Thursday, April 30, 2009


Just what can we expect in the month of May? Well, for starters, Mercury will Retrograde in the sign of the mind and communications on the 7th. He will retrace his steps reentering Taurus until he stations Direct on the 30th. You will have most of the month to decide what you think about the way you are being understood, how your ideas are working for you, what ideas are outdated at this point, and how your earnings are reflective of your values. People and situations from the past will show up to help you figure it out and you will be dealing with miscommunications and transportation glitches along the way so double check facts, modes of getting around and back up computers.

Next, the Full Moon is occurring in Scorpio so issues of power, depth, intimacy, shared resources and big money will be peaking. Emotions will be intense at this time of the month and you want to be on guard against manipulations or secrets. It is likely that something that has value on a soul level is culminating in your world at this juncture so pay attention to your connections to what lies beneath the surface and don’t shy away from your own power.

Next, Saturn is going to station Direct in the sign of work and health. This marks the next cycle in personal authority. Launch forward again, build it and they will come, commit your time and effort to what you have been mulling over. It is not a burden if it is teaching you to lead or take responsibility for yourself.

Mid-month will bring some potential to step into your own personal identity on a new level. The challenges that arise at this time will help you define just who you are becoming. This will wrap with the Sun meeting up with Mercury and then entering his sign, Gemini. So you will integrate identity with mind at this point, even as you are finishing up the last steps in retracing your old ideas about yourself.

The New Moon is in Gemini on the tales of the Jupiter/Chiron conjunction. There is going to be a brand new beginning here that offers healing on a vast level for those willing to look at it and reach out. You are going to be given two very strong weeks when you can call, meet, or in any other way communicate with others about your ideas. This is a powerful time to write out what you would like to bring into your life over the next year.

From the 24th-26th Mars will finally become active, stirring you to take action on the wound, to do your best to heal yourself and others or to expand your world in some way. Actions taken now bring some happy, lucky results so be fearless, repeat these words, "Opportunity favors action."

On the 27th, Jupiter and Neptune embrace. This is a big event. The outer planets are slow moving and color the background of our lives in vast strokes. This is a combining of artistic, spiritual, romantic ethereal energy with the energy of expansion and prosperity. This is a day to dedicate your spirit to something bigger than yourself, to ask the universe to see your talents and to help you achieve your dreams. Take a step, any step at all, towards what you envision.

Neptune is going to Retrograde on the 29th and over the next months you will be retracing steps through dreams, the arts, romance, psychic insights, and spirituality. Fantasy projects that have been out there for consideration will be reworked or find outlets through connections in the past.

The next day, Mercury stations Direct followed by Chiron Retrograding. All of these shifts may have you feeling like you don’t know if you are coming or going. Have patience. The idea you have been working on is ready now to release and start its real journey forward. There may be income attached to it so share what you have going on. The feeling of woundedness that we all carry around will lighten a bit as we will be taking an inward journey to discover just why we have a certain soft spot that is so easily triggered. This work is imperative if we are to master the Saturn energy and step into our authority up ahead.

The Month ends with Mars entering Taurus and charging us up to take all that we have shifted through during May and act upon it. Taurus is the sign of pleasure, income, love and values. You know what you want, go out there and get it!


May 2nd brings up an issue with career change or power balance on the career front. You need to look at how your income potential is tied to your image or ego and do your best not to rock the boat unless you wish to swim. Having said that, by all means, if you are ready now, this is the day to dive in and paddle.

Mercury Retrogrades on the 7th in your communications zone. This is going to be 3 weeks that may frustrate you a bit more than others. Cars and transportation issues, small appliances, missed communications, misunderstandings about what is said or meant, missed meetings, lost emails or envelopes, agreements that do not pan out the way you think and running into people from the past in the neighborhood. Check and recheck EVERYTHING.

The Full Moon is bringing a shared money issue such as a settlement, loan, credit card, joint financial issue, insurance, tax, or alimony matter to a head. If you do not see the big money issue peaking now, then the culmination will likely involve a sexual encounter or dealing with a death or divorce that reaches its height. Emotions will be intense and power as well as connection are what is being celebrated or ended in their current vein.

Mercury’s entry into Taurus on the 13th marks the beginning of money talks, fresh starts in income making ventures and settling matters involving what is spent.

Saturn stations Direct on the 16th and you will finally see work matters pick back up and go forward. You will have more responsibility here now. Health matters will as well require effort or time as will dealing with pets.

From the 16th-20th you will be able to redefine who you are and what your image is by locking in on making money and dealing with the large network of friends you have cultivated. There is some form of artistic or spiritual energy here and a potential to become the healer or teacher if you draw on your own experience and wound. Share your ideas and prepare to be the talk of the town by the end of these few days.

Jupiter and Chiron meet on the 23rd to help you bring luck or prosperity through your connection to a friend who is able to heal or teach a spiritual energy or something about beliefs.

This could be really big for you and sets up the New Moon on the 24th that is happening in your house of communications. If you can be the mouthpiece for this person, spread the word, promote, communicate, and connect others, you could have a huge success on your hands. You have two strong weeks to launch your ideas, take meetings and make agreements.

The opportunities jump out of the woodwork for you with this friend on the 26th-27th. Do not miss this time to take action and set things in motion with this person RIGHT NOW! Jupiter is going to meet with Neptune by degree in this person’s placement in your chart and the potential for huge luck, prosperity and artistic or spiritual expansion is there if you are proactive.

Neptune Retrogrades on the 29th in your friendship and aspirations zone and will be taking you on an inner journey with this person to dig for artistic, spiritual or psychic energy as you retrace something together and prepare to bring it forth. A friend from the past may reappear now or a current one may wander off for a while.

Mercury stations Direct on the 30th. This allows you to take the ideas you have been working on over the last 3 weeks and begin to apply them to making money. Chiron Retrogrades in your house of friendship and aspirations today as well. This adds to the inner spiritual journey with this connection and allows you to seek healing and a way to teach or heal others with this person.

Mars wraps up the month by entering Taurus on the 31st and activating your income house, it is heating up and there is a lot that is going to be going on where making money is concerned.


Your ruler is getting into it with Pluto on the 2nd and this will likely bring up a secret or a fantasy project you are involved in. Women, love and money are Venus’s domain so look for one of these three to be attached to the matter and for the big change that Pluto is pushing for to involve media, publishing, travel, legalities, or education.

Mercury Retrogrades on the 7th in your income zone so you will see an earning potential from the past resurface or a current one wrap up now, you may have missed communications or misunderstandings over the money involved or the transportation contract that involves making money unless it is a past project that has come back around. Even then, have it checked by a third party. This time period is best used to look at how your image or identity is tied to making money and make any adjustments away from an old look to a new you.

The Full Moon in Scorpio is bringing a partnership matter to a peak. You will either be celebrating making the partnership official in some way or the accomplishments of the partner or you may be seeing a partnership end now. This Moon also rules those people who represent you such as agents, attorneys or managers so something will be climaxing here as well.

Mercury backs into your sign on the 13th and the rest of the month will be about your thinking about your past identity, image or physical body, taking a trip down memory lane and taking the time to think about who you are on your own two feet and what you want for yourself up ahead.

Saturn stations Direct on the 16th in your house of lovers, children and creative projects. This means that forward you go, more work coming in here, more responsibilities, more effort, more authority.

From the 16th-20th you will be able to redefine who you are, what your image or ego needs are, and how you wish to expand on the career front or with important goals. These few days can really step things up for you if you are willing to take a good look at yourself and make some simple changes. In some way this is leading to a financial opportunity if you do.

Jupiter and Chiron meet up on the 23rd in your Midheaven. This is a moment to embrace your own spiritual vision and ability to lead others by way of what you have learned in life. Pull from your experience and take charge of the moment to expand your horizons and meet your goals.

The New Moon on the following day opens up two strong weeks to begin a new income making venture, go after more money in the work you do now, increase your earning potential or make a change to something you value more than your current scenario.

The 26th and 27th are like magic zingers for you so be active these two days, do something with what you have been working on in private, meditating on, the fantasy project, the research, these days want to support you making something happen on the career front if you are proactive. Jupiter and Neptune embrace on the 27th and this is very big for artistic work, spiritual or romantic energy, and expansion and prosperity, seed it now!

Neptune Retrogrades on the 29th so you will be reworking something artistic or spiritual over the next few months or going back and picking something up from the past to retweak the career, follow your intuition. A past romance may rebloom during this time as well if that is your goal.

