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Hi everyone! I hope you had a fun holiday weekend :) I have a bit of a work post here first:

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OK, now here's what's coming in the week ahead!

The week ahead opens with a Full Moon in Taurus so emotions are peaking around what you value. Venus is active as well meeting up with the new ideas, changes or surprises thanks to Uranus and the romance, artistry or spirituality of Neptune. This means that love or money issues will be a bit intense today as you field these connections.

Tuesday brings some wonderful insights or new ideas into the mix but you will have to balance this with any over-the-top energy going on around expansion and romance, the arts, or spirituality.

Neptune stations Direct on Wednesday so you can expect that any issues of clarity or deception will be brought forward, that dreamscape will be more active and filled with special messages, and that artistic inspiration, romance and spiritual endeavors will now move forward again in a stronger way. Watch for over-doing the substances around this time.

The Sun meets up with Mercury in the wee hours of the morning on Thursday so you may experience this in the evening on Wednesday, but regardless it brings a talk or meeting, agreement or idea that is about you and your needs, your body, image, or identity. Because this transpires in the sign of Scorpio expect that this will be intense, deep, involve a third party, major finances, sex, or divorce.

Friday is a tough day, feelings are involved and there is a sense of limitation or responsibility that needs to give a bit as well as a powerful push/pull going on in areas related to ambitions, father, power, major finances, or intimacy.


Monday’s Full Moon is all about the money you make, what you have to spend from earnings, what you are choosing to do for a living and if you love it, a possession that is involved, and how you value yourself as well as others. If a source of income dries up today it is making room for you to go after something more in line with your dreams for yourself. You may be celebrating making a good chunk of money today as well. You are at the tail end of dealing with a woman partner, attorney, agent, or enemy and today you must make an adjustment to any new information or change you weren’t aware of. You will see that your social circle or friends are aligned with what you are doing here.

Tuesday you should continue to focus your energy on income matters, it is a tougher day where networking or friends are concerned here so look instead towards the positive opportunity through research, investigation, fantasy, film, the arts, spirituality, institutions, and following your intuition.

Wednesday Neptune stations Direct in your house of friendships, groups, networking, social events, and aspirations. This is very good news for you as there will now be forward movement here in all things artistic, romantic, spiritual, dealing with fantasy or dreams. Talks with lovers, children or about creative ventures have opportunity behind them today.

Thursday the Sun/Mercury conjunction means that you will be having at least one very profound conversation or you will be hearing news that has a deep affect on you. This is going to be about communicating over major finances, debt, inheritance, insurance, taxes, bankruptcy, settlements, joint finances, alimony, child support, or credit. It may also mean communications about intimacy, sex, divorce, reproduction, or death. Jupiter, Neptune and Venus form support to emotions today so you should be able to count on friends, partners, and representatives.

Friday home, living situations, property matters, or mom will come up as the emotional context to meet any challenges. Look at how limitations or responsibilities are being handled where partners, enemies, agents or attorneys are concerned. You must also look at how your very profound ambitions and will to power is affecting what is going on at the roots of your chart and find a way to balance care for both.


Monday brings a Full Moon in your sign and a time when you are peaking from the years events in one way or another. This is all about you, how you feel about yourself, your body, image, identity, and ego needs. You may be hitting a diet goal or celebrating a new look, you may have something personal to you that is reaching a climactic moment in life, or you may decide this is the time to let something go that is intimate to yourself. Your ruler, Venus, is helping you to attract what you need via health, work or pets as long as you stretch just a bit where social obligations, friendship, group affiliations, or your aspirations are concerned, there is something that is changing here. Goals and career are aligned beautifully with this today.

Tuesday the electrical energy of Uranus is sparking all kinds of opportunity for you through what comes along through a friend so say yes to invitations and don’t limit yourself to people approaching you, pick up the phone and connect with a friend or group you haven’t spoken to in a while. It is a better day for social fare than career headway.

Wednesday Neptune is stationing Direct on the 4th and this is wonderful news for all career goals. If you work in the arts, spiritual domain, romantic outlets, helping those with substance abuse, work on or with water, or in any way utilizing your imagination, this movement will benefit your career now. If it has seemed slow or a bit confusing or foggy of late, this shift should really make you happy as clarity and inspiration return and positive forward movement is experienced. There is a lot you can conquer at home or with property today as well.

