Thursday, June 9, 2022



We continue today with our one-on-ones with clients, specialists, partners, representatives, and other key relationships, keeping busy, motivating, making things happen, thanks to the Libra Moon and Mars in opposition this morning. We then are focused with these folks in making adjustments regarding a purchase, our possessions, love, income, beauty, social matters, online interests, or aspirations. Here we can be focused on a change or on being in the moment with what is going on, but we want to be flexible as well. And then once we get past all of this we move into a lovely harmonic between the Sun and Moon, bringing in talks, meetings, short trips, writing, sales, offers, or decisions that flow with or about these partners, clients, specialists, agents, attorneys, or advocates, and this should round out the night. Don't forget to tune in tonight for the Weekly Astro Show! I'll be looking at the second half of Mercury's Shadow as he moves back into Gemini and the Full Moon in Sagittarius for your sign, link below.
PRAYER today is around 'May we be guided by our higher power to give where necessary with others and to ask for the same when needed'. Peak time is 5:35-5:40pm Eastern, 4:45-4:50pm Central, 3:45-3:50pm Mountain, 2:45-2:50pm Pacific, see you there! 

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