Friday, March 5, 2010


It’s Oscar weekend! Don’t you just love the movies?! In staying with the theme, I'm using this picture that was the poster for the last movie I was in! Now, as far as the Oscars go, I’m happy to report Sunday won’t disappoint, the aspects promise a magical night. Find time to appreciate the amazing artists in front of and behind the cameras who bring so much joy and insight into our lives. Dress up in something fun, you’re all invited to the party :)

Saturday is a good day to be adventurous with someone important to you but not in a random, let’s go snowboarding kind of way. This is about taking advantage of the energy to get serious or committed about something that could open you up to more adventure or knowledge together. The only real challenge comes from feeling it is hard to open up about something, keeping it hidden to protect the accord or happiness but in truth voicing your concerns or needs regarding anything you feel might pull you apart will only help to cement the bond or break one that should no longer be in your life.

Sunday is a power day. Take note of it and be ready to get moving in these arenas.
First, Venus moves into Aries. This means that all the love energy that has been a bit dreamy and in a fog of rose colored glasses or confusion while cruising through Pisces is now going to be storming through Aries, let’s do it now, I’m going after what I want, energy. Venus rules love but it also rules money and women so you can expect those earning issues to stop vacillating or swimming in circles and for some action to take place. Women will be more dynamic and ready to show you the passion or explode, walk lightly :) (leave the big stick at home, they might bash you with it)

Next, in the afternoon, Venus and Mars are going to meet in a most lovely aspect. This is a great time to hook up with someone of the opposite sex or to set a passion into action. Singles will want to be out and about today as flirting and connecting will be in easy flow. Both signs are fueling you through fire energy and while Mars is in the last bit of backward motion, you may decide to make that last ditch effort with the past lover, creative project or something involving a child that you started a while ago. This is the last contact before Mars goes Direct on Wednesday so put it out there.

Lastly, Mercury and Jupiter are going to get together on the same degree. You know Jupiter is all about making something bigger than when it started and he brings the luck and protection along with the expansion. Mercury is about information so you can expect a talk, meeting, agreement, writing project, news, decision, or something that plays out through short trips, brothers, sisters, or neighbors, to get big, bring the luck or have luck behind it and open up your world in some new way. Obviously if you want to have a talk about something this is go time. Pop the invitation or resume, script or pitch in the mail today or send that attachment!


Put your real energy into making it solid with a partner on Saturday. Commit or sever ties but get serious about what your relationship really is and what it requires to build towards. This will look something like what you want with them through travel, long distance issues, media or publicity, publishing or teaching, taking a class or legalities. The energy supports you positively here so do it. Communications can be undoing if you promise more than you can deliver so watch this and take care about divulging something about hospitals or some secret that could compound issues as well.

Sunday Venus enters your sign which is a sign of better things to come. This brings love and money into your energy pattern and helps you to attract these things more readily. The connection to your ruler Mars today from this position implies that you are being given a big push from the universe to go after a past lover, act on something that happened between you, to go after a creative project you started before and make it happen if it is ever going to happen, or to tackle a past matter with a child. The flow is positive so see what you can do. The major talk or news today is about self-defeating habits or hospitalization, a secret or investigation, a film or fantasy project, a clandestine affair, or what you need by way of retreat or privacy.


Saturday is all about how you feel intimately and deeply in connection to work and friends. On the positive side of this, the finances are aligned for the work you do today through the commitment of a partner or representative, it is also great for solid strides in health and any financial matter involved here so put your heads together. If you don’t have someone to help, look around to see if you can approach them today. You may have to have a talk or hear news involving a friend or group that will challenge you over the intimacy, major financial matter, reproductive issue, or divorce. There is protection in the mix so be willing to communicate through the tough stuff.

Sunday brings Venus into the secret part of your chart. She will be touring this area for a few weeks helping you take time for yourself and attracting love or money to any retreats you might want to take, hospitalizations you may need, research or investigations you do, film, music or arts you get involved in, or in clandestine or private affairs of the heart. She meets with Mars in lovely aspect today so you can take advantage of this at home or with family. The talk or news that is so important with the Mercury/Jupiter connection involves a friend, group, networking, party, social obligation, or aspiration. It’s a fresh start so open up, decide, express or meet.


Saturday is going to put your energy around the one you are partnering with or who is representing your interests. There is a wonderful opportunity in this for you to commit or sever something with a lover, child or creative project, the key word is ‘serious’. Look at what you want and then make it real, this energy will help you. The only challenge today is in a talk or decision about the goal you have or reputation involved with this person. Even though you may think of it as an obstacle, there is protection here for you to help you express the concern.