Thursday the Sun/Mercury conjunction is going to be about a very intense, profound conversation or decision about a romantic or marriage partner, business partner, competitor or enemy, agent or attorney. You will experience this today or late last night and the theme here is power, control, major finances, divorce, intimacy, third party influences, or completely transforming the situation at hand. You have to share how you are feeling here.

Friday emotions are going to be jagged. Home and security are going to feel a bit upside down as you face any limitations or responsibilities at work, with health or pets and powerful influences trying to instigate major change through travel, education, legal avenues, or media. It is a day to nurture yourself as you face issues and to find those who can listen to what you are dealing with.


The Full Moon on the 2nd is bringing something that has been going on behind closed doors, behind your back, in secret, or tied to imagination, film, fantasy, artistry, research, spirituality, investigations, hospitals, prisons, or other institutions to a peak. You will be ending something in one of these areas or celebrating the climax. Lovers, children or creative projects are very energized today as well as you focus on love or money here. There is support from legal, media, travel, or educational channels with these once you make adjustments to shifts in goals or career.

Tuesday you may feel like hiding out or retreating a bit as you restore your energy and connect to your muse. There is real opportunity for time spent in private to open doors on the career front or help you to reach important goals, look towards originality and new ways of approaching research, film, fantasy, spirituality, and connecting in spontaneous ways. Travel, media, law, or education is a bit out of reach or causing challenges today so don’t over do.

Wednesday Neptune stations Direct and you can now begin to move forward on all romantic, artistic or spiritual matters through travel, with people at a distance, through import/export, in ceremonies, with beliefs, politics, media, publishing, publicity, education, or legal channels. There is opportunity to move on a writing project or to do something in the neighborhood, with siblings or passionate communications today.

Thursday the Sun/Mercury conjunction is about a powerful communication, meeting, agreement or idea regarding the work you do, a co-worker, someone you hire to work for you, a health matter, or a pet. Think about how you share, the finances, intimacy, or sparks of interest with someone locally as you approach this discussion.

Friday the emotions will run deep where home, security and income are involved. You are going to be dealing with any limitations or responsibilities to lovers, children or creative projects as well as trying to balance what is going on with your debt or joint finances, intimate connections or divorce.


Monday is all about the Full Moon in Taurus. This is about a friendship, group, social function, or aspiration coming to a peak in your life. This may mean a friend departs or a group affiliation ends or that you are celebrating a climatic experience at a festive party or other social event. An aspiration of yours could come true now as well. Venus is very busy today working on love or money issues around home, living situations, property, or mom. There is a wonderful connection here to support through joint finances or outside resources as well as to any romantic, intimate energy at home. Adjust to changes occurring through travel, media, legal, or educational channels for best results.

Tuesday your emotional state is still tied to friends, groups, socializing, and aspirations. Today there is a nice surprise or opportunity to do something unique through media, travel, education, or law with this person or group. Finances are stretching you today so don’t go overboard.

Wednesday Neptune stations Direct and you can now begin to move forward on any romantic, spiritual, artistic, or imaginative energy through major financial channels such as loans, credit cards, insurance, taxes, inheritance, settlements, bankruptcy, or joint finances, intimate connections, divorce, or dealing with a death. Mars is offering you an opportunity to chase income or spend on something you are passionate about.

Thursday the Sun/Mercury conjunction is occurring in your house of true love, lovers, children, recreation, speculation, and creative projects. This means that late last night or sometime today a talk, meeting, agreement, or idea is going to be shared here and there is a certain profoundly powerful energy around what is said. Those single Cancers out there may meet someone romantically interesting today.

Friday emotions are focused on your body, image, identity, or an ego need that is not being met or is challenged in some way. There is a need look at limitations or responsibilities at home, with property or mom that may be conflicting with your own well-being. There is also a need to deal with powerful partners, agents, competitors, or attorneys or to look at how you are taking care of yourself if you are on your own at this time, will you attract the kind of partner you desire?


The Full Moon in Taurus on Monday is all about a career matter coming to a head, a promotion, a position ending, finding yourself in the spotlight, landing the job or seeing the results from a business you launched. Fame may find you today, the public situation may reach a peak, your reputation in the matter hits it height, or something having to do with your father is culminating. Talks about love or money go well with partners, enemies or representatives after you deal with secrets, triangles, manipulations, finances, or control.

