Sunday, March 7, 2010



It’s an interesting week ahead as the personal planets, Mars and Venus, are going to push us in extraordinary ways.

Venus locks into a powerful T-square with Saturn and Pluto. Now Venus is usually not so much of a pusher but trust me, she’s had it in at least one area of life and is going to be letting you know about it or she is so motivated, she is ready to say all-in or quits. Mars is going to give it a kick in the behind as well as he stations to FINALLY go Direct on Wednesday! So all the action is back on and you will see things begin to move. What does this mean exactly?

Back on Dec. 28th Venus was sitting at the same degree with Pluto in Capricorn getting serious about how love issues, money matters or something having to do with an important female in your life was going to change on a most profound level. Something had to go and there was a need to step up and be the boss, take the lead, do it on your own within that parameter. It was the beginning shot. At that time she was squaring Saturn in Libra so the partnership or significant person you were connected to or needed, the representative or specialist, or the opponent or competitor was not in balance with you in the way you desired, there was an obstacle involved in you doing what you wanted with them or a challenge to be met. What needed to be razed to the ground to begin to build a new? Was it the way you were earning and sharing money or the love going around?

Now, on Tuesday and Thursday, Venus will meet up with Saturn and Pluto again. This time she is not on the starting line with Pluto, she has moved one quarter way around the circle and is squaring him. The change is upon you, it may feel urgent or more intense than you expected as you know something big has to be done to make the love or money issue transform.

She also began on the same degree with Saturn back on October 13th last year and has now moved past the square with Saturn on December 28th into an opposition with him on Tuesday. Think back. The matter is truly going to be about you and another person and what is fair, how you can share responsibilities and what needs to end or be agreed upon seriously and ambitiously. Ambitions are powerfully involved. You are being transformed in the process between these three energies.

In the midst of this, Mars is going to wake up from his long journey through the twilight zone of past lovers, desires around children and your creative projects and say, “Hey, I’ve got things to do!” Passions and angers may be stirred, everyone is going to be raring to go so remember that when pushing your own agendas.

As you approach this week know that you will be making some choices, you are ready to do this, more than ready. You may decide to commit your creative force to another to create something together, you may decide to leave one relationship for another, you may decide to have a child together or to wait, it will be big whatever it is and where it is falling in your chart will give you some idea about how it will all likely play out.

Lastly, let’s look at the point marking the open end of this T-square: the beginning degrees of Cancer. When there is a major T-square going on out there the fourth point that would create a Grand Cross in the matter is important and it will be held in these early degrees of Cancer, a volatile spot for action. This means that your idea of home or where you hang your hat is going to be a part that is affected by what you choose this week. Your roots, the foundations you are building upon, the way you find nurturing in your world, your connection with mom or a mother figure, and anyone who shares your space with you, all come into play in what you decide, so be aware of this, these cardinal degrees being activated are going to jettison us out into new arenas.

Friday is a day without aspects, a rare occasion and one you are going to much need after all that transpires. Breathe.


You have so much you want to achieve right now you must feel as though you are going to burst. The energy is all pointing towards the goal and career field, asking you take action once again regarding a creative venture or loved one and what you started in the past. It’s an adjustment here so push but expect to give a bit as well. Emotionally it may be a challenging day as significant others and your own energy are stressed.

Tuesday Venus opposes Saturn asking that you look at exactly what you need monetarily or in love. What do you need? Now look at the person across from you in this, whether that is a marriage or business partner, agent or attorney, specialist or opponent, how can you bring something into balance today by either committing more or severing ties? Your goals benefit from research or what you work on in private.

Wednesday your ruler stations Direct!!!!!!! You will feel it today as the shift in the heavens will be slow but definite. After months of being slowed down or made to go back to past creative people or projects, love interests or children’s issues, looking at how your actions affect the love you receive or the creativity you get involved in, you are now ready to begin fresh and move on. Some of you will be taking bits of the past with you into this but either way, you are ready to see some action now.

Thursday Venus squares Pluto. This is a challenge between your needs for love or money and the powerful change you want to see on the career front or a powerful deconstruction that occurs today. Try not to get into any kind of confrontation with the boss today over money as they may trounce you. Do look at ways to empower yourself as you move forward.

Friday the Moon is in Aquarius and there are no aspects whatsoever. This means you can detach emotionally a bit and recharge as best you can. This energy highlights your friends and group affiliations so you may do best with your besties around. Connect and let the weeks experiences wash over you.


