Monday, June 13, 2022



There is great flow between the Sage Moon and Mars and Jupiter in Aries today. This is uplifting and open and offers us the potential to get busy with our own interests regarding growth, happiness, prosperity, travel, adventure, relocation, media, education, legal matters, ceremonies, religion, or politics. Mercury moves into Gemini at 11:27am eastern to take us through the last part of the Shadow of the Mercury Retrograde now through the 18th. This means we are now moving forward with talks, meetings, sales, writing, interviews, offers, or decisions, or with siblings, neighbors, moves, vehicles, short trips, local activities, or electronics, having reassessed, reworked, or released stuff here back during the Retrograde. So, forward we go again in these areas! After the Shadow ends, we then enter brand new opportunities from the 18th-July 5th. The day wraps with adjustments to Uranus and Venus in Taurus. So, we tweak a bit, work around, bend a bit, when it comes to love, income, beauty, pleasure, friends, groups, online interests, possessions, purchases, values, or aspirations in the story. 
 PRAYER today is around 'May we speak up for truth and be willing to hear both sides before acting'. Peak time is 6-6:06pm Eastern, 5-5:05pm Central, 4-4:05pm Mountain, 3-3:05pm Pacific, see you there! 

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