Sunday, June 14, 2009


Oh those internal moves, we love them, we loathe them, they require a little more finessing than the outward flow, but hey, the heavens have determined that we are in need of them, so here we go, here we go now.

On Monday, Jupiter, the big, happy planet of expansion, luck, prosperity, and beliefs, is going to Retrograde. He is going to be taking you on his faith filled inner journey until October 12/13th depending on your time zone. And so we go within. You have expanded your world in a huge way and now that will slow a bit over the next 4 months as you realign how your philosophy on life is flowing with where you stand and what you want next.

Did you know that what you believe is pretty much all there really is? Well, Jupiter is aching to give you what you want this time around, so take the time he is giving you over these next months to get a handle on those beliefs, I mean, if you truly believe in what you say you believe in, why you doing what you’re doing? Just why do you choose that, go there, build this, put up with that?

The up side to this Retrograde is the protected, heart-centered, opening of the chakras. Answer these questions for yourself and see just what a magical summer awaits you.

Tuesday Mercury is going to contact Pluto for a heavy conversation that feels profound or deconstructive but leaves you wondering if anything was resolved. The answer is not quite yet but the days airing of the deep, dark stuff is part of the process, let it go.

Wednesday is going to be about how you handle a sudden shift or surprise aimed at yourself and the wonderful energy that is going to flow from this in the realms of artistic expression, romance or spirituality. Remember, look within, is this the reflection of your beliefs? If so, open to it.

Thursday is filled with opportunity to express yourself emotionally. The energy is positive, powerful and once again touching on areas of romance, the arts or spirit.

Friday is go time where love or money is concerned, you feel it and you are ready to do something serious about it. Go ahead and put the time into what you desire today, it is all just building towards a wonderful peek next week.


Finding the inner groove means looking at how your beliefs are evolving through your closest circle of friends. You have been redefining your connections externally, now you get a chance to work through what that means to you and your future expansion.

Talks on Tuesday are powerful, very powerful. You need to look at career agenda’s, goals and ambitions, building your reputation and perhaps even meeting with those who could launch you on the road to fame. Speak your truth.

Wednesday puts you smack in the middle of a group of people who can really see you for the artistic, spiritual power house that you are. You will want to talk about yourself and your ideas within this group because the universe is opening up channels to connect on a higher ground in a very beneficial way.

Thursday brings opportunity again within the circle of friends or a networking event so say yes to anything that comes your way today. Not only do you have an amazing opportunity to shine and get your ideas across but there is potential for a real money making idea to take hold and transform career agendas.

Friday is about making the money or getting busy to make the money. There is work to be tackled and the aspects portend positive results if you are proactive.


Monday’s Jupiter Retrograde means that you can now say, ‘well, hey, just how far did those goals go to serve my highest purpose?’ The planet of luck and expansion has been doing his best to open up your world where career and goals are concerned, this apparent ease in the game is about letting you catch up with where you are spiritually in the situation.

Tuesday brings a very powerful talk or meeting about the money you earn tied to a media, publishing, promotional, educational, travel, or legal venture. For some of you this may involve investing some earnings into one of these areas for future growth. Talk it out today, there are some adjustments to be made.

Wednesday puts you in the spotlight on the earnings front and your ability to stretch out on the career front or towards a special goal. Look for outlets of artistic, spiritual or romantic energy in this and watch for surprises or shifts in friendship.

Thursday is a lovely energy day with lots of inspiration coming through dreams and meditative practice. The artists out there will find the muse is accommodating. Find ways to pull this into your career aspirations or goals today as opportunity may knock. Once again there is a powerful flow from you and your image/identity to media, law, education, or travel, all positive.

Friday is the day for our single Taurus’s to get out there and meet someone amazing. Venus and Mars are in a dancing mood and they have an eye on you so don’t be shy. If you are in relationship this day will undoubtedly please. For those of you who would rather paint than play, it is great energy to dive into a creative project.


Jupiter is going to Retrograde in your house of higher mind and beliefs on Monday and the adventure and expansion through media, travel, education, and legal matters will become an internal affair over the next 4 months. This means that you need to work on aligning the new place you find yourself in with what you believe.

