Sunday, February 28, 2010


Happy March everyone! You can read THE MONTHLY for MARCH by scrolling down below this weekly or clicking here:

If ever a week had a theme, we have one this week. It is going to focus very strongly on one area in your world and require quite a bit of adjustment from you. This is because you are at a point where you have figured something out or have decided you want something to be different. It is going to take some changes and effort this week to begin to align towards this new change.

You may find that talks and meetings are important in this or something that inserts itself into your thought process or daily schedule is the culprit.

Monday affords you a chance to take a stab at a past creative outlet, lover or interest of a child. You will want to ask for something different from them now or take another approach. It is important that you honor your spiritual, artistic, romantic ideals and find a way to express where you are at with them now.

Tuesday is very much more of the same however you are ready to sever ties or commit in some way once the new needs are discussed or ideas are excepted. Remember that the limits being reintroduced today are not as firmly in place as they were a while ago, you can make some choices to act responsibly but get more of what you need at the same time.

Wednesday brings quite the interesting insight as a woman, love or money matter takes a turn or appears in a way you weren’t expecting. This is lightning bolt energy that could mean cords of genius or quirky moments, independence and detachment or brilliant revolution and it is playing out in the land of no boundaries where flow could take you anywhere. Whatever occurs will further push you to adjust. If you meet a woman today under this influence they may really awaken something in you.

Thursday is a great day for more talks and decisions but ones that are ready to go and change everything. There is big luck behind getting what you want through expressing your depth and willingness to take on more personal power.

Friday may put you into something associated with this woman again or in dealing with the love or money matter that came up, and it is all good. Tackle the finances, intimacy or separation knowing that the stars are supporting you. Friendship seems to be the only arena that is tested.


The week ahead is very much focused on retreat or hiding out, hospitals or other institutions, research or investigations, time you spend working in private, behind the scenes or secretively, strategies and psychic insights, and anything art related such as film, music or poetry. These are the arenas where you are making up your mind to change a bit so you will be making some adjustments towards this now.

On Monday it will be about talks or meetings that tie into a past creative project or someone who was involved in spurring on your creativity in the past, a lover or a child, and what needs saying. Is there some self-defeating thinking going on here or was there? Is there a secret that is impeding progress? Do your research.

Tuesday all of this energy will spill out over the break-up of a partnership or loss of an attorney or agent, even the limitations of an opponent. You are still thinking about, communicating or writing about the secret, hospital, research, artistic input, or work you are doing behind the scenes and making some adjustments. What is going on through hidden agendas or playing out in the land of dreams?

Wednesday brings a sudden revelation regarding a woman through secret or investigative means, or it could be about a sudden insight into a way to make money or connect with love through fantasy, film, music, psychic abilities, research, or institutions. What occurs today will affect your feelings about the partner, agent, opponent, specialist, or attorney and you will once again make adjustments towards what you want.

Thursday is things begin to fall into place as you find that what works in all of this, the agreement you must make or the talk you need to have is going to move you towards more power on the career front, change in reputation, better feelings about the way the major finances are being shared, the intimacy is coming through or the divorce proceedings are being handled. Make sure you are looking in unusual places today for answers.

Friday brings more of the positive flow with more electrical energy resonating through film and fantasy, research and secrets, hospitals and institutions. Finding your way through the financial matter or intimate connection will be easy but the challenge to a friendship or group affiliation is tougher. There could be something being withheld from you and you must be completely honest in your approach as well, hold off a few days to see if there is more clarity.


The week ahead is very much focused on your social agenda, your friendships, group affiliations, networking, parties, causes, and aspirations. These are the arenas where you will be making up your mind to change a bit or find you are put out there to meet through social channels those that require some adjustment from you.

On Monday this will be apparent as you contemplate an artistic idea, romantic need, spiritual agenda, or something tied to addictive behavior or self-defeating tendencies around your friendships or group affiliations. Doing something at home, about the living situation or property matter will be part of the adjustment and likely allow a stab at the past creative or love interest.

Tuesday talks, meetings, and agreements with friends or groups continue but today it will revolve around adjustments to your needs and how you want to expand your horizons or it could be literally about an expanding waistline. How you balance with another the work at hand, the health issues or the pets will effect what you communicate or decide as well.

Wednesday brings a female into your social sphere who is brilliant or eccentric, she may be techno savvy, cause-oriented or into astrology or the occult. This will once again push you to make some adjustments around work, health or pets. If you do not experience a woman in this capacity today, Venus may show up as a love or money matter that brings some kind of new energy into the mix, it could be a sudden windfall or loss of the wallet or a meeting with someone unusual that excites. Know it will arrive around a social activity or friend and affect your work, health or pets.

Thursday is great as you have made your adjustments and are ready to come to an agreement with the friend or group, talk to them, meet up or write with them, and there is a powerful opportunity in this today that points towards publishing, media, travel, education, or legal matters and a nice change that comes from your ideas together. You may be bigger than life today and there is luck in your connection to this person or group. It should have you feeling better about the representation or partnership.

Friday is more of the same as you find the inspiration and excitement comes through friends, groups and pursuing your aspirations. Women are favored, radical approaches rewarded and originality is at the core of what you do together. Love or money could be in the mix here along with partners, agents or attorneys. The only tough issue is around the career or goal the way you see it and the way the partner, agent or attorney does, make sure you understand each other.


The week ahead is going to be very much about your career, reputation, fame, father or father figure, or important goals. To this end you are going to be talking or meeting, deciding or coming to agreements that require some adjustments.

On Monday this will be about going after what you want by getting out in the neighborhood and talking about your idea or interviewing for the post you want, or it will be about passionately expressing something you did with a past creative project or loved one and then making some adjustments around the way you write or talk about it now. If you want something different from the person involved towards your goal, then you better talk it out now.

Tuesday the talks continue or the news comes in, your writing or meeting about the goals or career matters again but today you are ready to sever ties with a lover, child or creative venture or make the adjustments to commit to it long term. Discuss the leadership issues and how the structure needs to adapt to your ambitions. You are under some very positive, lucky stars out before your public or on the career front so be willing to do what it takes to reach your goals.

Wednesday brings an unexpected meeting or talk, news or agreement with a woman who can affect your career, reputation or goals in a brilliant new way. This may be about a fresh approach, exciting introduction or innovative idea but you will need to again adjust your feelings about the way you create or love and then allow for change. If this is not a female entering the picture then Venus is showing up as love or money that will have a similar affect on the career front or pursuing goals.

Thursday is a great day as you have thought it through and adapted to what was necessary and you are now ready to talk or meet about the career agenda, goal or ambition, reputation or fame, father or father figure about the powerful change you want to see happen financially, through intimacy or divorce. This is opportunity for you to speak up and get what you want, there is luck with you and feelings about work, health or pets should improve as a result.

Friday is more of the same with career and goals at the top of your agenda and women, friends, new approaches and exciting ideas taking you there. Feelings continue to be positive about work, health or pets and the love or money you are reaching from this. The only challenge today springs from travel, a person at a distance, teaching, taking a class, legal channels, or media matters and getting your romantic or artistic desires met. Be honest in all dealings here and make sure the parties you are involved with are being honest with you.


The week ahead is really going to focus on making some adjustments around your thinking, writing or what you have to say or agree upon involving media, publishing, publicity, travel, education, and legal matters. The artistic, spiritual or romantic energy you are communicating here is going to be important in this.

On Monday you will want to talk or meet or you may hear news or make a decision about the trip, media, educational, or legal matter. As you approach this you will be doing what you can about the income tied to it or regarding the spending you will have to do. Look carefully at how your past passion for creative outlets or loved ones needs to evolve and make concessions in talks or decisions accordingly.

Tuesday brings more of the same with talks or agreements, writing projects or meetings playing out over media matters, travel plans, legal channels, or higher education. Today the adjustments will be a bit different because you are ready to tackle the limitations at home or with family in a different way knowing what you want is evolving. It’s important you speak up about it and do what it takes to begin severing ties or tackle your responsibilities in a way that allows for more of your expansion in one of the above arenas.

Wednesday brings a sudden meeting with a woman who is electrical, unusual, brilliant or eccentric and comes through travel, is at a distance, is involved in publishing, media, publicity, teaching, or law. This person can bring a new opportunity to you here or open up something exciting for you but you will need to react in the moment and be willing once again to make adjustments around the home or living situation. If this is not a woman who shows up then Venus will appear as love or money issues coming through those channels and something new and unexpected in the mix.

On Thursday you are ready to have the talk or come to the agreement, meet or sign the contract, write or share your ideas over the media, travel, educational, or legal matter and it is through a partnership, agent, attorney, or specialist that the opportunity is availing itself to you, it will change everything. You should be feeling pretty good about the creative side of things or your love prospects. Be seen for the teacher you are today.

Friday is more of the same with media, travel, education, or legal matters around love, money or a woman and something electrical in the mix. There is great energy here for you to feel your creative output or to express love. The only challenge seems to be around something that is not completely clear about how the finances will be handled or shared or an intimate need or divorce matter will be dealt with. Wait a few days to get clarity and make sure all dealings are honest in this area on both sides.


The week ahead is very much focusing on talks and agreements, decisions and meetings involving loans, outside resources, debt, sex, reproduction, or divorce. You want something to be different here and are going to need to talk it out and make some adjustments along the way.