Mercury stations Direct on the 30th in your sign. This means whatever you have been thinking through about your identity, image, body, or personal needs has reached it’s understanding and you are now ready to go forward and make any changes or adjustments based on this process. Chiron Retrogrades today as well so any feelings of woundedness tied to career or goals should lighten a bit, you can deal with what hurts and this shift should help you see that.

Mars ends the month by moving into your sign on the 31st. You are now ready and amped up to go do and be what you have been working towards all month. You should have great energy and vigor so strut your stuff.


Venus and Pluto are at odds on the 2nd so you will need to deal with an obsessive or powerful issue around friendship, aspirations, shared resources, divorce or sexual matters. Remember that emotions will run deep and money matters may come to a head.

Your ruler, Mercury, Retrogrades in your sign on the 7th. This is potentially a very confusing day for you. Issues of identity, people not seeing you for who you are, mix ups with names and needs, are all possible, so pace yourself and double and triple check all communications and transportation matters. These three weeks are going to allow you to look back at who you were and make some decisions about identity.

The Full Moon is occurring in Scorpio and will bring a work, health or pet issue to a peak in your life. You may be ending a job now or celebrate something in the work you are doing, you may see a health issue finally wrap up and end or come out of a medical procedure, or see an issue with your pet peak. Your ruler Retrogrades back into Taurus on the 13th and communications will take on a more secretive coloring, you may have a secret from the past resurface now about you or your body, a past fantasy project or research matter may come back up to be rethought.

Saturn goes Direct on the 16th, finally allowing you to put in the time and effort to take responsible actions with the home or property. You should have a clear idea about what you want to do and how you want to move forward, now you can.

From the 16th to the 20th, you will find that you are shining on the psychic level, that your fantasy or meditative nature is in demand and that you are going to want to push and may be a bit more tired now but this energy is so powerful you will likely push anyway. By the 20th, the Sun will enter your sign and invigorate you once again.

Jupiter and Chiron are embracing on the 23rd helping you to face the wound around legal matters, travel, people at a distance, beliefs, education, media, publishing, promotions or expansion. This is big and it is lucky so dive in, there is opportunity to heal something and step into the role of teacher on some level if you draw on your own experience.

The New Moon on the 24th is in your sign! This is the beginning of a brand new you. Make changes to body, image, identity, and take your own needs to heart over the next two weeks. You have powerful energy here to aid in a fresh start.

The opportunity is huge on the 26th and 27th for you if you reach out to a friend regarding media, travel, legal or educational matters. The combination of you and them can bring some real prosperity if you take action. Accept all invitations to social functions during these days and talk up your aspirations to all around you. Jupiter and Neptune meet on the 27th coloring the day with major artistic, romantic and spiritual energy in a lucky, expansive manner.

Neptune Retrogrades on the 29th so you can travel to pick back up on a past romantic, artistic or spiritual matter, or you may be picking up a past legal, educational or media related project and applying these energies. It is also possible that a current situation ends now as the energy goes within to reflect and regroup.

Mercury stations Direct on the 30th and you will feel this on a personal level. Secrets and fantasy projects, as well as anything you have been spending time alone developing on a mental level, is now ready to move forward. If you have been looking at some form of self-sabotaging you engage in you will now have a handle on how to let it go. Chiron Retrogrades today as well, helping you deal with a wound at a distance, through travel, media, law, or education.

Mars enters Taurus on the 31st, wrapping up the month with a bang. You will become very active behind the scenes now and may find that music or film takes on more meaning, that you are diving into fantasy or psychic energy and taking care of some things in private.


Career, goals and partnership, this is where the challenge arises on the 2nd as you deal with power, love or money issues. The energy can be a bit obsessive or controlling so do your best to see it for what it is and meet the obstacle with a fair outcome in mind.

Mercury Retrogrades on the 7th in your hidden part of the chart. You will be thinking about fantasy work, research, secrets, and psychic energy from the past and how you wish to make adjustments over the next 3 weeks. You may have a secret from the past resurface during this time period or rethink any escapist tendencies you have that could self-sabotage.

The Full Moon in Scorpio is bringing a love matter to a peak or helping you wrap up or celebrate something involving a child, lover or creative project. This can be a fun time of the year for you as you may be enjoying the recreational energy at its height or you may just be ending one chapter in your life around these themes.

Mercury Retrogrades back into Taurus on the 13th and will be triggering your friendships, talks about past matters with friends, having a friend from the past resurface or a current one leave your realm, are all possibilities. You should be using this time to think about what you really want from the friendships you do enjoy. A past aspiration may resurface now as well.

Saturn stations Direct on the 16th and will help you to finally reignite your ambitions and work through communications, short trips, the written word, and in your local arena. You may find your personal authority now in one of these areas. You may also take on more responsibility with siblings.

From the 16th-20th there will be a strong emphasis on who you are and how your circle of friends see you. Your aspirations are tied to your identity now and you will need to push yourself out there on a big level, go after the money for the artistic or spiritual venture or find a way to connect intimately without giving up your own needs. It is worth the effort. On the 23rd, Jupiter will meet with Chiron in your house of other people’s money and intimacy. This is something big coming your way via your ability to heal or teach others from your own experience.

The New Moon on the 24th is opening up two strong weeks to seed ventures tied to the psychic realm, dreamscape, anything you need to work on behind the scenes, fantasy projects or research. You may also decide this is a good time to enter a hospital for some treatment or operation.

The 26th and 27th are magical days where you will find opportunity in the money realm if you go after your goals with determination. If you need an investor or backer for one of your ambitions, approach them now! If your goal is romantic and not career oriented, this energy will help you make an intimate approach with someone. On the 27th, Jupiter meets with Neptune and this is about luck and prosperity meeting the artistic, romantic or spiritual goal in your house of other people’s money and sexual intimacy. This energy colors years ahead so launch today.

Neptune Retrogrades on the 29th and will begin a more spiritual approach to the money you need or to a sexual liason, you will be going within to look for spiritual answers in these areas now. If there has been fog or confusion or outright deception here, this will ease now and you can make better calls.

Mercury stations Direct on the 30th in your house of friendships, groups and aspirations. You have thought about what you wanted, revisited the past, and now you are ready to move forward with a new group around you or a more well thought out plan about how to achieve your dreams. This will bring in more calls and emails, invites and popovers from your circle. Chiron Retrogrades today as well and this will ease the wound around a money or sexual issue. This is the time to look at how to heal yourself in the way you share.

Mars moves into Taurus on the 31st, wrapping up the month with a high note of energy, pushing you forward with aspirations or gearing you up with friends or a social function. How you make your money may be a part of the scenario so put yourself out there.


The changes you want to see in the work you do or with a health issue are going to be locked in a square on the 2nd. There is an obsessive or manipulative energy to this power play so keep your eye on a legal, travel, educational, or media matter. A female may be involved or it will revolve around love or money in one of these realms.

On the 7th Mercury is going to Retrograde in your house of friendships, groups and aspirations. This may mark the departure of a current friend or the return of one from the past. You will be thinking about close connections more now and what you need to feel a part of the group.

The Full Moon in Scorpio is going to bring a living situation to a head. You may decide to move now or there may be a new person you are celebrating in the home. If you have been trying to sell or buy you could see that reach a culmination as well.

Mercury Retrogrades back into Taurus on the 13th and will help you rethink a career move or look at goals in a new light. You will be revisiting the past in this as well. Saturn stations Direct on the 16th so the work should pick back up although you will be working hard for the money. The time you put into making money is helping you define your authority in the world so look at it from this perspective.

From the 16th-20th you are going to be in the spotlight, either your reputation or your position of authority on the career front are going to be out there. You are going to be in a position to try to expand or heal something in a partnership from this place and there will be obstacles to surmount. Keep your needs and your vision of yourself foremost in your mind for best results. Once the Sun moves into Gemini on the 20th, you will be able to shift a bit from goals to friendships and social activities.

Jupiter and Chiron are going to meet by degree on the 23rd in your house of partners. This is big and about a wound here. Whatever comes into the picture on this day, it will be your attitude that takes it one way or another, you have tremendous potential to heal something in the way you partner if you look for happiness and find a belief system that supports you together.

The New Moon on the 24th is in your house of friendships and aspirations. This is the beginning of a strong two week period where you can meet new people and begin new friendships or take a fresh approach with friends already in your circle. If you have a true aspiration for your life, seed it even in a small way over this two weeks.

