Friday, November 27, 2009


Perhaps it’s the pumpkin going to my head in a cloud of pie fog, but I am looking at the weekend forecast and it appears to hold lots of potential and positive flow for us! I know that every now and then in life when we all come under the throes of huge background energy shifts, the transitions and upheavals can make it seem like much is a struggle. We will be in this massive shift for a while longer and so understanding that change and new people, situations and events are what are supposed to be happening can ease the stagger in new terrain a bit.

Here’s the thing, they managed it in the 60’s and now that the energy is replaying again, I’m quite sure we will manage it again now. During this time, I believe we can not only test ourselves against the radical shifts and learn more about who we are in our own personal journey, but we can truly find our joy in the simple things. To that end, the weekend looks quite wonderful!

Talks, meetings, agreements, decisions, and ideas are the focus and the universe is supplying some real luck and potential for expansion and prosperity attached to your words so choose them with care and open up to all this could mean up ahead for you!


Saturday opens 2 doors for talks, agreements and luck. One is through a communication you have about media, publishing, publicity, education, travel, or a legal matter. The other is through a friend, group, network, social function, or in pursuing your aspirations artistically. Make allowances for the financial matter or something shifting in intimacy and push on what is available for you in these other arenas.

Sunday brings the 2 arenas together in one of the luckiest aspects around. Talk, meet, agree, make a decision about the media, educational, legal, or travel agenda with a friend, group, networking, at a social event, or wrapped around your aspirations. There is a hugely beneficial flow around this for you, it may have started Saturday night. The rest of the day is focused on making money or dealing with money spent and any personal shifts you need to make to pull it all into line with others.


Saturday is a day to hide out behind closed doors and utilize the time to either rest and recharge your batteries or to do some research, work on something film or fantasy related, deal with a hospital or other institution, or delve into the mystic. All of this ties in nicely with talks or agreements over major financial matters or with sexual intimacy. It as well will link to luck and expansion where goals or career are concerned.

Sunday the talk, meeting, agreement, or decision is going to be about one of several things: sexual intimacy and the goal you have there, a major financial matter and career agenda, reproduction and goals, or a divorce and reputation. Whichever one it is, the energy is profoundly positive and lucky. This may begin late Saturday night. Open up and trust the benefits flowing from what is said. The rest of the day is focused on putting yourself in the middle of a media or publishing matter, trip, teaching opportunity or taking a class, or legal matter.


Saturday is all about the friends, social function, group affiliation, networking, or aspiration. Whichever it is for you, talks with partners, agents or attorneys are aligning here in a favorable way so look for how to connect the dots between social circle and significant relationships. There is also luck and prosperity opening up through these contacts and a media, travel, educational, or legal channel.

Sunday the energy between talks, meetings, agreements, or decisions with a partner, agent or attorney align in big opportunity to luck and expansion in media, publishing, travel, education, or through legal channels. This energy may begin late Saturday night. The rest of the day is about withdrawing to either rest or research, work behind the scenes on something, or deal with institutions. The mystic or psychic side of your life is emphasized to listen to the inner voice now, it aligns powerfully to deeply shared experiences.


Saturday puts the focus on the career, goals, reputation, or fame in a wonderful way. There can be talks, agreements, decisions, or meetings today about the work that ties into this as well as a lucky, expansion available through other peoples money or financial backing from banks or joint finances. If the goal is love rather than career, the energy supports intimate connections today.

Sunday brings an opportunity to talk about the work or health and to find some form of major financial support or intimate connection that rewards. This energy may begin late Saturday night but know that meetings, agreements, decisions and talks all open the door to a work or health goal being met either financially or intimately. The rest of the day is about friends, groups, social activities, or aspirations as you align with a powerful ally, partner, agent, or attorney. Make allowances for responsibilities at home and how you approach your work.


Saturday is all about the media matter, a publishing project, publicity, a trip, someone at a distance, education, or a legal matter. This is lining up to be a great day for you in one or more of these arenas as you will find that talks, meetings, agreements, or decisions about creative projects, children or lovers are in flow and you have real lucky opportunity to partner or find expanse through representation.

Sunday the talk, meeting, agreement, or decision about a lover, love, children, or a creative project align with a big break or opportunity to partner, from or through a partner, with an agent, or an attorney. Whoever the significant person is in the picture, there is great luck and prosperity available here in love, with children or through creative projects. The dialog or meeting may begin Saturday night. The rest of the day is about putting your goal before you or working on career.


The focus on Saturday is all about the major financial matter at hand, the intimate/sexual connection or the divorce. There is harmonious alignment here to talk or make a decision about home or living situation that should be in agreement. There is also real opportunity and luck aligning to the work you are doing, a health issue or a pet. So if single, you could meet someone wonderful while working out or walking the dog for example, or if you are looking to deal with debt or attract financial backing, the work shines for you today. It’s all beneficial so open up.

