Thursday, January 22, 2009

SOLAR ECLIPSE 6.30 Aquarius, Jan. 25/26 2009

The Solar Eclipse 6.30 Aquarius Jan. 25/26 2009

“Steeped in the mystic cloaks of martyrdom

Knee deep in the bloody rivers of nations

We’ve walked asleep in the waking world of our ancestors memory

Today we open our eyes” ~ Zoe Moon

Do you see? The arduous journey of a thousand sighs has thread it’s way to you, here, in this life, at this moment, and I expect to see you stirring. Allow the past to breathe within you as it now turns to sleep and you move into uncharted territory, armed with your vision and your courage. You ARE ready. It is important that at this particular moment you understand your Truth and remember why you came.

So, I want you to note the approaching Aquarius Eclipse. It is filled with clues that are just for you. The days that build towards it are very significant. The Eclipse on 1/26 at 2:59am East Coast, 1/25 at 11:59pm West Coast occurs on the number 7 on both shores…Spirit borders.

What do you will for your life and this reality in the Aquarian Age? Who are you and what do you bring? Jupiter is protecting your calling here (luck and not least of all, happiness, are with those who set their own course and follow it), Mercury Retrograde has allowed you to take one last look backwards, (if you didn’t turn to salt, onward you go).

This is a call to find your place in the fabric that aligns with your higher purpose. Where is this for you? Remain vigilant in the next days as you seek to make your stand in the name of freedom, independence, friendship, the group or association, the humanitarian ideal or cause, the innovation or invention, the new idea or revolutionary thought, the aspiration or dream.

THERE IS NO LIMIT TO WHAT YOU CAN MANIFEST AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME. This is the seeding. Write it down and look at it every day between now and Monday. Speak it out loud.

In the days ahead the energy will build and people and situations will approach or depart. Your true calling will announce itself loudly in your screaming mind as you run through the woods of dreamscape trying desperately to unwind your psyche that is having migraines over daylight acknowledgement of this unparalleled shift! Hehe Sorry, but meltdowns are everywhere. It is going to be fine. This is a year where staid and solid structures will come down, things will fall away that have sustained your way of being in the world or made you feel connected, and all along the way, this optimistic, hopeful, brand new way of Light is streaming. Let it shine, it’s coming from you.

This is why you signed up, to be incarnate and vibrant on Earth in the last couple years before the end of a world age, in the last couple years before the beginning of a new one. Yep, it’s all up to you. And whatever you are caught up in on the microcosmic level, is reflection trying desperately to get your attention, shouting, “See where your energy rages?!!! Is this where your energy stays?”

Is it? Clue: Stop focusing out there. Who are you?

I love you guys. The sky’s not falling, the world is not ending, Time is ending, as we understand it, more on that at a later date, the end of Time is a different animal than the end of the world. So put some time in over the next few days, ask yourself, Who you gonna be, in 2013?


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we love you too Zoe :)