The 26th and 27th are powerful with opportunity. They are offering you the chance to take action, either through legal or ceremonial channels, a trip, with someone at a distance, in media, or education. Whatever route you go leads to healing and expansion, happiness and prosperity with a partner or someone who represents you. You need to be proactive during these two days! Jupiter and Neptune embrace on the 27th in your house of partnership and this brings romance, artistic or spiritual energy together with luck and happiness, prosperity and expansion.

Neptune is Retrograding on the 29th in your house of partnership so the love and artistic energy will now go within a bit, any confusion or deception should dissipate, and you will be building the spiritual tie from your own inner intuition.

Mercury stations Direct on the 30th in your Midheaven. This should be welcome news coming your way about a career goal or a personal ambition. Talks and meetings can finally commence and you are ready to make your move, having thought it all out. Chiron Retrogrades in your partnership house today as well so the wounded feeling lightens and any healing will go on internally.

Mars enters Taurus and your earnings zone on the 31st, ending the month with a bang. You will feel charged up and rearing to go after the money, so go!


The 2nd is either about a sexual connection and the power struggle that is ensuing over love, children or creativity- this energy could bring down the house or be a spark that ignites frictional passion, or it is about a money issue and a creative project, child or lover, how the money is shared, what is charged, where the debt or settlement, alimony or child support, taxes or insurance, as you try to change the power base here.

Mercury Retrogrades in your Midheaven on the 7th. Since Mercury co-rules your sign this may be about changing your mind about a career objective, news affecting your reputation, going back to a past goal or ambition, or seeing an authority figure retreat or one from the past resurface. Use this time to reevaluate your goals and how your ambitions are leading you. This is not the best time to make a career change.

The Full Moon in Scorpio will bring something local, with a sibling, written, or in a communication to a peak. Short trips, how you think, what you say, literally the mind, is culminating on something now, this may be celebration or endings, but with Scorpio coloring the energy it will be powerful and deep.

Mercury backs into Taurus on the 13th and this will be about backtracking with someone at a distance, on a trip, over legal, educational, or media matters. You will be more likely to have misunderstanding or breakdowns in these areas so be sure to be diligent when hopping a plane and please hold off til June if possible to sign legal documents.

Saturn stations Direct on the 16th in your sign, you are ready to go. Saturn is about the work, time and authority and it is bearing down on you so step up and become the person you envision yourself to be, the hard work won’t go on that much longer, in October Saturn will leave your sign and the last two years will begin to make more sense to you. Since Saturn limits as well, guard your health around this date and don’t overtax yourself too much.

From the 16th-20th your identity or ego needs are going to be squared. This means challenges to your image tied to the work you do or a health issue. You will be pushed to stand up for yourself on a legal matter, a trip or with someone far away, a media venture or the way you are promoted or published, or in an educational matter. The 18th is important to speak your truth. By the 20th, the Sun enters Gemini and you will shine in areas of career and reputation but this day is tough where talks or agreements are concerned, don’t believe everything you hear.

On the 23rd, Jupiter and Chiron meet up in your work and health zone. This is big, Jupiter is about prosperity and luck and expansion while Chiron is about the wound you feel that never truly heals. This energy can help you to find a lucky way around it or it can help you step up as a teacher/healer from your own experience. Whatever happens you do have Jupiter’s protection so don’t be afraid to open up.

The New Moon on the 24th is important for you because it is in your Midheaven. You have two of the strongest weeks of the year to begin something fresh with career, goals, ambition, fame, or reputation. What you seed now has legs. Just remember that is you can strategize now and launch after the 30th when your ruler goes Direct, you will have a better time of it. For some Virgos you will be relaunching something from the past if you go from the New Moon while Mercury is still Retrograde.

The 26th-27th are amazing energy days when the universe is favoring you if you go after the money. This means any money that is not income, so loans, investments, backers money, settlements, tax refunds, royalties, alimony, insurance settlements, you get the idea. The money needs to be for the work you want to do, a health matter, a pet, or to deal with a death or divorce. On the 27th Jupiter embraces Neptune in your work, health and pets zone and brings luck and a higher expansion to you, make fresh starts, look at romantic, artistic or spiritual energy here and think big.

Neptune Retrogrades on the 29th in the work, health and pets zone so any confusion or deception you have had to deal with here should clear a bit. This is a time to do your spiritual work and reach for a psychic guide to find your way forward.

Mercury stations Direct on the 30th in your house of outside resources/money, sex/intimacy, death and divorce. News today will be about one of these subjects. You will have made up your mind about one of these topics and be ready to talk or meet about your new perspective now. Chiron Retrogrades today as well in your work, pet and health house so the wounded feeling here lightens a bit and you will begin working on how you let yourself feel this pain and how to heal yourself.

Mars ends the month with his move into Taurus on the 31st and you are ready to hop a plane, travel, go to a class or teach one, dive into the legal matter or take action on where it stands, or go after the media, promotional, or publishing matter and do something about it. Making or spending money will likely be part of the picture, trust your value system.


The partnership or representation is the focal point of the Venus/Pluto square on the 2nd. Changes to the foundations of this connection or in what you are building together or the actual home or property will be the challenge here. Manipulations or power struggles could be part of it with Pluto being frustrated so watch for this and don’t obsess.

Mercury Retrogrades in your house of legal matters, travel, education, and media/publishing/promotions on the 7th. This is likely where communication breakdowns or misunderstandings could occur along with transportation glitches. Anything agree to now will change up ahead so hold off if possible until the 31st. You may have someone from the past resurface in one of these areas to revisit what you did together or you may have someone current take their leave through one of these means.

The Full Moon in Scorpio is bringing an income matter to a culmination. You may be celebrating something that is bringing you more money or you may be wrapping up one form of earnings. Emotions are likely to be powerful either way.

Mercury backs into Taurus on the 13th and brings new or meetings about joint finances or shared resources, or a past sexual amore or issue around. Thinking about how you shared yourself with this situation or person will be the focus of this part of the Retrograde.

Saturn stations Direct on the 16th in your house of dreams, fantasy, research, isolation, hospitals and other institutions, and any escapist tendencies. The work and effort here goes forward now, more time alone or working behind the scenes, you are almost at the end of this long cycle, the last big push is now.

From the 16th-20th your physical body is in frictional aspect from the 8th house to the 5th. For some Librans, this will play out as a heated sexual love affair, and whether it lasts past this time is anyone’s guess, but it will be intense. For others, your ego or image is going to be tied to an outside money matter, some big money issue coming in that you need for the expansion and artistic expression of a creative project or to do something with or for a loved one. In all of this, keep your balance and remember your needs DO matter. Talks on the 18th are important in what is shared.

By the 20th you are ready to shine in matters of legality, travel, education and media. The focus will be on you in these realms over the next month and you should step up to the plate. Just know that talks today may promise more than they can deliver, don’t promise the Moon, but do push for what you want.

Jupiter and Chiron embrace on the 23rd in your house of creative projects, true love and children. This is about luck, expansion and prosperity flooding the wound you feel here. Allow yourself to be vulnerable in this today and see how your beliefs and opportunities open.

The New Moon on the 24th opens up a two week portal of opportunity to seed new beginnings legally, through religious ceremonies, travel, education, with people at a distance, or in media, promotion and publishing. You may be picking up stitches from a past project or situation since Mercury is still Retrograde until the 30th. If you wait until after the 30th you will be moving forward with totally new ventures.

The 26th-27th is amazing for you as opportunity is knocking, loudly, due to the actions of a partner or representative or actions you take towards this person. The outcome is luck and expansion, creative or romantic opportunity and healing, all flooding through the house of creative projects, lovers and children. You MUST be proactive during these two days! Luck is on your side if you are. Jupiter and Neptune embrace in this creative project or loved ones placement on the 27th and colors what is coming ahead by way of major luck, prosperity, artistic or romantic energy.

Neptune Retrogrades on the 29th taking any confusion or deception out of the big money or intimacy matter. There could be a retracing of steps to the loan or investment or the sexual connection from a spiritual, artistic or romantic level but this work will be going on within you as you realign.

Mercury stations Direct on the 30th in the house of other peoples money, sex, death and divorce. You are ready to handle the meetings and talks about the heavy matters and you have thought through what you need to make it work. Someone or situation may come back around now dealing with one of these topics or you may see someone leave the situation. Chiron Retrogrades today in your house of true love, creative projects and children so the wound that you feel in any of these areas should lighten and your self-mastery will continue internally in these areas.

The end of the month is heralded by Mars moving into Taurus and the big push in the sexual and intimacy areas, along with going after outside resources or finances and dealing with them. For those of you dealing with a divorce or death, you will be taking action today.