On Monday this will become very clear to you as your ideas about romance, artistry, spiritual needs, or any self-defeating tendencies come to the fore around the major financial matter, sexual connection or divorce. Whatever comes up for you today is going to spur you to take some action by either diving into it physically or doing something about your body, image or identity. Talk and adjust.

On Tuesday there is more of the same as you focus on these intense arenas of sharing finances, sex or intimacy but today what you have decided or the meeting you have will trigger you to either sever or commit to something verbally or in writing. You may decide to limit something you are doing locally, through short trips or siblings as well. There is real luck and potential for you to step up so be willing again to adapt to what needs to shift.

Wednesday brings a woman who is exciting or unusual into the financial or sexual picture. If divorce is the theme for you then she would be showing up here. Either way, she can offer you a new approach or show you something radically different in how you can experience this matter. If Venus doesn’t show up as a woman in this today she will appear as love or money matters tied to the banks or joint resources, divorce or sexuality. Be willing to try new things and to find new ways to adapt emotionally to your local scene, neighbors, siblings, writing or agreements.

Thursday you are ready to sign the agreement, have the talk, meeting, make the pitch or decision, write it out, but in some way get your thinking around the loan, debt, credit, insurance, settlement, tax, inheritance, bankruptcy, alimony, child support, royalty, joint finance, divorce, sex or intimacy. The energy is going to allow for a huge change at work, with health or a pet in this and it is positive so speak your mind or meet up and agree. Feelings about home or living situations should be looking up due to today’s energy.

Friday is more of the same positive alignment between home and roots and the major finances, sex or divorce. The woman or love or money issue here is still in positive flow as exciting and unique approaches are favored. The only challenge today comes from any weepy feelings about partnership or any confusion with attorneys or agents involving the home. Make sure honesty is being employed on both sides and know the fog is temporary.


The week ahead is going to be focused on what you think about partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or an opponent. It will involve talks, writing, meetings, agreements, or decisions and you will need to be ready to make some adjustments or ask for them as you go along.

Monday will kick this off as you open up with this person or receive news about what is going on between you. It should prompt you to action that requires your adjustment. This will mean retreating and researching, investigations, taking action on past fantasy or secret matters, or doing something in the arts or with institutions. Ask for something new or stretch a point in the agreement.

Tuesday is more of the same but today you are ready to take your income out of the equation for good or to withhold your earnings on some level or the flip side, you are going to insist on something else if you are to commit to making money or spending it. Whatever the news, talk or agreement with this person is about, be willing to ask for concessions around your monetary needs.

Wednesday again is about this significant person and the income or possessions in question but today brings something new. There will be a woman in the picture who is electrical or unusual who may open up new ideas or approaches for you in this partnership or representation. If Venus doesn’t show up as an actual woman today, then a love or money matter will take on a new twist and you will find original and outside the box ways of handling the partnership, opponent, specialist, or representative. Continue to adapt to what is occurring with income and be open to something outside the norm.

Thursday is a wonderful day as you have made all of your adjustments and can now come to an agreement or have a talk or meeting filled with opportunity to change a creative project, love affair, love, or something involving children for the better through the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or opponent. There is great luck for you today in this and you should be willing to open up and express yourself in powerful ways.

Friday continues in this vein with positive conversations, agreements, writing, meetings, short trips, and sibling or neighbor involvement with partners, representatives or opponents. Look for ways to reach an understanding about love or money and take new attitudes or bring fresh ideas into the mix. The only challenge today comes from something unclear around work, health or pets so make sure all parties understand your position here.


The week ahead is going to focus on work, health and pets for you. You are going to need to talk, meet, make decisions, do more in the local scene, write, come to agreements, and share ideas about these topics and it is going to require that you make some adjustments along the way.

On Monday what you say or hear, decide or write is going to make this work topic, health issue or pet matter involve doing something with a friend, group or aspiration. You may need to adjust to angry feelings with this person or some action that was taken in the past so be willing to open up about it and ask for what you need.

Tuesday is more of the same but today the talk or agreement will trigger you to either cut yourself off or make some adjustment about your isolation, or to on the other side ask for what you need to commit. You may be feeling limited in some physical way and have to ask for time off of work or help healing your body but whatever the connection between communicating work, health or pets, make sure you talk about or make decisions based on your needs and realistic limitations.

Wednesday is going to bring a woman onto the scene through the work you do, involved in health in some way or around your pets. She will show up in a sudden or surprising way while walking the dog or heading to the gym, at work or through a co-worker, and there will be something exciting and original about her that can help you in one of these areas. If you don’t experience Venus today as an actual woman, she will show up as a love or money matter at work, with health or the pets and it will be interesting, innovative, exciting and new. You want to be willing to adjust your emotional response to something new around this to benefit your own needs or body.

Thursday you have done all the necessary adjustments and are ready to take advantage of the big opportunity that comes from a talk, decision, meetings, writing project, or agreement about work, health or pets that changes things at home or empowers you through home. You should feel better about earnings after this.

Friday continues to flow with the income or spending on or through work, health and pets. Women are beneficial especially if they are new, different or alternative in some way. Love and money are coming through these areas again and doing something outside the norm should spark things in a positive way for you. Just watch out for monetary issues involving a lover, child or creative project as there will either be differences over artistry or romance or some kind of deception or misunderstanding in the mix. Wait for clarity here.


You will be focusing most of your thoughts, talks, meetings, decisions, and agreements on creative output, recreation, lovers or children this week. There is a need to make or ask for adjustments around this so be ready to do so.

Monday kicks this off as you hear from or talk to a lover, child or creative opportunity and say what is necessary to adapt to what is happening on the career front or around an important goal. Your past approach to achieving in these areas may be part of what you’re dealing with now, just make sure you are spelling it out or making choices based on shifting needs.

Tuesday is more of the same but today you will be ready to retreat and limit what is going on behind the scenes, restrict or deal with loss through research, film or fantasy work, clandestine affairs or secrets, or in dealing with hospitals or other institutions. You may hear news that someone is at the hospital and that causes you to have to make a different decision as an example. Look at how responsibility is shared with another in this as well.

Wednesday is focusing on the same arenas of creativity, lovers or children but today won’t be so much about talks or meetings as it will be about a woman who enters the picture in a sudden way or who is electrical or unusual, exciting or independent. She can help you to find a new solution or something interesting to spark the creativity or love affair or what is concerning you with children. If Venus doesn’t show up as an actual woman for you today, then she will appear as an unexpected love or money matter with creative projects, children or lovers. Again, adjust to the new.

Thursday you have done the adjustments this week and are now ready to meet or come to an agreement with the lover, child or about a creative project. This is going to powerfully change your mind, what you do locally, your neighborhood or sibling connections or something you are writing. Emotions should align here in a wonderful way so allow for love and creativity to be communicated with another.

Friday continues this positive flow through love or money and new approaches with creative ventures, lovers or children. You are center stage emotionally in this again. The only challenge today involves home or property matters and any deception or confusion that is surrounding it. Wait for clarity about the living situation or real estate deal before putting yourself there.


The week ahead will be focusing on talks or ideas, writing or agreements, meetings or decisions about the home, where you live and with whom, moves, renovations, real estate deals, mom, and the foundations you are building upon. You are going to need to be willing to adjust as you go along.

On Monday this starts by something you say or agree to involving home or news you hear from home and it will be pushing you to adjust by taking action to travel, do something media related, teach or take a class, or actively get into the legalities. The past approach to love or creativity is coloring how you respond this time so keep that in mind as you adapt to the information.

Tuesday brings more talks or agreements, writing or decisions about home or living situations, mom or property. Today however you will be focusing on a friendship or group you must make adjustments with around this and it will require that you either limit or end something or that you commit to it solidly. Make sure you speak your mind and ask for what your new needs require.

Wednesday brings an unexpected arrival of a woman to your home or an unconventional or unique female to your property matter or living situation. This is going to help you to see things in a new light or find a new approach. If Venus doesn’t show up as an actual female today at home then she will come as love or money matters tied to property or home. It means you will want to look at these issues from a fresh and independent angle and you will need to again adjust your feelings about a friend or group as you engage.

Thursday is a wonderful energy day. You have made your adjustments mentally and in talks or agreements so today you can get to the conversation or agreement about the home or living situation that will transform something powerfully around the monetary matter. Writing at home, asking for ways to earn at home, are both favored. Whatever your hidden needs are in this, they should be met today.

Friday the flow between the love or money matter at home or the woman involved there continue to benefit. There is positive flow to your private feelings and what you want to happen through shared intimacy or financial means and the property. The only challenge today comes from one talk or agreement that is not honest or in some way confuses things. Take care that you are above board in all agreements and know the other person is as well.


The week ahead will allow you to adapt and adjust your thinking as you evolve towards the new idea of what you want. Talks and meetings, agreements and decisions will reflect this so be bold in asking for new things if you aren’t getting what you need from a past situation or agreement and be willing to adapt to other’s needs as well.

Monday kicks this off as you grapple with new ideas or have talks about what is going on with the major financial picture, loan or bank, and how you can make it work. Or, it is going to be about talks that require adjustments of actions or passions regarding a sexual encounter, intimacy, reproduction, or divorce. The acts of the past are coloring this so think about what you can do differently to get what you need and then ask for it.

Tuesday brings more important talks, ideas, decisions, agreements, meetings, and possibly interactions with siblings or neighbors. Today however, you will be making adjustments around leadership, a boss or authority figure, limits or responsibilities around ambition and goals, reputation or father. You are ready to end something or commit but not until you can have a meeting of the minds.