Sunday is big. Venus is on the move! She glides into your social circle today and opens up those great connections that you have so many to draw from! Expect to find love and money coming through your networking, friendships, group affiliations, and aspirations now. With her contact with Mars today this can mean something dynamic going on locally with this person or group or that you talk and share passions or plot a course of action, it’s all good. The big talk or news today comes around career or goals, a father/father figure or reputation. This is a fresh start here and it has the power to expand or come at you in an over-the-top way, get ready!


Saturday is going to have you focusing your emotional nurture through the work you do or the service you provide. You may be focused on health or healing or taking care of animals as well. There is great support for you to get serious about something going on in the home with this or to commit or sever something with family or property to help you do the work, take care of health or pets. The only challenge today comes from a talk, news or decision you need to make about a trip, media venture, publishing, publicity, education, or legal matter. Your feelings about your work, health or pet is on the line here and this is something big so take your time and think it through but know there is protection for you with Jupiter’s placement.

Sunday is great. Venus is taking her ability to attract into your career and reputation, fame and ambition zone! This means that you will see things flowing more smoothly here now, women will be beneficial for you, love and money will find you through these arenas and any career involving women, beauty or love will have support. She connects with Mars today in your income house and is giving you one last shot at earning or spending on something you began in the past or involving a past loved one. It bodes well for making money or spending on getting your name out there. The big important talk, decision or news today is regarding travel, media, publishing, education, or law. This is about a new start, you may sever something to do so but it comes through what you say or agree to expand. Don’t promise more than you can deliver but do think big.


Saturday is really about honing in on love, creativity, fun, or children for you! This should be a good thing for Leo. There is a great opportunity for you to express this locally or through something involving neighbors or siblings but more than this, there is a talk or decision, agreement or meeting you can have that is serious and solid so take the opportunity to do so. This serious talk or decision can be about the work you need to do together, committing to something or ending it for good. The stars support so be brave. The only challenge to you today with the creative project, lover or child involves a talk or decision about major finances, divorce or intimacy. Once again, Jupiter protects so if the words feel bigger than life, they are but they will benefit you in the end.

Sunday Venus is on the move and she is taking her attractive abilities into your adventure zone and higher learning. This means you can travel, take a class or teach one, embark on the media or publishing venture or legalize something with the love or money flowing more smoothly to do so. It also means women will be good for you in these areas. The connection to Mars from here is about you doing something proactive in one of these zones today. Passions could come nicely into play or you could just find you are achieving what you wish but know that it is the last connection you get for YOU to do something about the past that played out here. An important talk or decision should be initiated about the divorce, major finances or sexual connection. Single Leos may meet someone steamy who makes you quite happy today.


Saturday you will want to focus on home or property matters and what you can do here. There is a great opportunity to do the work, commit or sever something involving income and the home. If you want to set up a way to earn from home or it is about a real estate deal, know you can get serious and make it solid. The only challenge today is in a talk or decision involving a partner, representative or competitor and how it affects the home or sense of security. Whatever is brought up know that there is protection for you in this so you should do your best to express your needs or have your say.

Sunday Venus takes her leave of your partnership zone and heads on into your sex, major finances and divorce zone. This means that love and money flow through deeply connecting with others now. You will do better to get close intimately or to share financially with lending institutions or outside resources. If you are embroiled in a divorce, that will go more smoothly now as well. If single, a woman may enter your life over the next few weeks that you have a strong attraction to. The connection to Mars today means you can express passions or actions in a secret, behind closed doors manner regarding the intimate partner, finances or divorce and feel like good things will happen. The big talk, news or decision today is about the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or opponent. A new beginning or an ending is in the mix, say what needs saying.


Saturday is about a talk or decision you need to have about yourself. Commit to your body or image or get serious about what you need in a local arena, with neighbors, in a writing project, or with siblings. It’s all in the communications here so take the lead and make it real. This is an opportunity for you to reach a higher understanding and expand through solid efforts. The only challenge today is in a talk or news about a pet, health or work situation. You may feel there is an obstacle in the way, but know that what is coming up can get big for a reason to help you open up the subject and work through it.

Sunday Venus is on the move! Your ruler changing signs is always felt by you and today she moves into your partnership arena. This means that relationships will go more smoothly, marriage or business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, even opponents will ease up and you will find that attracting love or money through them comes more readily. The connection to Mars today suggests that you can act on an aspiration with one of these people or do something social or through a friend to move something forward in a positive way. The big talk, news or decision is about the work, health or pet. It’s positive for your growth so make sure you are communicating in these areas.