There is a powerful talk or meeting slated for the 2nd and you will need to deal with the work, health or pet issue and how that ties into a love or money matter, most likely with a female. Your words hold more power than normal so choose them wisely. If you are the recipient of news today, double check the source since this energy can be about manipulations.

Mercury Retrogrades on the 7th in your house of sex, death, big money and divorce. This will mean that news may come in today regarding the past or a past person or situation may resurface to show you how far you have come along the path. You will be rethinking the money or intimacy matters over the next few weeks, it is not the best time to make financial agreements.

The Full Moon is in your sign so something is reaching a climax in your world and who you are is a big part of the picture. Your image, identity, ego needs or body will be reaching a peak, you will be celebrating reaching a body goal or some kind of notoriety where your name is concerned or you may be ending one identity (as in divorcing or marrying).

Mercury backs into Taurus on the 13th and begins the retracing of issues with partnerships. You will be thinking about how and why you partner as well as possibly dealing with a partner or representative from the past. For some of you, a current partner may be taking their leave now. The partnership is the area where the most miscommunications or misunderstanding are likely to occur so make sure you are understanding and are understood.

Saturn stations Direct on the 16th in your house of friends, group affiliations, social functions, and aspirations. Work and effort will begin again in these areas, an older friend may resurface or take leave, you will be ready to put in the time and responsibility towards these things and your authority here should take another step forward.

From the 16th-20th you are going to be locked into partnership or representation issues regarding who you are, your needs, your identity, your image or your physical body. You are going to want to push understanding and putting yourself in it where the home, property, foundations you are building, and any security needs are concerned. The 18th brings a very important talk or meeting about it.

The 20th wraps up this energy with the Sun entering Gemini and you will begin a 30 day cycle where you are shining in areas of big money or physically engaged in intimate connection with another. Today’s talks are going to be challenging with the partner or representative and the home or foundational matter so watch what is promised and double check facts, all may not be above board.

Jupiter and Chiron embrace on the 23rd in your home base so expansion, luck and prosperity are meeting with the way you feel wounded here. Use the energy to heal yourself and take some big, lucky steps forward to healing any situation that involves where you live and with whom. If events today feel wounding, know that Jupiter is protecting you and in the long run you are onto a better course.

The New Moon on the 24th is in the area of outside resources and joint finances, sex, intimacy, death and divorce. This is the heavy part of the chart but you are at home with these powerful energies dear Scorpio. You have two strong weeks to initiate new action regarding these themes. If you do so before the 31st you will likely be pulling the past into it, after the 31st if new through and through.

The 26th-27th are great days to tackle the work at home or with property, to take action here, to do something proactive about health at home or involving your security needs, or to go find a pet and bring it into your home. Any of these things are golden and very opportunistic for you during this time. There is luck and prosperity, happiness and healing tied into what you do these days. Jupiter embraces Neptune on the 27th wrapping a big lucky embrace around the home or property. This energy can also mark a beautiful spiritual journey for mom for some Scorpios, there is so much protection here and opening of channels.

Neptune Retrogrades on the 29th so any confusion or fog should clear about the home, property or mother. You will be dealing with any spiritual energy here internally now over the next few months. Mercury stations Direct on the 30th in your partnership and representative zone.

This means you know what you want to do now with this person, as well as the potential for a partner or representative from the past connecting today or taking their leave. Chiron Retrogrades in the home so the wound you feel about home or mom should lighten a bit and the work will internalize.

Mars enters Taurus on the 31st, wrapping up the month with a bang of energy in the partnership and representation zone. You will see them make their move or you will be ready to make yours.


The 2nd may feel like a challenge as you deal with the Venus/Pluto square. Feelings will be intense and the matter is playing out between wanting to have fun, show love and affection or express your creativity on the one hand, and a big change or power struggle to make or spend money on the other.

Mercury Retrogrades in your partnership zone on the 7th. You will be thinking about past partnerships, you may have a partner from the past resurface now, or a current one may leave. This house is also about people who represent you so put them in this picture as well. Use the energy to think about what you partner with and why.

The Full Moon in Scorpio brings a hidden matter to a peak. This could be a secret that culminates, a research or fantasy project that climaxes or ends, a trip to a hospital or other institution that is wrapping up, or a time of isolation that is ending. Emotions are likely to run deep.

Mercury backs into Taurus on the 13th and the focus of revisiting the past will now be on past work, health matters or issues with pets. Once again, you may hear from someone from the past tied to these themes or a past project may come back around. Think about what this meant and how you would like to move forward up ahead.

Saturn stations Direct on the 16th in your career Midheaven. Saturn is the planet of work, authority, responsibility and limitations. You will now be taking on more here regarding your ambitions, goals, career, dealing with fame, or reputation. Continue to put in the work as this important phase will wrap up at the end of October, you are establishing your authority.
From the 16th-20th your image, body or ego will be on the line as you tackle work or health.

There is going to be massive frictional energy here so you will be exerting yourself more in the work you do as people look to you or you will be taking care of a health issue. The challenge will come in communications so news may have to be dealt with, things written or talked about, a sibling may be part of the mix. The 18th is significant to talk it out, especially where something was said in the past needs dealing with.

On the 20th the Sun enters Gemini and you will be shining in matters of partnership and representation, your identity is tied here in a luminous way over the next 30 days. Talks today are challenging however regarding work, health or pet issues, there is some confusion or cloud over the words, so take care to really understand and be understood.

Jupiter and Chiron meet in your communications zone on the 23rd helping you to heal something that was said or written in a very positive manner. If you are wounded today by words, know that there is a huge energy of protection here and that the words are meant to heal and protect, even if you can’t see it just yet. Open up and express what has hurt you and expect positive results.

The New Moon in Gemini is on the 24th and opens up two strong weeks ahead where you can seed new beginnings with partners and representatives. This is important timing for you as you may start something with another from the past if you do it before the 31st, or a brand new connection after the 31st.

The 26th-27th are super days filled with communications that are buzzing about true love, a child, or a creative endeavor. It is important to be proactive because there is so much expansion and luck here, open up the lines of communication and share what is going on. By the 27th Jupiter and Neptune meet on the same degree in the communications zone and the talks should be happy, lucky, prosperous and colored with romantic, artistic or spiritual energy. If you are limited in any way in saying it, then write it down NOW!

Neptune Retrogrades on the 29th and communications will feel more clear as the fog or confusion or even the sentimentality or nostalgia lifts. You will be working internally now on issues of romance and artistic expression, allowing it to lift you from within.

Mercury stations Direct on the 30th and you are ready to move ahead on the work, health or pet issue having thought it through over the last few weeks. You may see the return of one of these things in your life or move on. Communications begin to flow again around the work and health. Chiron Retrogrades in your communications zone and any wounded feelings around words spoken, written, with siblings, or your local activities, should lighten. Healing is once again a personal thing here and will continue internally.

Mars enters Taurus on the 31st and you are ready to tackle the work, dive into health matters or do something with a favorite pet of yours. If you don’t have a pet, today would be a great day to go adopt one.


What’s going on at home or with property on the 2nd? There is a challenge here between Venus and Pluto so money, love or dealing with a female is likely. You are boasting Pluto’s energy in your sign so you will have your needs or identity in the picture in a powerful way. This is just one more step towards the big changes you are manifesting for yourself and your own personal power.

Mercury Retrogrades on the 7th in your house of work, health and pets. This means that miscommunications or transportation melt downs are likely when dealing with these areas. You may be dealing with a person or situation from the past regarding one of these things as well or see a current situation or person take their leave regarding this.

The Full Moon in Scorpio is bringing a friendship, social circle or function or an aspiration to a head in your world. This could be about a celebration or an ending. Emotions will run deep and something secretive may play into the overall moment.

Mercury backs into Taurus on the 13th, a day when a past lover may show back up or phone you. For the rest of the Retrograde you will be retracing steps with love, a lover, children, or creativity. Looking at the past and how you used to have fun and experience life is what it is about now, take what you can from this so that when Mercury goes Direct you will find time to enjoy yourself again.

Saturn stations Direct on the 16th and the work and serious energy is going to go back into legal matters, travel, with a person at a distance, or an educational or media/promotional matter. This is where effort and responsibility is building structures in your life regardless if it feels burdensome or not. You are almost through this phase, keep showing up.

From the 16th-20th you are going to want to wrap your identity or body around a creative project or love interest or child as you push to deal with the income. These days are important as you will be very physically involved in pushing for more money, putting it out there, striving to create something that is an extension of you. Talks on the 18th coalesce this for you so open up.

