Friday, January 16, 2009


Hi everybody. Well, I wrote that it would be quite the week of emotional adjustments and it has, so how are you holding up? Did you all fare well? It helps knowing that this is what is supposed to be going on doesn’t it? Emotions have been soaring and diving, the world has been rushing in around this and you are still standing, hopefully just that much more sure about what you really want.

Saturday brings that last adjustment, aren’t you GLAD?!! It is an emotional adjustment to something that is changing that you didn’t quite expect to happen the way it is happening. You know what? You are going to be just fine, messes are part of life. The Moon and Neptune are meeting in the heavens for one of those dreamt of energy flows that inspire musicians and poets, lovers and dreamers. I encourage you to go with this energy as the Sun/Moon square is going to make you want to sulk about identity issues or ego battles. Think Peace.

Sunday the Moon slips into Scorpio and meets up with Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, in an awesome combination of power and feeling. There is opportunity here to transform something on a deeply connected level or break apart positively. The Moon’s square to Jupiter and Mercury means that emotional conversations are par for the course. Meetings with attorneys, talks about travel or contracts, are challenging emotionally.

Here’s the thing…Mercury is meeting Jupiter on his degree in the heavens on Sunday and this is fortuitous. It is. So think of the day’s talks or meetings as the opening gambit on new beginnings. Mercury and Jupiter together are at ‘0’ so to speak. Mercury is talking about the legal matters, education, things tied to internet or media, promotions or publishing, travel or beliefs. It’s likely a circle of friends are tied into it. It is big. It is a new beginning even though at this moment in time you are likely to be looking more at what is ending here for this new beginning to have its day. Your world is going to expand in new ways due to this moment. Use it wisely.


Adjust your feelings about partnership regarding the changes or surprises that have come up over something secret or that was going on behind closed doors. Research or fantasy may play a part. If you have been dealing with a hospital or other institution over this partnership issue, that is shifting as well. The flow that is golden plays out between partners and friendships so find something social to involve yourself with tonight, a party or going out with friends. Partnering with a friend is under positive stars as is finding a partner ‘potential’ through friends. Watch your ego with authority figures today.

Sunday brings a wonderful energy around shared energy and your goals. There is power here as you are either joining resources with another or dealing with an intimacy or sex issue. You have what it takes to change the outcome by taking leadership in the situation. Talks with friends are challenging today but this is where the new beginning sans the ending is taking place. Open up the channels, talk or meet, step forward even if it feels challenging.


Saturday you have your final adjustment in feelings about work or health and the changes coming at you via a friend or associate, possibly even a social function. The amazing energy flow between Moon and Neptune is enhancing your work to career houses so use this to dream up what you want and to begin doing something about it. It seems you need to look at travel, legal, media or educational issues and how you feel about yourself in this as part of the mix.

Sunday the Moon moves into your partnership house and makes a very powerful connection with Pluto in your travel, legal, media and education house. This means that you can transform something here, perhaps take legal action regarding a partner or make a partnership legal, take a trip with a partner or take a class, you get the idea. There is opportunity here for deep feelings to emerge in a positive way for you so take a chance. Talks or meetings are about career, goals, ambitions, reputation, fame, or father. This is big stuff today. You are most likely going to feel emotionally challenged by way of partnership over one or more of these themes but remember, this is your fresh beginning so speak up, speak your Truth, no matter how difficult.


This last emotional adjustment is about love or creativity. You need to look at this last shift in your goals or ambitions, how that relates to either your career or reputation, and then do the work to shift your emotions around how you are feeling love or creative expression in this situation. It is key to reaching your goal. The lovely Moon/Neptune energy is flowing between love or creativity to travel, legal matters, media or education. Find romance or artistic expression coming through the highest ideals today for the best use of this energy, focus on the dream. Sun/Moon square is trying to get you down over shared resources, divorce, death, or sexual issues. What is love for you?

Sunday the Moon moves into Scorpio and there is great flow between any work you put into dealing with the balance of power over shared or joint resources, sex or intimacy, death or divorce. There is opportunity to move towards the powerful change you wish to initiate. Talks are going to be challenging over legal matters, media, travel, or education. This is the kind of energy that may seem so big to you that you let the emotions affect your health, so breathe, breathe through it. The talks about debt, loans, credit, settlements, insurance, taxes, alimony, child support, divorce, death, sex, or intimacy are where you have the chance to make your fresh start, even though this will undoubtedly be challenging.


Saturday’s emotional adjustment is over home, property, security issues, foundations you are building or your mom. This ties in with the changes occurring with legal matters, travel, teaching or education, media, promotions, or publishing. You need to adjust to the changes here to feel grounded it seems. The beautiful energy today flows between home and shared resources, intimacy, sex, divorce or death. There is a good vibe in feeling grounded through your spiritual connection to the deepest parts of life now. Your feelings about the base you are building is being challenged by how you see yourself in partnership, take your time.

Sunday the Moon enters your house of true love and creativity. There she meets up with Pluto about partnership. This is very powerful energy and is an opportunity for you to deal with an emotional issue here and make a change. Talks about shared resources, loans, debt, credit, joint finances, sex, intimacy, power, manipulation, death, or divorce are going to be challenging for you today but this is where the new beginning is happening. Ask yourself, ‘what do I love and what do I need to create?’


