Sunday, April 12, 2009


I hear that train a comin’, it’s rolling round the track, and it’s name is Venus, she’s been mad and she’s been whack, cause she’s stuck in retrogression, love and money woes, but by Friday Venus stations, and it’s away we go! Well, it’s felt a bit like Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash) since we’ve been dealing with the crazy train here but the week builds to Venus stationing Direct and we can finally face forward again, have sweeter words ever been spoken?!

Monday you get to decide if the grass is really greener. Talk with those involved but more than that, take some time to decide if your wander lust is just an adventurers dream or if there really is some value to expanding your horizons in some new way. It’s your call.

Tuesday says yes to expansion, travel, learning, yourself and your needs, and expressing your romantic or artistic nature. There really are no ‘no’s’ but there are a few obstacles, namely motivating and fielding sudden changes or surprises.

Wednesday Mars and Uranus meet up on the same degree, anyone for fireworks? This is sudden outbursts and a higher than usual incident of accidents, along with a few unforeseen passions igniting. Whatever you come up with today, you will likely shoot out the door and set it in motion. Just like that? Yes, just like that. Don’t play with sharp objects or matches!

Thursday feels good. Nice talks, good meetings, commitment and effort, all coming together. If you need to chat about the serious stuff, this is your day. Just keep in mind that you are building to tomorrow’s Venus station and there may be some antics over past love or money issues.

Friday VENUS stations DIRECT!!! Woohoo! That’s right folks, you did it, you made it through the tests over love and money and those past lovers, and slow-downs with the cash, and women spinning in circles, and fights with current amores, and changes of heart and income. Give yourself a couple days, whatever goes up in flames today is meant to fade away. After the 20th you can start to dive into new relationships or money making schemes, you should see it all picking back up, less drama and psycho babble. REMEMBER today is intense as she shifts, play nice.


All that travel, or the legal issues, or the media venture, or the way you want to promote it, or the educational matter, are up for debate where your income is concerned. Be willing to make adjustments. You need to put some time in on work today or a health or pet issue, find the time.

Tuesday is good times with friends and connecting within your social network. Opportunity and luck are here if you need to go for something. The challenge is taking action on a fantasy project, research project, a hospital or other institution, or something secret or hidden that is going on behind the scenes. Changes may cause irritation. Continue on your course with the legal, media, educational, or travel plans and work through it.

Wednesday brings some sudden, perhaps shocking, or brilliant actions that are going to take you by surprise. Whatever occurs is going to be from a place you didn’t see coming and could involve secrets, retreat, hospitals, fantasy or research projects, or a hidden agenda. This energy can be positive or negative, Uranus is unpredictable like that! Get together with friends for some artistic or spiritual fun.

Thursday is a great day for career, goals, ambitions, doing the work and making the money, so no slacking! The energy pushes for talks, meetings, ideas, commitment, or breaking them.

Friday Venus stations Direct!!!!!!!! The about face will be felt in the secret part of your chart so hidden agendas, secrets, fantasy work, research, hospitals and anything that puts you alone with yourself to ponder get to start to move forward now. She is moving towards your sign so take the time to prepare for all that love and money action about to pick up for you. Talks today favor making money and the work you do, spending money and the pets or health. Commit in these areas.


How do you feel about the sexual connection, the divorce, the way the debt or shared finances are going? Today you get to see if the expansion here is aligned with your own needs as an individual, best way is to open up and talk about it. It’s time to get serious with a lover, creative project or child.

Tuesday is a ‘yay’ day for the goals you have set on an artistic, spiritual or romantic level, there should be some signs of expansion or happiness here, put yourself in the mix and be proactive. The challenges are with what is going on with a friend that you didn’t expect. Be ready to spin on a dime.

Wednesday Mars and Uranus are meeting up to blow something up or set something free or ignite something exciting or get you going together with a FRIEND. This is sudden and can go either way but will be spontaneous and set things moving in a whole new direction. You shine in what you are working on behind the scenes and its link to artistic or spiritual goals and it would do you good to be proactive here today.