Tuesday an important talk or meeting is on slate regarding you, your identity, image or ego needs and a big money matter, sexual connection, divorce or death. You are in the midst of major change or power issues here and must make some adjustments, speak your truth.

Wednesday puts you in the spotlight in matters related to media, publishing, law, education, travel or politics. There is potential to express an artistic, romantic or spiritual energy through one of these realms in a very positive, lucky manner today. Career or goals are in for a surprise or two.

Thursday is about a friend or group connection and how you are able to express artistic or spiritual energy through media, travel, legal, or educational ventures with them. You seem to be the center of attention on this one so step up and don’t be afraid to make some big changes in areas of shared resources or intimacy.

Friday is a new beginning in connection to what you have been working on behind the scenes. You can take action today, go after the love or money, and find some solid ground where home and property are concerned.


If you have been seeing your credit cards expand or your debt accumulate or the money that a partner shares going over the top, this is going to slow on Monday as Jupiter Retrogrades for the next 4 months here. This house also rules sex, divorce and death so you may see the return of a spiritual lover or the internalizing of a separation as you get your belief system around how far you have come in this deeply shared arena.

Tuesday a talk about the work you have been doing in private, or about a secret, fantasy project, research, or issue with a hospital or other institution, is going to involve a partner, agent, manager, or attorney. This is powerful stuff and there is a need to make adjustments in dealing with what is on your mind here.

Wednesday puts you in the spotlight with a friend or group or at a social function. You can shine in this situation through the efforts of a partner or representative in areas of artistry, romance or spirituality. Changes that may surprise come via media, travel, law, or education.

Thursday is the universe saying, ‘you deserve to make your goal’. It is a day to make career goals or personal goals manifest with an emphasis on big money, intimacy, who you are in some fantasy or research project or as a spiritual being. A powerful partner or agent, manager or attorney is key in the social setting and flow of the day.

Friday brings a new beginning with a social group or friendship and something communication related that has long term legs underneath it. You want to be social today on all counts because this is where the doors are opening for you.


Jupiter is Retrograding in the arena of significant others on Monday so you will see expansion slow with romantic and business partners as well as with agents, managers and attorneys. You have had quite a big opening in your life here and now you have 4 months to ask yourself some important questions about your beliefs and how they affect who you connect with on this level.

Tuesday is about a very powerful talk or meeting with a friend or group. You are going to be connecting over a work situation, pet or animal issues, a service you provide, or a health matter. There is a need to speak your truth and adjust to where you are in this situation.

Wednesday puts the spotlight on you socially in a big way. This could be about a romantic partner or something artistic you are doing with a business partner, agent or attorney. The energy is so good and will fuel you with a certain sense of luck and timing. There is a surprise or change tied into this regarding the money source or an intimate connection.

Thursday is going to bring together a dreamy energy around partners or an artistic energy around representatives where travel, media, law, or education are concerned. It should be an inspiring day with you at the center of the social fray. There is also some heavy duty transformation in the air around work, health and pets, all of it positive.

Friday is about the goal, ambition, career, reputation, or fame, hear that? Knock. Knock. It’s opportunity, it’s a fresh start, you can go after it today, whether that looks like money or love is up to you.


Jupiter has been expanding you outwardly in the work you have been tackling, the service you provide, through your health, and in relation to your pets. Today he Retrogrades here and will bring this process to an internal level over the next 4 months. It is about catching up to where you find yourself and having the time to adjust your beliefs around this new paradigm.

Tuesday brings a talk or meeting about career objectives, a goal, ambition, your reputation or fame. This is a very important communication and can change or transform your creative potential or a situation involving a lover or child. You will need to make some adjustments as you are not at the end of this one just yet.

Wednesday you are in the spotlight in matters of career and reputation, goals and ambitions. It is a great day to push your artistic work forward or your romantic agendas into place. A partner, agent, or attorney has a surprise or change to toss your way just to keep things interesting.

