Friday, April 10, 2009


Alrighty then, lovers and warriors, new playbook on Saturday! Venus is going to back into Pisces so you are still looking at past lovers, creative projects and money issues as well as women who were significant in the area of your chart covered by Pisces, but now you are going to be less angry and aggressive and it is going to be more about sentimentality, deception or psychic connections. Don’t you just love the Universe! The good news is that Mercury steps up to Pluto today as well in a very positive aspect so you are going to get to say what you have on your mind and it is going to change things for the better. Remember that Pluto sometimes destroys to rebuild but he also holds the power to completely transform your world, all words have power today.

Sunday should be a Happy Easter as the aspects encourage expressing sudden bursts of affection and love, changes of heart and over all good vibes. For some the Neptune square will pull up more nostalgic memories, do your best to ride out the emotions.


Back into the secrets and fantasy realm moves Venus today! You may find out something about a lover or creative project that you never knew or a woman from the past may resurface as a hidden enemy or with a hidden agenda or perhaps you were involved with her in some fantasy project. Use these 7 days of Venus Retrograde in Pisces to do any last finessing to work you have been doing behind the scenes or spiritual work that connects you to your true spirit. The talk today is about making money tied to your career and goals. It’s big, it’s positive, go.

Sunday brings a lot of intimacy behind closed doors or working on your taxes or other financial affairs hermited off somewhere. You may find you are feeling a bit sentimental over a friendship or that you are frustrated over a deception with this person regarding sex, money, shared resources, or divorce.


You have seven days including today to reconnect with the female friend from the past and see what the artistic, spiritual or romantic energy there is about. There may be money issues to look at again between you. A current friend may take their leave now as well, depending on which way this plays out for you and would likely be over romantic issues or artistic or spiritual differences. The talk today is about your needs or your identity tied to a publishing project, media venture, legal matter, travel, or educational pursuit. This is big, it is positive, go.

Sunday is a sweet ride with partners and social gatherings or hanging out with the friends. If you want to partner with a friend in something, today is a good day to sess it out. You may be feeling a bit frustrated about goals or career and need to share your feelings with the partner to clear the air.


Career and reputation is where Venus is backtracking over the next 7 days and you are going to want to look at a past female here, love or money issues, as well as your artistic nature, romantic interests or spiritual agenda. The talk today is about what has been going on behind the scenes, with a fantasy or research project, secrets or involving an institution, and how you want to make some powerful changes to the financial scene, how you share your resources or your intimacy. This is good stuff, it is big and positive, so go!

Sunday is about working and career or goals. You can tackle your health as well today if that is your primary goal, this is harmonious energy and any opportunities that arise should be jumped on. You may be feeling some confusion over travel, legal matters, publishing or media ventures, or educational issues, and should wait out the fog here.


Venus backs into the land of travel, people at a distance, legal matters, education, media, publishing, promotions, politics and philosophy today and she will give you the next 7 days to revisit any love or money issues or women from the past here to make some decisions. Apply your artistic integrity, your spiritual goals and your romantic agenda in all you approach here. The talk today is with a friend about powerful changes to a partnership. This is big, it is positive so trust it.

Sunday is a great groove between love and creativity and the house of travel, media, law and education. You should be able to really enjoy yourself and expand your world a bit today, don’t worry, be happy. The only unsettling energy is around the debt, loans, credit, taxes, insurance, or other outside resource or over sexual tension.


You have the next 7 days to revisit the loans, taxes, or any form of joint finances or shared resources, as well as to reconnect with a past sexual paramour or revisit a divorce issue. Women from the past, or love or money issues from the past, all take on these topics and revolve around romantic, artistic or spiritual compatibility. The talk today is about your ambitions and the big changes you want to see in the work you do or in some health related area you want to change to reach your goal. This is great energy so don’t hold your tongue.

Sunday is great for staying home and cozying up with your partner or going over the taxes or other financial matters. Buying or selling or entertaining in the home is powerful. Some fog is around the partner today and you may be out of sync at home now, so don’t let it get you too low.


Venus backs her way into your partnership arena today and she will get you to take a last look at women, money or love issues you have here from the past between now and the 17th. Partnership means business, romantic or representatives. Be true to feelings of artistic integrity, romantic ideals, and spiritual attunement and watch for any deception or self-undoing. Do not settle. The big talk today is about a belief system, legal matter, travel, a person at a distance, education, or media venture, and how you want to see big change in creative or love realms of your life. This energy is very empowering so open up and talk.