Thursday is great energy flowing between the happy feelings about travel, publishing, media, law, or education. Talk about yourself, your image, your needs and get serious about the creative project, lover or child. It is all good today.

Friday Venus stations DIRECT!!! You should really feel this shift since she is your ruler and has been dragging you backwards past the realm of hospitals and isolation into this realm of friendships and aspirations. You get to see one or both of these things begin to move forward again after six long weeks of slow-downs, revisits and departures. Mercury and Saturn are meeting for serious talks or agreements involving you and your creative project, lover or child and this is positive!


Monday begs the question, ‘How do you really feel about the partnership?’ The talks today about the secret or what has been going on behind the scenes will help you figure this out and make some adjustments. Responsibilities or obstacles with the home, who you are living with or a property matter will add another challenge to the partnership mix.

Tuesday brings good vibes with partners over legal, media, educational, or travel matters with luck and happiness pulsing through these realms. A friendship gives you the ability to shine and flow with the partner, aspirations are under positive lights, and your artistic or romantic energy is shining on these connections as well. The only challenges today are in motivating towards your goals or pivoting with the shifts occurring in career or reputation tied to partnership.

Wednesday Mars and Uranus are crashing into each other in your career Midheaven, POW! This is lightning bolt energy which could bring sudden recognition or promotion or a blow-up that pushes you to storm out in a fit of anger. Romance or artistic expression is favoring you in the circle of friends. Publishing the artistic project or making the romance legal, are examples of aspirations under positive opportunity vibes here today.

Thursday brings great flow regarding money and sex and the talks or meetings going on behind the scenes, the fantasy, and the commitment at home or to where you are going to live. Flow baby flow.

Friday VENUS stations Direct!!! This means that the slow-downs or revisiting you are doing in the areas ambition, career, goals, reputation or fame, are finally going to move forward. The female from the past or love or money issue from the past here is going to break away or come on board as you get things moving. Talk about what you have been working on behind the scenes or share the secret today and get serious about the living situation.


How do you feel about the work you are doing? How is the health these days? The pets? Today you get to talk with a friend about one or all of these topics and make some adjustments in what you are doing. At least one talk about the local or short trip will be serious and challenging in all of this.

Tuesday brings a nice flow between the work you are doing, the health, the transformations you are pushing for and the career Midheaven where you are certainly shining. Keep your goals in mind and then move towards them with vigor. The only issue on your plate that brings challenges will be taking action on a sudden travel, legal, education, or media matter.

Wednesday Mars and Uranus slam together in the zone of travel, law, media, and education. This is sudden action, ignited energy that could take you off in any direction on the spur of the moment so be prepared for anything. Crazy passion or heated anger, could get you published, put your name in lights, send you on a journey, connect you with a surprise visitor, or challenge your beliefs. You are shining in the career zone today and this connects to artistic, romantic or spiritual power so let her shine!

Thursday is about feeling pretty darn good about the partnership and talks about aspirations, social functions and friendships as well as some work or commitment to a local matter, short trip, communications or writing project. Flow.

Friday VENUS stations DIRECT! Woohoo! She is ready to move forward with the media matter, travel arrangement, legal matter, or educational issue. Today she is intense and you may see some shifts out there with the money, love or female from the past in all of this, ready to move forward or move on. Talks are positive about getting serious with a friend or aspiration.


Where is the love? What is going on with the creativity or creative project? What’s up with the children? Here is where you need to look at how you are feeling and talk about your goals in a clear and positive manner, then make what adjustments are necessary to move forward. Income issues may be limiting in some way in all of this.

Tuesday the great energy is with an opportunity to expand the house of partnership via the creative project, lover or child. Expansion is positive for you whether that is someone coming or going. Put your energy into artistic, romantic or spiritual energy with this partnership and allow yourself to shine in areas of travel, law, media or education. The only challenge is with desires for sexual intimacy, sudden shifts with the joint financial picture or divorce.