Thursday is about going deep, connecting over matters regarding joint finances, shared resources, or debt and the work you are doing or a health or pet matter. There is opportunity to achieve your goal if you are willing to be seen and invest some energy. A creative endeavor or love connection continues to morph in a powerful and positive manner.

Friday you will want to take advantage of the energy that wants to put you in the right place at the right time through travel, media, promotion, publishing, education, or law. You may meet someone attractive through one of these pursuits or find a way to make money or do something uplifting, just get out there.


Jupiter Retrograding in your fifth house will mean that the expansion occurring around creativity, lovers, or children is going to slow and move inwards over the next 4 months. You may have someone or a creative situation return from the past now or you may take this time to bring your new belief system around these themes into alignment with your goals.

Tuesday is going to involve a talk or meeting about a travel issue, legal matter, media venture, publishing project, or educational matter. It is a very important and power time to express your position or needs here as your home or living situation will be affected in a big way from what is said or agreed upon. The energy is about adjustment.

Wednesday puts you in the spotlight in media, travel, legal, or educational matters. The energy is incredibly positive here so you should take advantage of how the world is seeing you today in these matters. You can reach connections over artistic projects or with romantic interests as well. Just watch for a surprise or change around health, work or pets.

Thursday is about partnering with someone or representing them in some way. There is potential for creativity and prosperity here or for romance. Once again you are shining in areas of travel, media, law and education with this person so be proactive. The big money matter on your mind should be eased by what is occurring in the home or with property today.

Friday is about a new start with the shared resources, debt, credit, joint finances, or in a sexual or intimate connection with someone. If single, you may meet someone very passionate today if you put yourself out there. There is something going on in private that has a serious but positive tone to it.


Home, mom, property, who you live with or where, your security needs, and the foundations you are building up in life, are where Jupiter has been pushing out the boundaries and stretching you over the last months. Today he Retrogrades in these arenas and will give you 4 months to catch your breath, catch up and realign your beliefs with the new lay of the land.

Tuesday you will be having a talk or meeting about debt, taxes, credit, joint finances, alimony, child support, insurance, settlements, inheritance, or any other form of money that is not income. This is a very important communication that has the power to transform your mind, your writing project, your local arena, your way of communicating, short trips you take, or your connection to siblings. For some of you the talk will not be about the shared financial matter but about a sexual matter, divorce or death. Get it out in the open.

Wednesday you are shining in these deeply shared matters so expect to be center stage in a sexual union, in dealing with a big money matter, divorce or death. The energy is very positive and is there to help you flow and expand in home and property matters. Expect the unexpected where children, lovers, or creative projects are concerned.

Thursday is a great day to tackle work, get your health together or deal with the pets. Home is the place where this energy will flow the best and there is great potential for artistic or romantic connection here today. You are in a good place with the outside money situation or sexual connection and there is a powerful talk or meeting in store with a partner or representative.

Friday is about the partner, agent, manager, or attorney and what you can set in motion in areas of love or money today. There is solid energy behind this and an aspiration or social function, friendship or group affiliation will support you in this.


When your ruler Retrogrades it is a bit more of a personal experience. Jupiter is the ruler of your communications, what you write, your local neighborhood, short trips, and your relationship with brothers and sisters. There has been expansive energy in these areas and today it will slow and become more internal over the next 4 months. You need to ask yourself what you believe and how that is affecting your familial relationships, your way of thinking and how your writing is coming along.

Tuesday there is a talk with a partner, agent, attorney or manager that is going to be very important. You need to address the income matter and how this needs to change. Be willing to make some adjustments in this as you aren’t all the way home just yet.

Wednesday you are in the spotlight with significant others and representatives and there is a wonderful flow to all things communicated or written so open up and speak your mind. Allow for romance, artistry and spiritual inspiration to color the mix as there is luck in this for you. A surprise or change comes via the home or property.

Thursday is a lovely energy day to have fun, connect with lovers or children, or to pour yourself into a creative endeavor with amazing results. Look at partnering or finding a representative once again this is golden for you. You should also see good income results from work done or the potential to invest money into health or pets with positive outcomes.