Sunday the flow of conversation is open on a heart level with ease to changes and surprises regarding love or money and partnership or representation. Just watch for any deception or confusion about work or health issues in what is being discussed or agreed upon as Neptune is definitely clouding this, for some you will have a challenging spiritual conversation that may compel.


Your ruler is heading back into the work you do, your health issues and your relationship to your pets for the next 7 days. You must revisit love or money issues from the past that come through these doors or any connection with a woman from the past here. Look at artistic expression, spiritual interest and romantic twists! The talk today is deep and focused on joint finances or outside resources, taxes, insurance or any source that is shared, a sexual interest, divorce or death. The talk is to help you make the changes you are working on at home, with property or what you are building on. This is great energy so trust it and open up!

Sunday making money or spending some will be the drive towards the changes or surprises you make in the work you do today or with your health or pets. This is positive flow so go, go, go. The only hang up today is some confusion in the love, children or creativity department, fog clears up ahead, headlights on low.


Who do you love, baby? Venus is backing into the house of lovers, children and creativity today and she will be stirring up past women, love and money issues tied to these themes between now and the 17th. Look at your spiritual, artistic or romantic needs in this and listen to your inner voice or wisdom here. The talk today is about partnership or representation and the powerful changes you want to see in what you write, communicate, your neighborhood or local environment, short trips or with siblings. This is wonderful energy and should support your goals of change.

Sunday brings a great flow between your needs and love and creativity. Go with spur of the moment changes or surprises and any love or money matters that affect you here, as well as a woman from the past who pops by. The only challenging aspect is to home, property or feelings about early childhood times, a bit nostalgic or deceptive.


From now until the 17th you have Venus backing through your home, property and security needs zone. She is bringing up past love, money or females around these matters. You will need to look at how romance, artistic expression or spirituality is affecting what is happening as well as any deception or disillusionment. The talk today is about the work you do, a pet, or a health issue. You must open up so that money can flow here. This is positive energy so trust it and share your mind.

Sunday you will feel like hiding out at home or working on something in private. Any shifts or surprises at home will be positive and a female from the past may be involved or a love or money matter. Neptune may be making you feel a bit disillusioned or nostalgic today so go easy on yourself and remain strictly honest in communications.


What’s on your mind? Venus retrogrades into this part of the chart today and backs through until April 17th so you need to look at ways of thinking, communicating, news coming in, words being shared, a writing project, short trip, neighborhood activity or sibling issue being where she will show up. She may be a woman from the past or a love or money issue left unsettled. Look at artistic, romantic or spiritual matters here. The talk today is about love, a lover, creative project, recreational activity, or child, and how you want to transform yourself, your identity, image or body. This is powerful stuff and very positive.

Sunday should be a great day to connect with friends via the phone and emails or local haunts. The flow is wonderful and any social activities will go well. The only challenging energy is from confusion or disillusionment over income or what you are spending on with the friend or party.


Making money or spending it, the possessions you own or want to own, this is where Venus is taking her energy to retrace steps over the next 7 days. Look at women from the past or love or money issues tied to the past to reappear. You need to listen to your inner voice about romantic needs, spiritual growth, and artistic expression here and watch for any signs of deception. What is going on with the money? The talk today is about home, property or who you are living with and the powerful changes you want to see in areas of secrets, self-sabotage, escapist actions, fantasy, or institutions. This is very positive energy so open up.

Sunday is about goals feeling good and some nice surprises or shifts with income matters and women, love or money tied to the past. The only frustrating energy is about feeling somehow confused about your own identity or needs in the grand scheme of things. This fog clears soon.


You should definitely feel the shift of Venus entering your sign today as she backs her way over the next 7 days through your energy. What about your body, ego needs, identity, image or personality need to have a last look into the past? Think about a female, love or money issue from the past and how your romantic, artistic or spiritual nature is being fed by this identity/past matter. The talk today is about what is on your mind with a powerful friend or about a writing or communications matter and how you wish to see aspirations morph on a large scale. This is great energy so open up!

Sunday is about feeling good about a visitor, trip, religious ceremony, legal matter, educational or media topic or beliefs and how you interact with surprises from a friend. A female friend from the past will likely be part of this. The only challenging energy is from your ruler stirring up some confusion about your hidden agenda or need for retreat. Don’t let the fog cloud your nice day.


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