Wednesday, June 22, 2022



We should get the best of both worlds today with our Aries Moon energy. First, it is moving to merge with its ruler, Mars, giving us that added bit of fire, getting us busy, active, motivated, passionate, and making things happen. Second, Aries Moon meets up with Saturn in an opportunity alignment which helps us to get serious, make commitments, engage friends, groups, the internet, or aspirations, put in the time, cement things, or structure them in ways that support. So, we can rev it up and solidify it throughout the day. Venus moves into Gemini at 8:34pm Eastern to tour this sign now through July 17th. She last toured this sign from May 9th-June 2nd in 2021 for some perspective. She is about love and income as well as beauty and pleasure. In Gemini she wants two of everything, lol, or she can see both sides of the situation, she wants to learn a bit about everything or impart her knowledgeable quips about it all as she goes about her business. She can be two-faced or vacillate back and forth without making a decision but can equally be the most charming and flirtatious in this territory. She brings her love, income, beauty, or pleasure to the local arena or is found on short trips. She can pour out through writing, sales, interviews, talks, or meetings. She is also in the realm now of brothers, sisters, neighbors, moves, vehicles, and electronics. And of course, can put a Gemini in the spotlight around these topics over these weeks ahead. So, look at all of these possibilities, could you earn through your writing or write a love letter that brings a blush? Could you get out more to enjoy the beauty around you locally or on a short trip, or is there more love with siblings or connected to a move going on? Could you improve your income through something you do with sales now or find more pleasurable times with your neighbors? Could you make some money on a vehicle you want to sell? You get the idea, take a look at the possibilities. 
PRAYER today is around 'May we be diplomatic and see both sides in situations so that we better facilitate love.'  Today's peak time for this prayer 8:30-8:35pm Eastern, 7:30-7:35pm Central, 6:30-6:35pm Mountain, 5:30-5:35pm Pacific, see you there! 

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