Sunday, November 15, 2009


Thank you for all of the wonderful suggestions for what you would like my first Astrology Book to cover! You guys rock :)

Alrighty then! The changes are beginning to percolate, we have the feeling that something big is shifting and it is. It’s a good thing. It is evolvement time, push and stretch a bit further out of the caccoon. You are going to just LOVE your butterfly wings once you get there.

This week is really shaping up in a most powerful, positive way on top of this change.
Monday brings a New Moon in the sign of Scorpio, it doesn’t get more powerful than that my friends. This is blast off kind of surging and it wants to help you take the first major step forward in the new paradigm. Scorpio rules the transcendent, it is about deconstructing and rebirthing major financial matters, sex, reproduction, divorce, the money that comes to you through partners and banks. It can be about destroying something to make way for the new, about death and rebirth, control, manipulations and triangles. This New Moon has Uranus in positive alignment urging you to do something new, to take a fresh approach, be independent, embrace your original idea. Key word: CHANGE

Tuesday Mercury aligns with Saturn so we are being given the chance to do Mercury things such as talk, meet, make or break agreements, take short trips, connect or deal with siblings, and tackle things going on in the neighborhood. As we go about sharing ideas or making agreements we have the connection of Saturn in a very positive support of stability or work coming from what we put forth. The Moon which rules our emotions will make positive aspects to both of these planets today so get serious about what you want and then communicate it or sign the paperwork!!!

Wednesday wakes with motivation and the desire to make it happen. This may feel like taking action on something you are interested in or about sharing passion with someone. Either way it should get you out of bed with a smile :) There is a wonderful opportunity aspect from these feelings to what you are doing artistically, romantically, spiritually, with groups, aspirations or friends, and it all looks like it will lead to luck or prosperity if you dive in. Uranus pops by to toss a wildcard into the mix, that naughty Uranus.

Thursday Venus and Mars go at it and well…um… you kinda get the drift with that one, right?! This is a day that is frictional and magnetic, you will see both sides playing out around you from anger and action taken on love and money matters to wild attractions and passions kicking into high gear. Emotions are intense so forewarned is forearmed, in other words if you think it is just a fun moment in the hay they may come looking for you with a pitch fork, lol.

Friday is an ambitious day, one to focus on goals and reputation, fame and career. You need to make a few active adjustments now around the creative output here or in some way involving love, lovers or children in the mix. Venus is rewarding your efforts with smooth opportunities for love or money that emanates from other people.


This week is vital in the new chapter you are beginning dear Aries. It starts today. You have a powerful New Moon in the house of those you share the important things with so areas of loans, debt, credit, taxes, insurance, settlements, inheritance, bankruptcy, royalties, joint finances, and any other outside resource is where you are to begin something new, now. This part of the chart also rules sex, intimacy, reproduction and divorce so the way you share your body and how that plays out in feeling deeply connected to another is something you need to take a new step towards evolving as well. What do you want to change here? You have 2 strong weeks as of today to begin the process.

Tuesday you will be talking with attorneys, agents, partners, or in talks about competitors or opponents. This is truly positive energy that is there to help you settle something, reach a solid agreement, share an idea that has value and long term potential, take a meeting that can be built on in the future. The topics here are vast but all tie into the higher mind and disseminating information so law and legal matters, media, publishing and publicity, education both teaching or taking classes, travel and dealing with foreign people or ideas, import/export, politics, religion or ceremonies. Put it out there today, sign the papers if all of your ducks are in a row.

Wednesday your ruler is active upon waking in a lovely aspect to any or all of the above. If you dive into passion with a lover or do something with a child or creative outlet the energy promises positive flow. A friend, group, social function, networking event, or aspiration is being super charged for you so reach out and connect, there is opportunity in it now and luck. Uranus tosses in something you didn’t see coming, duck and cover, the smile.

Thursday the Venus/Mars square is heating it up big time for you. This is your ruler so it is personal and it is playing out between the 8th and 5th houses. So, look forward to all kinds of love and passion that is highly charged or to tackling issues around creative ventures, lovers or children and the major money matter at hand. It is a very intense day emotionally where goals may be limited a bit where partners, agents or attorneys are concerned so pick your battles well.