Wednesday brings a different energy into the talks and local scenario. Today you may meet a woman who is very electric or exciting, unusual or original while out in the neighborhood, through your brother or sister, or over the phone, in writing or in meetings. This person is going to awaken something in your mind, spark an idea that can help you in areas of love or money. Be willing to think outside the box a bit and to adjust your feelings about career, the goal or the boss. If Venus doesn’t show up as an actual woman it will just be the love or money matter coming into talks and meetings but will still be important in sparking new ways forward.

Thursday is a great day when all the adjustments you have made this week bring you to a talk or agreement that has the potential to put you in a way more powerful position or to transform your body, looks, image, or identity in some profound way. It is a very positive aspect so open up and make your decision today. Feelings for a friend or group are due to be positive as a result.

Friday you will be continuing to talk or meet about love or money, a woman or something that involves beauty. Friends and groups will continue to support this so open up with them and be original in your approach. The only challenge today involves something hidden, secret or deceptive with income or spending and the friend or group so don’t commit funds until you are clear and don’t promise pay you can’t follow through on.


The week ahead is going to focus on making or spending money and the talks, decisions, meetings, short trips, or agreements you have to hold about it. There will be a need to make adjustments to thinking to be successful.

On Monday the talk or agreement about earnings will spark you to take action regarding a partnership, agent, attorney, or specialist. You may try to get money from them or spend on them to reach your aims, passions or actions from the past creative venture or love affair will color your approach. Think about this and then adjust what you say or decide about the money.

Tuesday brings more ideas, decisions, agreements, talks, or meetings about making money or spending it but today you will need to adjust your ideas here around limits or commitments to travel, education, media, or legal matters. Ask for what you need and listen to the others point of view as well and know that you are trying to take on more in one of these arenas or sever ties but that can only happen through communication.

Wednesday brings a woman into the income matter. This is about someone who enters the scene who is unique or eccentric, electric or exciting, and brings original and unusual approaches to earning or spending money. Be open to new ideas here and spontaneous. If Venus doesn’t show up as a woman then she will show up as love or money issues that are outside the norm and involve your income. You may decide to spend on something quirky but whatever the situation, you will need again to adapt your feelings around the trip, legal, media, or educational matter.

Thursday is a great day when all the adjustments should have brought you to a point where you can ask or interview for more money or make the decision to spend on something that will transform you in some spiritual, romantic or artistic way. It could be about money to aid in fighting an addiction or to enter a hospital as well. Whatever it is this is powerful and can change things for the better.

Friday continues to fuel your goals in a positive way around earning and spending money as long as you focus this around things of beauty, women, love or something unique and spontaneous. The only challenge comes today around feeling disillusioned about your body or image or in something about your identity that is confusing so while looking at goals keep in mind that you are in a bit of a fog here and wait for clarity.


The week ahead is going to focus on you, your body, image, ego, needs, and identity. You are going to need to talk about this, meet, make some decisions, come to some agreements or write about it and the way you communicate will be undergoing adjustments.

Monday this means that the talks or decisions you make about yourself will spark you to act on a work matter, health issue or pets. You will be looking at how your past actions or passions in these arenas are effecting your physically now and you must adjust your mind around current needs as you express yourself.

Tuesday the talks or decisions will once again be about you but today you will be looking at either limiting or severing ties to a sexual connection, divorce or major financial matter. If you don’t want it to be cut off now then you will have to commit. Either way, it is important that you air your evolving needs and adjust to responsibilities on the financial or sexual playing field.

Wednesday brings out your independent, shocking energy as you step out through a quirky image or something unusual you are doing for your body or image, perhaps you are claiming your independence through identity by going back to another name or you are doing something unconventional with your body. Whatever it is, it ties into the need to adjust feelings around a sexual connection, divorce or major financial matter.

Thursday is great as you have made all of your adjustments and are ready to have a talk or meeting, make a decision or come to an agreement or you hear news that changes everything. This is powerful stuff that can transform a situation and the topic is going to be you and a friendship or group affiliation. Put your aspirations out there and know that your feelings about travel, someone at a distance, a media or publishing matter, educational issue, or legal involvement will be positively affected.

Friday brings more of the same positive flow between you and the travel, media, educational, or legal matter. A woman, love or money matter is under positive stars through this and the more unconventional your approach or free you are in connecting the better. The only challenge today lies in something that is hidden or involves hospitals, research or investigations, film or the arts, or a self-defeating tendency or addiction. Watch that all honesty comes through these doors on both sides.


Saturday, February 27, 2010



You can still read the WEEKEND FORECAST if you scroll down beneath the monthly for those who want to know what the Full Moon has in store!

March is significant in a couple ways. We are processing more spiritual, artistic energy that like a cord to Heaven, keeps us aligned to the muse and our souls greatest yearnings. It’s still a time to listen to our dreams, to imagine our romantic life into being and to let our mystical light shine.

On the other hand, with Mars shifting in the sky at last, stationing Direct on the 10th after being in Retrograde since Dec. 20th of last year, we are going to see many things, situations and people who have felt slowed or held back, shooting forward. We’ve taken a long journey into our past actions, looked at how we loved and created in the past and made any reconnections necessary, all in an attempt to clear out the cobwebs and make better choices up ahead. So get ready for blast off.

This month gives us a New Moon in Pisces marking the magic starting line to launch artistic visions, spiritual or romantic goals, to tackle the first steps in healing substance abuse or self-sabotaging habits, to get to a hospital or retreat, to recharge batteries through dreams and rest, and to tune into our psychic being.

It is a great idea to create a vision board on the Spring Equinox. To do this you gather as many magazines you can, invite friends over and ask them to bring their magazines as well and make a party out of it or do it on your own. You want to think about what it is you would like to draw into and create in your life in the year ahead. You need a poster board, glue and scissors and you just cut out any picture, word or phrase that speaks to you. Once you have your pile, you begin laying it all out on your poster and you will see a theme coming through. You can be creative and ad glitter or objects that inspire if you like. Once you have laid it all out and glued it on you want to hang it in a place in your home where you will see it every day. You will be amazed at how this helps you keep focus and manifest over the months ahead. They REALLY work!

It will be interesting to see how this mystical energy that everyone is being fueled by will combine with the newly launched Mars as we shoot back into life full steam ahead.

The Full Moon in Libra on the 29th wraps the month up with one significant relationship peaking. You may be celebrating a commitment or important high point in marriage or with a business partner, or this could mark the end of one such union. Agents, attorneys, specialists, opponents and competitors are other relationships that could climax at this time. Balance and a fair shake are what are important now as well as how solid you believe the connection to be in the grand scheme of things.


At least in the first half of March there seems to be quite a lot for you to do in a more behind the scenes capacity. This will likely involve artistic, romantic or spiritual work or research, investigations, retreat, or hospitals. Have important talks or pitches on the 1-2nd to help things move the way you want in a couple weeks.

On the 7th Venus moves into your sign which should aid you a great deal in all dealings. This could bring a new love into the picture or help you attract money more easily. Your interactions with women will run more smoothly as well. This is a great time to spend on yourself or on ways to improve your body or image, items of beauty or ways that benefit your physical world. Today is especially beneficial for you in matters of the heart, with children or lovers, and in all creative endeavors.

On the 10th, your ruler Mars FINALLY stations Direct! This has been a very frustrating and slowed down period for most Aries that began in late December and has made you take a slower approach to life, revisiting past love matters, child issues and creative interactions. Some of you may have rekindled past affairs or reconsidered actions involving children, some have gone back to a creative outlet that used to hold interest for you. Now however, you know what can go forward and hopefully have an idea about how your passions, anger or actions motivated results in these arenas. Get ready to start moving and shaking in the arena of love, children and creativity now, the gloves are off.

The New Moon on the 15th in Pisces gives you a strong 2 week period to get any hospital or institutional matters into play, to go on a retreat or plan one, to begin a research project or begin an investigation, to launch a film, music or artistic endeavor, or to start something that opens up new spiritual or psychic pathways. Take some time to recharge your batteries and envision your best life.

Mercury enters your sign on the 17th which is a superb day for talks, meetings or agreements you are interested in wrapping up. Some of you may meet someone attractive today who holds romantic potential while others may hear great news or make decisions about a child or creative venture. You will definitely be thinking a great deal about who you love and what you create now so let the ideas come to the surface.

The Spring Equinox arrives on the 20th with the Sun’s move into Aries. This is a powerful day and the perfect time to create a vision board for your year ahead. It is a powerful time for Aries as you are now center stage over the next month and you will be able to put yourself out there, your needs first, do something that puts your image or body into the equation and step up as you begin to be seen for who you are after so much retracing of energy of late.

The spotlight is now on you for the next month so take full advantage of being out there. The Mercury/Pluto square on the same day may mean tough news or intense communications with the boss, an authority figure, or about goals or career but with the Sun now in your sign feel confident that you can step up and take on your world.

The Libra Full Moon on the 29th is bringing one of your key relationships to a peak. This could mean anything from celebrating an anniversary within a marriage or business partnership to something climactic occurring through an attorney, agent, opponent, or specialist. Look for fairness and balance as well as a sense of responsibility to figure into this peak emotional moment of celebration or endings.

Venus enters her own sign, Taurus, on the 31st wrapping up the month with a boost to your income house. This can mean a woman coming through with a way for you to earn money or just the new ease you find in attracting earnings. You will find it more fun to spend on things of beauty at this time or an object of your affection so watch how much you put out there.