Monday will let you lock in on the travel plans, media matter, education, or legal issue. Whatever you are trying to do to expand your realm on some level comes into play. You are being given a chance to push those matters at home or with a living situation that involves past passions or actions and the way you create there. You will need to be willing to make some concessions. You will also find the emotions may be strident today as you deal with a love affair behind closed doors (clandestinely) or some restrictions surrounding hospitals or health, work or pets. Do your best to keep an eye on the big picture.

Tuesday Venus opposes Saturn and things get serious with a woman, love or a money matter. This is about ending it or committing more of what you can. Money may be going into hospitals or retreat to deal with health issues. You may put it into film, fantasy, music, or art to cement some form of work. Love can be hidden or secret, fantasy filled or self-destructive with a co-worker or in service of something you feel is limiting you at work or with health. What do you love that is within you, hidden, artistic or romantic, involving institutions or research? How can you cement the work, health or pet matter in this? Great news or amazing talks regarding aspirations or friendships/groups are possible so connect here.

Wednesday Mars finally stations Direct. After months of backtracking and slowing down in matters pertaining to home, living situations, mom, family, moves, renovations, real estate deals, land, and security matters, you are now going to see a green light as things will begin to move. There may be something creative or love oriented from the past in this that you wish to take forward with you or you may find that you are now done and ready to blaze ahead. Once again, a friend or group or something pertaining to your aspirations brings excitement into the picture.

Thursday your ruler is active again, this time Venus is squaring Pluto. This means the love, money issue or woman that is peaking for you at a hospital, behind closed doors, in fantasy, film, music, poetry, the arts, research, secret, retreat, or some self-destructive way is going to force a change of some magnitude or for you to deal with a change ongoing at this point. The arena of deconstruction and transformation is playing out through a trip or someone at a distance, higher education, legalities, or media/publishing/publicity. What do you love?

Friday there are no aspects and this is a blessing after such an industrious week. The Moon is in Aquarius so you can take the day to cruise through career or meet with superiors, to step out on stage or look at your goals, all with a bit of emotional detachment and leaning towards your soul group.


Monday is about looking at just how much you owe, what finances are being shared with a bank or another person and what you want to do about it. An impassioned talk may be necessary or you may need to get out in the local scene and speak to some people to get things moving, either of which may require you to adapt a bit. An aspiration or friend involved in something creative will be where you need to overcome obstacles financially to transform your bottom line. Intimate issues today can come to a head if you feel as though a friend steps over the line. Divorce issues peak as well.

Tuesday Venus and Saturn face off and you will be looking at the female friend and the older or established lover and deciding how to balance these two people in your life or you will be dealing with a love or money issue with a friend or group and how to take more responsibility on the creative front, with a child or something you love. The talk today about goals or career can really put you in a better emotional state over the finances, divorce or intimacy in a big, lucky way so don’t miss out on communicating or agreements.

Wednesday Mars stations Direct, yay! This is occurring in your communications zone where things have been about going back over everything ever said in passion or anger with a lover, child or creative project over the past few months. You have retraced what you did and learned what you want to do differently. Now the action is back and you can have new talks, meetings, come to new agreements, sign contracts, get something going in the neighborhood, on short trips or with siblings, and bring your passions, anger or motivating force out through what you say. Once again the finances, divorce or intimacy arena will feel positively fueled by what occurs on the career front or from an authority figure today.

Thursday Venus squares Pluto. This means that the female friend and the profound change you are traversing sexually, in divorce or over a major financial matter are going to meet with an obstacle that you must overcome. If you are trying to earn through a friend or group affiliation or an aspiration of yours that reaches out to others, the financial shift challenges you now, choose what you love. There is positive energy around travel, media, legalities, or education now with this friend.

Friday brings no aspects but the Moon moving through Aquarius so take the time to breathe, to look at what you were able to move along this week and to focus on the thing you want to learn or teach. You may pull things together for the trip today or look into the class, gather up what you need for your legal agreement or put in time on the publicity or media matter. Time with friends in any of this today is a bonus.


Monday you will want to really focus on that significant person you are dealing with. This could be a partner or representative, specialist or opponent, but you will need to adapt in some way around going after income or spending. The week is angled around you in so many ways on levels that are the most important so look at how you can balance your needs with this person to reach the goal or career level you wish to achieve and to still remain responsible at home or with mom.

