fantasy, hospitals or in secret but it will require a bit of an adjustment. Look at any limits or responsibilities you have around income with this person and adapt your situation accordingly.

Sunday is about a talk or news regarding the partner, representative or opponent. This is about you and what you need, your body or image, your identity with this person and what you decide to do or what they have decided that affects you personally. It is a fresh start and crowned with luck and protection so allow what you hear or decide to lead you into a better place regarding this person. If single, you could meet someone today who is partnership material!


Saturday the morning focus is going to involve a child, a creative project or your lover. This is dreamy energy and can be very inspiring either artistically or romantically so enjoy. The rest of the day is going to be about how you feel about your work situation, your health or a pet. You need to act today and it involves a friend, this may stretch you a bit where health or work or pets is concerned. You should also watch any physical limits or burdens you may feel personally in all of this and do your best to get it done.

Sunday the talk or news is about you and the work assignment, co-worker, person you are hiring to work for you, your health, or the pets. This is big and you may decide to speak out about what you need in a work situation or meet someone while attending to the job or pet, you may hear something about your health or the animal or a new job or decide to send out resumes about the work you would like to do. There are many combinations of these topics but know there is great protection and luck in decisions, talks, agreements and meetings today that involve you and health, work or pets.


Saturday starts out with the energy around home and nesting or dreaming up something romantic or artistic there. It’s a great morning for expressing your inspiration at the house, with family or over a real estate deal. The rest of the day is going to focus on love, children or creativity. You will want to act today towards a passionate goal here and will need to be willing to compromise a bit to get what you want. You will also need to be cognizant of any limits or responsibilities you have that involve retreat or work done behind closed doors, fantasy, research, hospitals or secrets.

Sunday the talk or news is about a child, a lover, love, recreation, or a creative venture. This is really about you and what you want, who you are in the picture, any agreements you can come to that give you a fresh start, the announcement of a child on the way, love declared, a creative project that puts your image or body out front, it’s all good. This has luck and protection around it so make a decision.


Saturday morning will be about dreamy ways of communicating or writing, inspired thoughts or romantic talks. You are truly tuned into the muse so trust your instincts. The rest of the day is all about the home or living situation. You will be having to adjust around travel plans, media ventures, legal matters, or education as you balance home and security needs. You will also need to look at any responsibilities or limits set by a friend or group as you commit or limit efforts.

Sunday the talk or news is about you and the home, living situation, real estate deal, family, or security needs. You want to express what you need here or put yourself there physically with some new ideas, agreement, decision or meeting. Luck and protection surround this today so express your ideas or embrace the news as it comes. Expansion may occur as a purchase, move, roommate entering or leaving, or something growing that will positively affect your roots.


Saturday will start out with inspiration around earning money or a dreamy state about spending on something artistic or romantic. This is a good time to let your imagination take over and to follow up on intuitions where money is concerned. The afternoon is going to be about talks or meetings and you will need to dive in and tackle the major financial aspects here or intimacy or advances from another. This may require some finessing. Look at career limitations or responsibilities as you communicate or come to agreements and be willing to adjust a bit here as well.

Sunday is about the talk, meetings, agreement, news, decision, writing project, short trip, neighborhood, or sibling and how you are involved personally or physically. Put yourself into the mix in all communications and put your image or identity into the written word, be willing to ask for what you need physically while running about the neighborhood or taking your trips. In any of this you may meet someone who is very lucky for you. Agreements or talks are lucky as well.


Saturday morning is a great time to spend doing something dreamy or romantic for yourself. You may want to express your artistic side or put yourself physically into the romantic connection, it’s all very inspiring. The rest of the day is going to be about making or spending money. You will need to take some action with a partner or representative that involves this and requires that you adjust a bit where passions or anger is concerned. You should look at any limits in beliefs here or responsibilities that are legally binding.

Sunday is about a talk or news regarding income, a possession or spending. This is about you and what you need, physically putting yourself into the mix or purchasing something that enhances your looks or body. Decisions about what you want to do to earn a living or how spending is affecting your well-being are favored now as well. This is a fresh start here and is surrounded by positive energy. Some of you may receive a personal possession today that really sings.


Saturday morning will be best spent in retreat and rest. There is a great dreamy energy here that may make it hard to get out of bed. It’s a good time to focus on dreams and fantasy as well as any kind of artistic inspiration behind closed doors. The rest of the day is going to be about you and your body and what you need to do to adjust what you want through adjusting your health regime or diet, the work you do or your interaction with pets. You should look seriously at any limits or responsibilities financially as well when doing for yourself today.

Sunday brings a talk or news that is about you. This can mean that you are talking or meeting about your body, image, identity, or something personal that you need. It could be about a decision or agreement that you come to that personally affects you in one of these ways. It could also be about a meeting you have that puts you in the right place at the right time. There is luck in the picture here so focus on the dream, the artistry, the romance, the spirituality, or the institution and what you want for yourself and then speak your mind.


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