Saturday, June 4, 2022



An epic push to get something done when it comes to love, money, beauty, possessions, purchases, or products is on first thing this morning, if you didn't already get underway with it last night. For some of you, the opposite may occur where this frictional energy pattern means you just want to do nothing at all and that's ok, it passes soon enough. We then start to find more opportunities for fun, the kids, lovers, creative ventures, and our talks or meetings, short trips or local activities, writing or sales, or offers or decisions. The later evening then brings back tension around the possessions, products, income, or purchases so we may be back at the same thing, albeit this time with a friend or online influence, or with a push to break away from something, so I guess pace yourself today. The big news for Saturday is that Saturn is going to Retrograde at 5:47pm Eastern and will be sending us back over old territory now through Oct 23rd at 12:07am Eastern. It's a do-over! Time to reflect on the time we give something, our efforts, the rules, responsibilities, any limits, endings, long-term commitments, structures that support/don't support, or ambitions in the story. The focus is on our aspirations, original projects, freedoms, friends, groups, online interests, astrology, charities, gatherings, causes, or perhaps with Aquarians. So, see what you can go back to the past to reevaluate, what current, ongoing situation can use some reassessing, or where you can rekindle, release or rework past or present situations to get something right or let it go.
  PRAYER today is around the theme 'May we be guided to give our time to that which is worthy of such a precious gift'. Peak time today for our prayer is 5:45-5:50pm Eastern, 4:45-4:50pm Central, 3:45-3:50pm Mountain, 2:45-2:50pm Pacific, see you there! 

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