Once the Sun moves into Gemini on the 20th you will be pouring yourself into work, health and pets. You will shine here over the next 30 days so step up and deal with the tasks at hand and any nagging health issues. Talks today are shady or just confusing where the money is concerned so don’t believe everything you hear.

Jupiter and Chiron connect in your income house on the 23rd and this is a day when you can heal some wounds you feel about what is being made or spent. Jupiter brings luck and protection as well as prosperity so open up what hurts and allow him to do his work.

The New Moon on the 24th is opening up two strong weeks to begin new work, take a fresh start with health, or do something new with a pet, perhaps adopt a new one. If you begin this before the 31st, it is likely it will involve a past lover, child or creative endeavor. If you wait until after the 31st you are clear of the past and starting from scratch.

The 26th-27th are days to mark in red on your calendar. These days are offering you so much opportunity where income and home or property are concerned, it’s huge! First tackle the wound, then go get ‘em. You can expand, find prosperity, luck on your side, intuition working for you, if you are proactive these two days where making or spending money is concerned and it relates to home or property. Jupiter and Neptune meet on the 27th to bless the income making or the spending energy with luck and spiritual energy.

On the 29th Neptune Retrogrades so any confusion or fog around income should lighten instantly and you will be taking a more internal spiritual approach to dealing with making money.

Mercury stations Direct on the 30th in your house of true love, creativity and children so you will be ready to talk or meet about what you have decided in these areas. You may hear news from one of these realms as well today as decisions are being made. Chiron Retrogrades in the income house so any wounds or hurt you feel around making or spending money will ease.

Mars enters Taurus on the last day of the month and kicks up the action with lovers, children and creative endeavors. This is when things start to really move. Single Caps may meet a new attractive potential now, enjoy.


Talks about something secret, private or that has been going on behind closed doors may be a bit challenging on the 2nd. There is some kind of manipulative energy here as emotions run deep. Love, money or a female may be part of the thing talked about as you try to shift the energy of self-sabotage or hidden agendas.

Mercury Retrogrades on the 7th in your house of true love, children and creativity. This may bring a lover back around from the past or a creative project that you worked on before. How you think about the past and your loved ones and creativity is up for reprisal.

The Full Moon is occurring in Scorpio so you will see a goal or career matter peaking now. This can be about celebrating a climax with a certain ambition of yours, your reputation being out there before others in a celebrated way, or you may be wrapping up or ending a certain career cycle. Emotions will run deep either way and power is part of the picture.

Mercury backs into Taurus on the 13th and you will be spending the rest of the Mercury Retrograde cycle looking back at where you lived and with whom, retracing what was said, agreed to or how you think about home and property matters.

Saturn stations Direct on the 16th in your house of sex, intimacy, joint finances, shared resources, death, and divorce. This is where the limitations, responsibility, work and effort is going to be moving forward again. Show up and put in the time, take responsibility and lead the way, this cycle is going to wrap up in October, you are almost there.

From the 16th-20th you are going to be putting your ego on the line and your physical body into the mix where the home or property matter is concerned. Your identity will feel completely part of this matter for you as you field the big changes you are pushing for to be your own person and have your own needs met. The talk on the 18th is vital, make sure you speak up for what you need to make it work.

By the 20th the Sun will enter Gemini and shining it’s light on you with your children, your lovers and your creative endeavors. This is illuminating energy that helps you stand out over the next 30 days, if single this will help you attract someone into your life, if trying to conceive you may find you have help there as well. If you are in a creative field you will be noticed. Be very careful what you agree to today where the home or property is concerned, the energy suggests that all is not above board and you would do better to wait this out and check facts.

The 23rd brings healing to you. Jupiter and Chiron meet in your sign bringing big luck and expansion where the wound is in your life, and this one relates to how you see yourself, your body, your identity or image. Be clear that any steps you take now to reclaim your own identity are under amazing stars.

The New Moon on the 24th is in your house of true love, children and creativity. You have two strong weeks to begin something new here, meet a new love and fall in love, start a project with a child or conceive, or begin a creative endeavor. If you begin with the New Moon before the 31st it is likely to have an element of the past, a past person or situation tied to it, if you wait until after the 31st you are on new ground.

From the 26th-27th the energy is really spectacular and filled with opportunity if you are active. You want to take a short trip, move, get involved in something local or do something passionate at a local haunt, pour your passions into something written or communicate desires, or do something with a brother or sister. Whichever one of these things you get involved in, there is huge energy behind it helping you, bringing in happiness or prosperity, as long as you do it. Jupiter and Neptune meet in your sign on the 27th seeding a new beginning for you in a huge, lucky, artistic, romantic, spiritual, prosperous way, be true to yourself.

Neptune Retrogrades in your sign on the 29th and the confusion or fog around who you are or what you want your identity to be should lift. You will be doing some internal work over the next months as you reconnect to your spiritual center and who you are becoming.

Mercury stations Direct on the 30th in your home and property zone. You may hear news today about this or make a decision about where you are living or with whom. You may decide it is time to sign the agreements or see the person from the past take their leave now. Chiron Retrogrades today as well helping the wound that you have felt on a personal level subside a bit as you deal with your identity here on an internal level of healing.

Mars enters Taurus on the last day of the month pouring action and forward movement into the home or property matter. You are moving, doing something with the home, taking action on the property, being proactive where your security and foundations are concerned.


Income and a friendship are not mixing so well on the 2nd. The money matter is going to push you to make a change, power and intensity of emotion may be in the mix. Venus and Pluto are squaring here so love, money and a female are also part of the scenario.

Mercury Retrogrades on the 7th in your home and property zone. This is where missed communications or misunderstanding can arise. It is also where transportation or small appliance breakdowns can happen, going to and from the property or in the home. You need to look at past property matters now and people from the past may resurface here or someone from the current situation may take their leave.

The Full Moon in Scorpio is bringing a legal, educational, media, or travel matter to a peak. You may be celebrating the journey or arrival of someone to visit or you may be seeing a legal matter finally wrap up, a promotion or publishing matter may reach it’s target or you may get your degree after finishing classes. Emotions will run deep.

Mercury backs into Taurus on the 13th and the rest of the Retrograde will be about what is said, written, agreed upon, the local environment, siblings, and short trips. This is where you are looking into the past, may run into past people or situations, and where you will be doubly affected by miscommunications or transportation malfunctions (since this is the natural house of Mercury), so double check everything and back up computers ahead of time.

Saturn stations Direct on the 16th in your partnership zone. This is where the work, effort, limitation, responsibility and duty is going to pick back up again. You may feel burdened here from the other person or feel the loss as someone leaves this realm, either way you need to keep showing up and dealing with your own personal authority in regards to this significant connection, put in the time and effort or deal with the lack. You are almost through this two plus year cycle, and it is teaching you about your own inner strength.

From the 16th-20th you will need to deal with your image locally or show up physically on short trips, or communicate your ego needs very solidly, all in an attempt to stretch the work you are doing behind the scenes, a private matter, a secret, a fantasy project or research. This could play out as you having to find a way to be where you need to be and also attend a hospital or other institution where your presence is needed. Just remember to put your needs in the mix and not to tax yourself too much as you try to expand your world. The talk on the 18th is a key date that new moments are sprung from.

The Sun enters Gemini on the 20th and puts you in the spotlight where home and property are concerned. You will shine here over the next 30 days so be seen in these realms. Talks today are going to be a bit confusing or deceptive with the other person having a hidden agenda or secret that you are not privy to so do not sign on the dotted line today if at all possible to wait.

The 23rd brings Jupiter and Chiron together behind the scenes and allows you to find a great healing that should bring happiness or prosperity your way through retreat, a fantasy project, research, a secret, working behind the scenes, or visiting a hospital or other institution.

The New Moon on the 24th brings a new beginning in the home, with property, where you are living or with whom. This is the seeding of fresh starts in these areas and you have two strong weeks to begin. If you start now until the 31st, a person or situation from the past is tied to the new beginning, if you wait until after the 31st you are on fresh ground.

The 26th and 27th are stellar days where you really want to be proactive because the universe if bringing major opportunity if you are. You can either go after making money on these two days or take action to spend some of your earnings. Either way, the opportunity is in a fantasy project, research, work you are doing behind the scenes, recovery, rest, dealing with an addiction or escapist tendency, or involving a hospital or other institution. Luck and prosperity are in these realms if you go after the money or dedicate it now. Jupiter and Neptune meet behind the scenes to embrace luck and happiness with artistic, romantic or spiritual beginnings that are big.