Wednesday Mars and Uranus are charging to the same degree in your house of sex, intimacy, big money, divorce and death. This is intense, sudden, exciting, passionate, angry, and bound to send things off into a new direction on the spin of a dime. Once again the romantic, artistic, spiritual energy of Neptune is coloring partnerships and representation for you and any travel, legal maneuvers, publishing or educational matters. You are in a good position to strut your stuff here.

Thursday is sweet flow for you in the realms of the work you do, your goals and the money you are making. Have meetings, propose ideas, talk to others in a position of authority, and get serious about the money you are making.

Friday Venus stations DIRECT!!! This will mean that the sex, divorce, joint financial or outside resource can finally see some movement. The shift today is likely to shake something loose here one way or another and the female from the past, the love or money issue from the past is going to go for it or leave it once and for all. Talks are very positive about goals or career and the money you are making or willing to spend again so open up.


How do you feel about the place you are living? How is the property matter? The house? How about what you are trying to build in life at this time? Your relationship to mom? The talk you have with an attorney, someone at a distance, a travel agent, foreign person or company, a university or professor, or someone in the media field or publishing, is going to help you get another step closer to figuring it all out. Make some adjustments and yes, it feels like you are in it alone, but this truly is a time of self-mastery for you.

Tuesday brings some positive energy via the work you do or a health or pet matter from home. Expand, enjoy, go with your spiritual, romantic or artistic integrity in this. The home issue is having some powerful transformational affects on you as well that are good for you just now. The major challenge today will be in dealing with the sudden, unexpected actions of a partner.

Wednesday Mars and Uranus come smashing together in the partnership house. Representatives such as managers, agents or attorneys are also part of this house. One or more of these people will be demonstrating this energy combination and it is about sudden, unexpected, exciting, shocking, actions, passions, or anger that sends things off in a new direction. The work you are doing is transforming you in a positive manner and on a deep level again today, shine on!

Thursday has you feeling good about creative projects, lovers and children. The energy is supporting talks with people far away, about travel, legal matters, education, or media. Your personal authority and responsibility is aligned with this beautifully.

Friday Venus stations DIRECT!!! The issue with the female from the past, or with a money or love issue tied to the past, is going to finally be able to move forward in the realm of partners. A serious agreement or talk with a person at a distance, or about travel, media, education, or a legal matter are aligned with your needs and identity and should go well.


What was said, what did you agree to? What about the writing project or the issue regarding short trips, the neighborhood or siblings? Today you get to talk about a big financial issue, divorce, sexual matter or a death and this talk is going to help you make adjustments to how you feel about what was said, what’s happening locally, on the short trips, how the project was written, or the issue with siblings. Saturn is going to do his best to push authority upon your fantasy realm, oy, adjust.

Tuesday is good energy for luck and expansion in areas of creative projects, love and children. Communicating on an emotional level is the key to opportunity here. You are in the spotlight in a partnership or with someone who is representing you and this is sweet. Apply artistic, romantic or spiritual ideals to what you are creating for the gold. The challenge today shows up via the need to take action on something sudden or shifting with work, health or pets.

Wednesday Mars and Uranus explode together in what could be active genius or shocking actions regarding the work you do, a health issue or a pet. This energy is not good or bad, it is just radical, innovative, original, visionary, sudden, surprising and it is going to make something change today on the spin of a dime. What is favoring you big time today is the way you are shining via partnerships or with representatives and how this is helping with you getting what you want in areas of artistic expression, romance or spiritual needs in creative projects, love and children.

Thursday home is where the heart is or the wallet, be it the house, the property or the security needs you are worrying yourself about, the energy today says talks with lending institutions or anyone who has a bigger pocket book than you will lead to what you want here. You have to put some serious time or effort into something you are working on in private or involving the fantasy realm or research to get there.

