Monday, November 30, 2009


The December Monthly is still posted beneath this weekly forecast for those who wish to check on it.

The Week Ahead:


Monday you are going to want to deal with news, have the talk, take the meeting, or make the decision about the trip, legal matter, media venture, or educational matter but there is something coming at you that you didn’t anticipate. It is a day to think on your feet and realize it will probably change tomorrow anyway.

Tuesday Uranus stations Direct and you are going to be ready to really break out of the box. New ideas you have been working on behind closed doors can move forward now and you may get a bit of a surprise you didn't see coming today as well. Venus enters your ninth house so you can now attract money or love through travel, media, publishing, publicity, education, or legal matters. Your social circle will be where opportunity lies in this so reach out. The Full moon tonight or early tomorrow is about something local, an idea, communication, written project, agreement, short trip, or sibling matter coming to a head.

Wednesday hosts lovely aspects and is positive for talks about doing something creative or pushing the creative project forward, or for sharing passions with a lover, or talking about something you can do with a child. The flow with friends, social occasions and networking is very happy and lucky.

Thursday emotions shift to a more intense arena over home and feelings of security. Goals may seem a bit daunting or career agendas may be changing or morphing on some level. Do your best to stretch out a bit in the media, travel, educational, or legal realm regarding a woman, love o money. Don’t expect too much today from a partner, agent or attorney.

Friday the energy is so much more up and promising with opportunity tied to partners, agents or attorneys and the work or time you want to see with them. Target this significant person for love or money in the media, travel, education, or legal arena.


Monday brings up an issue with a friend regarding financial matters or sexual intimacy. This is not a talk for the light hearted as the twists and turns it take may leave you a bit off kilter. If you are asked to lend to a friend or for money from a group out of the blue today, best to decline unless you can afford to kiss it good-bye.

Tuesday you will see the landscape shift with friends, groups, social events, and aspirations. Innovative ideas and unique associations are now moving forward again.Things may change today between you and a friend or they may act out in an unusual way. Venus enters the financial house to help you attract outside resources. This house also rules intimacy so you may meet someone sexy during this time. The Full Moon brings an income matter to a peak so you can expect to see one source of earnings end or a celebration over a big paycheck.

Wednesday the mood lifts and there is positive push towards making money on things you want to do at home or to the property. This can also open doors to spend on passions at home as well. Career is being aspected powerfully today with luck and prosperity so apply yourself towards earnings.

Thursday emotions are more intense as talks or negotiations over a trip, media or publishing venture, education, or legal matter build. You will want to make an adjustment to what is occurring financially or intimately and be willing to put in more time and work. Just pace yourself so health doesn’t suffer.

Friday brings opportunity again, this time from a woman around passions or finances or with a love or money matter tied to work, health or pets. You want to express yourself in some combination here since the chances are in your favor.


Monday is a challenging day for Gemini if you are having a talk with a partner or about partnership, or with an agent or attorney. There is something on the career front or goal oriented that you can’t quite see eye to eye on. This could be a surprise, change or something unusual or original needing a voice.

Tuesday your career Midheaven get a lightning bolt from Uranus as he shifts in the sky. Innovative ideas can move forward now, friends, groups and internet are now moving in flow with you, and a surprise or change in direction may find you out of the blue. Venus moves into your partnership house which brings love and money through these significant others over the next few weeks. The Full Moon today is in your sign bringing your identity, personal ego needs, body, or image to a peak in some way, think an ending or celebration, possibly both!

Wednesday the energy is divine and favors you as the central figure in talks or meetings filled with passion or action. Jupiter is protecting and helping you expand through travel, media, education, or legal channels so step up and be counted.

Thursday emotions are a bit more intense as financial worries or major changes on this front are brought up for discernment. A female partner, agent or attorney is in the picture here and you will need to make some allowances or adjustments if you wish to get to the income matter. The creative project has limitations for now or will require more work than you feel is relative to the money.

Friday brings a solution or opportunity to figure one out as Venus moves into positive alignment from your house of partners, agents and attorneys to meet with solid, serious commitment to the creative venture, love affair or child related matter. This has legs.


Monday you will have to talk about or make a decision regarding a work effort, pet or health matter. This is not really an easy conversation as there is a need for independence or originality in the media venture, trip, educational matter, or legal issue. Things change tomorrow so hold off a bit longer.