Tuesday Venus opposes Saturn and you will be in the midst of the decision or argument over the female on the career front who is offering love or money or both and the limits or responsibilities at home, with property matters or mom. What do you need and what do you love? Get clear about these things, it doesn’t have to be either/or if you are willing to put your needs into the mix just a bit. A talk, news or agreement that comes along regarding media, travel, education, or legalities is huge and should make you feel pretty great about the significant person involved.

Wednesday Mars stations Direct in your income zone! Finally :) I know many Cancers have had more expenses or have had to contend with things slowing monetarily since the end of December. That is now over. You have retraced your past actions and passions involved in how you make a living and may have looked at how your spending on creative outlets or loved ones sapped your savings a bit. Now you are ready to move forward armed with this insight and do something that will bring in the income your are equal to earning. Once again, the media, travel, educational, or legal zone is the place where nice surprises await that connect you to this important person you are connecting with.

Thursday Venus squares Pluto. Today is the challenge to be met with the woman on the career front or the love or money matter tied to your important goal. You must contend with the powerful control coming from the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or opponent. This person can transform your situation but you are going to have to overcome the obstacle regarding love, beauty, a woman, or money and watch how the third person in the mix is balancing out. Emotions are positively affected by the career matter and how things are lining up financially.

Friday there are no aspects and after the week you have had you will need the respite. The Moon glides through Aquarius today so you can put your attention to the debt or credit issues, loans or settlements, inheritance or bankruptcy, joint finances or divorce, or the intimate or sexual drives you are experiencing.


Monday is about a focus on the work you need to do or something involving your health or pets. It is requiring you get physical and this may be a stretch for you, some of you may be going in for minor surgery or may need to watch that you aren’t accident prone today. Look at the woman involved in the travel, media, educational, or legal matter and how you can deal with a limited agreement or talk about responsibilities in the mix. All of it points back to how you are feeling in the work, health or pet arena today and what you want to transform.

Tuesday Venus opposes Saturn and will have you looking at how you are balancing the expansion or travel, media or legal matter, or education and the love or money that is aimed at these areas. A woman may be key in this. There is some responsibility or limitation locally, in communications or agreements, a written work, or involving short trips, neighborhood or siblings that must be addressed. The positive energy is around deciding or talking about something intimate, jointly financial or divorce related that affects your work, health or pets.

Wednesday Mars stations Direct! You have been hosting this backwards energy since the end of December and it has been quite an intense time for you as you went back into your past actions, anger or passions to experience what you did to bring you to the point you are at now. This may have involved past creative ventures, lovers or children and how you chose to act with your body or identity. Any new moves you have wanted to take have been slowed until now. So consider yourself ready to go forward again, to leave your past behind or to take a part with you that still serves you. Some Leos had accidents or underwent surgeries during the transit and you should be ready to act on anything relative here as well. Nice changes in finances, divorce or intimacy arrive later tonight.

Thursday Venus squares Pluto. This is intense and can cause triangles or power plays involving a woman, love or money. This is playing out over a travel, media, legal, or educational matter and the transformation you want to see happen through work, health or with pets. Do your best to choose from love and to connect with a significant person who seems to have your back, most likely a partner or friend.

Friday there are no aspects and you will be happy to have the breather after all that has come along this week. You can take the day with the Aquarius Moon to focus on your marital partner, business partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. There is a nice detachment emotionally that will let you come from a higher ground and to connect with friends in these arenas is even better.


Monday the focus should be on a creative endeavor you are involving yourself in, a love affair or the lover’s needs, or a child. You will want to take action behind the scenes and pull on your artistry or romantic side allowing your intuition to take over. There is some adjustment in this regarding your passions and any secret side to what is going on. It is highly advised that if you find yourself in an affair that is not above board, you push for making it open and above board or be prepared to exit. The powerful energy coming from your intimate zone is also fueling major finances or divorce matters and the challenge involved. Find the courage to speak your convictions.

Tuesday Venus opposes Saturn. This is straddling your two financial houses so you may experience this as a monetary matter that is playing out with a woman over earnings and shared financial matters, debt, settlements, alimony, inheritance, divorce, or any other jointly held financial option. There is the possibility that your values and intimate needs are being brought up for consideration as well. Make a decision or be ready to deal with the decision coming in over money. The positive news is about a talk or agreement you can have or news you hear from a partner, attorney, agent, or competitor that looks very beneficial and should have you feeling better.