March looks like it will be a balancing act for you between all the social activities drawing you in with friends and groups, and the time you will need to retreat, work behind closed doors and fall into the mystic.

From the 1-2nd you may hear news from a friend that requires adjustments at home and with work. This is a time when your artistic, romantic and spiritual energy can really touch others through speech, writing and talks you have.

Venus, your ruler, moves behind closed doors on the 7th taking love and making money into a more secret, private realm. You could earn through film, art, music, hospitals, retreats, fantasy, research, or psychic intuition. Attracting love or money to these arenas will be easier now and women will benefit you here. Love will be more clandestine or there may be a secret in the mix.

Mars will finally station Direct on the 10th and all the backtracking, delays, or slow-downs in past living situations, your home, real estate deals, land options, building, renovations, remodels, with roommates or family, will now begin to move forward again. You’ve had since late December to retrace actions, passions or anger involving where you hang your hat and what you build upon, you’ve looked at how you express love or creativity here, now you can feel confident in making new moves based on what you understand.

The New Moon in Pisces occurs on the 15th in your social sector. This may bring an important new friend in to your life, mark a time when you join or form a group or launch a networking affair. Your aspirations should be front and center while you put them forward now as well. Watch this date for promising new meetings or original ideas.

On the 17th, Mercury zooms into Aries to make strategy sessions more dynamic. Talks of hospitals or meetings there, scheduling surgery or time to rest and recuperate could be high on the agenda. For some of you this marks an energetic time to express ideas through film or music or to audition for a part, for others this is great for finding the information you are looking for through research. If you’ve been thinking about changing your residence or are in talks about real estate, today may bring news or decisions.

The Sun follows Mercury into Aries on the 20th, marking the Spring Equinox. This will put you into physical positions behind the scenes, in hospitals, retreats, artistic or spiritual ventures, or just hiding out so if you need to schedule surgery this aligns, acting in a role on stage or in film puts you out there, or if you want to go lead a spiritual retreat, go. You will shine in film or fantasy, music or spiritual work, research or time at an institution so plan accordingly. This is THE time to make your vision board for the year ahead so take some time to do it.

The Full Moon on the 29th will bring a work assignment to a culmination, celebrations or endings with work, co-workers, service providers, or the tasks before you, a peak moment with your health as a goal is celebrated or an illness or diet ends, or a matter involving your pet climaxing in big emotions.

Your ruler, Venus, closes the month out by entering your sign on the 31st, marking a time when you will see things go more smoothly for you, your image, and your body. It’s a great time to spend on things to beautify your image and a much easier time to attract love or money to yourself.


March is about career, goals, friends, and groups for you and if you can put them all together, so much the better. Your ruling energy, Mercury, begins the month by moving into your Midheaven on the 1st so talks about goals, agreements signed towards career ambitions, or even news of fame calling are all potential manifestations of this placement. Whatever is going on, you are being talked about, believe it.

Mark the 4th as a powerful day for you in negotiations or talks on the career front. Talks, decisions or meetings that are sexual or intimate benefit goals as well.

Venus changes signs on the 7th gliding into your social sector and bringing the celebration with her. This marks a time of ease with friends, making money or expressing love through social occasions and group affiliations and a positive push in the area of treasured aspirations. Women friends will be beneficial to you now.

Mars stations Direct on the 10th after a long backtracking through your communications and neighborhood zone that began last December. This means you have been looking back at past actions, passions or anger that you spent on loved ones or creativity through talks, agreements, fights, decisions, meetings, the written word, how the neighborhood affects you and any issues with siblings. Now you are ready to make things happen again through something you write, say, agree to, a move or change in neighborhood, short trips, or a contract. What you say has energy behind it again.

The New Moon on the 15th is a fresh start on the career front for you. This can be about an artistic career ambition or a romantic or spiritual goal. You have 2 strong weeks to launch in these arenas so put yourself before the public, go after the position, make your name. The more original and independent you are today in expressing your ideas the better for what you are trying to accomplish.

Your ruler enters Aries on the 17th marking an acceleration in talks or invitations from friends, to social gatherings, and in meetings with groups. You will be in your element in conversing with a wide array of people and your ideas will be on everyone’s mind now. This day is especially brilliant for you in career and the circle of people who ‘get’ you so step it up.

It looks like you will have to deal with one significant person between the 18-20th who will give you a run for your money. Do your best to state your case and don’t let yourself get pulled into any conflicts you can’t win. The Sun enters Aries, marking the Spring Equinox on the 20th so a friend will be there for you if necessary. This is putting you in the spotlight socially and with friends for the month ahead so expect to be popular and to make your presence known within your groups, out networking or with friends. This is THE time to create your vision board for the year ahead so find some time to do so.

The Full Moon in Libra occurs on the 29th in your house of true love, children and creative projects. This is the time of year when you may be celebrating something romantic peaking with a love affair, seeing the birth of a child or something involving children peaking, or when your creative endeavor receives the attention or result you were going for. It is about celebrations or endings now so you may be wrapping something up as well.

Venus moves into the hidden part of your chart on the 31st, wrapping up the month with love and money going into a more secret area of life for you. This could mark a time when you are earning money behind the scenes on a film or research project or in some other artistic or spiritual venue, love will be more clandestine and women in general will benefit you through working behind you or in connection with hospitals or other institutions.


March is lining up to be a big month for career, travel, education, legal matters, and media ventures. You may find yourself in a new position or new location by month’s end.

ON the 1st Mercury changes signs and you will find yourself in meetings or talks about a trip, media or publishing venture, teaching opportunity, ceremony, or legal matters. There is a need to adapt actions to fit current income issues and to take responsibility or make adjustments around home or parents. Open up about your artistic, spiritual or romantic agenda through these higher realms in the weeks ahead.

Venus enters Aries on the 7th which marks a special time in your career. You may find you are dealing with women or women’s issues now on the career front and that they are beneficial to your achievement or that you are able to now attract the love or money you need more readily once you set your goals and go for them. Take action today to make money and elevate your presence while engaging in talks about travel, media, legalities, or education.

Mars will finally go Direct on the 10th and I can hear many Cancer’s out there sighing in relief. The action planet has been slowing things down and taking you on a backwards journey through income and spending since the end of December. You may have found your wallet thin from creative ventures or loved ones you spent on in the past but you are about to get a nice boost from the universe. If you need to look for new ways to earn, mark today as the starting line.

The New Moon in Pisces occurs on the 15th and as a fellow water sign, this fresh start is aligned beautifully to your sign. IT is occurring in the arena of travel, law, education, and media so once again you have a green light in these realms. In fact you should launch something new over the next 2 weeks by taking or planning the trip, broadcasting yourself or going after publicity, signing contracts or starting the legal proceedings, or signing up for a class to take or teach. Communications and originality are powerful allies in this fresh beginning.

Mercury darts into your career Midheaven on the 17th and amps up talks, meetings, agreements, decisions and writing projects that get your career on track, bring recognition or fame, or help you to achieve an ambition. Be passionate about your ideas.

The Sun follows into this realm on the 20th, marking the Spring Equinox and the pivotal moment when you step into the spotlight and take on more of a presence before the public over the next month. This is the time to strut your stuff, you have a month where you can lead and courageously go after your destiny, find fame or make your reputation, or climb the corporate ladder. This is THE time to create your vision board for the year ahead so take the time to do so.

The Full Moon on the 29th is bringing an issue at home, a property matter or living situation, a move or renovation, or something involving mom to a peak. This is always an emotional time for you as you feel the roots and grounding of life more intensely now. Take care of the details and celebrate the balance between you and another at home. For some of you, this may mark an ending to one living situation or the selling off of property.

Venus changes signs on the 31st moving into your social realm. This is a great few weeks when you will find you enjoy yourself more with friends, especially women, when you may make a new woman friend, when earning and spending becomes a social or networking affair and when you may attract what you need more easily to your aspirations.


March is shaping up to be about deeply moving matters for you involving intimacy, sex, divorce, major finances and the way you expand your higher mind through travel, media, education, or legalities.

On the 1st Mercury will move into the deeper realm of your chart and help you to understand and talk about the financial picture that you share with another person or a banking institution. It will also help you to communicate about sex and divorce if necessary. You may meet someone at this time in the local scene that turns out to be of sexual interest or find that you sign contracts over finances or divorce. Be willing to take action on anything left undone that you set in motion from the past and to take responsibility for what was said.

Venus enters Aries on the 7th and the love and money energy will take on more aggression and drive. For you this will best play out through trips, media or publicity, ceremonies, teaching or taking a class, or the law. Women will be beneficial for you in these areas as well now.

Mars stations Direct on the 10th in your sign. For many Leos this has been a very trying few months. Mars rules actions, passion, motivation, and anger and it has been backtracking through your sign since the end of December! This means you have had to look at what you did physically in the past that affected lovers, children or creative projects and that you were slowed down from moving forward personally on new fronts. For some of you there was a break-up or the retreat of a loved one during this time, if so it is possible they may have a change of heart now but if they don’t you should understand that it is aligned with cosmic flow and you will find someone better aligned to your energy up ahead. Whatever the case, the slow-downs and revisiting is over now, you are ready to launch forward with an new motivation or passion. You will find you have your energy coming back and a desire to please yourself, work on your body or image and express your passions again.

The New Moon on the 15th is occurring in the deep arena of sex, divorce, reproduction, intimacy, loans, credit, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, settlements, alimony, child support, and joint finances. This is a brand new start in areas where you share something profound with another. If you want to refinance or go after backing, take out a loan or start your taxes, meet a new sexual partner or look at fertility clinics, the next 2 weeks are your best bet.