Friday VENUS stations DIRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I give you the added points since Venus rules your sign and has been backing up opposite you, poor baby. Here is the good news, you made it, you have looked into the work, health or pets issues and how the love, money or women from the past where important to revisit here. Here is where you will now begin to see the money and the love start to flow again so put a smile on your face. Talks today are about the investments and the commitment to work done behind the scenes, fantasy projects or hospitals, and this is really good energy.


Oh that income. What are you earning and what are you spending it on? How you feel about this is going to be important when you have your talk with your partner or representative today. You need to also get serious about the aspiration, friendship or social obligation and look at responsibilities or limitations tied to this. Once you have, adjust your feelings accordingly, this is a kink in the road.

Tuesday money and home or property matters flow with opportunity so whether this means you are earning from home or buying or selling, the energy is trying to support you. You should put yourself out there through the work you do because it will help you keep money flowing in, your image or reputation are good for business. The challenge today comes from motivating creative projects, lovers or children or actions taken here that are sudden or unexpected.

Wednesday Mars comes careening into Uranus in a full on collision in your house of creative projects, lovers, children, and recreation. This is sudden, shocking, exciting, innovative, brilliant, eccentric, unusual, surprising energy being triggered by the warrior god via passions, actions or aggressions. So you will see something change in the moment and set off on a new course today here, be the proactive agent of change. Work/health and home/property continue to help you shine in areas of art, romance and spirituality.

Thursday brings ease of communication with partners and representatives as well as serious talks about aspirations, friendships or social functions. Put in the time today to communicate what you need.

Friday Venus stations DIRECT!!! This should feel really good for you because any past ghosts that have arisen via true love, children or creative projects will now find their place on a future course with you or take their leave. Overall, you will now see money and love issues begin to move forward again in the realms of creative outlets and loved ones. The talks or agreements today are about partners and representatives and aspirations or friendships and a positive alignment.


Today’s energy may be a bit weird for you because it is really about how you are feeling about yourself at this juncture, you needs, image, identity, or body. The talk you need to have about work, health or pets is going to help you get clear on your needs a bit more and then you need to make some emotional adjustments to where you are at and what you need to do to get closer to your ideal. Saturn is doing his best to pile on responsibilities or limitations in the career zone to help you figure out what it is you really want to be when you grow up.

Tuesday if you open up about yourself you should see lots of expansive ideas coming your way or being shared that are good for you artistically, spiritually or romantically, heck go for them all! The only challenge today is to what is occurring all of the sudden at home, with property or in the area of security in your life. Tackle the changes.

Wednesday Mars and Uranus are doing a slam dance in your zone of home, property, mom, security, foundations and who you live with and where. This is about sudden, shocking, surprising, exciting, changing actions, passions or angers going off in these realms. These can be very good or not to your liking, overall change and action are what you can expect here. You are rather golden in creative ventures, true love and with children today and should express your feelings about this with the one involved.

Thursday sets the vibe in line with income, work and career or ambitions. This is really positive flow so hop on and ride the wave home. Communications and commitment, writing and effort will all help you hang ten.

Friday VENUS stations Direct!!! It is happening in your home, with property or the foundations you are building upon. This means that a woman from the past, or a love or money issue from the past that is tied to your home or property issues will finally begin to move forward now. Talk today with an authority about your work needs or health goals, you will like the results.


Do you feel you are being kept in the dark about something or that you are isolated on some level just now? Is there something going on behind the scenes, regarding a research or fantasy project or a trip to the hospital or some other institution? A talk you have today with a lover, child or regarding a creative project are going to help you get a handle on these feelings and allow you to then make some adjustments. You may have to work around any limitations in travel, legal matters, media or education.

Tuesday brings some opportunity to either expand your income from this knowledge or to decide to spend a large sum in a positive manner here. Trust your intuition on this one as it is aligned with your greater good. You shine at home or with property today. The challenge comes in with a communication or news that is unexpected and must be acted upon or is about someone’s surprising actions.