Wednesday Mars finally stations Direct! This is occurring in your hidden part of the chart where you have been backtracking with past lovers, child issues or creative outlets in secret or behind closed doors since the end of December. You were revisiting how your actions, anger or passions brought you to the place you are now and it has been about retuning your energy to your more psychic, intuitive being so that you can go forth more prepared to express yourself artistically, spiritually or romantically. So, here it is. You can decide to take the past person or situation forward with you into new territory, above board and out of hiding or you can exit the picture and begin a new armed with a better understanding of what you love and what inspires your creativity. Nice surprises or changes around partners or representatives today benefit your love and creative force.

Thursday Venus squares Pluto. This is about a powerful challenge that can bring the third party into the picture and ask that the woman you are involved with intimately and the way you want to transform your love life or creative connection overcome some obstacle. It can also be about a love or money matter that is playing out in the major financial arena of debt, settlements, inheritance, bankruptcy, credit cards or joint finances be dealt with so that you can transform the creative project or the way you love. There should be some positive force at work in your work or health arena to make you feel better about what you choose.

Friday has no aspects and you will need the breather after such a big week. With the Moon in Aquarius it is best for you to connect with your soul group or friend and do the work on your slate, tackle your health and spend time with pets.


Monday the focus is on home, property, roommates, or mom. You need to do something with a friend or group today that may feel like a stretch since you seem to need or want to be at home, or because their home is involved and you must get motivated to do what is necessary. The issues on your table are important ones this week as you are a cardinal sign involved in this cardinal T-square. You should be looking at the woman you are partnering with or the representative or competitor here and how you can do what you need at home while dealing with physical limitations you are enduring at the moment. If not a woman, then a love or money matter that is peaking with this partner, agent, attorney, specialist or competitor.

Tuesday Venus opposes Saturn and you are going to be a player in what is going down between you and this woman. Look at how earnings are affected, how love is being balanced or how any physical limitations or personal responsibilities or leadership issues are coming into play. What do you want from this relationship? What are you receiving? The talk you have about work, health or pets is going to open things up for you in a beneficial way, if you need to meet someone about your health or a work project, good stars accompany you. It looks like this can happen at home.

Wednesday Mars finally stations Direct! This is occurring in your friend, group, networking and aspirations zone. For you, there has been a slowing down of socializing, the retreat of a friend, or the revisiting of past friends or groups since the end of December. It has been hard to do anything new regarding your aspirations as this slow down has been about looking at how your actions, anger or passions have affected your connection with your social scene and your pursuit of important dreams. Now you are ready to move forward once again, you will find more things going on with friends and groups and your aspirations ready to take a leap forward. Change at work, with health or pets arrives and is pleasant.

Thursday Venus squares Pluto and the major financial or love matter is going to be out there to deal with. This will likely involve a third party, control issues and the female partner, representative or opponent and what is occurring at home. If not a woman, the energy will express as love or money matters with the significant other. Look at what you want to change and how you can transform your home environment with this person or how you wish to deal with them on your turf. Positive alignments to fun and creativity come from your connection to this person today.

Friday there are no aspects so you can sigh a sigh of relief and look at what your week brought your way. With the Moon in Aquarius you can focus on a lover, child, something recreational, or a creative outlet. Involve your friend or something social for best results.


Monday brings news or decisions, agreements or meetings that seem to be very important. You will need to act on what you are striving towards, the goal or ambition, career opportunity or issue at hand and this is going to require a bit of a stretch for you. Be ready to act on what you hear with passion and enthusiasm, diving into your past list of loved ones or creative outlets if need be. You will want to look at the woman involved in your work, health or with pets and how you can overcome any challenge you may be having regarding love or money. Look at how your time alone or regenerating your spirit is being limited and how your responsibilities working behind the scenes is being balanced. Ask what can be changed.

Tuesday Venus opposes Saturn between the work you do, your health or pets, and what is happening behind closed doors, in hospitals or other institutions, in artistic outlets, clandestine or secret avenues, retreat or research, or in some self-destructive way. There needs to be a balance again with the love or money you are seeking through work, health or pets and what is being asked of you in the more private arenas. The positive talk or agreement today comes through a lover, child or creative project and looks very big.

Wednesday Mars finally stations Direct! This is about the slow downs and backtracking that you have done through past creative endeavors or with past lovers or issues involving children, all affecting your goals or career in some way. You have looked at how your actions brought you here and reconnected in any way with what was necessary. It may have been tough since the end of December to get anything new going on the career front but now that is over. You can now begin to see progress with new projects and if you want to take anything from the past forward you can in a new way or you can leave it there and begin fresh. If you’ve been waiting to go after a raise or new position, you can now motivate. Once again, the creative, child and love arena looks exciting and positive today through communicating and meetings.