On the 17th Mercury enters Aries and you will make decisions, hear news, initiate talks or meetings, or share ideas involving travel plans, media ventures, education, or legal matters. You may meet someone dynamic now who comes through one of these avenues. Mark today as special for any of these matters and your ability to stand out sexually or financially.

The Sun follows Mercury into this part of your chart on the 20th and along with marking the Spring Equinox will put you into the spotlight over the next month through travel, education, legalities, and media. It’s time to be seen or talked about through these realms so step it up. This is also THE time to create your new vision board for the year ahead so take some time to do so.

Two days of note at month’s end for you are the 21st and 25th: On the 21st you are being fueled beautifully if you throw yourself into a trip, media venture, publicity, legal, or educational matter but you will have to take responsibility for an agreement, something written, said, a sibling, or what is going on locally but on the 25th there is a big change or challenge coming through health, work or with pets that puts you again center stage traveling, in media, law, or education. Prepare to tackle what comes.

The Full Moon on the 29th is bringing a talk, meeting, decision, agreement, idea, short trip, brother or sister matter, or neighbor issue to a peak. You may be celebrating an important meeting or a writing project culminating or seeing something ending with an agreement or sibling. It is a climactic emotional time when the way you balance responsibilities will be important.

Venus enters your house of fame and career, ambitions and father, on the 31st. This will mark the beginning of a few weeks when you can attract the love or money you desire to chase ambitions, move up the corporate ladder, launch the business, and just over all find that things run more smoothly for you. Women will benefit your goals now more than other times.


March will be about focusing on work, health, pets, partners, and those who compete with or represent you. There is going to be quite a bit going on and the energy is going to help you motivate, especially in the second half of the month.

On the 1st your ruler changes signs and kicks off the month by amping up talks and decisions with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors. You can sign agreements, share ideas and take your meetings now. Find ways to adjust to limits or responsibilities to income and what you are doing behind the scenes strategically. Artistic, romantic or spiritual agendas are in this relationship or the focus is on addictions or self-destructive behaviors.

Mark the 4th as an opportune day for dialogue or agreements with partner or representatives especially if your goal is change or powerful financial matters tied to creative projects or around transformation or reproduction issues with lovers or children.

Venus moves into Aries on the 7th and you will find that you have an easier time attracting love sexually or making money through other people’s finances. Loans and investors come easier now and women benefit in these shared realms. If you have been dealing with a divorce, it should ease now. Talks with partners or representatives are lucky today and there is a lot of positive action playing out behind the scenes.

Mars stations Direct on the 10th in your house of hidden matters. This means that the revisiting of the past through slow-downs involving retreat, isolation, hospitals, time spent working behind the scenes, in film or music or any art related project, or in researching or clandestine affairs is over. The love or creative needs you were meant to understand through actions, anger or passion with the past has run its course. You are now ready to move forward on something with a new perspective.

The New Moon on the 15th is opening up a fresh new beginning for you by way of partnerships, marriage, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors. You have 2 strong weeks to initiate something new here with someone you know or to approach someone new who can meet you half way or team up with you. Be spontaneous in communications today as an unexpected meeting or idea may be the key to what is about to happen.

Your ruler moves on into Aries on the 17th at which time the divorce, major financial matter or sexual encounter becomes what is on your mind. Talks and agreements will focus on these profound arenas and the energy today favors a change or new approach with partners or representatives as well as communications leading to some kind of action behind closed doors that benefits you.

A couple days to watch, as they may prove challenging, are the 18th and 20th. Talks on the 18th or agreements made will be serious and have long term ramifications. This may be a good thing if you find a way to balance the financial picture but it may prove to be more work or burden in the long run than you want so judge it carefully. The talks or agreements on the 20th will push you to change and challenge yourself pretty deeply around a creative project, child or lover over how the major finances are playing out, how the divorce is going, what the reproductive needs are, or how the sex is morphing.

The Sun follows Mercury into Aries on the 20th marking the Spring Equinox and putting you into the spotlight over the next month regarding major finances, sex or divorce. This means you are center stage in a drama unfolding around loans, settlements, divorce proceedings, reproductive issues, sexual encounters, or any other major outside financial resource. There is going to be more energy at your disposal now so get ready to act. This is THE time to create your vision board for the year ahead so take some time to do so.

The Full Moon on the 29th is bringing an income matter to a peak. This is an emotional culmination around money you are earning or spending or a possession in question. You may be celebrating a paycheck that comes in or ending one form of earning. Look at how you balance with another in this.

Venus changes signs on the last day of the month, entering your house of travel, education, legalities, and media matters. This means you may now attract love or money more easily to or through these arenas and that women will be beneficial here as well.


March is going to be a big month for work and finding a way to be of service to others, it is a great time to tackle health issues and find time for pets and you will want to begin talks or make decisions about partnering, finding representation or dealing with specialists or competitors.

On the 1st Mercury moves into your work, health and pet zone so you can expect to have more talks, meetings, ideas, make more decisions and come to agreements in these areas. Your romantic, artistic or spiritual needs are in the mix with what you decide so open up and get the work and health talks hopping.

Mark the 3rd and 4th as special days for you in these areas as surprises or new ways of approaching the work, health or pets attracts love or money your way or things just go to suit you! There is opportunity for positive change at home here.

Your ruler, Venus, changes signs on the 7th moving into your partnership arena. This is great news for any significant relationships with women in your life and for attracting love or money through the partner, agent, attorney, or specialist. If single you may meet someone today at a social occasion or through a friend and talks about work, health or pets have great luck behind them.

The 9th and 11th are challenging days for you with the partner or representative as you may feel a bit overburdened or limited in some way and have to deal with challenges at home or with security needs so pace yourself during these times.

Mars is finally stationing Direct on the 10th which means after months of slowdowns and retracing actions and passions through past friendships, groups, networking, and around aspirations, you are finally ready to see some action again here. Look to have more going on with friends and groups as the month progresses and if you have had a hard time getting any legs under the aspiration, it is now go time.

The New Moon on the 15th is opening up 2 strong weeks to launch new work, start something with a co-worker, hire a new employee, take on a new diet or start a new health regime, adopt a pet or start something involving small animals. Something you hear today about one of these things may be unusual but positive in the fresh start.

Mercury enters Aries on the 17th which marks the time when talks and meetings with partners, agents, attorneys, and specialists take on significant focus. You can come to terms now with this person, head their advice, and act on the ideas shared. You are shining in an original way at work, with health or pets today as well and what you do socially has positive information or meetings attached for you.

The Sun follows Mercury into Aries on the 20th, marking the Spring Equinox and a month long cycle putting you in the spotlight with partners, agents, attorneys, competitors, and specialists. Step up and connect as others will certainly notice you now. This is THE time to create your vision board for the year ahead so take some time and do so.

The Full Moon on the 29th is occurring in your sign. This is that time of year when who you have been or your image, body or identity, is peaking in some way. You may be celebrating something about your image or a personal need culminating or you may be ending one way of identifying yourself with the world.

Your ruler, Venus, changes signs on the last day of the month, moving into your house of sex, reproduction, major finances, and divorce. For the next few weeks women will benefit you in these areas, things will run more smoothly, you will find it easier to attract love or money through intimacy or shared resources and the divorce proceedings should go more smoothly.


March is covering a lot of ground for you in the areas of true love, creative endeavors, children, work, co-workers, employees, services you provide, health matters, and pets. With your co-ruler Retrograde since the end of December you have a great deal to look forward to as he shifts forward mid-month.

On the 1st Mercury enters your creative sector so you can expect talks and agreements to amp up over the creative project and meetings and decisions to focus on true love, lovers, children, and recreation as well. If single you could meet someone while running around the neighborhood or through a short trip that catches your heart. Mark the 4th as a special day for lovers, children or creative meetings or talks, it could change many things.

Venus moves into Aries on the 7th and brings her ability to attract love and money to the work you do, your health matters and pets. This means you can earn or spend on the job you do, the service you provide, your diet or health regime or pets with better results and more ease. Women will be beneficial for you in these areas as will anything related to beauty. You should accomplish a great deal towards your goals today as well as have one lucky talk or meeting regarding a lover, child or creative venture.

Mars, your co-ruler, stations Direct on the 10th in your career Midheaven. This is big news for you as you have had to slow down or back track through past creative actions or passions involving lovers or children that affect your ambitions and goals. Now you are ready to take the forward plunge into the career market and conquer your goals.

Take note of the 11th as there may be a challenge for you involving an agreement, talk, news, or meeting and a woman, love or money matter tied to work, health or pets. Watch your money.

The New Moon on the 15th is offering you a fresh start in creative projects, with children, recreation, and with love. You may meet a new person in the next 2 weeks who turns out to be a real contender for your heart or launch the new creative project, conceive a child or begin something new with your child. Someone totally different than what you normally go for could show up today or a new cutting edge idea could be part of what launches the new creative output.

Mercury enters Aries on the 17th and kicks off fresh talks and agreements about work, health or pets. If you need to send out your resume or have an interview for a job, do it now. Decisions about starting a health regime or taking care of a pet are beneficial as well. You should be able to achieve goals today once you decide or open up about it and surprises from lovers, children or creative projects give you fresh boosts as well.

