Friday, April 24, 2009

“Oh my goodness, Mary, how did this happen?” “I don’t know Gerty, I told them what I wanted and still, they brought us the eggs over easy.” “Well, I just can’t eat them all smooshy like that and now my whole morning is blown. This really tanks my support hose” “I think they meant well.” “I think they don’t know I’m packing heat.”

Ok, do you get it? Even the little old ladies are going to want to take you out this weekend so your astrologer, that’s me, Zoe Moon, is telling you, chill out, breathe deep, you are going to say or hear something that is very likely not going to be what it seems- day one. Day two- on a whole other subject, buttons are being pushed and it is INTENSE. Mars and Pluto are getting into it so actions are going to be about overcoming some manipulation, power monger, obsession or major change. It is passionate, angry, aggressive or frustrated power energy. This is the day that everyone is going to make a determined push to change something regardless.

Look, you need this big push on Sunday to make you do something to change your world on a profound level, it will be tough but it is doable. Watch what you say to people as you prepare to deconstruct some area of life, realize the whole planet is dealing with this on some level, in some area of life, apply grace and character in all you do, and be true to your own vision.


Saturday is lining up to be a positive day for work and making money. You do need to have a talk about the money you need to earn and be very clear about your aspirations. A friend may be linking you to this income in some way and there is something unclear here. Spell it out.

Sunday is very big for you, and in true Aries fashion, you may have instigated this yesterday ahead of the pack, regardless, you will be pushing yourself to make the huge change today on the career front. It is completely in your court as long as you motivate and put yourself in the mix proactively. Your reputation is power, protect it and let it guide you.


Saturday is supporting your feelings about serious commitment to creative endeavors so invest your efforts here today. You will want to talk about your image, needs or identity and how the artistic or spiritual flow in career is happening, or talk about your romantic goals and what you need. Be clear, make sure you are hearing what they are saying.

Sunday brings the heavy duty push with the fantasy project, research, retreat, or trip to a hospital or other institution, in an attempt to change the media, travel, legal, or educational issue. You must be cautious that your actions today do not undo your efforts, don’t self-sabotage. You are wise to believe completely in what you are bringing to the table.


Put your efforts into home and whatever you are working on in private or on your own. Talks about this work of fantasy or research occur today with someone far away, or you will be talking about the legal, travel, media, or educational side of it with someone. Watch that you are understood and that your artistic, romantic or spiritual views are connecting.

Sunday brings the big push to do something concerning a cherished aspiration or regarding a friend or social circle. You are going to be changing something on a profound level here and it could involve big money, debt, credit, joint finances or shared resources, sex, intimacy, divorce or dealing with a death.


Flow with communications projects and friends, connect with your social group on a serious level today. Discuss your aspirations and what work needs to still be done to achieve these. Today the combining of romantic and sexual fantasies, or artistic and financial endeavors, will stimulate conversation that may inspire you to go further. Just be sure you are both hearing the same thing.

Sunday you make the big push on the career front or take action regarding a big goal or ambition. The change or challenge is tied to a partner or someone who represents you. This is a powerful connection today and transformation is the name of the game.


If you can dream it they will come, or something like that…Saturday is really about you trying to share your goals with a partner and for whatever reason this seems to be challenging. The romance, artistic context or spiritual needs are where the issue lies and although it is good to express your needs, make sure you are really hearing each other. Promising the Moon will only take you so far, bring it closer to home.

Sunday Mars is pushing you to travel, get legal, do something about the media or educational matter, or explode in areas of belief, all in an attempt to make the major change to work, health or a situation involving pets. A trip for health, legalities at work, education to change the work you do, you get the picture, the push is intense and the change necessary.


Neptune is all over the work or health issue today so that means that there is an artistic, spiritual, romantic, or deceptive/confusing energy around this and you are going to need to approach a communication with someone at a distance, or about travel, education, legal matters, or media and how it relates. So be clear, don’t take anyone’s word on the matter or make final agreements until you are sure it is all above board.