Tuesday is very goal oriented for you, whether that is about career or another matter, once you have focused on your prize, there is genius energy inspiring from the eighth house for you to call upon to achieve it. Look at new approaches, unique and original concepts, and surprising or independent inspiration in all you do involving major finances, sex, intimacy, divorce, power, control, manipulations, triangles, and deconstructing a situation to rebuild from the ground up.

Wednesday Neptune stations Direct in your house of partners, enemies, competitors, agents, and attorneys. You can finally see things that are romantic, spiritual, artistic, or imagination driven begin to move forward through these connections. Clarity comes to those who follow their intuition and are true to their muse. Mars is helping you to do something about a situation with a friend, group or aspiration.

Thursday the Sun/Mercury conjunction is occurring in your home base so talks, meetings or agreements about home, living situations, renovations, buying or selling of property, land, security, or mom will be important. Feelings about friends and social circle remain positive today with lucky connections to partnering or representation.

Friday is a challenging day emotionally and you will most likely either feel like retreating to deal with things alone or you will find you are working behind the scenes, in fantasy or imaginative work, research or dealing with an institution. There is a need to look at limitations or responsibilities in what you say, write or agree to, as well as what is going on in your routine, neighborhood, with short trips or siblings. You also need to balance feelings around what is changing in health, work or with pets.


The Full Moon on Monday is bringing a trip to a close, travel plans to a celebratory level, an educational matter to a peak or ending, a media, publishing or publicity matter to a climax or closure, or a legal matter wrapping up or climaxing. Income was most likely involved in your aim here. Venus is very active today stimulating earnings, spending or possessions as you make adjustments over changes or ideas of a partner, agent, attorney, competitor, or enemy. There is wonderful universal support from making or spending money to the artistic work you do or a spiritual approach to your health.

Tuesday the trip, education, legal, or media matter is still the emotional focus and there is a wonderful surprise or unique opportunity for you here via a romantic partner, business partner, agent, competitor, or attorney. Just watch that you don’t bite off too much at work or with health or pets.

Wednesday Neptune stations Direct and you will finally be able to move romantic, artistic, spiritual, or imaginative matters forward through the work you do, in finding new work, with your routine, co-workers, people you hire to work for you, in the service you provide, with your health, or with pets. Career benefits from action taken behind the scenes, through research, fantasy, or institutions.

Thursday the Sun/Mercury conjunction is happening in your third house so agreements, something you have written, a speaking engagement, something going on in the neighborhood, with siblings, or involving short trips, will be focal. There is potential to start fresh here with ideas and meetings, you are in the spotlight through the words you choose to express. There is wonderful support around work and health today.

Friday is challenging either at a social event, with friends, a group affiliation, networking, or in driving your aspirations forward. You need to look at limitations or responsibilities around income, what is being made or spent, and how a possession is being handled. You also must look at what is powerful transforming in the arena of love and creativity, with children, lovers or your own creative output. Major finances or intimacy will likely be playing out here.


The Full Moon on Monday is occurring in the deepest part of you chart where major finances, sex, divorce, and death abide. This is about something powerful in one of these areas climaxing and an ending or celebration as it reaches its peak is in store. Loans, credit, debt, insurance, taxes, inheritance, settlements, royalties, alimony, child support, bankruptcy, liens, or joint finances are the financial arenas to watch for. Venus is busy today and when your ruler is active you feel it personally. Look at how you, your image or identity, body or ego is adjusting to the surprise or change in work, health or with pets, and how a wonderful, romantic, artistic energy is supporting you via a lover, child or creative project.

Tuesday brings a surprise opportunity for work, with health or pets, or a new and unique approach to these same arenas. You have the chance to make a difference with the major financial matter, intimate connection or divorce today through this open door. Be spontaneous.

Neptune stations Direct on Wednesday and after months of slow or no movement, you will finally be able to begin moving forward on all things romantic, artistic, spiritual, or imagination-driven in the realms of creative projects, love affairs, recreation, or with children. A romance may begin now that has magical qualities to it, just watch the rose-colored glasses as well. Mars is in your corner as far as doing something with a friend, group, networking or pursuing an aspiration.