Whatever came up for you as a challenge on the 11th resurfaces in a talk or decision, news or agreement on the 20th and once again tests your resolve. The Sun moves into Aries today marking the Spring Equinox and putting you into the spotlight at work, with health or pets for the next month. This is the time to step up and be seen for what you provide. It’s a great time to get your body into shape and THE time to create your vision board for the year ahead so take some time to do so.

The last of the challenges at work, with health or pets comes on the 25th for you as a physical change allows you to deal with what is said or agreed to and you step up to the issue before you.

The Full Moon on the 29th is bringing something hidden to a peak in your world. This could mean a secret, time spent in isolation, retreat, at hospital, in research or investigation, in strategies or hidden agendas, through film, music, art or fantasy, or in the mystical, psychic realm. You will be celebrating or ending something tied to one of these arenas and balance or partnership plays into the equation.

Venus changes signs on the 31st moving into your partnership zone. This is great for the next few weeks as attracting the love or money you need comes more easily through partners, agents, attorneys, or specialists. Women will represent your needs beneficially and partnerships will run more smoothly.


In March, the focus for you is going to be on home and property matters, creative projects, lovers, and children. There is opportunity to express your artistic, romantic nature here as well as energy to promote action in these realms.

On the 1st Mercury moves into your home arena kicking off the month with talks, meetings, agreements and decisions about the home, a move, remodeling, roommates, decorating, real estate deals, security needs, or mom. You will be thinking a lot about what you want in your space and how to make it work.

On the 7th Venus enters Aries and brings a wonderful ease to your love affairs, interaction with children and creative projects. She will help you attract love and money more readily here so if you are single, take advantage of this time to meet new prospects, you will be in your best light. If you are trying to earn money through your creativity, push your project forward now as well. Women will be beneficial in these areas during this transit and a new one may enter the picture to assist in this. Mark today as important for a talk or agreement you make at home or about a living situation as well, your ruler is meeting Mercury today so expect beneficial results.

Mars stations Direct on the 10th after a very long Retrograde that has taken you back into the past or slowed actions down in the areas of the higher mind. This means that you have been revisiting or having a slower time in areas of beliefs, travel, ceremonies, education, media matters, and legalities. The ways you experience passion and anger have been working through these corridors. Now there will be forward movement again through all of this expansion so book the trip, sign the contracts, go back to school, launch the media venture!

The New Moon on the 15th is a fresh start at the roots of your chart. This could mean a strong 2 week period when you can move, set up a new home, do something fresh to the property, have someone move in or out, make your home where you hang your hat, do something different to build on a better foundation, or begin a family or something with mom. Coming from a fresh perspective is important today and any news you hear should be quite inspiring.

Mercury enters Aries on the 17th taking your mental focus from home to creative projects, love or children. This is a dynamic time for ideas that spark your creative output and you may meet someone who helps you to create something new. Travel, media, contracts, or teaching can be a big part of the action today as you decide what you want to do. You can apply this to what you decide about a lover or child as well.

The Sun follows Mercury into this sector on the 20th so you will begin to see yourself in the center of the play surrounding the creative project, love affair or child. Today marks the Spring Equinox and a fresh start for the year ahead. A talk or decision today about the creative project, lover or child will challenge you monetarily, you are going to see a big energy push for change around income in this conversation or decision. This is THE time to create your vision board for the year ahead so take some time to do so.

The Full Moon on the 29th is bringing a friendship, social occasion, group affiliation, or aspiration to a head. This is emotional energy that can be critical or about the details or sense of service involved. You may be celebrating something reaching its zenith with your friends or group or ending one connection at this time. Any friend that leaves now is timed in sync to universal flow so do your best to except the way things are evolving and trust you will make new friends soon enough.

Venus ends the month by moving into Taurus on the 31st. This means that you will get a nice boost of attractive energy moving into your work, health and pets zone. Use this support over the next few weeks to express what you need to feel loved or what you want to earn or spend, the odds are you will have an easier time getting what you want from co-workers, health care providers and if single, you may meet someone lovely on the job, walking the pets or working out.


March is going to be an important month for talks and meetings, decisions and agreements, you may have more contact with brothers or sisters and take more short trips that matter, your neighborhood or neighbors will be more connected with you and home and property matters will take on more focus.

On the 1st Mercury enters your communications zone giving you the upper hand in talks and negotiations, agreements and ideas. You will want to put this to work for you over the next few weeks as you take more meetings and share ideas. There is a special color to this involving the gift to express artistry, romantic needs, spiritual ideals, and getting to the heart of the matter concerning addictions, retreat, research, or any self-defeating tendencies. Your insight is on overdrive and will aid you in choices.

Venus enters your home and property base on the 7th. This is a great time for you if you need to attract love or money to these arenas. You may want to beautify your space at this time or spend on some lovely piece of property. Women will be beneficial to you in these realms and love will be best expressed at home. If you are in real estate, this will make you the chosen one for the weeks it resides here, get to work. You may also want to note that a conversation or agreement made today has great luck behind it.

Watch the 9th as a challenging day for you or one where you will be balancing something with another person. This will play out between home and career so if you are in real estate it will be about the property matter and money/responsibility or limits that are in play, if not it may be that you are feeling pulled between the two. It’s not the best day to make a sale or invest in a property.

Mars stations Direct on the 10th in the deepest part of your chart. Since the end of December you have been hosting a backwards and slowed down energy regarding major finances, sex, reproduction, and divorce. This may have meant you were revisiting past loved ones or passions, anger or actions that occurred through loans, settlements, insurance, taxes, credit, alimony, child support, inheritance, bankruptcy, or joint finances, sex or intimacy, or divorce. If you’ve wanted to move forward in a new way through any of these realms it has been slow going. Now that energy is going to face forward and you will be able to finally see some real progress.

The New Moon on the 15th is occurring in your communications zone. This is the launching pad with 2 strong weeks kicking you forward in all talks, negotiations, meetings, agreements, decisions, ideas, writing projects, short trips, sibling matters, or neighborhood issues. If you want to get a new script started or contract under way, take an important meeting or do something with a brother or sister, move to a new neighborhood or join the neighborhood watch, you get the idea, this is the time. The energy today is suggesting that fresh approaches and ideas will be the way forward.

Mercury moves into Aries on the 17th and enters your home arena. This takes your mental focus and puts it onto home and property matters. You will find that you are talking more about these things and making some decisions now that are dynamic and get things moving. The energy today is just amazing to make thing happen so see what you can do, if you need a loan or to settle something with a bank or other person financially or in settlement regarding home or property, talk with them now.

The 18th is a bit limiting regarding home/property/goals. Your ruler, Saturn, is opposed by Mercury so negotiations may be limited or restricted or what you agree to will be a lot of long, tedious work so just be aware that what you sign or agree to today could be in place for a very long time and make sure you are up for the work involved.

The Sun follows Mercury into your home and property zone on the 20th putting you center stage in all topics here over the next month. This can mark a time when you are physically at home for the next 30 days more so than normally or it can mean that this is where you really stand out in dealings with property matters or home issues. So step up and be seen around the property now as you are at the top of this placement. This is THE time to create your vision board for the year ahead so take some time to do so.

If you decided to agree to something serious on the 18th, the 21st will mark a time when you get personally involved, putting yourself into the mix or taking yourself out altogether.

The Full Moon on the 29th is bringing a career matter to a peak in your world. This can be a great time of celebration for you as something you have been trying to attain comes to fruition. You may see your name in lights or finally have your rewards from all that career work you have been doing. You will find you are in the spotlight in some way right now. For some of you this time marks the end of a career when you decide to move on to something else.

Venus moves into your house of true love, children and creativity on the 31st, closing out the month with a lovely moment for you. This energy will help you to attract love and money through these realms so if you are single, know you will be very attractive to others over the next few weeks (more so than usual) and you should get out there if you want to meet someone. You will see things go more smoothly with current lovers, children and creativity. If you need to make money through your creative project this energy will help you do so.


The month of March is going to focus on making or spending money, talks, meetings, decisions, writing projects, agreements, short trips, siblings, or neighborhood for you. It is a great month to make choices based on your evolving values and to come to agreements about what you want.

On the 1st Mercury moves into your earnings zone and you will find you are talking and meeting more about making money or what you want to spend on. Agreements signed now will be focused on the bottom line and you should do what you can to bring your artistry or spirituality into the earning process. If you can adapt to doing something with a partner or representative and make some adjustments to commitments in travel, media, education, or legalities, you will do well today.

Take note of the 3rd when your ruler, Uranus, will be met by Venus in your income zone. This is like lightning wrapped in love or money for you and could mark a surprise moment when you receive a prized possession from a loved one or make money with a woman in some original, brilliant way. Be open to what comes to you today because it has the markings of a positive new beginning.

Venus enters Aries on the 7th and will bring her ability to attract love or money into your communications zone. This is the silver-tongued devil syndrome and you should put it to work for you while you have it. It means you will be able to draw the things you want to you through the words you share, what you write, agreements, meetings, decisions, short trips, siblings or neighbors. Women will understand you more now and may help you in these arenas now. It also means things will run more smoothly locally and in talks.

Mars stations Direct on the 10th in your partnership, representative and opponents zone. This has been a long Retrograde that began at the end of December and has taken you back over past actions, passions or anger associated with marriage or business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, opponents, competitors, or enemies. If you have wanted to get things moving forward with anyone of these people it has been slow going. This is all about to change. If you had a partner or representative leave you during this Retrograde, you may see a return over the next few weeks. You will now be able to make things move in these realms.

