Saturday, June 11, 2022



Today is about Venus, Uranus and the Scorpio Moon as Venus and Uranus merge on the same degree and then come to be opposed by the Scorpio Moon over the course of our day. This is fixed energy, not budging, so the opposition is something we want to lean into perfect balance with rather than a stand-off with another. If you seek balance with this person the fixed energy can help you focus on something and see it out to the end, if you face off with them both sides will dig in deep and not budge. Venus and Uranus are in Taurus, the sign of values, purchases, income, and possessions so we can look for fresh starts coming out of these arenas from what we are doing with innovations, freedoms, social interests, online pursuits, and being open to change, as well as through love, money, beauty, or pleasures in the mix. Examples of this could be we are getting excited about a purchase or possession we have and are focused on it's potential to earn income or are sharing in the love with another about it, or we are making changes and ready to start something new with a beautiful piece of art or luxury item that brings us pleasure, or we are launching or working on something new and exciting online that is focused on our earnings, you get the idea. We are then one-on-one with another regarding Scorpio Moon energy so we see emotional drive or needs around shared experience, third-party influences, sex, reproduction, bigger financial topics, divorce, power, control, jealousy, or manipulations coming into the story. Examples could be a partner is onboard with what we are doing with a purchase or income need and is helping us dig deeper, purge, evolve, and focus on the loan, inheritance, their money in the equation, or some other financial interest beyond the income in the situation, or we are focusing this on a client or many clients and the new online portal we've set up to connect, or we meet with the green eyed monster and face off with a partner over jealousy and this causes some sudden change to the relationship as someone wants to break free, see, not really worth going into stand-offs today. So, make the most of it!     PRAYER today is around 'May we be open to positive change that opens our heart'. Peak time is 6:55-7pm Eastern, 5:55-6pm Central, 4:55-5pm Mountain, 3:55-4pm Pacific, see you there! 

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