Friday is about a fresh start on the work front, with a health matter, or with a pet. If you are single and wish to meet someone amazing, try meeting them at work, out walking the dogs, or at a gym, any place associated with work, health or pets. Pursue your love and money matters today here and look for long term goals being met.


If you have been watching a big outlay of cash over the last few months, Jupiter’s Retrograde motion today should be a blessing. The lord of expansion and prosperity has been doing his best to help you open doors to more earnings but for some Cap’s this has meant the need to spend more up front. Over the next 4 months this Retrograde will slow that process and let you catch up as you realign beliefs with values at the place you are now standing.

Tuesday a talk about work, health or pets is going to be important. This is one of those power moments when you once again are being asked to step up and into your own personal power through change and command of the situation. Open up and be willing to make some adjustments with transformation in mind.

Wednesday you are in the spotlight on the work, health and pets front. It is a day to be seen and to make things happen, apply yourself and tie your image or identity to what you work on, there is wonderful alignment to the money you make or spend here today. Watch for at least one interesting or surprising conversation.

Thursday home and property matters are working on your behalf. You can find income or feel good about spending on this today, there is luck in the air here. The work you do at home or with property is putting you in the spotlight in an opportunity aspect as well so get out there and be seen. You should be feeling pretty good as a powerful human being today.

Friday is about fun, love, kids, or creativity, maybe all of the above. It is a great day to do something fresh, if single to doll up and get out there as you just might meet someone amazing. Go after your desires today, be proactive and look at trips, media or promotion, education, or legal matters as ways to build solid ground under your feet.


Jupiter is going to Retrograde in your sign on Monday so you will most likely feel it on a personal level. It should be a bit of a relief for most of you as you have been going through quite a growth spurt where your image, identity, body or ego needs have been concerned. Today slows that down and over the next 4 months you will be internalizing a new belief system around who you have become.

Tuesday a talk about a child, creative project, recreational venture or lover is on the agenda. This is going to be powerful and will focus on changes you want to make where escapism, self-undoing, retreat, fantasy, research, or dealing with institutions is involved. Look to make adjustments in this but come from your power in what is said or agreed upon.

Wednesday puts you in the spotlight with a child, a lover or doing something creative. You really are center stage in this and there is a wonderful flow of energy around romance, artistry and spirituality, all lucky and happy for you. Don’t spend the day alone if you can involve yourself in something fun. There is a surprise or change around income, money made or spent today that needs dealing with.

Thursday is just divine where talks, meeting up locally, hanging out, doing something fun, getting together with a lover or child, doing a creative project, or writing is concerned. There is opportunity for you in all of this so choose what you love. Home and what is going on in private there is under some positive power energy as well.

Friday you get to make a fresh start at home, with property, a move, selling or buying, leasing or taking on a roommate. It’s a day of action and pursuing love or money here. Saturn is promising some steady, solid energy around joint finances and shared resources, debt, loans and credit.


Jupiter is Retrograding in your house of secrets, strategizing, retreat, and fantasy on Monday. So these things have been helping you expand your world over the last few months but today they will no longer be stretching you, you can allow that part of life to take care of itself. Now you will need to take the next 4 months to work on your internal beliefs and how they are either fueling your connection to spirit or in some way hampering you through self-sabotage or escapism.

Tuesday, a talk about the home, who you live with or a property matter is on the slate. It is going to be an important talk or meeting for you as you need to deal with a friendship in this or an aspiration. Major change is the agenda here and an adjustment is required on your part to make it happen.

Wednesday puts you in the spotlight with a home or property matter. There is amazing energy working behind the scenes, in secret or with a fantasy or research matter here to help you step it up. Just watch for your independent nature to kick up its heels at some point in the day, thanks to Uranus.

Thursday is an amazing day and for you this is going to work itself out through making money or spending in a way that supports your agenda. You again are shining in matters of home and property with opportunity in the mix so be proactive. A talk with a friend is powerful and positive so open up.

Friday is a new beginning with a romantic partner, business partner, agent, attorney, or manager. You can go after love or money with this person and it is very positive and solid. Act today.



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Thank you, Zoe! I so love reading your work. You have a wonderful way with words and such insight! I am addicted to your work, thank you again!
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