Tuesday you will get a big lightning bolt of energy finally moving forward around travel, media, education, or legal matters. Changes and innovations as well as unusual or brilliant people will now be the theme here. Venus enters your work, health and pets zone this day to help you attract the love or money you need through these arenas. It’s a great time to work with women and to bring in more income for your work. The Full Moon today is in the hidden part of your chart so anything that has been brewing behind closed doors or behind your back will reach a crescendo now. Hospital stays, research, film or fantasy work, psychic energy and time in retreat all peak at this time as well.

Wednesday brings great opportunity to go after the income from something you have been developing behind closed doors or through a fantasy, film, artistic, spiritual, research, or psychic venture. There is luck through other people’s money for this as well today so stretch here.

Thursday emotions are going to be intense in any dealings with partners, agents or attorneys. This is about a powerful person entering the picture or about you trying to balance power between you and this person. You will need to adjust how you are approaching the work or health and keep an eye on responsibilities or limitations at home.

Friday opportunity is back on tap on the work front, with pets and with health. Women are favorable and love or money may play out in one of these arenas. There is a solid link to serious time, work and effort at home, with property or in a living situation for you that is positive.


Monday is a challenge for you if you plan to talk to or about the creative venture, child or lover. There is a wild card in the mix where your shared financial matters are concerned, a divorce looms or an intimate matter is concerned. Expect it all to change tomorrow and choose your words accordingly.

Tuesday Uranus shifts in the sky and begins to move things forward in the part of your chart associated with intimacy, triangles, divorce, sexual connections, major finances, and reproduction. A sudden shift, surprise or change may be in store. New approaches and interesting people will also be available here as energy sparks. Venus move into your house of true love, children and creativity which bodes well for a love interest or meeting someone new if you are single. This begins a good period to attract the money you need for a creative venture or the kids as well. There is a Full Moon today to round off the intensity of feelings in your house of friendship and aspirations so expect that something is culminating or ending here. You may be celebrating at a social function, with a friend, a group, or regarding one of your major aspirations today or seeing something ending.

Wednesday the energy is very up and favors doing something with friends or a group that is active or passionate. There is great protection and luck from a partnership or specialist, agent or attorney today as well tied to this social agenda.

Thursday emotions are intense as change or power issues pop up around work, health or pets. This will most likely feel like a need to hide out or withdraw. You should do your best to appease a woman on the creative front or regarding a love interest or child, this will require a bit of a stretch. Talks or news will likely be serious today.

Friday brings much positive flow back into the picture and opportunity for you in areas of creativity, true love or children. This is about an opportunity for serious commitment or solid results through what is said, agreed to or met over.


Monday the talk or news about home, living situation, security needs, mom, family or property is going to challenge you. There is something shifting or unexpected coming from a partner, agent or attorney in this and you will have to think on your feet. The good news is this is very apt to change radically tomorrow so don’t agree just yet.

Tuesday Uranus changes direction in your partnership zone. This may mean a change of heart or a interesting surprise today but in the months ahead it means that you can now see unique and exciting energy flowing through partnership and connections with agents and attorneys. Venus enters your home today making the exit or entry of a female at home a possibility and a smoother flow where love and money are concerned at home and with property matters for the next few weeks. It’s a good time to make or spend money on real estate and home improvements. The Full Moon today is occurring in your career Midheaven which marks a peak around an important goal of yours. This is a time of celebration or endings as career and ambition crest.

Wednesday there is real opportunity on the career front. This is about taking action behind the scenes, working on the research or putting your imagination to work towards your goal. There is luck and prosperity in the area of work you are doing, health or pets tied to the goal or career ambition so push it forward today.

Thursday emotions will be intense with a friend, group affiliation, associate, network, or aspiration of yours. There is something powerful happening in the creative process or with a lover or child that is fueling this. Do your best to adjust to what is occurring at home or around security needs and be cautious with income and spending today.

Friday brings positive energy into play again as home and income align for opportunity. This could be making money at home, dealing with a woman in property matters, or the purchase or sale of a home. Renovations or remodels are good ways to spend money today as well.