Thursday the Sun/Mercury conjunction is helping you meet, talk or come to an agreement involving your income or a possession. This will be most likely be an intense or powerful communication, involve major finances, triangles, intimacy, or power issues. It’s a start. The universe is supporting you in all things creative and love driven.

Friday challenges you to look directly at your ambitions, reputation, career, career agenda, goals, fame, or father. Emotions are going to be intense today around one or more of these topics. You need to look at how you are being limited or the responsibilities you are taking on personally or physically. You also need to balance what is occurring at the roots of your chart around home, living situations, security, the foundations you are building upon, or mom.


The Full Moon on Monday is about a matter coming to a climax or wrapping up. This will involve a partner, competitor, enemy, agent, or attorney. Venus is busy today helping you attract love or money behind the scenes, in secret, through research or artistic outlets, or in dealing with hospitals or other institutions. You will need to adjust to changes with a lover, child or creative project here but will see wonderful flow to home or property matters.

Tuesday brings a beautiful alignment as well as opportunity between who you partner with or get to represent you and something unique happening with a creative project, child or love affair. Be open to what pops up or changes as the universe is insisting it is beneficial to you.

Wednesday Neptune stations Direct and you can finally begin to move things forward at home, with property, renovating, remodeling, decorating, buying or selling of real estate, through living situations, or with mom. This is about your artistic, romantic or spiritual needs picking up speed again in these realms and finding ways to express them here. Mars is helping you to reach a goal or to pursue a career agenda, make a name for yourself, or launch your public persona.

Thursday the Sun/Mercury conjunction is occurring in your sign. This means that you are going to be meeting or talking about yourself in a very important way. Look at your body, image, identity, or ego needs and then open up the lines of communication. There will likely be a financial or intimate flavor to what you want.

Friday challenges you emotionally over a trip, travel arrangements, someone at a distance, a ceremony, a legal matter, education, or media issue. Look at any limitations or responsibilities that are in some way coming at you from out of the blue or have a self-sabotaging quality to them, as well as any issues around hospitals, research, fantasy or retreat. You need to balance the powerful changes that are occurring in written agreements, what is said or agreed to, what is going on in the neighborhood, with siblings, or short trips.


Monday’s Full Moon is in your house of work, health and pets. This is a time of year when you will see something reach its climax in one of these areas, perhaps you have reached a diet goal or worked your body out to its peak performance, or you have finished a big job you were working on or receive your bonus from a job well done, or your puppy finally graduates obedience school or you win at the dog show. Venus is active today as well kicking up love and money matters around friends, social events or aspirations. There is wonderful support from talks or agreements made here today after you make adjustments to any changes at home or with the property matter.

Tuesday there is opportunity at home or with property if you are willing to do something surprising or different here. Be spontaneous and go with what occurs as you are going to feel great about the work, health or pet situation once you do.

Wednesday Neptune stations Direct and you can finally take writing projects, communications, agreements, ideas, speaking engagements, neighborhood or sibling matters forward. This is about your artistic, romantic or spiritual energy being allowed to express itself here again in an outward manner so if you need to write what you feel for an artistic project or to a lover, this energy is now on your side. Mars is energizing you to tackle a trip, ceremony, media, educational, or legal matter in a positive way today as well.

Thursday the Sun/Mercury conjunction is sparking talks or agreements, ideas or meetings that go on behind closed doors, involve research or imagination, film or the arts, romance or hidden agendas, hospitals or other institutions. There is the energy of power, finances and sex in the mix as well.

Friday challenges you to face your feelings about a major financial matter, intimate connection, divorce, or death. You must look at how responsibilities or limitations socially, with friends, groups, or around aspirations are affecting you. You must also look at how to balance the powerful energy affecting your income right now as you either deal with deconstruction here or a major expense.


The Full Moon on Monday is bringing a love affair, something about a child or children, a creative project, a speculative or recreational matter to a climax in your world. This is about celebrating or ending something here. Venus is working to energize your career with money or goals with love today after you adjust to something you hear or talk about that may be a bit surprising.