Sunday Mars gives you the big push in the deepest part of your chart so you are taking action or trying to in areas regarding divorce, big money (which means loans, settlements, joint finances, taxes, insurance, debt, credit, alimony, or shared resources, or regarding an intimate or sexual issue. The major change you seek is with true love, lovers, children, or creative projects. Choose passion and action over anger and do your best to balance.


Saturday could be about some risqué innuendos being communicated with lovers that aren’t quite what they appear to be or on the other end of the spectrum this could be a day when you are talking about a big money matter and how the artistic project is going to be influenced by it, either way don’t promise more than you can deliver and check all facts before handing over the cookies.

Sunday Mars is gearing up to get you doing something about a partnership or someone who represents you. The energy may be volatile as it deals with Pluto and intense change energy around the home, property or what you are building together. Foundations may rock, use the push to clear the air and allow the shift to move you forward.


Talks with partners or representatives today about the home, property or security needs may be a bit confusing or nostalgic. Be clear and express any romantic, artistic or spiritual needs you may have in this but know that the issue still has a way to go towards resolution. Don’t get caught up in a fog of emotion in this but do allow your mind free reign in dreaming up the best solutions.

Sunday is going to be profound or angry. Pluto is about completely changing something that you have written, or in the neighborhood, with siblings, or short trips, or in the way you are thinking or through a communication that is intense. Mars is going to push the buttons over the work you have done or are doing, or regarding a health or pet issue. You may hear news that changes everything. Change is good, even tough change.


A communication at work today may be a bit confusing, you may be trying to express romantic notions to someone from work or discuss artistic or spiritual views or needs, a health issue may be part of the foggy communication or you may need to converse about a pet and issues there. Regardless, the need to express a higher esthetic and to feel understood is there, make sure both parties understand what is being agreed upon.

Sunday Mars is pushing you to do something big about love, a lover, a child, or a creative project. You are either striving to make a huge change to the income you are making tied to this or you are seeing it happen are reacting in one of those arenas to deal with it, or you are making the decision to commit a large sum of your earnings to do something that will have a profound effect on your life through a loved one or creative venture. It is a big day.


Talk about what you love, talk about fun and artistic ideas, and ways you could make or spend money in areas of romance, the arts, or spiritual expression. This is beautiful in its challenge as you seek ways to enjoy life but still have the resources you need to move forward. Don’t get disillusioned here, as this is an obstacle that can be worked through with the values in the right place.

Sunday you are going to see Mars take charge regarding home, property, mom or security needs. It is the foundations of your life where the action, passion or anger is going to come up and Mars is going to say ‘we are doing something about it today’. This is all in response to your need to show your own power. Take care that you don’t ride rough shod over another in a play to establish your omnipotence. Your power base will not be rocked too much but the other matter will not be the same, act with this in mind.


The talks about home and who you are, where you live and your identity there, may be a bit sentimental today or at the least bring up some old feelings of romance, or ties to an artistic or spiritual base for you. Make sure if you are trying to reach an agreement about who lives where or what is going to be done with the property or home that you double check everything and are being heard. It is not the best day to sign the contract as something is not completely clear yet.

Sunday is challenging as Mars and Pluto are getting into it in your local environment or communications. This means that the neighborhood could be a bit volatile, you want to watch the roads and stay out of unsafe areas, verbal interactions could lead quickly to an onslaught of dark energy so no yelling at drivers or into back alleys. Siblings and short trips are intense. You may find that you either feel like being a bit self-sabotaging or that you are finding out some hidden things that rock your world a bit today. Practice peace and try to watch the words you use.


You will likely be talking today about something secret or hidden. It is possibly about something tied to hospital or prisons or another institution, some form of escapist activity or a dream you had or fantasy you want to share. Whatever the otherworldly topic, there is a bit of romance, artistic or spiritual push behind it and you are going to feel dreamy but a bit out of reality in the whole matter. A good day to flow with the vibes but not the best day to make important decisions since all is not clear.

Sunday Mars kicks it into gear and you are taking charge and tackling a money making issue. Pluto wants a big, major change where a friendship or aspiration is concerned and you need to push the boundaries where income is concerned today to see that happen. Transform, it is not an obstacle you cannot surmount.


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