Neptune Retrogrades on the 29th in this hidden part of the chart and any confusion or fog that has been around the isolation, research, fantasy, or dealing with institutions should clear. You will be taking a more inner spiritual journey through these realms over the next few months.

Mercury stations Direct on the 30th in your house of communications, short trips, neighborhood, siblings, the written word, and the mind. You know what you think about the way things are going here now and are ready to move forward. You may hear from someone about these things or someone from the past may take their leave through one of these situations now. Chiron Retrogrades in your hidden part of the chart and the wound you have been feeling about being isolated on some level or in the fantasy realm should ease.

Mars enters your communications zone on the 31st wrapping up the month with a bang. This could be a young male coming onto the local scene, or about you beginning to get really active locally, in short trips, with siblings or finding your passion in talks or the written word.


Sunday, April 26, 2009


Sweet hallelujah and angel sighs, this week is about assimilating emotions with the changes you manifested in your world last week. As April showers give way to May flowers, let it be a guideline for you. You have successfully ended the 8 year Venus cycle that began in 2001 and you are beginning a whole new chapter in love and money. Plant seeds that you wish to see grow up ahead, it really is that simple, don’t let fear hold you back from your destination.

Monday the issues of work and duty, time and effort, restriction and limitation, come into play as you work through how you feel about the new way forward and its challenges.

Tuesday you get to field issues of love and money and any sudden changes or surprises that are thrown your way regarding them. Although feelings may be intense today there is ample opportunity to flow and expand.

Wednesday is about dealing with how you feel about the actions you need to take or about letting your feelings goad you into taking action. This day promises to help you shine a bit and show your authority if you step up.

Thursday is a break in the emotional peaking as the mind gets its day to lead. Ideas are contagious and social as Mercury enters Gemini. Hanging with friends or doing something local will be on the agenda. Spontaneity is the name of the game.

Friday allows you to deal with any feelings you have about your needs, image, identity or body. The energy favors action and passion as well as love and making or spending money.


Monday is about the amount of responsibility on your shoulders and how you are going to deal with the work that has piled up or a health issue that is nagging you. For some, you have taken on more than normal regarding pets. Emotional conversations may leak into the day because of this feeling of being overwhelmed. Just take one thing at a time.

Tuesday brings some nice talks with friends and maybe an invitation or two to a party or event. These look good for you so by all means except. Once the Moon moves into Cancer you may feel like home and goals and women and money are not in flow at all. With Pluto in the mix, you will need to allow for some intense feelings here. What needs to change?

Wednesday brings your ruler, Mars, into the picture, helping you to motivate and tackle home or property matters. It is a good income day so pouring yourself into the work at home seems to lead you in the right direction. You may decide to invest some money at home as well and this has opportunity written all over it.

Thursday Mercury enters Gemini and you should instantly see the shift as the phone will begin ringing more, you will hear from those who have been out of the loop and you may see your local activities picking up quite a bit. Since Mercury is going to be Retrograding here on the 7th, you will begin to see who will be coming back around, through communications and running into them in the neighborhood haunts.

Friday is a great day to express your creativity, to shine in areas of artistic expression and love, and to do things that are just plain fun. Involve those close to you, reach out to kids, lovers, and don’t let the money issue slow down what could otherwise be a great day.


Monday asks you how you feel about the money you have to show for the hard work you are putting in on a creative endeavor or with kids or lovers. You may find plans to just cut loose and have fun are in some way frustrated a bit, do your best to flow.

Tuesday brings good energy your way where career and goals are concerned. This is about expanding and there is luck in the picture, it is a good day to ask for a raise or spend some money to get where you want to be. Talks about travel, beliefs, education, legal matters, or media will tend to bring up the heavy emotions for you as you push to find ways to change through the spiritual side of your nature.

Wednesday is a good day to be active in research or fantasy, mediation or retreat, you just may not feel like talking about what is going on behind the scenes for you with others. It is a day where you shine locally and will be able to express how a creative project could work or how responsibilities should be shared with lovers or children.

Thursday Mercury enters his sign of Gemini and talks and meetings will lean towards money, making and spending it. This is a great time period to ask for income producing projects, to send out resumes or audition for work.

Friday is a splendid day to retreat to home, pull the curtains and recharge your personal life in a restful way. You may actually accomplish a great deal there and find you are in flow with love and passion, or spend the time developing a money making venture from home.


In what way are your personal needs being restricted in the home? This is the big issue on the emotional cutting block on Monday. You need to look at the situation and decide if you can continue to limit your own expression here or if there is a way to work towards more freedom on the home front.

Tuesday brings good energy your way via travel, someone at a distance, or through education, media, or legal channels. Luck and expansion are here in these realms, you just need to be open to changes on the career front. Income seems to be emotionally charged for you today as you are propelled to deal with debt or credit and a female friend. Money and sharing are key here.

Wednesday Mars is acting out through the friendship zone so you may see a friend do something about the money or you may take action with them, you may see anger, passion or aggression from this person. There is opportunity to make a move on the home front that should make you feel better about the income matter.

Thursday your ruler, Mercury, enters your sign, Gemini. This is a wonderful time for you when you can be heard, your words carry impact, communications and agreements favor you and you will find you are much busier locally, the hub of the energy.

Friday brings harmony with a friend and lots of good energy for social events, so dive in and do something together. You may feel like hiding out or hermiting off but the energy seems to indicate that you will continually be called or popped in on so you may as well go with the flow, you are popular now.


The amount of time you are putting in behind the scenes or working through private, fantasy induced energy is tied neatly into the work you are doing in the communications field or locally. The question today is ‘is the effort worth the restriction or isolation you feel spilling your spiritual energy in such a heavy manner’? Don’t deplete yourself entirely, save some for you.

Tuesday brings good energy your way through a big money platform or through an intimate connection. There is opportunity to expand and find your spiritual or artistic voice here in how you share. Sudden changes in media, travel, education or legal matters should be worked with. Once the Moon enters your sign she is going to put you up against the balance of power with a partner or representative as well as needing to deal with a financial goal or woman in a position of authority over you.

Wednesday Mars is pushing you out the door to go deal with a career matter or goal. You need to come out of your shell today no matter what. There is either a social event or a friendship that is going to be great for you so say yes and do what is offered. What you write or say has legs now.

Thursday Mercury enters Gemini and you will find that conversations and meetings are going to take on a more private or secretive feel. You may be talking about research or a fantasy project or meeting someone at a hospital during this time as well. Listen to signs and spiritual intuition now as it is stronger.

Friday is great for making or spending money and going after your goals. You should attract what you want via reputation and ambition, be proactive. Making money may take priority over parties or friendships.


Making or spending money is feeling a bit burdensome or restrictive today and you may feel like you can’t socialize as much or that a friendship is in some way a reflection of this limitation to you. Take responsibility and let the rest go.

Tuesday brings great energy to you through a partner or someone who represents you. This is about luck or expansion and there is definitely a good vibe where parties or aspirations are concerned here. Once the Moon enters Cancer you will feel like hiding out or resting up, just know that the work and the trip, legal matter, education, or media issue is going to give you a run for your money and you may have to fight to get the time alone you need.

Wednesday Mars is putting you on a plane, booking a trip, diving into a media or legal matter, or going to class. There is a great opportunity to shine due to the work you have been doing behind the scenes or tied to a fantasy or research project. You may find work today tied to this and it looks beneficial.

Thursday Mercury enters Gemini and brings more contact with friends, more invitations to parties and social mixers and more talk about your aspirations. This is a fun time for you when you should find yourself in the center of the activity. You may see who is going to be leaving or coming back within your social circle now as Mercury is due to Retrograde on the 7th in this arena.

Friday would be a wonderful time to take a trip, to attend a class, to sign up for spiritual studies or some form of media interest, involve yourself in a ceremony, or to dive into a legal matter. There is great energy to help you make it happen, with love or money in the mix.


Ah Virgo, Monday is about all that energy that is restructuring your entire being as you push yourself past your own barriers to achieve an ambition or career goal. Saturn is testing your emotions again today as you step up again, that much further along the road to success by tackling whatever obstacle is thrown your way.

Tuesday feelings ease as you see some luck and happiness finding their way into the work you are doing, your health should improve and goals will seem that much closer because they are. You will need to field a surprise or change from a partner or representative. Once the Moon enters Cancer feelings aim at a friendship or aspiration and any frustrations a female is giving you over shared resources, all in the name of transforming a creative or love related area of life.