Friday your ruler is active again so expect action or passion in the arena of creative projects, children and lovers. This is about making an adjustment to what you wanted or to a career agenda. Venus is promising opportunity for love or money by days end, it will be deeply connected to a sexual partner or someone else’s pocket book.


The New Moon on Monday is powerful with a capital P. It is helping you to begin something in the arena of partnership and representation. Look at your business partners or lack thereof, is there someone you want to join forces with? Do you need to change something significant within a partnership that already exists? The same goes for romantic partners and marriage, this is about a new beginning. If you have thought about marriage counseling this is a great time to begin. If you have to take steps with the divorce or settlement, begin it now. Agents, attorneys, competitors, and enemies are also areas to look at for fresh starts.

Tuesday is a serious day for talks and meetings, agreements and decisions. It is a positive day where there is opportunity to make real headway through what you say and agree upon. The focus here is around the finances, intimacy, divorce, or death and rebirth of something powerful. Change is also a topic. Look for ways to get real about the health, work or pets involved, make commitments here or do the work necessary to solidify the agreement.

Wednesday you wake with positive feelings regarding the money, sex, or divorce. This in turn is going to gear you up big time to tackle home, property, living situation, move, renovation, remodel, or anything else having to do with the place you hang your hat or the land you own. There is great energy supporting expansion and luck around the goals you are aiming at and your career could benefit by any financial moves or intimate connections instigated today. The wild card comes through a friend, group or social occasion.

Thursday brings the Mars/Venus square, zowie! This is playing out as energy directed at love or money, so you can expect friction building here as anger or passion and the need to make something happen. It will affect your partnership/marriage and home/living situation so you may be having a wild time at the home front today with your significant other or anger could drive one of you to storm out. Agents and attorneys are another area tied to property matters so you may push for a sale or have to tackle doing something to the home to move it. Emotions are very intense today for everyone and yours will be focused on legalities, media, education, or travel.

Friday the focus will be completely on one of these areas: travel, media or publishing, higher education, or legal matters. You need to do something about the home or property in adjustment to your feelings here. Venus is rewarding you with positive opportunity and support through the attorney, agent, partner, or in dealing with the opponent.


Monday is a powerful new dawn for you in areas of health, work or pets. This is about going out and securing new work, about taking a fresh approach to the work at hand, it is a new start in how you share work and how the outside resources are shared. It is opening up a strong 2 week period for a new approach to health if you will begin now. In areas of reproduction you have a boost from the universe now so if this is a health issue go for new procedures or opinions. Pets can transform your life at this juncture and if you need to make a change or adopt a new furry friend this is the time to initiate the fresh start.

Tuesday is a day you don’t want to let slip away. This is about a talk, meeting or agreement that is possible with a partner, agent or attorney. It is about solid results or commitment coming from what is said in areas of creative projects, love, recreation, speculation, or children. Emotions are high here and if you come from the heart you will see something move forward at this point, be willing to put in the time and effort to connect.

Wednesday you should wake feeling pretty great about the partnership, the marriage, the agent, or attorney. Mars is active from this so you will feel like tackling quite a bit locally, making a few short trips, or flooding the phone lines with communications. Talks of passion or what you are going to do to get things going are in high gear with the partner, agent or attorney. Jupiter and Neptune are so placed to bring the opportunity for luck and expansion through media, travel, education, or legal matters concerning these people in your life. Uranus tosses in a wild card around goals or career so expect to deal with something surprising or changing here.

Thursday Venus and Mars square off and the planet is rocking! This is about love and money charging up around passion, action or anger. For you it is occurring in the work, pets and health arena. You will hear about it or speak your truth, declarations of love or anger, and lots of activity on the local scene, with siblings, short trips and through emails or other communications. Watch the co-workers, what occurs while working, the gym or hike, doctors or other health related arenas, and you could encounter someone who sets your world on fire while out walking the dog or doing something equally pet related! Emotions are intense today around intimacy and finances.