Thursday Venus squares Pluto. This is challenging and involves your ruler. It will bring a money or love matter up that will likely involve a third party and control issues or secrets. For you it is playing out over the work you do, a co-worker, a health matter or with pets and what you say or agree to, hear or decide that changes things in a profound way. What do you love? What needs to change? Look at home being your refuge and good opportunity to work or take care of yourself or your pets as a positive outlet today.

Friday there are no aspects at all so you should be able to reflect a bit about your powerful week and the new course you are on. Focus on the Moon in Aquarius energy that promotes a bit of detachment and higher ground at home and with home renovations, moves, real estate deals or anything you want to do involving your sacred space.


Monday you will want to either be making money, focusing on ways to make money, or looking at what you want to spend some of your earnings on. There is a need to act today that will probably involve travel, a media venture, education, or legalities. It will likely stretch your pocket book or push you to earn in a way that is a stretch. Look at how you are feeling about the challenges to how you are earning and the woman you love or the way love or money are coming through your creative outlets. Also look at how you feel limited or responsible to a friend or group in this. Then ask yourself what do you want to change and how can you do it financially?

Tuesday Venus opposes Saturn so you have the woman you love and the responsibilities to the group or friend facing off in your chart. If not a woman, then you have the love or money matter that involves a lover, child or creative project on the one hand and the limits, responsibilities or loss through a friend, group or aspiration on the other. How do you find a way to balance this? Ask yourself again what you love. Talks today about home, real estate deals or living situations are big and positive so open up here for bettering the income or spending situation.

Wednesday Mars finally stations Direct! This is happening in your higher mind part of the chart. This is where you have been backtracking your actions or anger with a past creative project or loved one that involved traveling, media or publicity, higher education, or legal matters. You have had time since the end of December to look at how your actions here brought you to this current place and time. Now you are ready to move forward again, hop the plane, push the media venture forward, get to the classroom, or into court or contracts. You can take the person or situation from the past into the future in a new way or leave it behind and start fresh. Positive news about home and property that may excite today, or you may just do something different that works out nicely.

Thursday Venus squares Pluto. This is powerful and can involve a third party around finances or love. It will be playing out over the woman you are involved with creatively or in love or with children and the major change that is occurring around the money coming in through income or being spent. Push yourself to meet the challenge and look at communications as the vehicle to understanding and finding some resolution.

Friday there are no aspects so you can take a deep breath and allow the weeks activities to wash over you. The Aquarius Moon means that you can take care of the routine locally, interact with siblings, talk or meet with friends or a group, and focus on your aspirations a bit.


Monday you should try to focus on your needs as best you can. You may need to do something physical or about your image or identity or you may just want to take care of your body or personal needs a bit more. An intimate approach may stretch you a bit but looks likely today or pushing yourself to dive into the finances or divorce is another way you could adjust. Look at the woman at home or tied to real estate and how your goals or career are being challenged through responsibilities or limits. You may need to look at a money or love matter at home or with property and how you need to take the lead again to reach your goals. Ask yourself what needs to change for you?

Tuesday Venus and your ruler, Saturn, oppose each other. This can mean a love or money matter that is being restricted or needs commitment or a woman who is involved and the leadership or limits going on between home/property and career. Are you making enough money on the real estate deal? Is the women at home spending too much or in need of love or money? Are you feeling burdened out on the career front or restricted in some way? Can you take on more leadership? The positive news is there is positive news today. Talks or meetings can open up some major doors so communicate.

Wednesday Mars finally stations Direct! This is about your major financial sector, sex and intimacy arena and divorce zone. You have been backtracking through these arenas since the end of December, you may have revisited past creative outlets or lovers and issues with children through loans, debt, settlements, insurance, taxes, joint finances, divorce, or issues over intimacy. You have looked at how past actions or passions have led you to where you are financially or intimately today. Now you are ready to move forward on a new level and you can choose to take part of the past with you or to leave it behind and head into new waters. Go after the loan or settlement, connect intimately again, tackle divorce issues. Talks may be exciting tonight.

Thursday Venus squares Pluto. This is about the money you are making or spending at home, on a woman at home, or in real estate or something attached to a move or roommate situation. Love may be what is playing out at home instead of money so you can look at that as well. Pluto brings power and control, finances and third parties into the mix and it is coming through your needs and a desire for change. Ask what you love and what you need and be willing to transform the situation. Positive energy is around income here so do your best to open up to earning or spending within bounds.

