Wednesday, June 15, 2022



    Capricorn Moon is pushing us harder in the early part of the day or testing us in some way thanks to the squares to Jupiter and Mars in Aries. So, we have a goal or are focused on our career or a boss, parent, director, judge, mentor, or other authority figure, or we're out in the spotlight in some way, and we're putting in more time, effort, ambition if we are pushing harder, or feel frustrated or blocked in some way if we need to figure out what is testing us. Lean into the more motivated side of this energy if you can, either way this could go big. It's about each person's individual efforts, needs, and reactions and this can be beneficial, it's just being willful or egocentric that can get you in trouble. We then move into flow with Uranus in Taurus, as things get exciting or innovative, focus on pleasures, values, money, purchases, or possessions, what's going on with friends, groups, gatherings, the internet, or aspirations, and help us find our groove. 
   PRAYER today is around calming down the more aggressive side of Mars all fired up so it's 'May we keep taking steps towards our future with sensitivity'. Today's peak time for this prayer 7:45-7:50pm Eastern, 6:45-6:50pm Central, 5:45-5:50 Mountain, 4:45-4:50pm Pacific, see you there! 

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