Saturday is about making or spending money for you and there is a great supportive aspect to something you are getting serious about behind closed doors in this. This could mean committing or severing in the areas of research, investigations, film, fantasy, music, art, a hospital or other institution, or in tackling an addiction or self-defeating habit. The only challenge today comes from what is communicated around loved ones, children or creative project, a decision you have to make or news you hear. Do your best to look at what is being earned or spent and work your way through.

Sunday Venus is moving into your work, health and pets arena. This means you will be able to attract love and money through the work you do, what you do about your body and working out or eating right, and in what you want to do for animals. Women will be beneficial to you here as well. The connection to your co-ruler, Mars, from here today suggests you can get something moving on the career front through work, health or pets or if you have a major goal associated with one of these, it’s time to act. The big talk or decision is out in the open now about the creative project, lover or child and you need to get it out there, an ending or beginning but under big, protective stars.


Saturday brings an opportunity for you to connect with a friend, group, social event, or aspiration. This is about getting serious and committing or ending something here. Take the lead and see what happens. The only challenging energy for you to deal with is around talks or decisions you are making about home, property, family or security needs for yourself. This seems big so take your time to work through the obstacles.

Sunday Venus changes signs, moving into your house of true love, children and creative projects. This is going to help immensely as things will flow more smoothly now, you will find you can attract love and money more easily here or find you want to spend in these areas now as well. Venus meets up with Mars today so that you can make something happen through a trip, media venture, education, or making it legal with the creative project, lover or child. The big talk, news or decision comes about the home or property today and you are ready to bring your thoughts about it out into the open for a new beginning or an end, either of which look protected under this influence.


Saturday the energy is such that you will do best retreating or taking some time for yourself to work behind the scenes. This is about pulling on your intuitive voice and then getting serious about a career matter or goal. The energy is positive and supportive in any research you do or closed doors meetings that lead to commitment or severing of ties relating to career. The challenge for you today is about news or decisions you may be looking at involving siblings, neighborhood, short trips, written works, or meetings. Investigate or strategize today and process what you want to say.

Sunday Venus changes signs moving into your home and property base. This is great for money you want to earn or spend through home or real estate. Women will be more beneficial for you in these realms and love will be best expressed at home. Venus meets Mars today so that you can either connect sexually at home or find the outside resources for the renovation or real estate deal. The big talk, news or decision that is important today is about the sibling, neighborhood or neighbor, short trip, written project, agreement, meeting, or something you just need to say. Ending or beginning or both, it has Jupiter’s protection around it.


Saturday is social for you as the Moon is flooding your friends and group zone. You will want to get serious about a trip, travel plans, media or publishing venture, legal decision, or something educational with this person or group. Commit or sever the agenda but know that you are supported and there is opportunity in making something real today. The only challenge in this stems around your idea or theirs regarding income or spending. Work through what you want as you will be bringing it out tomorrow.

Sunday Venus changes signs and enters your communications zone, a great placement for you. This means you can talk to anyone and find you are well received or things are more easily understood. You can attract love or money through local arenas, siblings, neighbors, or what you write, talk or meet about. Women will be beneficial in talks or agreements, neighborhood activities or short trips. The meeting with Mars today means that you can have passion or action with a partner or representative that comes about locally or through words. Declaring your feelings or finding a representative for your written project both fall under the lucky energy flow so open up. The big talk, news or decision today is about income or spending. If you need to earn more ask now, if you want to spend on something big, decide, the stars are behind you.


Saturday is about goals or career, ambition or fame, father or father figure. There is great energy around taking responsibility, committing or severing ties in the area of intimacy, divorce or major financial matters that can help you to reach the goal. This is about making something real so step up. The only challenge for you is in what you think about yourself in this, look at your needs, image, body and identity carefully as you work through feelings about what is achievable, tomorrow you will talk about it or decide.

Sunday Venus moves into your income zone which should be a nice time for you. This means that earning money will come easier, you will be able to attract what you need, women will be more beneficial and you will choose to spend on items of beauty or luxury. She meets with Mars from here to help you to go after the work, meaning there will be money in it, or to tackle your health and if you need to spend on this it should be there, or to do something monetarily for the pets. The big talk, news or decision today is all about you. Something you want to do for yourself, your image, body, ego needs or that is very personal to you is ready to be expressed or agreed to. This is big so know it is about a new beginning, an ending of the old and lucky.


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