Wednesday Mars says, ‘charge!’, and this will be a push in money matters that are shared, divorce, dealing with a death, or a sexual or intimate connection. Your feelings should improve about an aspiration or social activity as you see ways to shine legally, in media, education, or travel. Continue to take responsibility for yourself.

Thursday Mercury enters Gemini and as co-ruler of your sign, you will feel the shift personally. This is the time when career, goals, ambition, reputation and fame begin to come forward, talks and meetings will be about you and these goals now. Since Mercury is going to Retrograde here on the 7th, you may notice someone from the past or a project from then coming back around or an authority figure preparing to take their leave.

Friday says retreat, rest, do some research, dig around, get in touch with your spiritual energy, meditate, and you will find that intimacy and shared resources flow easily for you. There should be an opening to take action on one of these things today, hole up with an amore behind closed doors, or find secret ways to tackle joint financial or divorce issues.


Either restriction or limitation tied to fantasy projects, research or hospitals, or feeling isolated and out of touch with the rest of the zodiac may have you a bit over the edge on Monday. You have strong feelings about publishing, traveling, taking legal action or learning something new, and yet there is this invisible wall holding the world at bay. Hang in there, not much longer to go with this.

Tuesday brings good energy to creative projects, with luck and expansion in the mix, due to a media, legal, educational, or travel matter. Allow for changes in work you do or a surprise where health or pets are concerned. Once the Moon enters Cancer feelings take aim at career and goals. You may need to deal with a money matter with a partner or representative. Feelings are intense where home and foundations are concerned.

Wednesday Mars gets into the picture to crank things up with partners. You can expect them to act out or for you to decide to take action on something they did, passions run high. Where career is concerned, there is opportunity for you to shine in attracting the outside money you need and to put legs under the work going on behind the scenes, be proactive.

Thursday Mercury enters Gemini and the news, talks and meetings come forward in a big way. This is going to open up a time period when you will be communicating about media, publishing, and promotional ideas, beliefs, politics, travel and foreign ideas or people, legal matters, and any educational needs. Agreements made now are aligned.

Friday the flow between aspirations and partnership is golden, there is money, love, or action in the mix. Passions brings results and you should look for ways to socialize or include friends in the energy. A joint financial or intimate issue is the only area of frustration for your ego today.


The amount of time and effort you have been giving an aspiration or a social issue or friendship is going to be on your mind on Monday. You may feel a bit drained here and it seems to be triggering feelings about sharing, joint resources or debt, intimacy, or a deep loss you have been navigating. Working hard for what you aspire to is admirable but balance it against your deeper needs.

Tuesday brings great energy to bear at home, with property and those you live with. This is a day to expand and find happiness in your personal space. You may have a money issue tied to this and it should favor you today. Once the Moon enters Cancer you may find your wanderlust or belief system is being challenged by a female at work or a money issue tied to work or health. Talks will be intense so tread lightly.

Wednesday you will take action on the work, health or pet issue as Mars gears up in this house of service. Once you tackle the obvious, feelings align with travel, education, media or legal matters. You shine in partnership, there is opportunity to find representation today and forward your agenda. Time spent with friends or networking brings solid results.

Thursday Mercury moves into Gemini and all of the sudden you are going to want to talk about the heavier things in life. Sex, death, divorce, loans, credit, settlements, shared resources, all come under the deeply shared energy of this house. Meet and express yourself about these topics. Since Mercury is Retrograding here on the 7th you may begin to get an inkling about what is either going to return here from the past or take it’s leave that is current. For some, a past lover is ready to reenter the picture.

Friday career and work are harmonizing. This is a great day to tackle chores, get the work done, take care of health and pets, make money and further your goals. A partner may want more from you than you can deliver today or a representative may not meet your ego needs, so take it easy on yourself.


Goals, ambitions, career, and partnership, this is where the energy is challenging you on Monday. You have taken a big responsibility on your shoulders and you must deal with any emotional overflow here as you get your heart around the work before you.

Tuesday brings lovely, happy, lucky talks with partners about romantic, artistic or spiritual matters. This is big so open up. A change on the home front may need to be fielded. Once the Moon enters Cancer you will be dealing with emotional intimacy or feelings about what and how you share. A female lover or child is in the picture here or a money matter tied to love or creativity. Emotions are intense.

Wednesday Mars is sparking in the arena of true love, creativity and children. For some this is passion at it’s sexual heights as you bond or make babies, for others you may be taking action on the creative field to deal with a big money issue at hand. You shine at work, in the service of others, in health and with pets today. Your goals and ambitions have legs if you are proactive in the work you dedicate here.

Thursday Mercury enters Gemini and talks, agreements, news and meetings are about partnering. You may also be dealing with those who represent you under this influence, just know that this is where you will be communicating and with Mercury about to Retrograde on the 7th here, a partner from the past may be about to resurface or a current one may be leaving for a time, watch and assimilate.

Friday brings wonderful energy around love, kids and creativity. You should act, show passion and love, take steps towards making or spending money in these areas, and just have some fun. You may feel like a trip together, learning something new, a religious ceremony, a media venture or making it legal. All good.


Capi’s are working hard on legal matters, travel, with foreign people or ideas, people at a distance, media, promotional or publishing ventures, and with educational needs. Monday may bring up emotions here as you may feel you are all work and no play or that your health is suffering or your relationship with your pets is being limited. Do your best to deal and overcome but pace yourself so you don’t suffer from burnout.

Tuesday is SO good for making money, spending as well if that is your pleasure. There is luck and expansion in this field tied directly to the work you are doing or to health or pets. If you are thrown a monkey wrench about it, do your best to adjust to any changes or surprises. Once the Moon enters Cancer your emotions are going to be may be intense feelings here and money or love will play a part. Concentrate on building up your foundations and making yourself secure.

Wednesday Mars kicks in into gear as you take action on the home, property or mom issue. You need to do something today, so do it. Once you do, the partnership energy will shift and you will feel as though you are finding the love you need or are being appreciated on the creative level that you deserve. Legal, travel and media matters bring opportunity within the partnership.

Thursday Mercury enters Gemini and opens up talks, meetings, news and agreements where work is concerned. Health and pets will also be topics of interest. You have the floor, ask for what you want.

Friday is sweet where home, property or mom are concerned. This is about love, money and taking action, expressing passion and making it happen. You should be feeling better about the big money issues and any intimate connections you have as well.


Monday may be a bit emotional as you feel your way through issues of love, children and your creative abilities. This is due to the heavy load you are dealing with in the house of joint finances and big outside resources, your partners finances, sex, intimacy, and divorce. You need to continue to take responsibility for your own happiness and put in the effort to deal with limitations.

Tuesday brings some personal happiness your way. You have the chance to spark through the love of a child, through a fun recreational activity, a creative project or in a lucky romantic connection that finds you. Once the Moon enters Cancer you are going to be dealing with emotions regarding work or health as you talk about the money, female or love issue at hand. It is an intense time that may bring up unconscious energy that could undermine, so go easy on yourself.

Wednesday will be quite active locally, you may be running around on a lot of short trips or find you are communicating with everyone in a very passionate manner. Once you take care of your list, you should find some ‘you’ time at home that works for you. Tackle the house, empty closets or garages, put in some time for your own workout here and seek responsibility for the heavier issues that are before you. If you are proactive today you can conquer the world.

Thursday Mercury enters Gemini and stimulates your house of true love, children and creativity. This means you will be talking about these things, meeting with others over them, taking short trips that bring these things to life and communicating what you love and have fun doing in life. You may meet a new lover during this time if you are single or once Mercury Retrogrades on the 7th, you may see a lover from the past coming back around or a current love taking it’s leave.

Friday the energy supports positive talks or meetings with partners and representatives. This is about love, money and taking action on this front so reach out and get it done. You may feel like you are not getting your needs met at home today but this is in some way tied to the partnership.


Monday challenges you to deal with any duty or limitations you have to a partner or representative and this is bound to trigger emotions regarding home, a property or your own security needs. The work and effort in the partnership is what is at core here, so look at that and how you can deal with the matter.

Tuesday you should be feeling better about the home or property as there is great luck and expansion offered to you through the work you are doing behind the scenes or in a research or fantasy project you are involved in. You may find that a connection that occurs in secret is great for your home or experienced there in a happy way. Once the Moon enters Cancer you will need to deal with feelings of love, a child or creativity. How does an income issue tie into this and what needs to change within the friendship?

Wednesday Mars is going to push you to do something about the money coming in or being spent. You need to feel what is occurring with your ability to love or have fun. A talk or meeting puts you in the spotlight and brings a sense of love or creativity into your life, this is an opportunity to commit or break in a partnership and to fuel your own goals.

