Wednesday, June 1, 2022



Happy June! Cancer Moon slipped in while we slept so we wake today with more of a focus on our emotional needs, our home, family, real estate interests, roommates, history, or security. This is in a frictional square with Jupiter and Mars in Aries today, so we are pushing to do more, expand our horizons, get more personally or physically involved, deal with any passions, anger or motivating forces we need to around it, and perhaps look at travel plans, legal needs, educational pursuits, media ventures, politics, religion, or ceremonies in the mix. We also have an opportunity alignment with Venus which opens up potential to smooth things out or attract the love, income, beauty, or pleasure into what we are doing about possessions, purchases, earnings, or products in the mix. Sounds like a good day to move your stuff around at home or earn from home or property, or make purchases involving family interests, you get the idea, doors open. The June Monthly Horoscopes are now up, read them here:

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