Friday the focus is on the sex or intimate connection, divorce, or major financial matter such as a loan, debt, credit, settlement, inheritance, alimony, child support, bankruptcy, or joint finances. You need to take action locally by running some errands or moving, or you need to talk or meet with someone and come from your passions. It is about adjusting your routine or way you are communicating. Venus is promising the opportunity for love or money through the work you do, your health approach or with the pets.


It’s a Scorpio New Moon on Monday and you are going to be feeling it big time! This is intense because you are ruled by the Moon and always feel her shifts as well as the fact that it is occurring in fellow water sign, Scorpio and coming on top of the Saturn/Pluto square in cardinal energy like your own. You are ready to be shot out of the cannon and you are going to land in an amazing place so load ‘em up! From today you have 2 powerful weeks to launch in areas of creative projects, with children, recreation, speculation, and true love. For some of you there is going to be a meeting with a destined love, for others you are about to launch the creative venture that is going to put you on the map, for others there is a project involving children, the conception of a child or doing something new with kids. Because the South Node of Karma is traversing your sign, there is a strong implication that someone from a past life is about to show up or get involved to help you carry this forward. What are you waiting for?!

Tuesday is the day to schedule the meeting, have the talk, make the decision, sign the document, or share the idea. You want to open up about work, health or pets. This is going to be about getting real or something solid occurring around home, living situation, a property matter, or mom as a result of what is said or agreed upon. It is very positive energy so think about what you want here and then tell them.

Wednesday you should wake with positive feelings about the work, health or pet situation. Mars is going to spur you to dive into the income realm because of this so you will be up and ready to make money or out the door ready to spend it on the work, health or pet. There is extremely lucky and protective energy around outside financial resources today and the sharing of expenses or intimacy. Uranus tosses in a wild card to be tackled around legal matters, travel, media, or education.

Thursday the Venus/Mars square is in full swing and this is exciting, frictional, passionate, active, or angry energy. It is all about the love or money and what you are doing about it. For you this is playing out in areas of creative projects and the money you can make or spend here, or around lovers or children and the income coming in or going out. Emotions are intense today for everyone and for you this will be around partners, agents, attorneys or home.

Friday the focus is on the area of your partnerships, business or romantic, and the people who represent you such as attorneys or agents. You need to go make money or spend some today as you adjust to this relationship. You may be tackling a possession that involves them as well. Venus is promising lots of love or money coming to you through this connection, look for ways to have fun, express your creative side and show your love.


Hello lovely Leos! Monday is a big new beginning for you if you so choose in the arena of home, property, real estate, land, living situation, moving, renovating, or mom! This is a very powerful time when you can focus on fresh starts here, commit finances or connect intimately, find ways to share the experience and more than anything else, seek transformation through change! You have 2 strong weeks from the universe with support for your efforts here.

Tuesday is the day to have the talk or meeting, come to a agreement, make a decision or share an important idea regarding a creative endeavor, or with a lover or child. Saturn is in position to make this serious in a positive way, to help you find long term results from what is said or agreed to. Look for ways to commit or put in the effort locally, through neighborhood efforts, enlist siblings, make short trips and take the lead in all communications.

Wednesday you should wake feeling pretty great about the creative venture, child or love. Mars is going to spur you to take action or physically on the creative venture or child issue, or to share your passions with your lover, it’s all good. There is wonderful protective, expansive energy around partnership, marriage, and representation so connect with these significant people. Uranus tosses in a wild card around intimacy, secrets, divorce, or a major financial matter.

Thursday Venus and Mars square off and the fireworks commence. This is a frictional, exciting, passionate, action oriented, or angry day out there in matters of love and money. For you this is playing out at home, with living situations, moves, remodels, property or real estate matters, and you are going to be quite active physically. So you may be moving, renovating, sharing passion at home with a lover, storming out of the home in a heated exchange, doing the work to change something with the property or home, you get the idea. Emotions are intense today and this will play out over work, health or pets.

Friday you will focus on the work, health matter or pets. Feelings are locked into these arenas and you will want to actively get into the mix and make some adjustments to get to where you want to be. So, you will be getting to the gym or out on the hike, tackling the work in a slightly different way or taking the dogs to a new park, anything to be active and involved. Venus is making it happen via love or money at home, with the living situation, move, or property matter. There is opportunity today to put in the work and see results.


