Sunday, June 5, 2022



Leo Moon is meant to harness our creativity and sense of fun, to focus us on lovers, kids, projects, and recreation, and that's where we are today. However, our aspects today are going to keep us on our toes as this is first in an opposition to Saturn, then an adjustment to Neptune, then a square to Mercury, and finally another adjustment to Pluto! 1) Saturn is about us getting serious with another person in the situation or dealing with restrictions, limits, or other roadblocks when it comes to them at some point today. This means our aspirations with them have to go through a bit of a test or we must stop the frivolity and get real or ambitious about something with them for a moment. Social or online matters may come into play with this, or it can be firmly about the aspiration today. Example-you and your lover make a commitment today. or your lover made a commitment to do something but can't fulfil it for some reason, or you need to put some time in online with the creative endeavor or for the kids, or you have to take the kids to some group activity. 2) Neptune means we must be flexible when it comes to the artistic, romantic or spiritual in the mix or with research, recuperative needs, or institutions, or finally with an inability to find someone, addictions, or secrets playing out. Examples could be you have something planned but feel like staying in bed, or someone drinks a bit too much, or there is confusion about what is going on, or someone is MIA for one reason or another, or the concert, film, or other artistic pursuit you have planned is delayed or sold out. 3) Mercury is about the talk, news, meeting, short trip, sale, offer, or decision today regarding feeling valued, purchases, gifts, income, or possessions. This is pushing us to say more, ask for more, hear more, or get out of our comfort zone when it comes to decisions about these topics, or it is testing us regarding what's going on in these areas-example the kids broke the vase, the lover forgot the gift, the recreational pursuit cost more than you thought, you get the idea. Finally, 4) Pluto is asking for adjustments when it comes to financial needs, sexual matters, jealousy, obsessions, power struggles, control issues, or third-party situations in the mix. Give and take. Examples could be you need to take some time away from the fun stuff to tackle the bills, you feel hot and heavy with your love interest, but the kids are home, you're obsessing about someone who made you jealous, or you want to go deeper with someone, but things remain on the surface. I know days like this can be a bit cray cray but it does seem to get us closer to where we want to be down the line so plan on fun, creativity, or time with the kids or lovers, and plan on putting in the extra effort with all this other stuff so you can be proud of your juggling and problem-solving abilities, lol! Love you guys :) 
   PRAYER today is around the theme 'May we keep a sense of humor and find pleasure in the small things around us'. Peak time today for our prayer is 7:10-7:15pm Eastern, 6:10-6:15pm Central, 5:10-5:15pm Mountain, 4:10-4:15pm Pacific, see you there! 

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