Sunday, June 12, 2022



Scorpio Moon squares Saturn, makes nice with Neptune and Pluto, and then opposes Mercury, all between 10:45am and 5:40pm Eastern. Pay attention to where you are emotionally with all of this today since you'll be showing up physically or getting more personally involved in a similar dynamic on Thursday. Scorpio Moon wants to go deeper, make it more intimate, share, purge, destroy, rebirth, transform. It works through financial means, sexual scenarios, power, death, birth, or third-party situations. The square to Saturn tests us as far as vigor, endurance, time, effort, commitments, responsibilities, endings, or ambitions go with these matters this morning. Perhaps we're tired or have other obligations or feel overburdened. There could be issues with friends, groups, the internet, gatherings, freedoms, or aspirations that color the story of where this is headed. Next, Neptune harmonizes and so wants to lean into the magical, spiritual, romantic, artistic, or dreamy side of the equation and is in flow, best to get lost in the potential here and let go of the Saturn limitations. This may help with institutions or research as well. Then Pluto forms an opportunity to the Moon and so wants to bring home the Scorpio topics of finances, sex, birth, death, divorce, or third-party matters in an opportunity to focus on personal goals in the mix or where career is going or how authority figures are playing a part, door open. Finally, Mercury is opposed by the Moon and so wants to move the ball forward in talks, meetings, sales, offers, or decisions with another regarding values, being valued, income, purchases, possessions, or pleasures in this story. So, we wrap up our Scorpio Moon for the month via all of these combinations and then the Moon heads into a brief Void from 5:40-6:31pm Eastern. Void: take the hands off the wheel, you are changing signs in a bit, new energy field up ahead. We then enter Sagittarius who immediately begins to resonate with Jupiter, Sagittarius's ruler, in Aries, which perfects by 3:26am. This means the rest of the day has this uplifting vibe to it, a feeling of expectation, generosity, expansion, or perhaps dare I say it, happiness. We are shifting our focus to our experience of growth via higher learning or teaching, media, law, travel, foreign interests, distant situations, ceremonies, philosophy, religion, or politics. Or we are abandoning our fears and opening up to adventure of some sort in our life. And let us not forget the influence of Aries on this, we are ready to take action! I'm digging the end of day energy for sure. 
  PRAYER today is around 'May we let go of that which weighs us down to make a space for that which broadens our potential'. Peak time is 3:30-3:35pm Eastern, 2:30-2:35pm Central, 1:30-1:35pm Mountain, 12:30-12:35pm Pacific, see you there! 

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