Wednesday Mars does a head-butt with Uranus in your zone of communications, talks and writings, short trips and neighborhood, siblings and how you think about things. This could be a brilliant original idea that you need to move fast on or something surprising that takes you off guard on the road or in the neighborhood. Watch your rear-view mirror today and any angry words with siblings. Home and income continue to flow, think spiritual, artistic or romantic and you.

Thursday is a lovely energy pattern between your needs and body to talks or meetings with lovers, children or about creative projects, to commitment or serious considerations about travel, legal matters, education or publishing. Go with the flow.

Friday VENUS stations Direct!!! She is finally going to face forward in the communications zone so your ideas will begin to be received again, your writing projects, talks, meetings, short trips, neighborhood activities and interactions with siblings will all be able to see forward movement. Any female from the past tied here or love or money issue from the past tied here will now move with this or move off. Talks are positive about love, children or creativity and legal, educational, media, or travel matters.


It is either going to be about your aspirations, your friendships or your social invitations today and how you feel about them. You need to have a talk about home, property or your sercurity needs and once you do you will have a better understanding about how you feel about the other subjects. Then you need to make some emotional adjustments to where you are at. Expect that the area of shared interests and money is going to be frustrating in all of this.

Tuesday the good energy is with you and your happiness via friendships or social functions. Connect with this person, call them up, agree to meet them, it will do your soul a world of good. The challenge today will be around the changes you feel about spending the money here and the actions you take to do what you want.

Mars and Uranus slam into each other today in your earnings zone so you will either be acting out something suddenly involving the money you make or spending on something truly impulsive. Protect your wallet or purse today from sudden loss as well. Talk about yourself and your needs via romance, artistic expression or spirituality and any writing or other forms of communication that expresses your true nature. This energy is blessed today.

Thursday is wonderful flow between taking some time to retreat, recharge and rest, to research or put some fantasy spin on issues so you can talk about home and who you are sharing that with and make some serious inroads into joint finances, divorce, sexual connection or shared resources.

Friday VENUS stations DIRECT!!! This is occurring in your income zone. You tried it, you revisited issues here, you met with the female from the past or the love issue from the past and you took a look at earning your money from this perspective and now that energy is turning around. Change of heart time, does this past connection move forward with you or fall away? Talks about home and living arrangements align with serious issues in what you share in joint resources, sex or outside money.


What are your goals anyway? How are you going about achieving them? What do you want to be when you grow up? Today the talk or meeting you have about what is on your mind, a writing project, a short trip or neighborhood event, or a sibling will help you figure this out a bit more. You need to then make some emotional adjustments to what you find. Serious limitations or commitments with partners is part of the challenge in this as well and must be dealt with.

Tuesday brings good things to goals and ambitions via the work you are doing behind the scenes, fantasy, research, time in retreat or dealing with institutions. Luck and expansion find you here and help you shine in the area of income. Apply your intuition to what you go for now. The only challenge today is about motivating yourself to do something different regarding your needs, body, image or identity if you wish to reach those goals.

Wednesday Mars and Uranus come crashing together in your sign, OO AH! This is about a sudden, surprising, shocking, exciting, spontaneous, action about you. You could be discovered or jump into a whole new way of dealing with your body or image, find something lands on your doorstep that affects you in some radical new way or get a brilliant idea you act on physically. You are in the spotlight in the earnings department today and this is making opportunity music with fantasy, research and work done behind the scenes.

Thursday brings a sweet energy flow between feelings for friends, talks and meetings about what you share together, and serious energy around partnership and representation. You can move in these streams any which way and feel good about how it will flow.

Friday VENUS stations DIRECT!!! No one could be happier than you, yes? This is happening in the last degrees of your sign so any way in which you have felt stymied, held back, stagnate physically, looking back into your past at the female you were or were with, the love or money issues tied to your image or body from the past, are now ready to find their way forward with you or drop away. You can move now. Do it. Talks today about a serious issue in partnership are going to go well so open up.


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