Monday is a challenging conversation about something unexpected or changing in work, health or with pets. Whatever monkey wrench is thrown out there today do your best to talk it through but realize it will most likely change by tomorrow so don’t commit just yet.

Tuesday Uranus stations Direct in your work, health and pet zone so you will see some new ideas and fresh approaches now opening up here, you may have a surprise or change in one of these areas today as well. Venus enters your communications zone so expect talks and agreements to center on love and money for the next few weeks, with things going more smoothly. The Full Moon on the 1st is bringing a matter to a peak emotionally for you and this will center around a trip, someone at a distance, a media or publishing venture, education, or a legal matter.

Wednesday there is positive opportunity to pursue something with a friend, group or social function involving the media, travel, education, or legalities. There is also luck and expansion for you here through a creative outlet or where true love or children are concerned.

Thursday emotions are intense as you deal with home, property or living situations and how your security needs are changing. Goals may feel out of reach but this is about balancing the situation so look for ways to talk with a woman today about how to deal with this and be willing to tighten up around your personal needs.

Friday there is wonderful energy at play and it can mean real, solid results or long term commitment involving you and something in the neighborhood, with siblings, or with a writing project. This could be an opportunity that comes to you for love or money through a meeting you have today locally as well.


Monday will challenge you to talk or meet about the income. You may think you have to make a decision or reach an agreement about the change or surprise arriving via a creative project, lover or child. Whatever it is, know that it changes tomorrow so hold off on issuing ultimatums just yet.

Tuesday Uranus stations Direct in your house of true love, children and creative projects. Any stagnation will loosen itself now and new people and ideas will flow again, freedom is back and you may experience a surprise or change on as the energy shifts. Venus changes signs on this day as well, moving into your house of earnings and bringing her ability to attract with ease into this arena for you. This will be a time when earning flows more smoothly and you may feel like spending on lavish tastes or beautiful objects. The Full Moon today is in your house of sex, major finances and divorce so one or more of these arenas will be culminating at this time in celebration or an ending.

Wednesday is the day to pursue a goal or career agenda with vigor. There is ultimate tie in to your emotional needs being met either financially or intimately depending on the goal. Luck and prosperity are around the home and property matters today.

Thursday emotions are intense where talks or meetings are concerned. For you there is something tied to a trip, education, media matter, or legal issue that will feel charged up today. You need to deal with the woman over income and then do your best to handle any limitations with the institution or work going on behind closed doors.

Friday there is a complete shift and opportunity arrives to make money or to spend it in a beneficial way. This will best be about making a real commitment or putting in time and work with the research, hospital, film, artistic outlet, spiritual work, retreat, or work done behind closed doors.


Monday brings a bit of crazy town to the home front. Change, surprises, something different or unexpected pops up around home, property matters, living situation, or mom today and your attempts to talk about you or your needs will be challenging. Don’t get too mussed or make a snap decision as things will change a great deal tomorrow.

Tuesday Uranus stations Direct and home, property, a living situation, roommate, move, or something else solidly tied to your roots and where you hang your hat is going to loosen up and shift. Freedom, more independence, or an unconventional situation or unique approach is now the rule of the day. Venus changes signs on this day as well, moving into your sign and bringing love, money and women into the frame of personal needs and identity. It will be easier to attract what you want now and you will find that you are the object of much affection during this transit. The Full Moon today is bringing a partnership or connection with an agent or attorney to a climax, this will be about a celebration or something with them wrapping up.

Wednesday is all about the partnership, agent or attorney as you charge forward with the trip, media venture, education, or legalities. This is positive and brings opportunity your way. Talks and agreements go well with luck and blessings behind them.

Thursday emotions will be intense around the finances. Big shifts and changes and how to balance mine verses ours where making and spending is concerned are up for a look see. Come from love and do your best to express your needs from a bit of a different approach. There are group or social responsibilities in the mix that must be considered as well.

Friday brings lots of positive opportunity for money or love right to you. This is going to be connected to commitments or work you are doing with a friend, group, or network and you can see long term results or time together that will last a while.


Monday talks that are going on behind closed doors or news that is secret or about something you didn’t see coming is on the agenda. There is something out of the blue in all of this and you will do best to just stay on your toes and field the crazy time energy around talks, meetings and agreements. Everything will change quite a bit by tomorrow so do your best not to commit until then.