Thursday Mercury enters Gemini and brings the communications and meetings into the arena of home and property for you. You will be central in this over the next few weeks and will field more than normal here. You may also be talking to mom more now as well.

Friday is great for work and income. There is money and love flowing here along with action you take so go get it! A female may be significant in making the money today. Just don’t attach your ego too tightly when talking to others about the work, health or pet issue.


Friday, April 24, 2009

“Oh my goodness, Mary, how did this happen?” “I don’t know Gerty, I told them what I wanted and still, they brought us the eggs over easy.” “Well, I just can’t eat them all smooshy like that and now my whole morning is blown. This really tanks my support hose” “I think they meant well.” “I think they don’t know I’m packing heat.”

Ok, do you get it? Even the little old ladies are going to want to take you out this weekend so your astrologer, that’s me, Zoe Moon, is telling you, chill out, breathe deep, you are going to say or hear something that is very likely not going to be what it seems- day one. Day two- on a whole other subject, buttons are being pushed and it is INTENSE. Mars and Pluto are getting into it so actions are going to be about overcoming some manipulation, power monger, obsession or major change. It is passionate, angry, aggressive or frustrated power energy. This is the day that everyone is going to make a determined push to change something regardless.

Look, you need this big push on Sunday to make you do something to change your world on a profound level, it will be tough but it is doable. Watch what you say to people as you prepare to deconstruct some area of life, realize the whole planet is dealing with this on some level, in some area of life, apply grace and character in all you do, and be true to your own vision.


Saturday is lining up to be a positive day for work and making money. You do need to have a talk about the money you need to earn and be very clear about your aspirations. A friend may be linking you to this income in some way and there is something unclear here. Spell it out.

Sunday is very big for you, and in true Aries fashion, you may have instigated this yesterday ahead of the pack, regardless, you will be pushing yourself to make the huge change today on the career front. It is completely in your court as long as you motivate and put yourself in the mix proactively. Your reputation is power, protect it and let it guide you.


Saturday is supporting your feelings about serious commitment to creative endeavors so invest your efforts here today. You will want to talk about your image, needs or identity and how the artistic or spiritual flow in career is happening, or talk about your romantic goals and what you need. Be clear, make sure you are hearing what they are saying.

Sunday brings the heavy duty push with the fantasy project, research, retreat, or trip to a hospital or other institution, in an attempt to change the media, travel, legal, or educational issue. You must be cautious that your actions today do not undo your efforts, don’t self-sabotage. You are wise to believe completely in what you are bringing to the table.


Put your efforts into home and whatever you are working on in private or on your own. Talks about this work of fantasy or research occur today with someone far away, or you will be talking about the legal, travel, media, or educational side of it with someone. Watch that you are understood and that your artistic, romantic or spiritual views are connecting.

Sunday brings the big push to do something concerning a cherished aspiration or regarding a friend or social circle. You are going to be changing something on a profound level here and it could involve big money, debt, credit, joint finances or shared resources, sex, intimacy, divorce or dealing with a death.


Flow with communications projects and friends, connect with your social group on a serious level today. Discuss your aspirations and what work needs to still be done to achieve these. Today the combining of romantic and sexual fantasies, or artistic and financial endeavors, will stimulate conversation that may inspire you to go further. Just be sure you are both hearing the same thing.

Sunday you make the big push on the career front or take action regarding a big goal or ambition. The change or challenge is tied to a partner or someone who represents you. This is a powerful connection today and transformation is the name of the game.


If you can dream it they will come, or something like that…Saturday is really about you trying to share your goals with a partner and for whatever reason this seems to be challenging. The romance, artistic context or spiritual needs are where the issue lies and although it is good to express your needs, make sure you are really hearing each other. Promising the Moon will only take you so far, bring it closer to home.

Sunday Mars is pushing you to travel, get legal, do something about the media or educational matter, or explode in areas of belief, all in an attempt to make the major change to work, health or a situation involving pets. A trip for health, legalities at work, education to change the work you do, you get the picture, the push is intense and the change necessary.


Neptune is all over the work or health issue today so that means that there is an artistic, spiritual, romantic, or deceptive/confusing energy around this and you are going to need to approach a communication with someone at a distance, or about travel, education, legal matters, or media and how it relates. So be clear, don’t take anyone’s word on the matter or make final agreements until you are sure it is all above board.

Sunday Mars gives you the big push in the deepest part of your chart so you are taking action or trying to in areas regarding divorce, big money (which means loans, settlements, joint finances, taxes, insurance, debt, credit, alimony, or shared resources, or regarding an intimate or sexual issue. The major change you seek is with true love, lovers, children, or creative projects. Choose passion and action over anger and do your best to balance.


Saturday could be about some risqué innuendos being communicated with lovers that aren’t quite what they appear to be or on the other end of the spectrum this could be a day when you are talking about a big money matter and how the artistic project is going to be influenced by it, either way don’t promise more than you can deliver and check all facts before handing over the cookies.

Sunday Mars is gearing up to get you doing something about a partnership or someone who represents you. The energy may be volatile as it deals with Pluto and intense change energy around the home, property or what you are building together. Foundations may rock, use the push to clear the air and allow the shift to move you forward.


Talks with partners or representatives today about the home, property or security needs may be a bit confusing or nostalgic. Be clear and express any romantic, artistic or spiritual needs you may have in this but know that the issue still has a way to go towards resolution. Don’t get caught up in a fog of emotion in this but do allow your mind free reign in dreaming up the best solutions.

Sunday is going to be profound or angry. Pluto is about completely changing something that you have written, or in the neighborhood, with siblings, or short trips, or in the way you are thinking or through a communication that is intense. Mars is going to push the buttons over the work you have done or are doing, or regarding a health or pet issue. You may hear news that changes everything. Change is good, even tough change.


A communication at work today may be a bit confusing, you may be trying to express romantic notions to someone from work or discuss artistic or spiritual views or needs, a health issue may be part of the foggy communication or you may need to converse about a pet and issues there. Regardless, the need to express a higher esthetic and to feel understood is there, make sure both parties understand what is being agreed upon.

Sunday Mars is pushing you to do something big about love, a lover, a child, or a creative project. You are either striving to make a huge change to the income you are making tied to this or you are seeing it happen are reacting in one of those arenas to deal with it, or you are making the decision to commit a large sum of your earnings to do something that will have a profound effect on your life through a loved one or creative venture. It is a big day.


Talk about what you love, talk about fun and artistic ideas, and ways you could make or spend money in areas of romance, the arts, or spiritual expression. This is beautiful in its challenge as you seek ways to enjoy life but still have the resources you need to move forward. Don’t get disillusioned here, as this is an obstacle that can be worked through with the values in the right place.

Sunday you are going to see Mars take charge regarding home, property, mom or security needs. It is the foundations of your life where the action, passion or anger is going to come up and Mars is going to say ‘we are doing something about it today’. This is all in response to your need to show your own power. Take care that you don’t ride rough shod over another in a play to establish your omnipotence. Your power base will not be rocked too much but the other matter will not be the same, act with this in mind.


The talks about home and who you are, where you live and your identity there, may be a bit sentimental today or at the least bring up some old feelings of romance, or ties to an artistic or spiritual base for you. Make sure if you are trying to reach an agreement about who lives where or what is going to be done with the property or home that you double check everything and are being heard. It is not the best day to sign the contract as something is not completely clear yet.

Sunday is challenging as Mars and Pluto are getting into it in your local environment or communications. This means that the neighborhood could be a bit volatile, you want to watch the roads and stay out of unsafe areas, verbal interactions could lead quickly to an onslaught of dark energy so no yelling at drivers or into back alleys. Siblings and short trips are intense. You may find that you either feel like being a bit self-sabotaging or that you are finding out some hidden things that rock your world a bit today. Practice peace and try to watch the words you use.


You will likely be talking today about something secret or hidden. It is possibly about something tied to hospital or prisons or another institution, some form of escapist activity or a dream you had or fantasy you want to share. Whatever the otherworldly topic, there is a bit of romance, artistic or spiritual push behind it and you are going to feel dreamy but a bit out of reality in the whole matter. A good day to flow with the vibes but not the best day to make important decisions since all is not clear.

Sunday Mars kicks it into gear and you are taking charge and tackling a money making issue. Pluto wants a big, major change where a friendship or aspiration is concerned and you need to push the boundaries where income is concerned today to see that happen. Transform, it is not an obstacle you cannot surmount.