Thursday, June 23, 2022



Taurus Moon kicked in this morning and will be forming an alliance with the Sun in Cancer today. This means the Lights are grooving and so should we be with a focus on our income, purchases, possessions, values, the things we are building, or pleasures and what's going on at home, with real estate deals, moves, renovations, family, parents, roommates, security, or emotional needs. Time to show up and get involved or make it personal and pursue our ends, doors are open. Don't forget to tune in tonight for the weekly astro show and a look at our week ahead, I'll be talking about the New Moon and Neptune Retrograde for each sign, link below! PRAYER today is around 'May we build upon solid roots, with love.'  Today's peak time for this prayer 12:10-12:15pm Eastern, 11:10-11:15am Central, 10:10-10:15am Mountain, 9:10-9:15am Pacific, see you there! 

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The WEEKLY ASTROLOGY Show for June 23-30 goes live at 8pm eastern/5pm pacific, LISTEN HERE: 

The JULY MONTHLY ASTROLOGY SHOW for signs Aries-Aquarius: I will be recording the July Show for Pisces later today so check back here for it, I will update the link for that as soon as it's up!

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