Monday is powerful energy for you in all things communication related. This is a New Moon in Scorpio so there is intensity, control, major finances, and intimacy all wrapped up in what you decide to say, agree to, write, perform locally or attend to in the neighborhood, conceive with a brother or sister, or embark upon involving short trips. You have 2 strong weeks to seed new communications ventures and make or break agreements with universal support.

Tuesday brings a very important talk, meeting, agreement, or decision. This is about the home, where you live and with whom, a move, a property or land matter, a real estate deal, renovations or remodels, and anything that has to do with the roots you are putting down. You need to commit your income or find a way to make money from this. What you talk or agree about today will go a long way and have solid results via home and income so set it in motion.

Wednesday opens on good feelings about the home or living situation, property or real estate deal. Mars is sparking you to tackle some things in private here that are beneficial. There is very lucky and expansive energy aligned to help you stretch out through work at home or working around real estate. You can also find happy, protective ways to tackle any health matters. Pets at home are a great comfort as well and you may want to take in another at this time. Partners or representatives may toss a wildcard into the mix tonight.

Thursday Mars and Venus square off in a feisty frictional encounter that can produce excitement and passion between the sexes or all kinds of anger or action over love or money. For you this is going on behind closed doors, something being worked on behind the scenes or through research, a fantasy encounter or project, something artistic or spiritual, or involving a hospital or prison. Communications are key in what occurs. Emotions are intense today around creative projects, children or lovers.

Friday the focus is going to be on the creative outlet, the child or the love/lover. You need to do some inner work, take some time alone or retreat with this person, or you need to dive into the film or fantasy work, research or investigatory time, or tackle something with them at a hospital or prison. Adjust your approach for best results. Venus is positioning herself to open up opportunity to express love or discuss money with a lover, child or regarding a creative project in a very positive way.


Hold on dear Libra! Monday is bringing you a one/two power punch new beginning in the arena of income, sweet :) This is about 2 very powerful weeks ahead where you can find new sources of income, ask for a raise, and pursue ways of making more money with the support of the universe behind you. This is also a good time to spend some of your earnings towards money making ventures within safe parameters of course. If you need to deal with a possession from jewelry to property, this is the time when you should be able to find the resources to do so.

Tuesday is an important day to mark on your calendar for a talk, meeting, decision, or agreement. It is time to get serious, to commit time or work or effort. You will want to open up about the idea, make or break the agreement, and schedule any important meeting you can thing about for today. You can meet people in the neighborhood or doing your routine who may have an important idea for you or they may become more important in your life up ahead. Connect with siblings over important matters as well.

Wednesday the ideas are popping, there is excited communications being stirred up so dive in and connect with others, there is a friend or group you can go do something with if you open up talks first and this looks very positive. Luck and expansion are aligning as well today through creative endeavors, recreational activities, love and romance, and time involved with children. The wild card comes via a pet, work or health matter.

Thursday Mars and Venus square each other and sparks fly. Everyone is a bit amped up over exciting, passionate energy and this can play out as action or anger over love or money. You will be seeing energy around income and a friend or group, aspiration or social function as the backdrop for all of this energy. Emotions are intense at home and involving living situations or property.

Friday the focus is on the home, living situation or property matter and you are going to want to do something with a friend, group or socially involving making a bit of an adjustment here. Venus is smiling on you via income so you can make money from home or on a property matter today if you are proactive.


It’s that time of year dear Scorpio! You have a brand New Moon in your sign and it is charging you up for a great new adventure in the year ahead. You have w very strong weeks where anything you launch that is tied to you, your image, identity or physical body has intense support from the universe behind it. Think about ways to get your name out there, to change your name, spruce up your image, do something with your body such as start a work-out routine, deal with any medical issues, or start a diet. Ask yourself what you really want to make yourself happy and then take the steps to make it so.

