Saturday, June 18, 2022



Today is the last day of the Mercury Retrograde Shadow, yay! So, if you have any last bit to hash out regarding what you were focused on in your do-over about siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, writing, sales, moves, short trips, local activities, talks, meetings, or offers since May 1st it comes today, otherwise, we are moving into new opportunities and ideas tomorrow onward. Venus and Saturn are testing us today while the Sun and Moon are in flow so it's a little bit of this and a little bit of that, lol. Both configurations are interested in an aspiration or are focused on something social, online, original, or about freedoms. With the Venus/Saturn square some of this is too tired, hard to reach, overwhelmed, overburdened, feels pressed for time, or is otherwise committed, and you'll feel this when it comes to the love, income, beauty, or pleasure in the mix today. With the Sun/Moon harmonic we have the ability to overlook any shortcomings by focusing on our own potential to make decisions and to lean into what we can show up for locally, on short trips, with the move, with our choices, and we can reflect this in our communications with others. In other words, since we know there is some kind of blockage today, instead of getting all bothered by it we can choose to be upbeat and stay in our own lane about what we want to achieve, if we do this, we find our flow and things are much easier. Example, 'Oh, we have this shared aspiration but you can't do A, B, or C today, ok, I got this for now and you can catch up when you get past whatever the limiting factor is, don't worry' verses 'Oh, we have this shared aspiration but you can't do A, B, or C today, well you freaking jerk, you told me you would, what the heck are you thinking, blah, blah, blah.' This conversation could even be an internal you are having with yourself since you may be the one who is not able to muster something at some point today so go easy on yourself if so. Once we get past 7:01pm eastern the Pisces Moon takes over, so we then start to think more about artistic, romantic or spiritual interests or decide to rest, recuperate, research, or deal with institutions. This should be about more magical or inspired vibes in the air. Venus starts to get in a better mood at this point, shifting her need for love, income, beauty, or pleasure towards these artistic, romantic, spiritual, institutional, recuperative, or research topics and finding opportunities opening. That is if and only if you don't feel compelled to call out whatever the earlier blockage was about and instead go with the opportunity to flow with this now. Yarg, what a complicated day, but still, lots of promise! 
  PRAYER today is around 'May we be selective with our words and mindful of our limits, while true to our course.'  Today's peak time for this prayer 5:30-5:35pm Eastern, 4:30-4:35pm Central, 3:30-3:35pm Mountain, 2:30-2:35pm Pacific, see you there! 

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