The New Moon on the 15th is opening up a new beginning for you through earnings, spending or with possessions. You have 2 strong weeks to find a new source of income, to ask for more money on the job you are currently working, to decide to spend on something important, or to do something with a possession such as the piano or necklace. Apply your artistry or spiritual intention to making more money and be willing to follow up on original ideas or unusual contacts, they are your best way forward.

Mercury moves into your communications zone on the 17th. Mercury naturally rules this part of the chart so it is giving you a double influx of ideas, connections, helping you to talk or meet about what is important, to make decisions or get that writing project underway, to amp up the short trips, neighborhood activity or contact with brothers or sisters, all of this is energetic now. You may find yourself in the middle of the interesting earnings or spending situation today and talking to a partner, agent or attorney about something that looks very positive and a ‘go’.

The Sun follows Mercury into Aries on the 20th which marks the Spring Equinox and puts your center stage in all communications, neighbor and sibling activities over the next month. You can stand out as a writer at this time, get the meetings that are hard to land, make an appearance locally, sign agreements that are about you, or find yourself in the spotlight with your brother or sister in something. Agreements are more likely to be made now as you take charge and get your point across. This is THE time to create your vision board for the year ahead so take some time to do so.

The Full Moon on the 29th is in Libra and it is bringing something of the higher mind to a climax in your world. This may mean you are seeing a trip finally culminate, a connection with someone far away reach its zenith, you may be graduating school or getting the results from something you have learned, a teaching certificate could be finished, a legal battle or contract could wrap up, a ceremony could culminate, or a media or publishing venture could complete or receive attention now. In all it is an emotional time focused on how you share or balance in these areas and what is being celebrated or ended.

On the 31st, Venus enters Taurus and your home base. This marks a few weeks time that begins now where things will run more smoothly at home and with property or mom. You will find that women benefit you more in these realms now and you can attract the love or money you need to do things here more easily. A woman may move in or out of the home at this time and it would be a good thing. Spending you do will more likely be on beautifying your space and you may want to try earning from home.


March is a month that really puts you and your needs central to everything that is going on. You will want to focus on your body, image, identity, being physically present in your world, and doing what is right for you. The other area that is heightened for you is earnings, spending and possessions. Find a way to put everything into these realms and you will come out of the month very well.

Mercury moves into your sign right from the 1st of the month making talks and meetings about you and your needs. If you write you should put it out there now, agreements should go your way or at the least meet your needs. You will find you are taking care of yourself through short trips, making decisions involving neighborhood or siblings, and coming up with some new ideas about yourself artistically or romantically.

Venus moves into Aries on the 7th which is a wonderful time for you as far as earning is concerned. This means that women will benefit your income and you may meet someone who helps you make more money now. You will see your ability to attract money will be stronger and things will run more smoothly. You may decide to spend some of your income on ways to make more money and that is supported by this transit. You may also experience love through the giving or receiving of tokens of affection now. If you own something that you wish to sell, this is a good time to attempt it.

Mars has been Retrograde since the last part of December and it has been rather challenging for everyone as things have slowed or we have been going back into the past to see how our actions towards lovers, children or creativity are influencing our lives and hopefully learn from it so we do things a bit differently up ahead. For Pisces this has been occurring through the work you do, service you provide, tasks at hand, health and pets. You may have felt things would never go forward in these areas again but the revisiting you have done to these areas over the last few months is now going to be evident as you are ready to move forward with new ways of doing things in work, health and or with pets.

The New Moon on the 15th is in your sign. What a lovely new beginning for you as you find you are ready to launch a new identity, a new way of presenting yourself to the world, a new image or body, or something very personal to you that you are ready to go forward on. If you want to change your image or marry/divorce thereby taking on a new identity, or if you want to reshape your body or become a new person on some other level, access your artistry, romantic nature, intuition and psychic abilities, and your spirituality to launch into this new improved version of yourself. You have 2 strong weeks of universal support and the energy today suggests that independence, originality and spontaneous ideas really put you forward.

Mercury moves into Aries on the 17th and you will find that talks and agreements are focused on the bottom line monetarily. You will make decisions about income, sign contracts that bring income in the door, get out there and pound the pavements on auditions or the interviewing circuit for new monetary resources, and today especially you may find that one surprise meeting or talk puts you at the right place at the right time.

The Sun follows Mercury into Aries on the 20th marking the Spring Equinox and putting you center stage in an income matter. Over the next month you are in this position so expect that you will be physically in the mix, your image or body will count, and you will be making money based on who you are or at the center of some spending on your image, body or physical well being. This is THE time to create your vision board for the year ahead so take some time to do so.

The Full Moon in Libra occurs on the 29th and will be bringing a peak moment for you around a major financial matter such as a loan, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, tax, settlement, alimony, child support, credit cards, joint finances, or any other form of outside resource. This part of the chart also rules sex, reproduction, intimacy, and divorce. In any of these areas you may be celebrating something reaching its high point or you may be ending something. Outside of this pivotal emotional climax, the day is offering a special moment for you as your ruler, Neptune, is met by Venus. This could mean an opportunity for earning through an artistic avenue, research, retreat, spiritual project, investigation, or institution such as a hospital, or that love is found in one of these areas for you. There may be some sort of secret or private energy around what is in the air today but it looks positive.

Venus moves into Taurus on the 31st at which time she will begin a few weeks of travel through the things you write, the agreements you come to, the talks or meetings you hold, news coming in, short trips you make, your connections to siblings and neighbors, and your ideas. This is a time when women will be easy to get along with in talks or locally, short trips or what you write, as well as beneficial to your aims. You will find you attract love and money through agreements, talks, meetings, short trips, sibling or neighborhood, and things should run smoothly here at this time.


Friday, February 26, 2010


Oh babies, do you feel the tension in the reigns as life speeds up and slows just a bit more? Are you antsy, ready to blow, feeling like climbing into the canon on the off chance someone might light you up? It’s so amped out with no place to go but back into retouching on your past actions or connections for just a bit longer as Mars slows down over the next 12 days. This has been a long Retrograde and we’ve not had a chance yet this entire year to put things into forward motion the way we want. Don’t let it frustrate you too much if you feel as though you are spinning wheels or doing a lot that is still not where you want to be yet, there are always reasons the brakes are applied by outer influences, take advantage of this last bit of time to charge yourself up and prepare for how dynamic it is about to get in March.

Saturday brings a lovely conjunction between Mercury and Neptune which means an opening gambit in talks or negotiations about romance, the arts, addictions, retreats, investigations, hospitals, or spiritual interests. You may meet for the first time and find one of these themes comes up between you or you may take a meeting with someone you already know to discuss or come to a decision. The latter part of the day will be interesting as what you decided or who you met, the news you heard or the agreement you signed must be balanced against the way you used to express your desires through past lovers, child issues or creative projects. In all the adjustments that go on, watch for honesty and be above board in your dealings.

Sunday is a mega day! Mark it well. There is a Full Moon in Virgo and with any weekend, this build up of emotional, critical energy may have you blowing it out Saturday night before it peaks on Sunday. It will be on high tension today as a work situation, health matter or something involving pets reaches culmination. You may be celebrating something that you have worked a long time on wrapping up, the details will be where it’s at, or you may be ending a job. You could be seeing the results of a health regime or the end of an illness, the fever could break or you could come through the operation.

On the same day, what is considered to be the luckiest combination is occurring between the Sun and Jupiter as they come together on the same degree in Pisces. This is big, literally. If you are battling some form of self-sabotage that is putting weight on you, today is THE day to begin to do something about it. If you want to put yourself into a romantic or artistic venue physically or do something big to change your image or identity through these avenues, go for it! It’s a great make-a-wish day so think about what you really want and see what comes to you. Dreams may hold significant insight for you so notice the messages.


Saturday is the day to have a talk or meeting with a friend or group. You may receive an invitation to a party or be asked to meet about something but whatever it is that comes up for you put yourself into it fully. It offers new understandings or opportunities for new beginnings around artistry, romance, spirituality, research, investigations, secrets, addictions, retreats, or hospitals. Watch how your past programming in love affairs, with past lovers, children or creative ventures affects the balance here.

Sunday brings something you have been working on, a health matter or a pet issue to a head. Emotions are critical and/or driven to be of service, hypochondriac symptoms peak, illness climaxes, jobs are celebrated or ended. Resolution comes. The large new beginning that is wrapped in luck and potential is with any connections to hospitals, a research project, retreats or time you take to work on something in private or as the puppet master, a film or fantasy work, musical project or spiritual venture, or clandestine romance. Set sail in one of these arenas and if something exits here, take it as a positive opportunity for you as something much better is coming under this influence.


Saturday brings a talk or decision about something involving your career or an ambition of yours. It is important to speak your spiritual truth or to come from your ideas about artistic goals or romantic ideals. If you are involved in a career in a hospital or other institution or need to send out a resume or pitch to this place, today is a great day for communicating or making agreements. On the down side, if you have been dealing with some form of self-sabotage or addictive behavior, you may hear about it through comments about regarding your reputation and decide to make some decisions regarding this. There is a balancing need between this goal and feelings about home or security.

Sunday is big. It is bringing a love affair, a matter involving children, a recreational activity, or a creative project to a head. This is an emotional moment when things are being celebrated with those you love or something is ending. The huge lucky combination of Sun and Jupiter today bodes well for any social situation you find yourself in. You would be the center of attention at a party or with friends, in a group activity or in pursuing your aspirations. Do what you can to draw attention to who you are and any causes you embrace, luck is on your side.


