Friday, June 17, 2022



Today is a great day for pursuing aspirations, going big with ideals and causes, focusing on charitable pursuits, spending time with friends, groups or online, enjoying your astrology-oh yeah, making travel plans, taking care of yourself, showing up for the things that interest you, trying new things, learning or teaching, focusing on media, ceremonies, religion, or politics, and expanding your horizons. We have really nice alignments to support all of this but with one some point in the midst of this Uranus brings a wild card and we'll have to pivot-think Ross-and be on our toes as we are tipped off kilter regarding a possession, a purchase, our income, a product, or something about being valued/our values. Examples; maybe you're grooving with your internet work and the dog knocks over a glass breaking it (and hopefully not spilling into the computer) so you have to run and clean up the shards before getting back to work, or you are out with a friend having fun but when you head into the movie realize you forgot your wallet and have to ask them to pay for your ticket, or your payment online does not go through for some reason at one point, you get the idea, you want to really delve into all that can be accomplished today because overall it is in flow but just expect some moment or two when you have to dance. I'm doing the July Monthly Astro Show today if you'd like to tune in: 12pm eastern/9am Pacific 😊
PRAYER today is around 'May we find comradery and joy in our day and may we spread this positive vibe to others.'  Today's peak time for this prayer 9:35-9:40pm Eastern, 8:35-8:40pm Central, 7:35-7:40pm Mountain, 6:35-6:40pm Pacific, see you there! 

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