Tuesday Uranus stations Direct in your communications zone so you can expect some news of change or surprises in meetings, talks or agreements today. There is going to be less stagnation in the local scene and more spontaneous meetings and exciting interactions now. Neighborhood or brothers or sisters may do something a bit out of character or to surprise you today but over all agreements in life will now be about original ideas and moving out ahead of the crowd. Venus changes signs moving into your hidden area of your chart so you will find that you can attract love or money behind closed doors, through research, fantasy, or clandestinely. The Full Moon today is in the part of your chart tied to partners, agents, competitors, and attorneys so you can expect that something is peaking or ending here now, a celebration or wrapping up of the connection.

Wednesday the energy is very positive around work, health or pets. You can take action under opportune stars towards the major financial matter, the divorce or the sexy conquest. There is luck and expansion around earning money today tied to the work you do and to spending money in areas of health or pets.
Thursday emotions will be intense between you and a partner, agent or attorney. You are the one holding the power in this so keep that in mind. You will want to retreat and look over the money or love matter behind closed doors, research a bit if need be, and keep an eye on limitations or responsibilities to your career goals.

Friday the love or money you focus on behind closed doors, through strategies, research, dealing with hospitals or other institutions, or using your imagination can lead to real luck and opportunity on the career front or with important ambitions. Take leadership and commit your time or work here today.


Monday talks or news about a friend, with a friend, regarding a group or network, associate or aspiration will be a bit challenging as you field the wild card coming in around income. Whatever is changing or thrown at you here today, remember it will most likely change radically by tomorrow so don’t agree just yet.

Tuesday your ruling energy, Uranus, stations Direct in your income zone. This means that change is in the air and new ways of earning or surprises are coming your way. Someone original or unconventional may arrive with money making opportunities. Venus changes signs today as well moving into your social arena so expect that friendships and group affiliations will run smoother and that you can now attract love and money through social situations and your network of friends. A female may be important to the month as well in a positive way. The Full Moon today brings an emotional peak around a lover, child or creative project, expect to celebrate or wrap something up here.

Wednesday the energy is very positive around love, children and creative projects. This means that you can take action or express your passions with a partner, agent or attorney regarding these arenas with lucky results. Do your best to expand your horizons through this today.

Thursday emotions will be intense around something that is going on behind closed doors, with a hospital or other institution, or a work that involves research or your imagination. You need to get a handle on how this is balanced with your work effort, health or pets. Reach out to a friend or group about the love or money and keep your eye on responsibilities to the media venture, trip, education, or legality.

Friday the female friend or the love or money matter that is working through a group affiliation or social event is in very positive flow for you. There is opportunity from this to make a commitment or seed long term, solid results in a media, travel, legal, or educational outlet.


Monday talks, meetings, agreements, or news about career goals will most likely challenge. You have some new idea or need for independence or freedom that is rocking the boat a bit or you may feel as though you are out of sync with the world. Don’t let it get to you too much as things are going to change tomorrow. Hold off on committing ‘til then.

Tuesday Uranus stations Direct in your sign and you are finally ready for personal change, freedom or independence. You are going to feel like expressing your own unique style more than ever and have the energy to make it happen. Venus changes signs moving into your career zone to help you now attract the love or money you need. Women will be beneficial for you and your goals and career should flow more smoothly. The Full Moon is the third peak today bringing home, property, real estate, living situations, mom, or security issues to a climax. This will be about celebrating the culmination or wrapping up an ending.

Wednesday energy is good around home and property matters and your sense of security is rising as well. There is opportunity for work you are passionate about so go after it today. Jupiter is giving you a boost in all things involving work behind the scenes, strategies, imagination, and research.

Thursday emotions will be intense regarding a group, friend or aspiration and what your needs really are in the arena of creative output, love or with children. You are going to want to come at the love or money goal in a slightly different way today and if you must deal with a woman in a position of authority approach her in a new way as well. Keep an eye on your responsibilities to loans or debt and save intimacy for another day.

Friday brings the flow back around to you in a very positive way. Go after the love or money, whichever goals suits your desires because there is real potential for long term, solid results in the area of major finances or sexual intimacy. If you are dealing with a divorce today’s energy helps you get what you want.


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