Sunday the talk about home, property, living situation, a move, mom, or a security issue takes center stage, (this could begin late Saturday night). There is tremendous luck and potential for expansion or prosperity in the work you do tied to this or around a health issue here. The rest of the day is focused on the trip, person or situation at a distance, media or publishing matter, education, or legal wrangling. Powerful connections to creative outlets and loved ones here are aligning. Do your best to make allowances for restrictions in spending or earnings.


Saturday is about feelings you have for a partner, agent, attorney, competitor, or the lack thereof. The focus is strong on having a conversation, sending out an introduction, writing, meeting up, making an agreement or decision, all with the universal support of harmony and good vibes. There is real opportunity today for luck and expansion with this person and a creative project, child or true love. Make allowances for any adjustments on earnings in the picture as the real benefits are huge.

Sunday or late Saturday night, a talk, agreement, decision, or meeting is on slate that can really bring expansion or luck through a creative venture, true love or children. This is big stuff here, so if you are single, get out there and allow the possibility of a fated meeting, if you are trying to get the word out or hold a meeting about a creative project or something to do with children, this is the time. The rest of the day is focused on a major financial matter, divorce or sexual intimacy. The align powerfully with home in a positive way.


Saturday is all about the work, the chores, the health, and the pets. The energy is aligning in such a way as to offer positive flow for talks about making money or spending in one of these areas. There is real luck and expansion available at home, with property, around security needs and what you are building upon now through the work, health or with small animals. Be willing to love yourself in a slightly different way right now to reap the rewards of the days energy.

Sunday or late Saturday night, a talk, meeting, agreement, or decision is opening up around an income making possibility or spending on something important. There is luck and prosperity tied to the home or property, mom or your security in this. If you need to make an agreement to buy, sell, take in a roommate, move, or in any way do something associated with where you hang your hat, this is the energy to do it under. The rest of the day focuses on a powerful talk aimed at a partnership, agent or attorney and big changes that benefit here.


Saturday is all about the lover, creative project or child. Talks or agreements today are in harmony with your needs and theirs. There is also a real potential for luck or expansion, artistry or romance in what is conveyed between you. Short trips, neighborhood activities and connections to siblings all favor the love or creative outlet in big, positive ways.

Sunday or late Saturday night a talk or meeting you have about you and your needs, your image or identity, body or personal desires will bring a lot of luck your way. This is a great time to commit to publicity of your image or to agree to something local that will get your body in shape, to write with intentions that it lead to something prosperous or to sign contracts. The rest of the day is about the work, health or pets and powerful ways to make or spend income, all positive.


Saturday is all about the home or property matter, living situation or real estate. There is positive support from any information you can acquire through research or in talks you have behind closed doors. Real luck and prosperity are aligning around income here so making or spending on, at or through the home or property is very much favored with luck behind what you do. Social obligations or friends may require a bit of maneuvering today in all of this.

Sunday or late Saturday night a talk, meeting, bit of news or information, decision or agreement has real luck and prosperity tied to it. This flows to making or spending money so whatever shows up, trust it has your best interests at heart. It looks like real potential around research, fantasy or imagination, film or artistry, spiritual or meditative work, hospitals or other institutions, or time spent working behind closed doors. The rest of the day is all about the creative project, lover or children.


Saturday is going to be busy with communications, local agendas, siblings, short trips, or a writing project. The energy is very lucky when you link with friends, do something social or pursue important aspirations through these channels. Talk and come to terms, make decisions or meet up, it’s all positive. The luck today is swirling around you so expect to be embraced by life and you will do best when you forward your own needs and identity.

Sunday or late Saturday night brings a very opportune meeting or talk at a social function, with a friend, through a group or doing something towards one of your aspirations. Prosperity and expansion are in this for you if you are open to meeting, talking or agreements. The rest of the day is focused on home or property matters and powerful time spent behind closed doors here.


Saturday is a positive day to make money or spend in such a way that benefits you. Talks or meetings about career or goals align in this so put the word out if you are looking for promotion or seeking to launch a business. Luck is flowing behind the scenes in this so any film or fantasy work, research or work done behind closed doors, time spent at hospital or dealing with institutions, all favor income.

Sunday or late Saturday night a talk, meeting, agreement, or decision regarding goals or career can really lead to something big and lucky behind closed doors. You once again can look at areas of film or fantasy work, research or work done behind closed doors, time spent at hospital or dealing with institutions as the arenas for growth and expansion. The rest of the day lines up nicely with talks or gatherings with friends or groups in powerful ways.


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