It seems that Saturday is going to be filled with talks or meetings that will either challenge you over how you see yourself in the work you do or in your personal health, or require that you make some adjustments over the changes happening in joint finances, outside money sources, divorce, death, or sexual intimacy. There is a wonderful energy you can align yourself with that flows between communicating and partnership so open up with your significant other today and engulf yourself in romantic or artistic expression.

Sunday the Moon enters your home zone and meets up with Pluto in your work and health arena. This is great energy to make some powerful changes in the work you do around the home or with property. Perhaps you will be helping mom or working towards security today, it is all good. Any health issues can be shifted at home now in powerful ways as well. Talks about partnership challenge the feelings you have about home or security today but this is where the fresh new beginning is opening up for you so you must express yourself with your romantic or business partner. This also includes anyone who represents you such as an agent or manager or attorney.


The money you earn or what you wish to spend it on is where your emotions are going to be charged on Saturday and this is intimately tied into the changes or surprises coming from a partner. Your ego may feel at stake in all of this and that will be over a lover, children or creative projects. The question today is, ‘What do I value?’ The positive flow will be happening between income and artistically expressing yourself in the work you do or doing work that is tied to artistic expression. Let this energy bring you joy today.

Sunday the Moon moves into Scorpio and meets Pluto there so there is potential for a very powerful conversation or meeting about the status of love, children or creative projects. This is the kind of energy that can change things profoundly so come from your deepest truth and share what is in your heart. Talks about work or health or pets are going to be challenging today but this is where the new start is being offered so push yourself to open up in these arenas as well.


Changes on the work front or in the way you approach the tasks at hand, or changes in health are what you are going to be getting your emotional adjustments around. You have to look at how you feel about your body or your image or your identity. What do you need in this situation? Your sense of who you are tied to your roots or home is on the line here so take it seriously. The Moon/Neptune trine promises wonderful energy flow between yourself and a lover, child or creative endeavor so allow yourself to dream here.

Sunday the Moon slips into Scorpio and connects with Pluto to help you align your deepest values with what you are building up in your life. Buying or spending on home or property is good now, as well as making money from this. Talks about love, children or creative outlets may feel challenging to you as you come from this center but this is where the expansion and fresh start is being offered so express yourself.


Changes occurring with a creative endeavor or with lovers or children are where you are going to be focused today. You are likely hiding your real feelings about this and this is where the emotional adjustment needs to come into play. Either the fantasy is not the reality or you are being too secretive. Talking about your needs is on the agenda but challenging it may be. The sweet flow is between dreamy expression at home and your private time you take to go within there.

Sunday is powerful for you as the Moon moves into your sign and connects with your ruler. There is opportunity to talk with powerful people about your needs or make your communications connect in a powerful way. Don’t be afraid to talk about your needs and desires. Topics of home, property or security issues will likely be challenging but this is where the fresh start is offering you an open channel to expand.


Your feelings about aspirations or a friendship are shifting a bit more today as you adjust to changes with home, property or foundations you are building up. What you need to earn is on the line here so getting your feelings aligned to your true dreams for yourself is the point of the day. The Moon/Neptune trine is opening up positive communications with friends and igniting artistic or romantic aspirations on a heart level.

Sunday brings opportunity for you to connect your powerful dream state or fantasy work to an income. This should be big for you so have the strength of your convictions or vision. Once again, talks about this may stretch you but you need to toot your own horn or share your ideal with someone. Your words, writing, or local activity is where the fresh start is, so open up and expand your horizons. Connections with siblings are powerful today.


The goals you have set for yourself or your career or reputation are in the limelight on Saturday for you. Make any emotional adjustments necessary to how you see yourself achieving these goals and then have the talk about a different way to approach it, or discuss the changes you wish to see. Visionary thinking pays off. Ego needs and goals are at a crossroads. The positive energy here is playing out between career and income so utilize Neptune’s ability to dream it up or apply your artistic expression.

Sunday the Moons entry into Scorpio brings up an opportunity to do something powerful for yourself through a friend. This is very positive so embrace your personal power here and connect with this person or group. Talks about the money that is earned are going to challenge you, ‘oh, it’s a friend, how can I talk money?’ Get over it and open up, this is where the chance for luck and expansion is occurring, in your income house!


The trip or class or legal matter or promotion is costing you more than you thought and now there is some unexpected issue around the money you are making or spending or needing to earn. This is where the emotional adjustment is today. The Sun’s position is somewhat vulnerable to escapism today in reaction to this challenge, don’t undo how far you have come. The tie between Moon and Neptune means you can use your imagination and dream up a positive way forward.

Sunday there is opportunity to align goals or career with some powerful changes occurring through research, fantasy work, work done behind the scenes, or in dealing with institutions. Talks about yourself and your personal needs are going to be challenging for you but talk you must, today the energy is about a fresh new start and it is ALL about YOU.


Feelings run deep today as you look at money issues or intimacy issues and how your independence or identity is playing into them. There is a need one last time to make an emotional adjustment to how your desire to connect and share is out of balance with your desire for personal autonomy and space. How you perceive yourself on the timeline of your greatest dreams for yourself is playing heavily into this as well. You may feel a bit cut off from your tribe. Your ruler is helping you to use your imagination and psychic intuition to find creative solutions to intimacy or shared resources needs so take some time alone to dream a bit today.

Sunday brings a wonderful opportunity to make a big change or powerful step forward with an aspiration or through a friendship or group. Talks about fantasy work, research, dreams, retreat, self-undoing or escapism, or dealing with institutions will be challenging today but these are the arenas that are offering you the fresh start to expand your world so share what is inside.


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