Tuesday brings either a surprising meeting, bit of news or something changing in an agreement or in what you discuss. This is going to involve a lover, child or creative project and be a positive energizer for your emotional well being. If you run into someone attractive while out and about do follow up with a ‘hello’. Be spontaneous and open to what the lover, child or creative project brings today as it is beneficial.

Wednesday Neptune stations Direct and after months of slow-downs, you can now apply your artistry, romantic or spiritual energy, or imagination to making money, spending it or dealing with a possession. Everything here now moves forward. Mars is gearing up today to help you tackle a major financial matter, divorce or issue of power or control in a positive manner. He is also stirring the sexual pot so you may feel like connecting with someone passionately.

Thursday the Sun/Mercury conjunction is opening up a talk, meeting or helping you to share an idea or come to an agreement with a friend, group, networking, at a social function, or in pursuing an aspiration. Energy is powerful here and may have something regarding major finances or sex, manipulations or secrets coloring the moment.

Friday challenges you to deal with your feelings about partners, agents, competitors, enemies, or attorneys. You need to look at how limitations or responsibilities are being handled on the career front or with reputation or goals. You also need to find a way to balance your own sense of change and power on a personal level.


The Full Moon on Monday is about a climax at home, with property, a living situation, real estate, moves, renovations, or mom. This is about something finally coming through, being celebrated, or an ending as it wraps up. Venus is active today as well helping you tackle love or money matters through travel, media, legal channels, or education. You will need to make some adjustments to a change or surprise with income but the support for you is great here.

Tuesday brings something different or surprising around income and possessions. This is positive opportunity here and tied to feelings about home and property so you should consider working from or at home today for best results.

Wednesday Neptune stations Direct in your sign. This means that any romantic, artistic, spiritual, or imaginative work you want to do for yourself, to your image, body, identity, or ego, can finally move forward now. If you have had things moving slowly in the love department, romance may find you now. Mars is sparking action or passion from partners, agents or attorneys today once again with an opportunity to open up feelings around love, children or creative outlets.

Thursday the Sun/Mercury conjunction is opening up a talk, meeting, agreement, or idea on the career front. This is a great day to send your resume out if you are looking to advance, it is also a great day to launch an informative campaign about your goals or ambitions. You may get news about dad or find you are discovered, writers should send out work now.

Friday challenges you to look at feelings about work, health or pets. You must address any limitations or responsibilities around media, travel, legalities, or education. You must also take a look at what is going on behind closed doors that is powerfully affecting finances, intimacy or divorce.


There is a Full Moon on Monday that will arrive in your communications zone so you may hear news or have talks, meetings or agreements at this time that are about something peaking for you, you may have a neighborhood issue, something involving a brother or sister, a short trip, or a writing project or written agreement climax now as well. This is about celebrations or endings. Venus is active today helping you to deal with money through outside resources, taxes, bankruptcy, settlements, insurance, or debt once you make adjustments to your ego or identity needs. She will also help you to connect intimately with another or deal with a divorce or death at this time if this is what is occurring in your life. There is wonderful support going on behind closed doors for you to express imagination or retreat, research, visit hospitals, or meditate.

Tuesday brings a wonderful feeling of liberation into the mix for you. This is a direct result of what happened yesterday as talks or agreements came to an end. You should use this energy to express yourself in the most independent, original way you can, it is ok to change direction or to do something out of character if it is safe and you feel invigorated by it.

Wednesday your ruler, Neptune, is stationing Direct. This is a powerful time of year for you. This is about you finally being able to move forward again and at this time that is best done through any kind of imaginative, fantasy, film, artistic, spiritual, or romantic means, through time at hospitals or other institutions, through research and work behind the scenes, and in connection to the muse. Mars is sparking you to do the work, tackle health and participate with pets today, all positive as well.

Thursday the Sun/Mercury conjunction is opening up a talk, meeting, agreement or idea that is legal, or about travel, media, publishing, politics, ceremonies, or education. There will be a coloring of major finances, intimacy or divorce here. It’s a very powerful beginning/ending.

Friday is challenging you to look at how you love and create. Your lovers, children or creative projects will be front and center as you see how you are dealing in these areas. You must look at any limitations or responsibilities with loans, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, sex, intimacy, or divorce. You must also look at how your aspirations and friendships are transforming and figure out how to balance this powerful change so as to continue to keep the joy of love and creativity alive and well.


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