Tuesday brings the opportunity for a very serious talk, meeting, agreement or decision. The topic is money. You need to put in the time and effort, make the commitment, open up and find an agreement, ask for the raise, go after the other source of income, whatever fits with your scenario. There is great potential for finding it through research or digging a bit, meeting in private, money for fantasy or film, the arts or something tied to hospitals or prisons, retreat or spirituality. Whatever you come up with behind the scenes today can truly have long term results monetarily.

Wednesday feelings should be good upon waking regarding the money situation. Mars is going to spur you on to pursue your ambitions and make some moves on the career front, these are supported by the positive income energy so you should make some great strides today. Luck and protection is around home and property matters, moves, living situations, security issues, land, or mom. Putting money here or making it through one of these arenas is possible today.

Thursday Mars and Venus square and this is all about the love or money meeting up with action, passion or anger. It is a great motivating force and sparks can fly. The battle between the sexes can end in passion or anger as well today. The venue for all of this motivation around love and money is in the career and around reputation, fame, goals, or ambitions. You are in the thick of it today. Emotions are very intense out there for everyone and you may either hear about it or be the one communicating them to others.

Friday the focus is on writing projects, communications, meetings, short trips, the local agenda, or interaction with siblings. Agreements or talks can move forward but you need to take action on the career front or towards goals first, be willing to make some adjustments here. Venus is aligned to help you attract pretty much what you want today via love or money as long as you reach out and communicate your desires.


The New Moon on Monday is about a powerful 2 week period of retreat and inner reverence. This is a time to look within and invoke your imagination, to stretch yourself in fantasy and dream about what you would like to see coming into your life in the year ahead. Time spent behind closed doors seeds new beginnings in romantic, spiritual and artistic arenas. If you need to take care of any medical issues, this 2 week period is a great time to be in the hospital to get the care you need.

Tuesday brings a very serious and positive talk, meeting, agreement, or decision between you and a friend, group, organization, or associate. You can reach an agreement now, commit to something, sign up or join, and there is good reason to believe it will support your needs for a good time to come. If you have a cherished dream or aspiration, today’s talk or meeting about it may help you get closer to realizing it.

Wednesday you should wake feeling pretty good about yourself. There is good motivating energy behind Mars helping you to dive into a travel matter, media or publishing issue, tackle an educational matter such as teaching or taking a class, or deal with the legal aspects of something. There is luck and expansion occurring in the neighborhood, with siblings, short trips, or in anything you are deciding, communicating, writing, or meeting about. The wild card is in the area of home or property so watch for a surprise or change here.

Thursday Mars and Venus are all sparky with each other and this is all about the sexes, love and money, passions, action or anger. Energy is highly charged and will likely play out for you over time spent behind closed doors and the travel, media, legal, or educational matter going on. Emotions are very intense today as well and these will be playing out over income.

Friday you will want to focus on the income matter, what is made or spent. You need to travel, dive into the media or publishing venture, take a class or teach, or deal with legalities if you want to get the money ironed out. Be ready to make some adjustments in your approach. Venus is bringing love and money through fantasy, imagination, time working on your own, retreat, and artistry.


Sweet! You have a big, powerful New Moon on Monday that is going to open up some doors where your aspirations are concerned as well as give you 2 strong weeks to make fresh starts with friends and group affiliations. You may begin again with a current friendship or meet someone new who becomes significant up ahead. It is the time of year to network and attend social functions, throw parties, or do things with friends.

Tuesday brings a very important talk, meeting, decision, or agreement that you are most likely going to conduct in secret or behind closed doors. This may have to do with something you have been working on by yourself for a while now but whatever it is, there is strong connection to what you decide or talk about today leading to solid career development or the steady reaching of goals.

Wednesday you should wake feeling pretty attuned to the universe and that is no small thing. Notice your dreams and see if there is a message there for you today. The imagination and the work you are doing in private is ready to take off and this is going to motivate you to go after some outside money source or to connect passionately with someone in an intimate manner. The alignment of Jupiter and Neptune is promising luck and expansion in the area of income, either making or spending on the project.

Thursday Venus and Mars are going to mix it up and everyone is going to be feeling it. This is about love or money matters meeting up in a frictional pattern with action, passion or anger. It could mean a not encounter or motivating forces to overcome a challenge in the arena of love or money. For you this most likely plays out between a female friend and going after the finances or intimacy. Emotions are intense today and you may be the one expressing them.

