Sunday, June 19, 2022



Happy Father's Day to all you lovely Dad's out there! We are in Pisces Moon energy today which puts us into flow with artistic pursuits, romance, our imagination, magical interests, psychic abilities, signs and dreams, spiritual practices, rest and recuperation, institutions, and/or research. The vibration of the day is much higher than what we went through yesterday so whatever frustrated or slowed the curve on Saturday, we can let that go and focus on what is possible today. The Sun in Gemini is shining it's light on talks, short trips, writing, or sales, helping us show up and get more involved in these things or with our siblings, neighbors, moves, or our vehicles, or we are busily involved with our meetings, local activities, offers, or decisions today. As we go along with this, we want to be flexible regarding the financial, sexual or third-party influences and how they are impacting goals in the mix, or we want to ask for a bit of give and take around these topics if need be. To be honest, I'm thinking most of us already experienced this yesterday in the build-up and most of us get to move past it today and just lean into the inspired Pisces Moon but I'm putting it out there in case you didn't yet and still have to be adaptable with these things at the start of the day. The energy peaked at 4:10am Eastern this morning so we could just be wrapping up any remnants of it. We should feel more optimism and hope as the day progresses and we should start to feel like we are getting involved in some new or exciting possibilities, so aim high!     PRAYER today is around 'May we meet the day with childlike anticipation and remain open to the possibilities around us.'  Today's peak time for this prayer 4:05-4:10pm Eastern, 3:05-3:10pm Central, 2:05-2:10pm Mountain, 1:05-1:10pm Pacific, see you there! 

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