Friday there are no aspects at all. This means you can breathe after the intense week you have just been working through and focus your energy where the Aquarius Moon is moving, that is on making money or spending it. Detach a bit and come from your higher perspective, look at friends or groups who could interact or benefit here.


Monday you need to focus on what is going on behind closed doors or in secret. Is there a retreat here or hidden agenda? Are you involved in dealings with a hospital or spiritual retreat? Can you investigate or research a bit more? Is there a fantasy you are playing out and if so do you want something more from the partner, representative or in how a competitor is handled? Stretch passions and actions here today but get real about the home and any limitations or responsibilities you have in your communications and travel plans, with people far away, in media or legal matters, or in higher education.

Tuesday Venus opposes Saturn and you will need to look at how love is spoken between you and another, how a female may be between you or influencing the situation, how what you earn is playing a part, and how the trip, media, legal, or educational matter is limiting or causing the issue of more responsibility to come into play. Look at how you are thinking about the matter and what you can do to bring some balance into the situation. Talks about earning or spending can benefit greatly if you do so in private. Research may bring some much needed information as well.

Wednesday Mars finally stations Direct. This means that you have seen slowdowns and have been backtracking through the past regarding your partnership or your connections with representatives, competitors, or specialists. This has been a time since the end of December to retrace your actions with these people or their actions to see how passion and anger have brought you to your present situation. You may have wanted to start something in partnership or with an agent or attorney but couldn’t get the wind under the sails but that is now over. You can take the past person forward or leave it behind you but you are ready to start seeing some real action from the significant people in your world. A partner may leave now or you may take action to move it all ahead.

Thursday Venus squares Pluto so a financial matter or a powerful love triangle may be coming to a crossroads. There is something that is going to be said or heard, an agreement made or broken, a decision that pushes for major change around what has been going on in secret or behind closed doors. For some of you this may involve an institution such as a hospital, for others a fantasy realm or artistic outlet, still others a research or romantic arena. Power and change are the key words today as you choose what you love and get real about what needs to be done to transform the situation. Talks may be positive regarding your position in the whole thing so stand firm in what you need.

Friday there are no aspects so you can recover a bit from all the change and action of the week. Focus on yourself today. Take care of your body, rest, do something nice for your image or identity. Enjoy friends if you can but really get in touch with some ‘me’ time.


Monday is about what it is you want to do by way of a major aspiration or the friend, group or networking that is on the agenda. You need to look at this and then adapt to something physical and active for your health or tackle the work with them or even involve the pets for a walk or in a cause to save small animals. It is important today that you delve into these aspirations and social connections but get real about what is going on financially. What needs to change?

Tuesday Venus opposes Saturn and is going to put the financial matter front and center in your world. Earnings or spending are not balancing with the debt or outside resources in some way and you are at a crossroads here big time. For some of you there will be an offer of outside assistance financially or perhaps intimately that you feel will help you make the bills or pay for what you need, ask yourself the tough questions about if this is just a band-aid and if you are engaging for the right reasons, if so then make your choice. Talks or news from a friend or group today are very positive so open up.

Wednesday Mars finally stations Direct! This is occurring in your work, health and pet zone so all the slow-downs and backtracking you have been doing through past actions in love affairs, with children and in creative outlets that have caused these areas of life to work or not work are now over. You have had time since the end of December to access what you would like to do differently and now you are ready to go after new work, do the work you have in a new way, go forward with a new health agenda physically or to take your animals someplace or do something about adopting or saving them. Nice changes or exciting news from friends and groups continue today.

Thursday Venus squares Pluto. This is about an intense financial or love/sexual matter meeting a challenge in your life. It is focused on the money you earn and a friendship or group affiliation or an aspiration you have and feel you aren’t meeting due to earning in another field. A woman may be key in this or love and money are the topic but you must decide to spend or earn today on something that will change the aspiration, friendship or group affiliation and address power, control or triangles involved. What you can express privately or learn through investigations is beneficial.

Friday is a no aspect day. This means you can look back over what you have done this week and how you are dealing with the changes and regroup a bit. Focus on the Aquarius Moon by retreating and spending some time behind closed doors to recharge. You can delve into fantasy or the arts successfully or spend some private time romantically with another. Research benefits again and so does tuning into your psychic nature.


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