News and ideas, talks and meetings, decisions or agreements revolve around something you can teach others or knowledge you can share that is spiritual, romantic, artistic, or having to do with addiction or institutions. It is an important day to relay your thoughts or make a decision and it may involve travel, a person at a distance, a legal matter, ceremony, media or publishing venture, or your beliefs. It is the higher mind and how you connect with others that is getting this big boost so open up. You will have to balance with something said or agreed to in the past with a lover, child or creative project.

Sunday is wow! A Full Moon in your home sector means that things are coming to a peak with a living situation, the home, a real estate deal, land, your security needs, a renovation or remodel, the roommates, or your mom. Emotions will bring things to critical mass so you may celebrate a resolution here or find something is ending. At the same time, the huge luck of the Sun/Jupiter conjunction is coming together in your career Midheaven. This is THE time to shine in all career matters, to step up and reach for your goal, to benefit from reputation or fame, or to see some luck coming through your father or a father figure!


Saturday brings news or a decision, perhaps a talk or meeting about the debt, loan, investor, bank, credit, insurance, taxes, inheritance, bankruptcy, alimony, child support, settlement, or any other major financial matter. It is possible that the communication is about the other shared energy of sex, intimacy, reproduction, or divorce matters. Either way, it is time to make a decision or have the talk about how this is going to go forward regarding something artistic, spiritual, romantic, or for an addiction issue or hospital. You will need to find a way to balance any drain to income.

Sunday is big! It is a Full Moon in your house of communications so you can expect something communication related to be coming to a peak at this time. It could be you hear big news, a writing project culminates, talks or agreements wrap up, you celebrate something with a sibling or neighbor or you end your affiliation with your neighborhood, something finally is finished that has been going on in the neighborhood or with siblings, or short trips bring celebration or come to an end. There is a hugely lucky influence today with the Sun/Jupiter conjunction that will benefit you from standing out in a media venture, traveling, publishing, teaching, in class, a ceremony, or legal matter. Say yes.


Saturday is a pivotal moment for you with a partner, agent, attorney, or opponent. There is a talk or agreement, news or decision that is coming into play here, if this person is not in the picture yet, today could bring the meeting. Whichever way it turns out, know that the words you choose are important regarding romance, artistry, spirituality, or any self-sabotaging tendencies. In all of this there is a need to find a balance with the old you, the way you approached love, children or creativity in the past, find a way to do this and you should be happy with your future moves.

Sunday is big! There is a Full Moon in your income sector so you can expect that one form of income is ending or that you are celebrating something big through earnings, possibly a raise or promotion that promises more income, or through putting down some money you made on an important object. At the same time, the Sun and Jupiter are meeting to bring luck and benefits to you through loans, credit, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, settlements, or any other outside resource, or you may find that you are in the spotlight with an intimate or sexual partner, divorce or reproductive matter.


Saturday is about having a talk or taking a meeting, coming to a decision or agreement, or hearing news regarding the work you do, a service you provide, a health issue, or a pet. It is important that you come from your spiritual truth, romantic needs, artistic inspirations, or issues around addiction or self-saboteurs in this. You will be balancing this against the withdrawal or work going on in private and the way you used to approach hidden agendas.

Sunday is wow! The Full Moon is occurring in your sign so you are literally peaking! Think of it as a moment when your needs are culminating in some critical way, when who you are and your identity, image, body and physical needs are either being celebrating or you are ending one way of being here. It is extraordinarily lucky today through partnerships, representatives or the competitors you deal with. You shine in these areas, some Virgos will marry or propose now and some will finalize the divorce, the identity changing. If someone leaves now, know that under these stars it is favoring you and someone better suited to your happiness is up ahead. If you need to connect with an agent or attorney, do it today.


Saturday is about a talk or meeting you have, news you hear, or a decision or agreement you come to involving a creative venture, lover, recreational matter, or child. It is important that you come from your artistic, romantic or spiritual high in this or that you open up about addiction or self-sabotaging tendencies tied to it. This is one of those days that if you are single could bring a fated meeting with a future love interest so look spiffy! Find a way to balance how you used to approach friends, aspirations or groups as this is evolving.

Sunday is big! The Full Moon is bringing something mystical, hidden, involving a hospital, prison, retreat, film, music or art project, spiritual matter, research or investigative work, clandestine affair, strategy, or secret to a peak in your world. You will be celebrating something today or wrapping it up. If you have been hiding out from the world it culminates today as well. The big luck is coming through the Sun/Jupiter conjunction that is putting you in the spotlight through the work you do, a service you provide, your connection to a pet, or a health matter. This is a great time to step up and find some happiness here. If anything exits today in these areas, a job ends or a pet leaves, know there is protection around you.

Saturday brings an important talk or decision, meeting or agreement, news or idea about the home, living situation, property matter, security needs, or mom. You need to express your artistic, romantic or spiritual needs here or open up about the addiction or self-sabotaging issues here. Meetings at home for romantic needs get a boost as do meeting artists or designers to do something artistic for the home. You need to balance this with emotions over the old way you used to go after goals, adjusting to new needs.

Sunday is big! The Full Moon in Virgo is bringing a friendship, group affiliation, networking event, or aspiration to a head in your world. This may be a time of celebration with friends, a big social occasion that brings things to a peak, and if so may be experienced Saturday night as well. It could also mark the end of a friendship or leaving a group. The big lucky energy today is due to the Sun/Jupiter conjunction that is playing out for you through true love, children, recreation, and creative projects. You are in the spotlight here so make sure to be noticed if you are single you could meet someone who really makes you happy today or you may find that you are noticed for your creative venture!


Saturday brings an important talk, decision, meeting, idea, or news your way. The energy is all about initiating a communication, writing project, or agreement around an artistic idea, romantic connection, spiritual need, or something involving addiction or self-sabotaging behavior. You intuition is running on overload so trust your inner voice and express the mystical. You will be balancing this today with the old way you used to express yourself through travel, education, media, legal matters, or beliefs.

Sunday is wow! It brings a Full Moon in your career Midheaven. This is a pivotal moment on the career front for you. You could see a goal reached in a big way or a promotion to be celebrated, your name could end up in lights or your fame could peak, you could celebrate the launching of your business or see something big happening with your father. It is a time of emotional climaxes so celebrations or endings come through these avenues now. The big luck today involves your ruler, Jupiter, as the Sun meets up with him in the sky. This is bringing a spotlight on you in home and property matters so you may find luck or happiness comes to you today at home, through a real estate deal or move, roommate or renovation. Mom is bringing good things too.


Saturday is opening up talks, bringing news, helping you to make decisions or agreements, or inspiring ideas that will affect your income or possessions. You may meet someone today who will help you make money or sign an agreement for earnings or you may hear about something that is good for you here. The arts, romantic avenues, spirituality and anything related to substance abuse or addictions is where you can best express your needs around money earned or spent or a possession in question. You need to balance this against the old way you used to express your shared experiences through sex, intimacy, loans, joint finances, debt, divorce, or settlements.

Sunday is big! The Full Moon is bringing something to a peak for you with a trip, someone at a distance, import/export, teaching, furthering your education, media, publishing, publicity, or legal matters. This is something coming to fruition and being celebrated or ended. The big luck today comes from the Sun/Jupiter meeting in your local and communications zone. This is where you really shine and can expect protection and luck to come to you so focus on stepping it up in the neighborhood, with siblings, writing projects, agreements, meetings, talks, ideas, and short trips.


Saturday is really about you. It is a magical, mystical energy around what you say about your needs, body, image, or identity. You may hear news about something regarding this or be the one speaking up, you may come to an agreement that affects who you are, your identity or body, or you may meet someone who has a powerful affect on you now. Regardless of which one of these areas it plays out, romantic, spiritual, or artistic needs are how it will be felt quite personally for you. You may want to focus on any addictive or self-sabotaging behavior as well. Know that whatever is said or decided, you should try to balance against the way you expressed yourself with past partners, opponents or representatives.

Sunday is wow! The Full Moon is gearing up in your house of joint finances, sex and divorce. You will see something come to a peak here to be celebrated or ended and the details matter. At the same time there is great luck today as the Sun and Jupiter meet up in your income sector. This means that you really shine through earning, or you may find a happy way to indulge yourself through spending or with a possession you purchase. If you need to find a new source of income, today has your name all over it.


Saturday is offering you an important talk, meetings, decision, agreement, or idea regarding a hidden agenda or self-destructive tendency, a hospital or other institutional matter, a research or investigative project, a film, art or music project, or through fantasy or secrets. It is important that you express your artistic, romantic or spiritual ideas in this and that if there is any addictive or self-sabotaging issues they are brought out as well. Balance this against the way you used to express yourself through health, work or with pets and you will find the right way forward. In other words, if past lack of work has put you in a destructive mode, past co-workers have influenced film or music projects, or if past health attitudes have put you in a hospital, for example, then talks or decisions today are about a new road forward.

Sunday is wow! The Full Moon in Virgo is bringing a significant relationship in your life to a big peak. This is about a marriage or business partner, opponent or enemy, agent or attorney, specialist or competitor. You will be either celebrating something climaxing now with this person or severing the connection. Big luck is in the mix today as the Sun and Jupiter connect on the same degree in your sign! This means that you are the lucky favorite today and should take advantage of shining your light. Your body, image, identity or personal needs find a stage and perhaps prosperity or happiness. Some of you are marrying, being proposed to or divorcing under this powerful combination today.