Friday you want to focus on yourself a bit. Think about what you need, your image or identity, ego or body. You are going to want to pursue the money or the sex rather vigorously in all of this so get clear on what you want and then be willing to make a few adjustments in your approach. Venus is suggesting time with friends or doing something social brings opportunity tonight.


Monday is a very powerful New Moon in your career Midheaven dear Aquarius! This is such great news for you. This is giving you a brand new start to an old career matter or an important goal you have set for yourself or it can be the launching pad for a new career agenda, ambition, the opening of a business, putting the spotlight on you! Use this time period to pursue your goals, make your name and tackle anything necessary involving dad.

Tuesday brings the opportunity for an important talk, meeting, decision, or agreement. This will play out between a friend or group and something involving travel, media, publishing, classes, teaching, ceremonies, politics, publicity, or legal matters. It is a positive aspect that is there to help you come to an agreement or share an idea with someone that leads to real results. Be willing to open up and connect, the work or effort here is going to bring stable, solid rewards.

Wednesday you should wake feeling pretty great about the friend or group. This is going to lead to you wanting to do something in the area of partnership or dealing with attorneys, agents, or competitors. You can make something happen here towards your dreams if you are proactive. Luck and expansion are with your sign today so don’t hold back. There is a wild card you will have to deal with around income so expect surprises or changes in what you make or what it costs.

Thursday the battle between Mars and Venus amps up and brings about all kinds of wild energy out there between the sexes and over love and money matters. This is going to look like sparks flying in passion or anger, or something motivating you to push past obstacles. It is playing out around career or goals and partners, agents, attorneys, or competitors. Emotions are going to be intense today and you will likely be hiding them in an effort to keep things moving along.

Friday the mystical part of your chart is coming alive so any time spent alone, working behind closed doors, in meditation or retreat, fantasy or imagination, the arts or spirituality, or in dealing with research or institutions will be where the action is. You need to do something with or about the partner, agent, competitor, or attorney today and making some adjustments around how you approach it will go a long way. Venus is bringing her attractive energy to the career zone so there is potential for you to reach your love or money goals.


Monday is a powerful day for you dear Pisces. It is a brand new beginning or at the least it is offering you universal support if you choose to launch something new in the areas of travel, import/export, dealings with people at a distance, higher education, teaching or taking the class, media, publishing, publicity, politics, philosophy, beliefs, ceremonies, or legal matters. If you can look at how sharing, major finances or intimacy have played into one or more of these areas and then take the reigns and make your move into new pastures you will find that things begin to change for you.

Tuesday is an important day for a talk, meeting, decision, or agreement. You are going to be communicating about a goal or career agenda and the serious part of this scenario relates to debt, credit, insurance, taxes, settlements, inheritance, bankruptcy, joint finances, alimony, child support, sex, reproduction, divorce or death. It is about something that shared and powerful and how to make a move through the financial or intimate arena that will help you achieve your ambitions. You will want to make a final decision, agree, sign, break the agreement, or in some committed way move forward on the words you speak about it now.

Wednesday you should wake feeling pretty great about what you achieved, the goal or career matter. You are going to have the drive from Mars position to tackle the work before you, to dive into your health matter through work-outs or hikes, and to do what you need to do physically with pets. The imagination and research you put to use is there to support and benefit your goals. Spend some time behind closed doors working out your strategy.

Thursday Mars and Venus spar. This can look like the battle of the sexes, passion ignited, friction causing heated snap actions, anger or motivating forces moving you around the love or money matters. For you this is going to be focused on a love or money matter around legalities, travel, media, or education. The action or passion is coming in through work, health or pets. Single? You could meet someone hot walking the dog on the college campus or at the airport. Emotions are intense today with a friend or group you are involved with.

Friday the focus will be social. Friends, groups, networking, and parties are the place to put your energy. You are going to want to make some adjustments around the way you approach the work, health or pets if you want to meet your social desires. Venus is aligning to help you attract what you want via love or money through a trip, law, media, or education tonight.


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